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Comment Kicking and screaming? Neh. (Score 1) 1

"Kicking and screaming" might be a bit over the top (and this wording isn't in the original articles either). Your average bully is more likely to react scorning and sneering, and BREIN is certainly no exception here.

It's more truthful to state that the Pirate Party hopes to have found some wiggling room in the Dutch laws to hold against BREIN at this point, which at best would force BREIN to start a completely new court case to get what they want, instead of relying on the ruling of the previous case for all their current bullying. But the Pirate Party may very well end up losing this one and leaving with the costs of going to court plus the original injunction, which would be really bad for this grassroots organisation.

So in short I don't think BREIN is all that impressed.

Comment designing circuits around this theory? (Score 1) 111

Back in the Uni library, I once had an old ('60's?) book in my hands which stated that for every logical AND circuit, combining two '1' bits would also result in heat. The author suggested designing AND circuits so taht they would have two results: the logical outcome, and the overflow 'exhaust', both connected to the rest of the circuitry. This would be used to keep the processor from generating heat, but might also have more practical, logical uses. (He probably said similar things for other kinds of circuits.)

I thought it was a wonderful book at the time, and wondered if anyone ever tried to work out this man's arguments.

Now I wonder if anyone is familiar with this? Haven't remembered the author or anything.

Comment Yup. (Score 1) 492

Remember when the term "hippie" used to refer to hard-working idealists?

OK -- sliiiight over-exaggeration perhaps. But at least those people existed. Really. So I'm told :-)

But anyway, now it's used to refer to any old bum. Bummer.

And while we're on the topic, this was also the generation that popularized the word "freak", with many parallels to today's "geek". Just goes to show that the underdog is often right and the masses are just... masses. Then again, that's language for you:

Comment keep it simple (Score 2) 323

I once knew this guy who didn't watch TV because he thought the commercials were brainwashing. Hard to say he wasn't right, but he was unlucky as hell, too. Not for lack of TV, but from worrying too much.

If you think your government treats you indecently (i.e. by allowing you to be tracked), speak out while it still allows you to. But be buddhist about it: don't worry that you cannot change the world, just do what you can while you still feel comfortable with it.

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 524

Yeah, and can anybody tell me why terrorists always want to hijack airplanes, anyway?

What's wrong with a good ol' touring car? A boat? Why does it have to fly if it can also sink?

What's the fun in saying "THIS PLANE GOES TO CAIRO!!" when you could just have taken the right plane to begin with?

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