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Comment Re:How many whites were attacked by blacks? (Score 0) 954

What the fuck does that have to do with it?

A woman once hit me, you appear to think I now have carte blanch to rape every woman I see?

Black Lives Matter are a racist violent bunch of criminals that assault innocent people. I'd look down on anybody that said they supported those thugs.

Comment Re:I was skeptical about VR (Score 1) 151

Okay, so you're doing level design, say for a shooter. Gears of War. You've got to take cover behind stuff so as not to get annihilated. How do you design that stuff? If you make it too tall you've got some portion of the population that can't see over it, make it too short and you've got people bending at the waist to duck.

Exactly the same fucking way that you design it now.

You think a VR headset knows how tall you are? No. Your in-game avatar and your real height are entirely completely totally and intentionally utterly fucking disconnected.

I can enter a VR game as a 2 year old girl in nappies or as a 20 metre tall dinosaur. I don't have to actually shit myself or eat tall trees in real life to do this.

Comment Re:Juvenile psychosis only (Score 1) 249

context : random conversation about risky behaviour
me: yeah, it might kill me. Shrug.
friend: you don't care that the cats might starve if you're dead?
me: they wont starve, they can eat me

The cleaner would find whatever's left of me inside of a week, then the cats will be taken care of anyway. Who the hell cares about being eaten by a cat after they've died?

Comment Re:Cats have othe ways to make you crazy (Score 1) 249

erm. No. Teach your cat not to scratch you (or things you care about).

I have three cats, none of them scratch me. When they're playing with me they don't scratch hard enough to break skin, when they're pissed off with me (flea/worm treatment time usually) they growl, struggle but still don't scratch me, when they're doing anything else they don't scratch me or (most of) my furniture.

Can't stop them going for the storage boxes under the bed. Turns out the fabric cover is heaven for cat claws. Oh well.

They do have scratch pads available in four different rooms and a cat tree that's built out of scratch posts, so there are plenty of outlets for their scratching needs. A tree in the garden gets plenty of attention too.

Clip their claws? No. It would distress them, it's entirely unnecessary and they're much cuter when you know they could eviscerate you and they're consciously choosing not to.

Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 1) 280

Well, my answer is big fans (so greater airflow at any given RPM) designed to minimise noise (blade shape/angle, bearings) on shock absorbing mounts (minimising the amount vibration is transmitted to the case) controlled intelligently based on motherboard and CPU temperatures.

Each fan has its own ramp up/down profile, the case is insulated, the closed system watercooling on the CPU has a very very quiet pump and although at full pelt the case can probably take off and hover, under normal and even normal gaming use I can't hear a thing from three feet away.

When it's 30C outside (and I don't have aircon) and I'm stressing the circuitry for extended periods the fans have the capacity and ability to keep the system well within operational temperatures and I do get some noise, but it's nice being able to cope with that abnormal scenario and still have a silent system the rest of the time.

It does come at a cost, but that comes to around 5-7% of the total system price. I could understand people preferring to save that cash, I find it valuable.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 1) 151

$250k is an arbitrary cut-off. You may find that of those 30 games, some still lost money, some paid dev costs and made a profit, and some may be multi-million dollar success stories.

It's also tricky to properly account for VR revenues. Are Elite Dangerous sales VR sales if they're bought by someone with a VR headset, played on a VR headset or played once on a VR headset then not again?

Without the full sales picture for those games it's not sensible to assume they only barely cleared the $250k mark.

Comment Re:I was skeptical about VR (Score 1) 151

A film director has total control over the frame; a screen-game designer still has quite a bit. Not so in VR; people look wherever they want to.

A game designer - screen or otherwise - has complete and total control over what appears to the player. Far more control than a film director, and the choice to give an illusion of that control to the player (with FOV changes as well as just looking around) without losing any of it.

Shit, players looking wherever they want was a solved problem in 1984: Elite required you to move your whole ship but didn't constrain where you pointed it at all.

And then how to design for people of all sorts of different physiologies, heights, abilities, etc. etc. and make the experience compelling for each of them?

Possibly the very exactly same fucking way that game designers have been successfully handling this challenge in games over the past few decades. VR is a more immersive environment with head movement as a control rather than mouse-look but the player character in the game can be identical in either. VR doesn't introduce new problems unless a game designer explicitly chooses to constrain a character to the input range available to the player. They can easily choose not to too.

Comment Re:How do they compare? (Score 1) 151

The social dynamics for each are very different. PC gamers typically play either alone in the room they're in and/or wearing a headset that already socially isolates them.

Adding visual isolation wont make a drastic difference for much usage, and may increase the in-game social dynamics to compensate.

The issues with headaches, eye-strain and nausea remain barriers, but for some game genres (driving/flying type games) it's already far from a novelty.

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