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Comment Re:QNX just called. (Score 2) 108

[...] awful design choices (synchronous messaging).

QNX has asynchronous messaging now, but of course, the point was always that the kernel's synchronous messages were just building blocks. QNX has supported POSIX message queues for as long as I can remember, and it has also told you (though, yes, the documentation was crap) how to roll your own if that didn't suit your needs.

Comment Re:Please let Tizen succeed (Score 1) 122

And if you've never done E!, well, someone more eloquent has stated the numerous issues with it.

Ecstacy's had a bad rap
The drug's OK but the music's crap
Techno's made with computer cable
Sampling machine and an old turntable
Get a loop, then cut and paste her
Buy a trip and lick the paper
There's new school, old school, prep school too
There's DJs that nobody knew
But now they're known - for doing what?
Ideas? Music? Melody? Nup.
They don't sing, they're not able.
They put a record on a turntable.
    - TISM, Fatboy Slim Dusty

Comment Re:Good News (Score 1) 355

Free trade is great, but the TPP was mostly not about trade. It was about copyright.

Half right. The TPP was indeed mostly not about free trade, it was mostly about investment. The copyright/patent/ISDS/etc provisions that we talk most about here are bad, but they are really aspects of the same central theme of the TPP: protecting investments.

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