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Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

I stopped reading at your very first alleged quote. It's a misquote, it ignores his full statement which in context is factually correct. It is not racist.

It's exactly shit like that which has done the damage. Pull your had out of your arse and try and provide some objective accurate facts. Shit, you may even have had some in that list but since you threw away all your credibility at the outset I'm not wasting my time trying to find out.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 250

The problem comes when e.g. nude photographs are considered sexist, as it allegedly exploits women who thus have to be protected from, e.g. earning an income by posing for photographs.

I'm sure some gender studies professor can tell me six different ways in which this isn't undermining those women but if they had actual intelligence they'd be a professor in something academic, so I'll mostly ignore them anyway.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

Sadly less informed, I fear.
https://policyexchange.org.uk/... is worth a read - despite the Guardian writing it off as right-wing the Exec Summary basically says Muslims in the UK are mainly differentiated from other British people by their higher willingness to participate in society.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 2) 588

a proudly racist campaign

I keep hearing this, but no real evidence to support it. A lack of diplomacy, sure, but that doesn't make him objectively wrong.

This is why it's fucking hiliarious that he won. All these people bleating on about racism, not realising that their misuse of the word has caused half the population to start ignoring it.

Trump may or may not be racist. I personally think he probably is, but that's a gut feel and not based on evidence. Unfortunately the media didn't bother to look for that evidence, they just started throwing the accusations around. Feels to me that you are too.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 400

employers wanted Visual Studio for their C++ programmers

So basically the college has no interest in giving students an education, just in training people up for a job?

Teach someone how to program in C++ and they can use any fucking IDE. Visual Studio takes about 20 minutes to learn and a couple of weeks to get full up to speed, during which time other work is being done.

The dean had everyone boot into Linux and taught the C++ class with gcc instead

Thus proving this could have been done all along.

Comment Re:Violence or discrimination? (Score 1) 434

As someone you've almost described I want to be safe to walk through my local city without fear of police harassment based on discriminatory feminist policies.

Sadly I can't; I can be investigated for a hate crime for saying hello to someone. Or for not saying hello to them.

You may find that ok but I don't.

Comment Re:Violence or discrimination? (Score 1) 434

No, because nobody has no power. And peope do attack groups not considered to be minorities. E.g. Feminists posting #killallmen

If that's not good enough for you, look at incarceration rates by gender. Incontrovertible evidence that men are discriminated against.

So not new at all, just glibly ignored by the special interest groups and the media.

Comment Re:Of Course (Score 1) 434

No, discrimination does not require a power imbalance. Stop talking utter fucking shit.

Not to mention your inherent contradiction: "The media [...] have little to no power" means you're staying that Breitbart has little to no power. Even under your fucked up interpretation of discrimination it would count.

Summary: go and get an education before posting such nonsense in the future

Comment Re:Should add HuffOp and Slate to the banned list. (Score 1) 434

They aren't banning them for hate speech though. They can't provide any examples and they aren't banning 5000 other websites that post comparable or more hateful articles.

So they're lying, they're pushing a hidden agenda and they're demonstrating that they can't be trusted in a business relationship.

I hope they fail.

Comment Re: Should add HuffOp and Slate to the banned lis (Score 1) 434

You're the cunt putting arbitrary constraints on definitions to assure your precious narrative doesn't get damaged.

Hardly a position of integrity from which to be challenging others.

What is fallacious about acknowledging that "white" people are globally a minority?

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