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Comment Re:Silly rabbit (Score 2) 813

The idea that "all politicians are terrible and useless and evil" is almost certainly being deliberately spread by the worst politicians - they don't want us to figure out which ones good so we can support them to the hilt. I also believe they deliberately promote the attitude that "all politicians are equally bad" because when they do ultimately get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, people will just shrug their shoulders and move on rather than holding the guilty parties responsible (because, after all, they're all equally bad :).

Comment It's too soon! (Score 1) 1052

It's way too soon for this. We're just not there yet. Consider the example in the original post; Australia spends $3 billion on its "CentreLink welfare system" (which I assume is what they spend on welfare). That works out to $130 per person per year, if everything was just distributed out as basic income. If we try it before when we're _obviously_ not ready for it, it'll just fail and it might even discredit the idea. (I wonder if that's a contributing factor to the really rather sudden appearance of these trials.)

Comment Re:You're not removing hate speech, just hiding it (Score 1) 405

Europe seems to fundamentally "not get" how democracy works. When confronted with something unpleasant, they try to ban it.

The only cure for unpleasant speech is more speech. Anything else ultimately makes it worse.

Or, maybe, Europe has had its fill of radical fascist ring-wing asshats and the problems they cause (read: death, destruction, war, poverty, etc.), and this is one of the tools they use to keep a lid on it.

Comment Re:Canada gets screwed by the AGW scam (Score 1) 327

I predict these views will be censored and modded to -1. For a community that supposedly favors the free and open exchange of ideas, Slashdot isn't very tolerant of opposing views. Voicing my opinion that AGW is a scam will result in my post being censored to -1. If AGW were real, there would be no need to censor dissenting views; the facts would prove the point far better than any moderation. The censorship is necessary because the facts aren't on the side of the AGW evangelists.

Some of us are tolerant of opposing opinions, when they're not outrageously harmful. Hopefully most of us are intolerant of misinformation and FUD, and I hope most of us aren't even tolerant of opposing opinions when they're both clearly wrong and actively harmful. At this point it's fairly apparent that anybody touting anti-global-warming "opposing views" are either pathologically misinformed, or astroturfing.

The Military

Israel Thwarts Attempt To Smuggle Commercial Drones Into Gaza 312

An anonymous reader writes: The Jerusalem Post reports that the Shin Bet intelligence agency recently foiled an attempt to smuggle commercial multicopter drones into Gaza, Israel authorities announced on Sunday. The inspectors stopped an Israeli truck carrying toys at the Kerem Shalom Crossing, where drones of various types and sizes carrying high quality cameras were found. Additional attempts to smuggle commercial drones were intercepted by the Shin Bet in recent weeks. The drones were earmarked for use by Hamas group in Gaza. Close inspection of released images reveal what seems to be a Syma X5 FPV quadcopter. Those toy-grade multirrotors have a onboard wifi camera. Once you've downloaded the streaming app to your phone you are able to connect the on board camera to your phone and use it to give you FPV footage.

Comment Before vs after (Score 1) 105

So anybody have any before vs after pics?

In particular, I'm wondering if we're going from 1-2 in-line ads and 1-2 sidebar ads to 3-7 in-line ads. (In other words, is this "cleaning" just an excuse to put more ads in-line with the search results? Let's not forget this is Google, who won market-share in part by way of putting ads on a noticeable yellow background. Anybody noticed the background colour for ads these days? :)

Comment Not bad, not great (Score 1) 675

So $1 a week is doable. I'd be willing to pay $4/mo for any number of high-quality sites (Wired, Ars, NYT, etc. - the biggies). On the other hand, I'd also like to echo many other people in this tread: the problem isn't ads, it's the third-party ads delivered via ad networks via HTML/JS/Flash/etc..

I might still pay the $4/mo to get rid of the ads, but I'd also be fine whitelisting Wired if they served ads first-party that were vetted by Wired staff (like they used to do with print ads). Right now, I'll simply not patronize any site that disallows ad blockers. That's crazy talk, and dangerous to boot.

Comment If you're serious... (Score 1) 1839

If you guys are serious about turning Slashdot around I wish you all the luck, and if there's anything the community can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask us. That might include asking us to change our behaviour (both to improve things from first principles, and if we need to change our behaviour to adapt to a change to the system).

I've been reading (and rarely contributing to :) Slashdot for a long time, and over the past year I've been looking for alternatives. I still haven't found any that were better; I'd even considered starting a new one. I will be very pleased if it turns out competent people acting in good faith have taken the helm.

Comment The basics (Score 1) 1839

The basics:

* Continue making posts about good content worthy of discussion
* Avoid the trolling and pandering that's been too obvious in too many posts/stories
* Avoid the Slashvertisements (and if you have to do them, tell us about it and why you're doing it - even if you just want to make more money to gilt your monocles)

If there's anything you can do about the obvious astroturfing that happens in the comments that would be nice, but I think that's playing with fire. The moderation system seems to work reasonably well most of the time, maybe just tweak the weights a bit (so anybody who positively moderated an obviously astroturfing or trolling comment has less karma).

Feel free to change the UI some, but don't try to differentiate via the UI. And please nothing 'flat' :)

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