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Won't The Real Quickies Please Stand Up? 102

Let's get back into the quickie portege00 sent in linkage to Robot Store where you can buy parts to build a Battlebot. Maybe after I finish my MAME cabinet ;) Speaking of MAME, Martin Hock claims that it makes in appearance in Godzilla 2000, check it out. Ever through of using a beverage as a weapon? Innominate sent in a weapon that uses pop cans as ammo. I'll just stick to coffee: Matador sent in the TCP/IP equipped Espresso Machine, but I'd tend to rather go the other way (thanks again Ant). matth sent in a cool page that has Dr Seuss Art for sale- the man did some really excellent work. If Seuss is to arty for ya, maybe SkippyVision can help; he sent us to the Etch-a-sketch art Gallery. If you need something to wear to the gallery, foondog sent us hats made of meat. If you think dandruff is an unhealthy food risk, Boolean sent us what might be the greatest meal ever. How can you resist a bowl of soup that morphs into a Ninja Asassin. While we're talking about Japanese stuff, Ant continues to submit quickies at a frenzied pace, like Mathematical Origami. webword sent in a site that explains how to make lightsaber effects with basic video editing tools. And it just wouldn't be quickies without rampant Microsoft Bashing: List knows what happens when you combine WinCE, WinME, and WinNT: Coming soon to a frys near you. Khan showed us where Microsoft got the inspiration for XBox's Controller, and Ron Harwood sent us linkage to the best MCSE Trainer around.
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Won't The Real Quickies Please Stand Up?

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    they do this shit on purpose. Generates more ad hits with all the flame, redundant posts...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:35PM (#489930)
    1) Comes up with Slashdot
    2) 133t graphic art skills
    3) original alias
    4) rich as all fuck
    5) gets to screw around on Slashdot all day long and GETS PAID FOR IT!

    1) created Slashdot in _perl_ for god's sake!
    2) amazingly bad grammar
    3) even worse spelling
    4) can't even create simple HTML to save his friggin' life (see the link for the word 'ant' in the above, you'll see what happened.)
    5) doesn't understand how to use the PREVIEW option ON HIS OWN SITE
    6) doesn't understand the concept of 'check your links before submitting' - ON HIS OWN SITE

    Hmm...seems the scales tip in favour of...CODE IDIOT!

    Not that that's a bad thing... :^)

    Don't worry, Taco, we still wubs ya...but DAMN!
  • by abischof ( 255 ) <alex @ s p a m c o> on Monday January 22, 2001 @04:32PM (#489931) Homepage
    Is it just me, or is anyone else interested in seeing BattleBots [] on DVD? I did notice that their store [] lists a VHS video for sale, but I just don't buy VHS anymore..

    I'm considering starting an online petition [] for this. Do you think that'd work?

    Alex Bischoff

  • At the time of /.'s creation, I'm pretty sure Perl was the only Open Source language with sufficiently mature support for that sort of thing. I suspect that complaint was just a troll.
  • Although this may be a fake, it is possible.
    My friends and I have done it.

    We built a basic varriant of a spud gun with a 4 ft PVC barrel that was just big enough to hold cans.

    So we tried it. And did it ever work.

    We blew bark off of trees, we lost several cans as well. We had no way to guage how fast it was going, but we were launching it with ~80 psi from a pressure tank that was over twice the diamater but only 2 feet long.

    We would fire at about a 75 degree angle and the can would go over 100 yards. It was a fun time.

    Ah, the fun you can have in the country.

  • How lax our society is when people have time to complain about grammar. Worse to actually imply that it causes pain.

  • got a 5/5 on my birthday...

    ahh, the joys of life. Making fun of MS *and* getting a 5/5 on /. Nothing could make my golden birthday better -- except maybe getting laid ;)
  • by garcia ( 6573 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:07PM (#489936)
    Microsoft would make this out to be a good thing, "It is a rock solid OS" :( I think it crashes harder than a rock ;-)
  • Looks like somebody forgot to close a quote in that HTML there. Take a look at []

    To see the ninja soup bowl things.
  • Since slashdot is now part of a company that is traded on the public market... can't the shareholders demand that that Rob either get fired or take a class or two in remedial English?

    Maybe he is just drunk or high when he posts this crap?
  • Against:
    1) created Slashdot in _perl_ for god's sake!

    Slashdot is the kind of application that begs for Perl. The entire thing is just string manipulation and database querying. You go write your version of it in Java's J2EE with Enterprise Java Beans, JTA, JSP, JNDI, and the rest of the alphabet, and then in a few years when you're finished we'll see which one runs faster on Linux.

