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Kuro5hin Returns 90

TheTomcat writes "Kuro5hin is back up and better than ever, with its new server from VA Linux. At 2pm(1pm EST) today, the site went live, after a month or so of downtime." Well, this was the first submission in the bin to actually say it was up. Congrats to the whole gang and welcome back. And everyone else stop submitting their return, 'k? *grin* Update: 09/19 01:53 PM by CN : SlashNET will be hosting a forum with Rusty and Inoshiro on Saturday at 5:00 PM PDT (0:00 GMT). Looks like a good opportunity to welcome k5 back, as well as learn how they've overcome the issues that kept them down.
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Kuro5hin Returns

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  • I typed it up before it was up, waited for the countdown, checked it, and then submitted once it was live.

    I was over-anxious. (-:
  • Did you also type up this post waiting patiently for Hemos to post?
  • /.: "Welcome back!"
    /.: "Huh? Where'd they go?"

    K5: "Hellllp meeeeee..."

    It's still up now, but careful... =P
  • by zpengo ( 99887 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:19AM (#771157) Homepage
    ...until Slashdot knocks it back down.

    Slashdot: "I'm going to pet him, and love him, and call him Kuro5hin..." *squash*

  • by Anonymous Coward
    regarding the timely /. post:

    [10:22:30] I will hunt Hemos
    [10:22:37] And kill him
    [10:22:38] That is all

  • by mr.ska ( 208224 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:20AM (#771159) Homepage Journal
    They spend a ton of time and effort trying to get their servers and site back up and running, finally succeed...

    ..and 20 minutes later Hemos gets 'em slashdotted. Bra-vo. :)

  • by Dr. Sp0ng ( 24354 ) <.mspong. .at.> on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:21AM (#771160) Homepage
    I was reading k5 for a few minutes, and suddenly I couldn't get through anymore - so what do I see when I see Slashdot? "Kuro5hin returns." Bastards.

    To quote Inoshiro from IRC about 2 seconds ago: "I will hunt Hemos. And kill him. That is all."
  • I can see it now...

    "Look! Kuro5hin is back up! Get it! Get it!"

    Whack! Whack! Whack!

    This could get ugly.

  • from /.


  • Well, I saw it was accepted from the queue, and I figured it would be up soon. I typed it after the story went up, and to my suprise (honestly), it was actually a FP. Big deal (-:
  • Resurrected from the grave, only to be trampled by the monstrous hordes of /. and ground back into the dust. This proves it once and for all: Cmdr Rob Malda "Pants are optional" Taco was responsible for the original DDOS, and he's done it again...

    :) Smiley captioned for the humour impaired...

  • I think that this day should be marked in all calendars and declared to be Kuro5hin day!

    I think it's funny, though, that my browser shows the title of the page as "Cannot Find Server."

  • I submitted a full hour before they went back up. But the story was rejected.

    Lord Omlette
    ICQ# 77863057
  • by KMSelf ( 361 )

    Just a thanks to Slashdot, particularly Jeff "Hemos" Bates for non-stop gavel-to-gavel coverage of the K5 saga, VA for the server, for the coloc, the Scoop crew for code, Intes for sundry details, and Rusty for not throwing in the towel. Couldn'a done i' w'chout ye.

    What part of "Gestalt" don't you understand?

  • I was over-anxious. (-:

    try thinking about baseball.
  • I'm sure, many people didn't even know about Kuro5hin without /.'s reports. It was totally unknown to me until to the DoS attack. Then I first heard about it, and read about its concept, and I found it great! Let's see if it's really so (when the /. effect disappears, of course :-)!
  • by Ndog ( 230982 )
    Where DoS is a way of life.


  • That's kind of ironic... that the announcement of it's "rebirth" - results in it being killed.
  • Great. Now that Kuro5hin is out of trouble, you guys can go back to ignoring it and feeling superior to it.

    This is essentially the problem with the geek community in general: unless there's a common cause or enemy, geeks are too busy backstabbing each other. Everybody was backstabbing /. on k5 before it went down, but now that a script k1dd13 slammed k5, Slashdot is being all nice and friendly to it.

