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Comment parts of that seem ok to me (Score 2) 488

I am very pro first amendment, but the idea of disclaimers on impossibly obtainable body proportions sounds as good as those white rectangles on the cigarette boxes. Women, and to a lesser, but increasing amount, men, are getting severely programmed by all the fake crap we do to our mass media people of fiction. I don't know if this is an American thing, or not even a thing at all, maybe I'm just out in left field here, maybe it's generational, I have no pattern - point I am making is that lots of women seem really put off by their body image, and they dont care that members of the appropriate gender think they look fine, or great, or even perfect. They just want to drop 30% of their body weight, to anorexic levels, stab their fellow with a rib, I dunno what the end goal is man, I'm just sick of cute girls crabbing about a little belly or having real thighs. So sick of it. This is probably my most ranty, less focused slashdot post in a long while, so I'm sorry about that. It's super frustrating to tell someone they look really beautiful and have them gaze off into the distance, miserable they aren't a jpeg and unwilling to ever embrace themselves or enjoy life until that day. We should all be extremely grateful that there's no great way to apply these photoshop techniques to moving images, yet. We'll be even worse off when that happens.

Comment The mega surplus continues! (Score 5, Interesting) 260

Ah ha! Who else amongst you has a huge surplus of huge hard drives going unused, now that netflix streaming has displaced 60% of all the crud you had spinning idle in a closet the 3 years before you signed up?

My storage requirements went from about 3 terabytes to about 30 gigabytes over the past 2 years. I believe I am the archetype and that I am doing the same thing as the average geek. I suspect there are piles of huge disks sitting offline because of this streaming displacement.

It cost me about 18 dollars a month to leave my x86 file server online, idle (killawatt meter, nh rates); netflix is cheaper than that.

Come on, who else has a comment related to this.

Comment get over it (Score 1) 197

Frankly, get over it. The current .com/net/org/Turkmenistan/whatever thing doesn't mean anything. Yeah, ICANN is doing a money grab and that's its own issue, but as a matter of just resolving a damned hostname into an ip address, I really don't care what rules are established.

The only issue I can think of is if a TLD is assigned a host record. Like if com resolved to an IP. If http://pepsi/ resolved, who would win between my local machine named pepsi and the pepsicola pepsi domain? I guess that sort of sucks, since that isn't a race that should get to happen. But that's an issue different styles of names, some ad hoc thing over mdns, or even a local SOA properly DNSing. I've definitely created my own TLDs for in-house use, like .lan; RFCs probably say not to do this but I can do as I like, realizing it's my fault when the Internet sheds into a new skin.

Really, no one will care once we have to start resolving v6 addresses regularly just to make it usable. There will be some butthurt because people want vanity TLDs but cant pony up the cash, and like I said - that's its own issue that I am not touching.

Comment Re:$3500 for that? (Score 4, Insightful) 49

If you're regularly doing stuff like this guy us, it would be a portion of that for the finishes, since he'd already have them. But the wood is definitely going to cost more than 200 bucks. That's some nice wood he used. Mahogany and walnut are middle of the road woods, like 8 to 12 dollars per board foot. It's reasonable that he spent 600 dollars on the wood, and the bulk of the cost in this is definitely his time carefully designing the piece. If you stripped the cheap electronics out, this thing is still a 3400 dollar piece of furniture, non functional. In fact, the odds are good that whomever ends up purchasing this thing will put it in a corner and never plug it into a nes. It's a really gorgeous piece of work. I am definitely not a master wood worker but I have putzed around enough to know this isn't a weekend hack job.

Comment what other ways to do this (Score 0) 117

There's these nosql things. I am not familiar with them at all. They seem nifty - some of you are way smarter than me, maybe you can correct me. It's like a giant bag with stuff in it, and there are keys tied to all of them hanging out the top of the bag. You just yank on the key and get your thing out. It's massively parallel and redundant, so maybe given enough leeway that bag can span continents, and we can each grab a key marked "file1.blah" and get it reasonably fast. It's got nothing to do with file systems. Am I right so far?

But so then, what I wanna figure out is, how can I set up a thing where I can basically have a file system be mounted locally on a few boxes, and have all that data get replicated on the other boxes as close to realtime as is reasonable... latency, resource sharing, all that. I'd basically like it so that me and my friends can each have the same data locally. We have tons of space, tons of bandwidth (it's local, after all), and we are willing to trade these to each have fully local copies. But what should we use? Lustre? Gluster? There seems like quite a few options. Lustre looks hard and Gluster looks expensive.

Chime in fellow slashdotters. You're all that make this place interesting anymore.

Comment Re:IPv6 (Score 1) 326

That notion is very alarmist and 1990's era. An ISP can make a pretty good guess of how many lan devices you have using million dollar stat boxes, like sandvine makes. They dont care. ISPs are all media providing machines on another face and they know all your lan devices are just media consuming vehicles with credit card slots strapped on the side. They really don't care. They'll just do metered billing someday and we'll all crab together.

Comment Re:Yeah right (Score 1) 326

It seems wasteful, but it's a convenient boundary to assign to a customer. v6 makes heavy use of 64 bit subnets. An ISP dolling out 48 bit prefixes can expect their customers to use 16 bits for subnetting information, so customers can reasonably have 65,000 networks to do with as they please.

Look at a 6to4 address: 2002 + your v4 address + ABCD (whatever the heck you want) + 64 bits chosen by your computer.

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