  • I must be a bit of a girly then - I had lots of fun with my toy soldiers (kind of like very small dolls, that get knocked over a lot to simulate death), my playmobile (again, doll-like figures - they even had clothes, armour, etc and the dollhouses were fantastic - castles, bakeries, prisons, complex villages, etc), my action man (who under my tutelage performed acts of stunning heroism) and so on.

    Or maybe my current enjoyment of UT, CM3 and Zangband is down to owning a computer as a kid, which I played with almost as much as the above.

    Face it, the 80s were a great decade for toys, and if anything, the current selection of high-tech automated electronic devices are substituting features for the childrens' imaginations - kids can make up stories about two rocks if they want to, modern toys merely appeal by being flashier, not necessarily better.

  • by Phexro ( 9814 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:20PM (#489941)
    or at least let someone else post? or at least stop smoking crack?

    "If you think dandruff is an unhealthy food risk, Boolean sent us what might be the greatest meal ever. How can you resist a bowl of soup that morphs into a Ant is back with Mathamatical Oragami."

    um, yeah.
  • Some people have rotoscoped light sabers in Blender [] as well. Once the initial setup is done, it's probably easier than the Photoshop method. I can't find the first link that I'd seen it on, but here is another [].
  • Sheesh, enough whining already. So, he left out one little ". Big deal, I'm sure someone will fix it in a few minutes anyway. And maybe there are a few spelling mistakes, but as Mark Twain said, "I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." It's a poor mind that has nothing to do other than pick apart the work of others.
  • _A note to the editor_

    Holy shit, Taco.

    In 3 years of Slashdot I've grudgingly tolerated your atrocious spelling, but you just don't change.

    You're illiterate. You can't even spell.

    Mathamatical? Damn, aren't you ashamed of this?

    That, added to your regular trolling and clueless comments pisses me off.

    I'm outta here.

  • Taco screwed up the link, here's the right one:
    Ninja Assassin []

  • compound? hell, I need that kind of firepower to defend my dorm room. You never know when terrorists will take the building, requiring the use of force to save life and limb.

    The stuff from birdman looks like just the thing I'll need. ;)

    -Smitty the Paranoid
  • If you don't believe me, look at this "product" [] on the same site.

    It's really just a joke, okay?

    -Smitty the Not-So-Gullible
  • This stuff is quite innappropriate for this forum.
  • by vawlk ( 14842 )
    Mathmatical Origami is in there twice i think. Or it might just be this great cough medicine I've been drinking all day. Now only if I had a cough.
  • I agree completely. PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR ARTICLES!!! Most of the comments for this posting have nothing to do with the article but all to do with how it is written!!!
  • Weird.. I knew Rob Woolley when we were in high school. Didn't expect him to show up on Slashdot ;)

    Last time I talked to him, he wanted to play around with X-10 home automation stuff.
    Talented guy, he is.
  • Is it just me or are some of the links broken?
    Or not there at all in the quickies? And I'm seeing double! AHHH! hehehe

  • I still don't know whether to take this site seriously. It's a weird world we live in.

    BTW, how many rounds per minute does an UZI fire? Be nice to know how long you could spray with that 5 foot tall, 300 round UZI clip.

    I wonder if they make one of those for .22 full automatics? At 5 feet tall you should be able to fit a thousand rounds. Talk about the ultimate 'heads-down' weapon...

    These guys are either serious (in which case, I'm frightened), or they have quite the sense of humor.

  • From the origami math site:

    Anyone who has practiced origami has probably, at one time or another, unfolded an origami model and marveled at the intricate crease pattern which forms the "blueprint" of the fold.

    I dunno about all of you guys, but the last time I unfolded a origami art paper, I never got it back together, unless crumpling it up after being frustrated counts :). Who comes up with these things? And I want their job if they have that much free time.

    FreeBSD? Is that some sort of company? -- Some guy at work today, heh. :P
  • Heh, all we need now is ICP to sing it. :)
  • now what, kind of drugs could have done this...
    how could Taco, repeat, hats of meat, bowl of ants, and math oragmi....


