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Comment Re:Tiered content (Score 1) 237

If he agreed with the left leaning thought, he would not see it as bias, he would simply see it as correct.

People do not natively see their own views as biased. They are, and if pressed with logic many can be made to understand that, but only if pressed. In a typical situation, they simply see their beliefs as correct.

So, for Murdoch to be calling his competitors biased -strongly implies- that he disagrees with them.

Also, frankly, the position you are taking, that he is not right wing, but merely spouts their rhetoric for a buck, does nothing at all to improve opinion of him. If anything, if what you are saying is true, he is a -worse- human being for selling out his beliefs for the almighty dollar.

Comment Re:Blizzard did the same thing (Score 5, Insightful) 660

Honestly, I was fine not blocking ads until 2 trends started.

First, the obnoxiously loud ads. A little sound is one thing, but an ear splitting 'Congratulation!' bellowing out unexpectedly is quite unacceptable.

Second, malware spreading ads. I thought they were a myth at first, until I was tapped by one (spreading one of those annoying fake antivirus trojan things no less.) And these do turn up on otherwise reputable sites, so anyone trying to pull out the 'watch where you browse' or 'lay off the (porn/warez/music/movies) can sit and spin. The first infection I encountered on a system I used came from a tech support forum of all places, while running Firefox, with anti-virus and anti-malware application resident and up to date, and all applicable security patches to all involved software in place. 0-day exploits are a pain that way.

And even the best 'we will remove it if it causes trouble' policy is a failure. By that point, the damage is already done, I've had to spend time cleaning (or just plain rebuilding) a system to be certain a bit of malware is gone.

Nope, until sites start guaranteeing all their ads free of such issues (and a few others might be nice, like bugged, eta your CPU ads) the ads get blocked. My browsing safety > their ad revenue.

Comment Re:What's wrong with QOS (Score 1) 790

Indeed, I would also not mind the option of paying a small fee for such things. But that assumes that it would be 1. optional and 2. a small fee.

Fact is, most sources for Internet access also offer voice plans. VoIP is competition for them, so it is unlikely they'll offer a 'fast lane' (read: actually usable speed) for it given the opportunity to do otherwise. If they make any honest offering of priority for VoIP traffic at all, expect it to cost nearly as much, if not potentially more, than their own voice plans currently do.


Netflix Streaming Arrives For the Wii 171

Grant,thompson writes "As announced in January and mentioned here on Slashdot, Netflix is sending out discs today to enable streaming on the Nintendo Wii. 'Netflix has sent out emails to customers who pre-ordered the Wii's instant streaming disc, indicating that the disc will arrive in mailboxes tomorrow, and that the service will likely start within the next day.'"

Prolonged Gaming Blamed For Rickets Rise 254

superapecommando writes "Too many hours spent playing videogames indoors is contributing to a rise in rickets, according to a new study by doctors. Professor Simon Pearce and Dr Tim Cheetham of Newcastle University have written a paper in the British Medical Journal which warns of the rickets uptake – a disease which sufferers get when deficient in Vitamin D. The study boils down to the fact that as more people play videogames indoors they don't get enough sunlight and this has meant the hospitals are now having to combat a disease that was last in the papers around the time Queen Victoria was on the throne." At least the kids are eating enough snacks with iodized salt that we don't have to worry about goiters.

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