    How long will Linux survive if Microsoft were to disappear? Or more on the spot, how long before RedHat/Linux becomes the next Enemy? People have already entered holy wars over VI, Emacs, KDE or Gnome...

    I would not be surprised if Slashdot was somehow behind all this, and these articles supporting k5 are about proving in a smug, roundabout way, that Slashdot is better than Kuro5hin.

  • by zlite ( 199781 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:26AM (#771173)
    What was Hemos supposed to do? Never mention that they were up? Wait a few days? Mention it but beg people not to click on the link?

    If Kuro5hin can't handle the traffic, they shouldn't be in the business. After all /. is by definition /.ed ever day and holds up (mostly) fine.

    Cut em a break.

  • So when's Smokedot coming back up?
  • C'mon who didn't expect K5 to go down in flames the first time they got a SlashWave(TM)? Still next time Hemos you might what to give them some notice first, the /. effect is not a toy. Welcome back K5 we missed you.
  • Well, being the domain junkie I am, I just registered and

    What part of "Gestalt" don't you understand?

  • Sheesh, It would have been nice if those of us that had been readers before could have enjoyed the site before /. killed it again. :(
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:32AM (#771178)
    at LinuxToday []. Rusty Foster wrote a first-hand account of the site going back up; funny it wasn't linked to from here.
  • Seems to me that they're denying requests that come from Slashdot. So try typing in your browser, not clicking the link... At first, I just middle-clicked on the link to pop it into a new window, and it didn't load. Then I just typed the URL in, hit enter, and there it was!

    So yeah, it's back up for real, but Slashdot links [] don't seem to get through... (instead, right click, choose "copy link location," and paste)...

  • by Frac ( 27516 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:34AM (#771180)
    Kuro5hin [] is [] back [] up [] and [] better [] than [] ever [], with [] its [] new [] server [] from [] VA [] Linux []. At [] 2pm [](1pm [] EST []) today [], the [] site [] went [] live [], after [] a [] month [] or [] so [] of [] downtime [].

    Related links: 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 []

  • by Geccoman ( 18319 )
    So, basically, the purpose of Slashdot is to announce news, crash the server the news resides on, and then the slashdot users comment on the crash later. I like it.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    i think slashdot should be classified as a sort of DoS and should be DENYied.
    bastards.. look what they did to K5,.

    please help to take these *outlaws* down.. add this to your firewall.
    keep the internet a safe place to surf..
    ipchains -A input -i eht0 -s -j DENY -l
  • After reading all this Slashdot each morning, I've begun to have this Slashdot morning mouth. But now, with Kuro5hin, my breath is as minty as ever! Thanks, Kuro5hin!
  • What the hell was that?

  • There's no justice, is there?
    They *finally* get back up after that DoS attack, only to get slashdotted.
    *shakes head*

  • by TheTomcat ( 53158 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:38AM (#771186) Homepage
    I hope that doesn't get marked troll. Truth be told, I left VA Linux unlinked, and someone [] managed to link it up anyway. (-:
  • It's not really killed. Just sort of stunned. After such a long involved recovery, you've got to expect a few minor setbacks...


  • by Frac ( 27516 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:40AM (#771188)
    Posted by Hemos on 12:09 PM September 18th, 2000
    from the time-for-/.-to-drown-kuro5hin dept.
    Roozbeh The Atomic Microscope writes "Kuro5hin is back down again, even with its new server from VA Linux. At 3pm(2pm EST) today, the site went dead from /.ing, after a hour or so of uptime." Congrats to the whole /. gang, and welcome back to /., Kuro5hin admins! (we figured that you're homeless again) *grin*
  • It's good to see them back, it really is. I hate it when something like that happens. However, I must stay that I hope that the quality of kuro5hin's users stays the same. I must say the worst thing for a web log like Slashdot or kuro5hin is to have hordes of immature/bad users. Slashdot seems to be coping with it well enough. Sort of ;)
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    Out the modem,
    Through the router,
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  • If you submit a story, then go back to [] you can see if your story has been accepted or rejected.

