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Journal Journal: Lameness filter MUST go 9

Ok, this is a somewhat juvenile post I made to a poll thread about command prompts. Yes, I flew off the handle there, but my points are valid.

Please people, let's try figuring something out to get the lameness filter removed from slashdot. Using a perl script to figure out the value of posts is NOT the right way to solve the probem. The moderion system already exists and works pretty well. What difference does it make if a post is lame because the guy makes a one-liner about natalie portman and hot grits (wow, blast from the past ;) ), or wether it's a bunch of non-letter characters?

There exists a good system to take care of lameness, let's use it, instead of giving up control to a tyrranical perl script.

If you support this idea, and want to try to change it, put the following text in your sig:

The Lameness Filter MUST go

and make it link to this journal entry.

Thank you.

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Journal Journal: Why wasn't I notified of this!

Slashdot has a Journal? Friends? Fans? Foes?
I have fans?

Sweet lord, how the hell did I miss this shit? When were these features added to slashdot? What the hell is going on?! I'm confused. This calls for a smoke.

To those who are on my fan list. Thank you. It's a weird, and good, feeling to know that someone actually notices your comments.

I'll have to start using these newly discovered facilities...

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