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Comment Re:That's their job (Score 2) 448

When the UK is giving £50-60m a year to a nuclear power that holds the record for the most satellites launched into space on a single rocket I don't give a shit what the ROI is, I want that money spent in the UK.

It's money we spend to stop problems from developing into larger problems which would actually cost us more money.

How about the Indian government spend their own money instead.

Comment Re:Out of ideas? (Score 1) 542

Glad I'm not the only person that actually enjoyed Battleship. It was a terrible film in many regards, but it was entertaining and didn't pretend to be anything it wasn't.

I respect film makers that can do that. I'd rather watch tacky Battleship than the over marketed full of itself even shittier stupidly large budget Transformers sequel du jour.

Comment Re:There can only be one response. Get a Rope (Score 2) 542

A few tricky ones there.

Aliens, Mad Max 2 and arguably Evil Dead 2 changed genre from their original.

Alien is a supremely excellent horror. Aliens is possibly the greatest action film ever made. I wouldn't compare them, they're very different stories doing very different things that happen to be contiguous and fit together beautifully.

Mad Max is a dystopian revenge drama with action scenes. Mad Max 2 is an action film. I prefer the original but low budget Australian cinema is a weakness of mine so it's not a fair comparison.

Comment Re:There can only be one response. Get a Rope (Score 1) 542

To be fair to Tom, he's almost always watchable.

Not many actors would have dared take on Magnolia and he's done a very small number of genuinely excellent films - e.g. Top Gun and Edge of Tomorrow.

I could name a dozen better actors but I always expect to enjoy a Tom Cruise film.

Comment Re:Similar thought after 1 and 2 (Score 1) 542

The Matrix is a great action film. It's genuinely excellent, very quotable, beautifully shot, properly used special effects and offers an interesting and compelling story.

Dark City is a great film. It does all of the above, uses a very dry humour far more effectively, includes greater menace and doesn't have wooden acting.

Although there are some similarities between the movies and a lot of overlaps in people and influences (same producer, same studio, apparently even one of the sets was the same) they're clearly channelling different sources, very different genres, very different aesthetics and although you may be right that Dark City opened the door for funding for The Matrix my guess is that it's more coincidence than anything.

Luckily we can enjoy them both. Shame neither of them had a sequel.

Comment Re:Goody Goody Gumdrops Google (Score 1) 429

What if I think the Holocaust was bs? I think 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and The Gulf of Tonkin incident were all fake too

Then you are what is generally known as a fuckwit, as demonstrated by your incoherent writing, lack of facts or objectivity, refusal to acknowledge or accept the evidence that demonstrates how flawed your thinking is and inability to properly research online or off, irrespective of Google's prioritisation of its search results.

Could I recommend an education?

Comment Re:Goody Goody Gumdrops Google (Score 1) 429

I reserve the right to be offended

Good, I thoroughly support you in this.

Of course, I reserve the right to cause offence. Fuck you if you don't like that.

preaching that a group of individuals is inherently generally inferior based on specific superficial characteristics

.. although I'll try and avoid doing that anyway.

When you allow a group to be successfully dehumanized by another group, hate crimes follow

This is sadly true, and why it's important that people aren't labelled as 'nazi' or 'holocaust denier' and mistreated as a result.

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