    The law is that which it boldly asserted and plausibly maintained..
  • If you ran WinCE and WinME on an AT, it would be WinCeMeAt. [] (I swear this isn't a link to that goatsex thing. No really, it isn't I tells ya.)
  • I bet after this, Mountain Dew is going to open a can of whoopass on them for using their name in a way "other than intended". Look out guys!
  • Those soup bowl toys reminded me of all the cheap gobot and Transformer knockoffs during the transformer craze of the mid-80s. Even Coke had a can that transformed into a robot(search for it on I personally had a knockoff toy that was a little camera that turned into a robot, that shot little plastic bullets out of its "flash". No, it was not the ultra-rare Decepticon Reflector.

    I miss those kinda toys. I guess I should scour the asian supermarkets to find any remnants of cheap asian knockoff toys. Forget Beast Wars.
  • I didn't even think of looking at that site/article, but after what you just described, I am now!
  • You obviously didn't look at the OTHER use for the cordless phone gun, cold-blooded murder:

    "TERMINATED EMPLOYEE: Have you been fired recently by a idiotic boss? Mail him a ShotCaller2000 in a "plain brown wrapper" with a phone number attached. When your phone rings and it's your ex-boss on the other end saying, "What's this all about?" simply reply, "Your REALLY fired!" and punch in your pre-programmed 3-digit code and BLAM! ...problem solved!"

    Who writes the spiel for this site, a bunch of 15 year olds?
  • and i quote... ...Summers in Rangoon, Luge lessons, In the spring we made MEAT HELMETS. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds, pretty standard really...
  • by jtdubs ( 61885 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @04:00PM (#489963)
    I'm not done deciphering the post yet...

    Justin Dubs
  • by Pseudonym ( 62607 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:39PM (#489964)

    Ah, but does the internet coffee machine comply with the relevant [] standards []?

  • and as for me, yes, I know. (score: -1, troll)
  • I used to bring my army men to er, life, by setting them on fire and blowing them up with firecrackers.

  • Did anyone manage to save a copy of this article before it was fixed? If so, can you post the original text here? I missed it...

  • >too bad we don't have Windows DE:) DEMENT
    > would have been a great description!

    Just a shame CE wasn't called CU. Then we could have left ME out altogether.
  • This is the only one that wasn't about CmdrTaco's atrocious writing skills. Obviously, the above post should have been (-1, Offtopic).

    In the future, please only post if you're going to rip on Slashdot's editors. Thank you.

  • This guy is completely right. You learn this in basic English in high school and it gets thrown at you again in college: if you don't work on your spelling and grammar, then the poor quality of your message's format will overcome whatever redeeming value your message's content may have had.

    That quickie "paragraph" is so poorly written it's distracting.
  • The title says it all.

  • In a California demonstration, beacons have been installed at a municipality's bus stops linking to transit vehicles so riders can find out how long they'll have to wait for the next bus.

    HA! This is going to be used as an excuse to wire bus stops so that adverts can then be sent by IP instead of paper. Couple this to a camera and you have a strange mix if Brave New World and 1984, mostly 1984.

    Reality: You point your PDA or java ring at the bus stop. It lies to you and tells you that the bus will come in two minutes. The programer figured the schedule is never kept so he'd tell you what you wanted to hear. The advert, aware of your presence starts. The police, aware of your presence might have a peek. So might anyone else. The flouescent light flickers and fails.

  • Don't click on while drinking something--it's bad for the keyboard. Seriously funny.
    If god didn't want us to wear animal parts on our heads, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.
  • Sweet mother, Taco, have you no shame?

  • Somehow, the phrase "Drop em or I'll give you a 6 pack!" doesn't sound so threatening. . .

    End if your wandering, thees will bi tha onlee messag noot to mek fon of CmdrTaco.
  • What manner of asshole needs a laser sight on a shotgun?
  • Note that he didn't come up with the idea of the game, though. He mentions its roots in this file [].

    Also note that I am proud to have addicted a large portion of my high school to it. It is a *schweet* game, in terms of its time-wasting abilities. I may not have survived my time in high school without it...
  • but I'd tend to rather go the other way (thanks again Ant)

    Actually, I submitted this one a while back:

    2000-12-05 20:45:50 Hardcore Programmer's Power Case (articles,quickies) (rejected)

    Thanks, Rob.

  • There's an art gallery just behind Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco that sells Dr Suess art. It's not too terribly expensive either (approx $750 a litho) compared to some of the stuff out there (Kinkade lithos average $1500 a pop and they're everywhere)

  • glasscode I believe it was called? Written in Java (JSP I think). Didn't do too well when it was slashdotted. It might have been his machine and his connection but...
    Lord Omlette
    ICQ# 77863057
  • if only there were article moderation... if only there were article moderation... if only there were article moderation...

