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Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 194

There is no defense against a DDoS except bandwidth

Sure there are.
- intelligent routing of the inbound traffic
- intelligent handling and dropping of the inbound traffic
- controlled service degradation
- legal action
- the criminal justice system
- a B2 bomber improving its fuel efficiency by discarding excess baggage on the Cypriot dacha of the cunt behind it

I'm not even a security or network expert so I'm sure I've missed a few.

Comment Re:Hillary's a witch! Burn her! (Score 1) 832

Given the behaviour of feminists and the constant attacks on men in education, the justice system, the civil courts and particularly online can you really blame men for not wanting to vote for Clinton, an acknowledged feminist?

the poor oppressed white guys

Oh, how witty. Your attempted sarcasm is however merely ironic:

Sure, that's the UK not the US. But your casual sexist racism shines through anywhere.

Comment Re:So Palmer supports a fascist demagogue. (Score 1) 832

Sorry, at which point in that quote did Trump say he would use nuclear weapons?

Do you have any actual quotes that can't be easily dismissed as "pretty much the only thing any serious presidential candidate could say without either lying or removing the US nuclear defence" ?

Comment Re:Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 1) 523

Even ignoring the politifact political bias, there's a viewpoint that ignores what people say and look at what they do.

Forget Trump, just based on the 'what do they do' Clinton is utterly fucking unelectable by anybody with a shred of integrity, pride or desire to live in a decent world.

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