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Comment Truecrypt (Score 1) 1155

Use TrueCrypt. Use Hidden Volumes. Any questions?

He can give them the password to the one that has his hardcore porn in it, and keep the password to the hidden volume that has his ILLEGAL hardcore porn, because nobody can prove it's there, and the courts aren't really smart enough to consider the possibility anyway.

Note: I categorically do not use TrueCrypt, or hidden volumes.

Comment Blah, blah, more HFCS hyperbole (Score 1) 646

Jesus, I hate the HFCS debate. Look, HFCS is bad. You know why?

Because it's fucking sugar. Sugar makes you fat, no matter where it's from. If you use more, it makes you more fat.

HFCS is an economic problem, not a chemical problem. People like things that are sweet, and HFCS is a very cheap way to make things sweet. Take away the HFCS, and you'll just get a more expensive product with the same amount of sugar, or a product that isn't as tasty.

If you want people to get less fat, try putting less sugar, of any kind, into your products. First you'll have to get them to agree to buy those products, which don't taste as good. GLWT.

Comment They don't exist (Score 1) 329

They are just good at hiding it. But they're not even that good. Take, for example, the current fashion of outing conservative, anti-gay Republicans as gay. These people aren't puritans, they're just self-loathing, and it's gotten damn easy to catch them at being hypocrites.. so easy that it's become a cliche that if you sound like a conservative white male, you're probably cruising me.

This applies to all kinds of sins. Human frailty and ego being what they are, you will find plenty of examples of the public teetotaler who gets drunk at home and beats his wife, the anti-drug mom who's hopelessly addicted to Oxy, the pro-censorship nut who's into rape porn, and so on. And technology being what it is, their private sins will soon become part of their permanent record, too. The people they hurt will out them to get revenge or force them to get treatment. It only takes one uploaded video to make your private sin public for eternity.

Worry less about what puritans will do and more about how to forgive your loved ones when you find out what they're really like.

Comment Insightful? Really? (Score 1) 108

Google doesn't want to execute JS in emails, and never did. Nobody should (nor does) allow JS in email afaik. The problem is the JS is executing *anyway*, despite Google's filters. They found a crack in the filtering and are exploiting it; not because *gmail* executes javascript but because *your browser* does.

Such an option would make email more vulnerable, not less, since some people would set it to "execute", when everyone should be "don't execute".

Comment Re:Only link that matters (Score 3, Insightful) 191

> For that, you have to start thinking whether or not you met this persona casually at a party or something once, or if you know them from a class or something.

No, you don't. They're called Facebook friends. The only people in my list are people who are really my friends (or close relatives). Even if I know exactly who they are, I don't accept friend requests from anyone I don't have a strong personal relationship with.

And I know who all of those people are. No hard thinking required.

Comment I enjoy taking notes more (Score 3, Informative) 373

On a moleskine. http://www.moleskine.com/catalogue/classic/soft/plain_soft_notebook__extra_large.php

No, really. Very nice construction. Just feels really nice. I also take notes obsessively (I'm in a lot of software requirements meetings) so it's required.

Also: blue motherfucking pen. Accept no substitutes.


Low-Level Format For a USB Flash Drive? 252

Luyseyal writes "I unwittingly bought one of these terrible flash cards at Fry's and have managed to nuke two of them, successively. I have a USB flash card reader that will read/write the current one at USB 1.0 speed, but it locks up every Ubuntu and XP machine I've come across in high-speed access mode. I have read that if I low-level format it that it could be fixed, though my current one doesn't support it. My Google-fu must be weak because I cannot seem to find a USB flash reader that specifies that it will do low-level formatting." Can anyone offer advice for resurrecting such drives?

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