    2000-09-18 17:03:59 Kuro5hin is back up! (articles,news) (accepted)

    Like so.
  • by Col. Klink (retired) ( 11632 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @08:43AM (#771191)
    > geeks are too busy backstabbing each other

    And just how, exactly, are you any different? I just went and read your last 5 comments. Every one of them is an attack. I don't ever recall reading a supportive word from you. And *you* acuse /. of "feeling superior"?
  • I wonder how the story submission really works? Are they really reviewed by a cadre of trained mammals, as claimed; or is there just a bot which picks out stories by buzzword quotient? Suck dosn't need to do another /. parody -- /. has become a parody of itself.
    "The axiom 'An honest man has nothing to fear from the police'
  • Well, think about it. Whoever read your post, probably knew about the Kuro5hin countdown, and knew that it wasn't actually back up yet. You jumped the gun.


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • Hey, in his defense, you don't have to be part of the solution to point out the problem. It's not about pointing fingers, it's about recognizing the problem.


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • A few moments before 20:00 local time: Saw the Armageddon Clock ticking on the web page.

    20:00: Didn't respond.

    20:05 or so: WOW! It's alive!

    20:10: Ugh, cookie expired, can't remember password, I guess their mail queue is a bit long when I didn't get the reply from MailPassword(tm).

    Can't ssh to my mail host - so I upgraded ssh, which involved a loooooong apt-get update. Infuriating...

    20:15: Hooray, ssh works. No reply from mailpasswd yet.

    20:30: So now k5 stopped responding too. Quick look at /.: Yep, the DoS-bait is there. Duh.

    Looks like it'll be a looong night. =(

  • Thank you, Benedict "Hemos" Arnold.
  • Same here, and now Kuro5hin has lots of nice new visitors to impress. If they like what they see, they'll stay. Surley this is a good way for the community to grow. You find something good and you tell others about it.
  • ..and 20 minutes later Hemos gets 'em slashdotted. Bra-vo. :)

    Think of it a free shakedown of the new server. Why, /. ought to be charging them for this valuable service. ;-)

  • Pardon the stupid question, but the first I heard of this site was when it was nuked by script kiddies a while back. I've kept an eye on the reports of it coming back, getting better hardware and so on, but I still wonder what the page was before? Same as it is now with a different look?(tech news etc) or something different?
  • There's an auto-link function that finds various company names and links them. I think "Wired" is probably the phrase that gets auto-linked most often.

    Michael Sims-michael at
  • If Kuro5hin can't handle the traffic, they shouldn't be in the business.

    Damn straight. And if they've got a crappy story submission procedure that can be pushed over by anyone who wants to, they deserve to die, just like certain bits of Outlook deserve vilification and some of RedHat's default policies are not exactly the best.

  • What a welcome back! They go down and disappear because of a DOS attack, and the first day they get back up, Slashdotted out of existence! Isn't it ironic....don't you think? Damn....I need to get off the coffee.
  • ...Compaq, or some other manufacturer, would you have mentioned that and linked to them?

    For those who don't know, /. is owned by VA.

  • I submitted an item on the countdown and it's implication of their return at t-44 hours and was rejected. I assumed that somebody had gotten in ahead of me, but now I see that The Powers simply preferred to wait. Ah well.
  • That's cool. I don't really care if they add links to the article, I mean, that's what the web is all about -- linking, and I didn't mean to insult Hemos, although some moderator seems to think I did.
  • by brokeninside ( 34168 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @09:18AM (#771207)

    Every user can look over the submissions queue. Every user gets one vote per story. The vote is either (1) post it, (0) don't care, or (-1) don't post it.

    Stories that reach a critical number which is a percentage of the total number of users get put on the front page. Stories can be commented on while still in the queue, regardless of whether they ever make the front page or not. Comments can be one of two types: (1) editorial, suggesting changes to the story in spelling, style, grammar; or (2) topical, pertaining to a discussion. The editorial comments do not survive if the story makes the front page.

    All in all it works fairly well.

    The best thing about k5 was the people there. The breadth of k5 was much wider than /. Discussions of everything from gun control to how to secure a linux box have made the front page.

