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Comment Re:T-Mobile Tuesdays (Score 1) 59

Someone has a bone to pick with T-Mobile...the free Lyft ride and Wendy's frosty have absolutely nothing to do with Net Neutrality or adding Pokemon Go data to binge on. They are weekly gifts through their T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways which they've had for I don't even know how long, but long before now.

For about a month. There's also a free Vudu rental every week. They already terminated the free medium pizza at Domino's (after two weeks), because too many customers were actually redeeming the offer.

Comment Re:net neutrality (Score 2) 59

That really depends if Pokemon start mysteriously appearing in Starbucks, or if you get ads for places in your vicinity. The game monetizes your activities as well as in-app purchases (which could also be tied to real-world promotions based on location). Therefore it is east to see a profit motive for Nintendo and for any network provider who cuts themselves a deal in return for some revenue.

They've already announced that in ~30 days, every McDonald's in the US will be a Pokemon gym.

Comment Re:Plenty of experience (Score 5, Insightful) 112

Here's a clue: you're not managing them. You might be their "supervisor," assigning them to projects, signing their timesheets, etc., but this is a simple matrix structure, and the Project Managers are managing them. You should be working with these PM's to hear about performance issues or praise, training requirements, vacation plans, etc.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 1) 306

Precisely. I came here to post a version of this. Bezos clearly does not understand the reliability requirements that would be involved in a venture of this magnitude. Not only would each "factory" need to be at least 100 times more reliable than its Earth-bound equivalent (to prevent an accident in *one* from taking down the whole orbital cloud; think of a chain reaction of debris/shrapnel), but all of the calculations would have to be done in an environment that is not at all understood by today's manufacturing community (no gravity-driven convection, bubbles in a liquid have no incentive to move anywhere, etc.)

Comment Re:Proof? (Score 1) 143

So, how does this result in 200 TB? Does it represent the space required to store every digit of every calculation in a brute-force proof? If so, then maybe that''s the correct number. But that size does not make it "not human-verifiable." The algorithm used to generate it is probably less than 500 kB, something that any number of competent mathematicians could do.

Comment Re: Digital hoarders (Score 1) 214

No iTunes actually deletes the files.

My post, and the one to which I was responding, was referring to iTunes ability to search your local computer and add music files to its library on the device. That's a completely different thing than what you're referring to... and it copies rather than moves/deletes the originals.

And, it isn't automatic, either. It requires opt-in.

Comment Re:Wrong summary (Score 1) 87

After reading the summary, Raspberry Pi 3 gets no update at all, it's Raspbian OS that gets the update.

Well this isn't a tech site so most people won't understand the distinction.

It also doesn't "add Bluetooth support." Support was already there; it just added the capability to make Bluetooth settings in the GUI.

Comment Re:How about replacing the CEO with a machine (Score 1) 921

Now on to this topic. Nobody lost their minds when ATMs started to replace tellers at the bank. Nobody lost their minds when the kiosks started popping up at the airport. These terminals make sense in fast food as other readers have pointed out - that job is just listen and punch buttons (hopefully correctly) which is a perfect application of this technology.

And this setting (prepared food sales) is even MORE appropriate to offload the money-handling duties to machines. Money is just about the filthiest object on your person. I get tired of keeping a watchful eye out that proper precautions are taken to avoid contaminating food with cash.

Heck, Subway could probably offset the wage increase through savings on glove purchases alone.

Comment Re:slow or no (Score 2) 137

Hell, here's another thing you flat-out, no joke, absolutely cannot do on the Apple Watch:

Set the current time.

No, not joking. It cannot be done. It takes the time off your phone, so you can't do something like purposely set your watch to be five minutes fast or synchronize it to some other time source that isn't "official" time and is off a bit.

So, yeah, no joke, the Apple Watch manages to be worse at telling time than a centuries old device. That takes skill, Apple, so completely missing the point as that.

Absolutely wrong.It's in the Settings menu, even the one on the watch itself (no need to set it on the phone, like some others).

Comment Re:And the problem is? (Score 1) 268

If I have to sit in a self-driving car fully alert of the surrounding traffic and always poised to take over from the computer then exactly how is this any better than normal car? I might as well save the money and drive myself.

Precisely. And if every Bozo out there is also empowered to take over from their computer, then there will still be traffic jams and accidents, and we'll NEVER see the benefit of self-driving cars.

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