    There's no place like Kuro5hin []... There's no place like Kuro5hin []... There's no place like Kuro5hin []...

    ...where YOU choose the stories!

    Like Tetris? Like drugs? Ever try combining them? []
  • by yerricde ( 125198 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:32PM (#489982) Homepage Journal
    Martin Hock [], who sent in the Godzilla MAME sighting, wrote a TI calculator game called Insane Game [] a while back. A(n unofficial) pixel-perfect PC port of Insane Game is available here [] (press the T key in game to turn off candy graphics and turn on pixel-perfect mode).
    Like Tetris? Like drugs? Ever try combining them? []
  • I sure hope they use the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) (rfc2324) [] for that thingy. It is an RFC in the Informational stage.

    We need open standards for coffee. If you don't grasp that, go read more Multatuli.

    It's... It's...
  • Do you live in europe? Do loud noises and fire scare you? How about potato guns? Just remember, the word 'weapon' is relative.
  • No way in hell are you going to hold a .50 cal BMG barrel down to a piece of wood with duct tape. Theres not even a chamber for the bullet! After the 300 round magazine I kind of got the joke. If you need that much firepower its time for something belt fed. Although a 300 round clip would be handy when those pesky UN troops invade my compound.
  • I figured that his bowl of soup kept morphing into new and different Quickies. Or at least new and different grammars.

    Fractal-based grammar. Hmmmm....

  • Like, I haven't read anyone suggest that people make mistakes, and if his post has a few, so what? I don't recall ever having paid a subscription fee to access this site.
  • Um, methinks the Cmdr is slipping a bit:

    If you need something to wear to the gallery, foondog sent us hats made of meat. If you think dandruff is an unhealthy food risk, Boolean sent us what might be the greatest meal ever. How can you resist a bowl of soup that morphs into a Ant is back with Mathamatical Oragami. If you need something to wear to the gallery, foondog sent us hats made of meat. If you think dandruff is an unhealthy food risk, Boolean sent us what might be the greatest meal ever. How can you resit a bowl of soup that morphs into a Ant continues to submit quickies at a frenzied pace, like Mathamatical Origami.

  • by MathJMendl ( 144298 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:19PM (#489989) Homepage
    Click here [] to see another really interesting polyhedra site, The Encylopedia of Polyhedra. It has virtual reality polyhedra models, and a lot of other interesting polyhedra information.
  • Some of the article was lost in a missing end href tag... It should be: morphs into a Ninja Asassin [].While we're talking about Japanese stuff, Ant is back with Mathamat...
  • Mountain Dew shotgun: You guys do know its fake right?!
  • BTW, how many rounds per minute does an UZI fire? Be nice to know how long you could spray with that 5 foot tall, 300 round UZI clip.

    According to this page [], the Uzi SMG fires 600 rounds per minute, so your clip would last 30 seconds. The Micro and Mini SMG models are able to fire at up to 1700 rounds/minute though. HTH...

  • Is that IP-enabled coffee machine RFC 2324 [] compliant?


  • by cr@ckwhore ( 165454 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:20PM (#489994) Homepage
    Lets all congratulate CmdrTaco on his acceptance into the "Department of Redundancy Department".

  • Thats the point who would suspect you of planning a raid with a case of DP. I want one for Q3 or UT. I can see the frag report not SNARF opens a cold one on playerX. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs at you!
  • For a minute there I thought the top game on the MAME list shown was Super Freak.

    Now that would be entertaining.

    -Be a man. Insult me without using an AC.

  • It sounds like something like this has been used by the Israelis. The Massad (Israel secret service) apparently disabled the cell phone of an anti-jewish terrorist using some jamming equipment. Then they got an agent to give him a "special" replacement.

    The last thing the guy heard was when the head of the Massad called him, told him his name and to listen carefully. The phone was loaded with C4 and blew off his head when the # key was pressed.

  • the ad for the soda can gun is obviously a joke, after all: "This unit was used in the making of the many Mountain Dew commercials you see each day!" I seriously doubt the actually fired any of those cans...basically it's a parody of a mountain dew advertising campaign...since when has this become a poorman's theonion?

  • someone hit CTRL+V too many times
  • Actually, from watching police tv shows like COPS and other such sundry crap, the cops many times will throw a corded phone through the window of a house during a hostage-type situation, giving them a direct line to the guy with the gun. The movies are ALWAYS WRONG. WTF did you grow up? LA LA LAND???!
  • Summers in rangoon...