  • we are not denying slashdot redirects. The problem is soo many people hitting it at once. i.e. the slashdot effect. The slashdot effect is not one continuos stream of requests, but waves. So sometimes you can get a reply. But we aren't blocking requests from slashdot. That would be stupid
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Who actually cares if such a crappy site is back online or not?
  • There is no ToS conspiracy. K5 is laboring under several hundred Apache processes talking to several hundred MySQL requests. It's slow. It has been responding a bit in the past few minutes. It's been performing at peak rated load (about 6 hits/second) for most for the past hour and a half. There's just a lot of requests coming through.

    And your link just finished loading as I've been typing this post.

    What part of "Gestalt" don't you understand?

  • Damn! I never knew how to pronounce that. So instead of saying Ki ro sheen, now I know. I feel like a real lamer now...
  • Is this really news? Is this something that matters?

  • How is that different from any other group of people? You get 4 metal-heads in a room together and they are gonna argue that Judas Priest is better than Iron Maiden... (Black Sabbath is the best BTW, not that I'm a metal-head or anything :)

    "Free your mind and your ass will follow"

  • I had a dream friday night that kuro5hin came back online and somehow, I'd managed to stumble upon this fact before the news hit slashdot. As part of their recovery, they'd had to wipe out the user login database, so everyone was having to create new user account, and since it the site had only just then been re-introduced, only five people had managed to create their accounts. I was really excited that I was going to be able to snag a really 'leet low user id number, so I clicked the button to re-create my account. However, since I'm just on a crappy old modem, and it's slow as hell, the form I had to fill out was taking forever to load up. I just knew that while I was sitting and waiting for the whole page to load, the article would hit slashdot and I'd be screwed. By the time I had the page loaded up and filled out, I ended up getting a seven-digit ID number. I was so bummed.

    I think this means I need a life.

  • Sorry. Let me save the Grammer Nazi the effort and slap my own wrist: "its implication", not "it's implication".
  • It should be pointed out here that the last message posted on the Kuro5hin site before they started the countdown indirectly asked /. to post it when they came back up. Besides, they need to get used to traffic, I think a lot of people (myself included) "discoverd" them due to their problems... I found that I rather like the site (Other than the /. effect of course)

  • The look of the site is quite similar - it has columns right and left now instead of just the one to the right, actual sections instead of everything front page. It's too soon to tell if the stuff they cover will change - I don't think it'll change *too* much though. (But it wasn't just tech news - read some of the old stories...)


    "When correctly viewed, everything is lewd
    I could tell you things about Peter Pan
  • So when's Smokedot coming back up?

    Heh heh... this whole "k5 coming back up" thing must've reminded people about Smokedot - I've gotten like 15 "when's smokedot coming back?" emails today :-)
  • and that would accomplish what? maybe it would keep CT from viewing your site...

    OTOH, would an .htaccess that denies access based on a referrer header work? There'd be some DOS, but at least you wouldn't be feeding it.

  • Weird - I tried the link, posted, tried the link - nothing. Typed in, got an instant response. (As in, about 1 sec to load the page. Finally getting good bandwidth to the 'net - they blocked Napster and Gnutella at my college, finally.) Both times I tried off Slashdot, I got nothing. But with no Referrer-URL: header (or whatever, I dunno) I got a very speedy response and was able to browse the site quite nicely.
  • by _xeno_ ( 155264 ) on Monday September 18, 2000 @11:12AM (#771221) Homepage Journal
    Actually, it's much more like when you tell a 2-year-old not to stick his tongue out at you. What's he gonna do? Stick his tongue out at you.

    Plus the novelty of moderating wares off very quickly. It's too much of a chore to actually be a good moderator. Reminds me of when I was in jr. high, I told a teacher he couldn't hold me after class. What'd he do? Hold me after class (but not that day! See, I had a ... uh, prior commitment. Um, elsewhere.).

    Basically, if you tell someone "don't do that" what're they going to do? Do it. Similar to the MPAA saying "don't link to DeCSS!" What happened? Everyone linked to DeCSS!

    It's not that surprising. Watch - I dare someone to moderate this as "insightful." Now I'll get moderated as "flamebait," "troll," "offtopic" (no one ever bothers reading the parent post, that's just boring!), or, if they're afraid of losing karma, "overrated."

  • Niven described the slashdot effect in a 1973 short. I read somewhere that "flash crowd" was accepted for the next release of TNHD (jargon file).

    (Niven's story involved actual presence, but the concept was there)

  • Well, VA gave out a moderately expensive server. Regardless of slashdot's reasons for putting a link there, VA deserves the advertisement. I really hope a simple link doesn't start some bitchfest filled with conspiracy theories.
  • They have added a new kink to the submission voting. When voting +1 you get a choice of posting it to the front page or to the new topical sections.

  • I think it's funny, though, that my browser shows the title of the page as "Cannot Find Server."

    This is caused by the Micro$oft Infernal Exploiter 5.5 bug that "refreshing" a res:// page (the error messages) into a working page (like you did with K5) doesn't update the title. Bites me too when viewing slashdotted pages.

    ( \
    XGNOME vs. KDE: the game! []
  • I am the voice inside your head (and I can troll you)
    I am the lover in your bed (and I can troll you)

    Wow, nice sig. It reminds me that I haven't listened to that CD in a few weeks.

  • still doesn't beat []
    • _____

    • ToiletDuk (58% Slashdot Pure)
  • Or maybe you'll get rated "insightful" because of Murphy's Meta-Law. :-)

    I predict this comment won't get moderated at all. Now, let's see what happens. :-)


  • Don't know much about the content of this kiru5hin site, but...

    The front web page sure looks good, a lot nicer than the dated look.

  • Bah. Better to take the Eagle Book [] and start making a module that returns 403 Sorry, try again after the media fuss is over error if the request Referer: header matches regex slashdot\.org... =)
  • The email forwarder is still down, which is rather sad, has anyone anymore information than what is on the front page? "Catastrophic hard drive failure?" It's nice to know there was so much outpouring and support fo K'shin, but I'd like to see get some help as well.
  • That will do really well. Considering K5 probably has loads of traffic coming in on eht0.
  • As other people said, that'll only block traffic from itself, not people who came from a slashdot link.

    IIRC, HTTP clients tell a server what site they are coming from (it's called something like the referrer). You could toggle a setting in your HTTP server to block people whose referrer says Of course, crafty slashdotters could still bypass the link entirely, but it would work at least partially, compared to your solution which wouldn't work at all.

  • i like the 'and if i weren't lazy i'd be eaten by a shark' bit at the bottom. :)

  • quoth the poster:
    Suck dosn't need to do another /. parody -- /. has become a parody of itself.

    Try this URL:

  • Why don't you post this *once* to Kuro5hin? It can then be modded up or down by the community. It would at least give people a chance to comment rationally on it.
  • Cmon, it's been 6 hours, and I still haven't seen much more than the front page. ahhhh man :(
  • heh, well.. it was understable :) The load spiked to 17 almost as it clicked over, I thought it was Hemos' doing..

    As is, we've had ~900 new users, and a near-rewrite by a panicy rusty while I baby-sat MySQL/Apache all day..

    Wooo.. now it works and is not slow under load :)
  • When I just went to all there was was a banner for ""? And when I went to just the same thing. oh well..
  • When I just went to all there was was a banner for ""? And when I went to just the same thing. oh well..

    Oh good, the DNS has updated. Yeah, change of plans - it's possible that Smokedot will be back up tonight! Woohoo! My friend from high school (who I haven't talked to in 4 years, and just /msg'ed me out of the blue on IRC today) offered to host it, and is his site. Right now I'm waiting for him to get back from dinner so he can finish installing perl modules and stuff like that and get it working.
  • Now _that's_ funny.
  • /. does not get /.ed every day. To be /.ed is to recieve a sudden transitory increase in site traffic, exceeding the normal peak load. (Due to a bunch of lemmings blindly clicking every link posted on /.) Go play QuakeIII or finish your Algebra homework.
  • What's wrong with MySQL? We've never had it crash as a result of internal problems in MySQL. The one time it did crash, was because rusty's code couldn't handle the load and apache/mod_perl started going wonky in how it spoke to MySQL (back in July). But Scoop has improve, and the MySQL we are using is a few versions past what was installed there.

    Really, 3.23.x is stable in its latest builds :-P

System restarting, wait...