    Luge lessons...

    In the summers we would make meat helmets!

    Ah, how hats imitate art imitates life...

  • by Operandi ( 231803 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:14PM (#490002)
    I know CmdrTaco has given his disclaimers about his inability to correctly spell simple words and form simple sentences, but good god. I invite you all to reread that quickie article. The same sentence is said 2 times, blah blah. DO YOU EVER USE PREVIEW YOURSELF CMDRTACO? It's carelessness, and it's painful to read. CmdrTaco, take some of that 50 mill and enroll yourself into the local primary school.

  • I can think of a lot of reasons why Godzilla 2000 would have been written up on Slashdot. After all, it was the first theatrical showing in America in fifteen years of one of the world's best loved science fiction movie series. It is also the first Godzilla to attempt a combination of suitmation and CGI, using the techniques developed in the Mothra series. The villain is none other than a personification of the Y2K bug: the Millenium Monster (later refered to as Orga -- short for Organizer G -- when it developed an organic body). Most of all, only in a Toho kaiju eiga will you have the pleasure of seeing a Windows user called an "imbecile" (while the dubbing made a running joke of it, the sentiment is there in the early part of the movie), not to mention the sole WinCE user being portrayed as the bad guy! ;) This is because Godzilla and Mothra are Mac loving monsters, and without a doubt, Apple's biggest fans (since the mid 1990's at least).

    In Godzilla vs. Destroyah, Dr. Yamane's grandson proudly displayed an Apple poster in his dorm room. In the 1996 Mothra, Apple was in serious trouble, and Toho was reduced to using Windows. But they blurred the telling parts of the screen so you have to look very carefully to recognize it. At the end of the movie, Mothra resurrects the badly scorched forests of Hokkaido, and apparently there must have been an apple tree in there somewhere. By the next year, with a bit of help from Steve Jobs (okay, lots of help from Jobs), Apple was strong enough again that Toho perched Fairy atop a Performa to celebrate. (I wonder when Apple is going to reintroduce that experimental telepathic feature into their modern lineup? ;) When the King of Monsters returned to Tokyo Bay in G2K, it was to an Apple dominated city, where Apple banners hung in the streets and iMacs and G4s waited for Godzilla to come and save them.

    Speaking of miracles, G2K had almost no advertising, and yet managed to rank somewhere around 84/300 this past summer, and 26th during its second run this past December. It made 10.1 million in the box office, which is .1 million over what would cause TriStar to consider releasing the next G film in theaters. It is now out on DVD. The next G film is currently running in Japan, and in about fifth place, which is considered good for a G film. G2K is now out on DVD to buy and on VHS to rent. If you want to see G back on the big screen again, vote with your wallets at your favorite video place.

    Homage to Mothra, Goddess of Peace and peerless Queen of the Monsters, on the occasion of her 40th aniversary year!

    Mary Leibach
  • created Slashdot in _perl_ for god's sake!

    God knows how long it took him to write it, since perl's got niggly enough syntax that it's difficult to get right even when you *can* spell properly... :)

  • That's a great idea for a song!

  • too bad we don't have Windows DE:) DEMENT would have been a great description!
  • i once saw an episode of thats incredible where a guy did art on toast using a weird tinfoil technique..he produced a portrait of john lennon...

    in another episode there was a painter who did 5 metre tall paintings in about 5 minutes using both hands at once - he also produced a lennon portrait

    the guy's face must lend itself to unusual mediums..

    Please watch this video,
    for all you people out their who complain about the quality of Slashdot.
    In this video (122 kbs Realplayer) Cmdr Taco explecitly says "I put on there what I like"
    Not what you like!!!!!!!
    So quit complaining, and if your still not happy, move the Kuro5hin.
  • whats wrong with perl, aparently it can hold up to the slashdot efect. It works and it works well there is no reson to switch now , and why do you even care what he uses. he could have written the damn thing in basic for all I care.
    as for spelling get over it, being able to spell well doesnt make you a better person or any more intellagint
  • Yeah, really. Reading a Taco article is like watching an old man take a leak, or even listening to Dubya talk. You have to laugh a bit at the first tortured stutterings, but slowly you realize that this person might not even have the capicity to realize why you're laughing, and you start to feel a bit embarrased. Finally, there's a little bit of shame, as the guy you were just laughing at is lying on the ground, pissing on himself and screaming "Ahh, my prostate, my fucking prostate!"

    No, wait, forget about the shame part; it starts being funny again after you get over the embarrasment.
  • Does non-interactive necessarily mean non-stimulating? Sure, GI Joes or their predecessors, lead army men, were static "dolls", but they still inspired children to use their imagination and bring those toys to life. I don't see anything bad about that.
  • I agree its a fake but I took one look at the .50 calibre pistol
    And I don't care. I want one, dammit I need one.

    too bad. that would have been fun.
  • Haha. They should make a movie out of it. They can call it Taco Maldason, starring Bridget Wilson as the scrumptious 3rd grade teacher and CowboyNeal as his geeky kindergarten pal. Throw in some SNL washups and it's an instant formula for success!
  • The guy who comes up with a working design will be up there with Jolly Roger and all the other mythical legend-type persons :) Back to the laboratory, Igor :)

  • Is that Mountain Dew gun legal?! And if you believe that the company is a friendly neighborhood comic store, think again. Go to the main site, [], and take a look at their products. They range from somewhat scary (300-round Uzi magazines), to just plain frightening -- a cordless phone used in "hostage negotiations". Essentially, you hand them the phone to talk to them, and then remotely enter some code, and the phone will shoot the person in the head -- there's a gun build into the earpiece.

    Anyone else a bit creeped out by this whole thing? I live in "peaceful" neighborhood, but imagine walking down a dark alley and noticing that it is littered with Mountain Dew cans... And then being told the phone is for you...

    BTW, one quick logistics thing. When was the last time that you saw a hostage situation on TV and the cops walked in and said "Here. Talk to us on this phone."??! I have no firsthand experience (nor do I expect many people to), but in the movies the cops always call the "badguy" from a cell phone. The "badguy" answers the phone inside. Unless they're suggesting that this replace *all* phones in any building likely to be in a hostage situation?

  • Umm... I've always thought people were a bit quick to jump on CmdrTaco, but I must admit that this post confused me. There is a line that appears twice in a row. I thought I lost my place, so I went back a little, and ended up thinking that I had lost my place, so I went forward a little, and thought I lost my place... CmdrTaco's got me reading in an infinite loop!
  • He was redundantly accepted and is now not only a member, but also the president.
  • Hey, you're good. I couldn't even tell what was written! ;-)
  • They've updated the story!!!!!!

    It no longer talks about soup morphing into "a Ant"...

  • Rob has been watching too much anime lately -- those goofy subtitles are rubbing off on his (already poor) English.

    Now if Rob had gone to a proper *public* school, they wouldn't waste any time putting him in ESL...
  • I'm just waiting for the news report when one of those spike-swinging behemoths comes down on the head of an 8-year-old who went into his daddy's garage.
  • And this after he rejected my Playstation 3 article...

    "Yo quiero ESL."
  • Sure there isn't, I'm just saying that most boys find that boring. I know I did. It is good to use your imagination and create imaginative worlds, but when you are stuck with a piece of plastic for company it gets boring fast, IMO. What you need is an outward looking, non-static interactive toy that you can play with and be imaginative with. Thats what I preferred when I was a child. Childhood is all about varience and imagination untied by sober reality; interactive toys enhance that more than any other kind.
  • by Urban Existentialist ( 307726 ) on Monday January 22, 2001 @03:15PM (#490025) Homepage
    One of the great things about modern toys is the fact that they are interactive. When I was a child, all toys were dolls, in effect - action men, GI Joe, transformers. The were pretty boring, and relied on a feminine insight and ability to internalise. Most boys don't want to do that - they want to go out into the world, and affect it. This is why old, traditional toys such as footballs are the best.

    Now though, with modern toys, we are at last getting properly interactive, stimulating and outward looking toys, of the sort that both adults and children enjoy. It seems to me that the 80's were just a bad time for toys (except, perhaps, lego).

  • wlel since i cant tyep im just gona go fidn hemos and suck on his peenis for a whiel cuz itrs all im good at,,and his pensi tsastes so so gooddd.....
  • how do i yuse this thingiiee called a keebaoird??? it dsoesnt sem tio work wel buyt myayve its just ymnfingers thas catn'; thit the riggght keys orbehvrg .wqli67rwg nwaaa
  • suck on your penises, ijuhegruhyvb,n d???? i liek to suck on penisehv cus its all i knwo how to do well ic ant type at all, im such an ebmarrasement to slashdot and i think i shouldld just go shot myself in the skul and die...

    dwgkh 231oi7

Computer programmers do it byte by byte.