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It's funny.  Laugh.

Leaked Quake IV Screenshots 116

An anonymous reader sent in some Leaked Quake IV Screenshots. It's odd how the Quake seems to be converging both topically and visually with Real Life.
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Leaked Quake IV Screenshots

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  • If anything, this deserved a quickie. Most definently not a full post. It wasnt even remotely funny, if I wanted to see that I would look at pictures of kids playing commando or something, which I wouldnt want to see.

  • ...or are this guys hands totally disproportional? Look at the last picture on the page (the one w/ the mirror). Freak show action.
  • oh my God, that's hilarious.
    after friday, i was so disgusted by some of the idiocy in the posts to certain article that will remain unnamed, i was considering never reading slashdot again.
    i did decide to just wander through and surf the headlines for awhile.
    so today i come across this thing in the headlines.. and for a minute there i remembered what it was that had drawn me to slashdot in the first place, a little bit of the feel of discovering something, of..

    then i read the 50 consecutive, redundant comments in this thread saying "THIS IS LAME, POST ANOTHER PATENT STORY".

    ehhhh.. never mind. now i remember why i was so disgisted before.

    [go to they will make you happy]
  • OK, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that people are saying they were taken in and didn't realize it was fake until after "the first two screenshots?"

    I had a "What the -" reaction when I saw the headline, noticed the icon and thought, "Hope this is a good parody."

    BTW: Next /. pole, which sucks, the Fosters or the Coke?????

    Matthew Miller, []
  • Yes, but they could have alteast had the decency to have height and width predefined so we could have gotten some idea of what we where waiting for instead it just sat there showing nothing for a good 5 minutes. Don't dumb-down the web, but there is no excuse for bad webdesign.
  • For one. This is not just Robs site, (infact it isnt his site anymore, its Va Linux's site, but thats beyond the point) its a community site. And as a member of the slashdot community I have a write to express my comments and concerns about the direction or whatever of the website. This website isnt Robs little posting board where he can put whatever he damned well pleases. It is a professional, commericial, new source. We have just as much right to complain as if I had a next door neighbor disturbing our neighbor hood. We can, and do, complain to tv stations etc.. about things we feel is inappropriate, and action does take place. What makes all you guys out there that continously say "its not your website, shuddup" think that we dont have a right to comment. This is not a personal website, and if it was, we still have the write to comment on it, doesnt mean things have to change, but we still have the right.
  • I must agree. Time and again, I see sites listed that were covered recently or are below-average exemplars of a class. If you're going for Quake/Doom humor, this is far from the best.

    I love humor. Its one of the major reasons i come here (though I suppose many posts wouldn't be as funny if they weren't surrounded by chaff), but there's no joy in an out-of-control kludge fortune cookie program that ships original gems on a regular basis, but is clearly falling apart, and may serve your password or customer info up to a user any day now.

    (And regarding redundant articles: it is *so* much to ask that that they do a quick search before posting? I'd think they would have had a pop-up search window incorporated into their 'accept process.)

    I consider myself a guest here, but increasingly I feeling like an unwelcome guest whose hosts are cordial - so long as I stay out of their way. I agree that Slashdot is providing a service, but in creasingly I am uncertain what the service is. And they seem to be uncertain, too.

    It's still a good party but our "hosts":

    1) don't themselves read the site.
    If they don't taste tha pate' how will they know it;s any good?
    If they don't think the siite is interesting to them, will it stay interesting to us?)
    2) provide no official reader feedback option
    It's hard not to see this glaring lack (this late in the game) as a real warning sign.
    In fact, it's stunning that Slashcode hasn't incorporated the "view all submisions"; "Score submissions ... posted articles... etc." stuff tha's been given to them. It's pretty counter to the original 'feel' of this joint, and certainly they (haughtily and condescendingly) tell us to fork off to another site/code if we don't like the way it is here: take it or leave it.

    4) They go to the store and come back with pigs feet, beef tongue, and tofu burritos -- even when primo munchies are shovelled into the cart (submissions) they throw them out and restock with pigs feet.

    5) They throw stuff in they closet when it's fresh (rejecting articles dozens of times) and then dig it out and serve it when its stale (months later) -- a clear sign that they are not managing things well.

    6) They have come to view themselves as the One True Party. Why else would they not mix?

    7) Many of us are only coming for the guests (not the host) now, but some guests are gettting rowdy
    (Trolls, spam, junk of every description)

    Look, they're human. A few very busy people are very likely to fall into a microculture that diminishes the value of their judgement in the eyes of outsiders. It's an insidious problem, but one we have seen a million times in history, in /., in life, and in school.

    it's especially bad since the Slashot editors don't eat they own dogfood. They don't read /. The Slashcode is not the dogfood here, the content is.

    If Slashdot cares about the readers, they will implement more user intereactivity, so that the readers can help keep the site on track. If they don't care about the reader (and we all know that even nice guys can quit caring or respecting the customers in subtle ways), they will become another soulless behemoth who things size and market share proves quality and judgement.

    But I don't think Katz will write about the Soulless Slashdot. It's the nature of the beast that it cannot be seen up close.

    If not, then I have no doubt they will remain large and well known -- and immensely successful by many standards -- but their product will grow crappier every month. How many companies do you knw that followed precisely that path?

    "WE" are not better than "THEM"; "WE" have a chance to note and avoid the perfectly human pitfalls inherent in such ventures. and if "WE" don't, "WE" will end up in the tarpit with all the other fat dumb dinosaurs, who were sleek and cutting edge once.

    [Yeah, I'm not sure who I mean by "we: eaither -- and I certainly don't speak for anyone but me]
  • that what the big foot means? Iå=ught that meant the story stunk!
  • Regardless of slashdot's "News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters" slogan, you have to remember that the site is not corporate. Articles which are posted are those that appeal most to the guys who run it. It's more like a balanced info-diet for the geeky lifestyle than anything else, and that diet needs to be balanced. Without a little stupid humor now and then where would we be? If you want "news", read the New York Times. This is information and discussion for real people.
  • Granted, I've only been reading /. for about half a year or so, but it seems to be that this just kinda started as a site for CmdrTaco and his cohorts to post stuff that they liked. Not as an industry tool or anything.
  • I think The Resolution was two High For My Browser. I think the requirments are too high....hehe Will The Realistic images require 4 Geforce 256's for 30fps gameplay? I hope software Render will work. The Guns Look So real.The Opponents have a 60% more life like look than Q3. Doom 3 is Doomed If Quake 4 looks this real.... To Bad This Monster will Require a Graphics processor on one motherboard and a dual system processor on a second board... I think this is the start of the quake virus... I you try to run quake and you have less than super hardware.. your computer will just lock up and die..worst of all, the quake virus is multiplatform! "Die BOX, DIE(not related to MicroSoft Xbox(c) or MicroSoft CrashBoX(x86only)(c))
  • okay... I'm still on modem (for another week) and I got totally sucked in by this one for a few seconds. Without the /. icons turned on I didn't realize it was a "its funny, laugh" article... and the first screenshot that loaded was the "look at the lighting and textures..." which almost looks real.

    Then... "wait a second..." eheheh...

  • Well... considering id's next project is Doom 3, not a new Quake, I walked into it recognizing the smell of bullshit right off. :)
  • No need to get drunk - just eat some special mushrooms, hehe...
  • My browser loaded really slowly, so I was fooled for a little while, too... The "bot" was hilarious tho.

    Ramble on!
    foo = bar/*myPtr;
  • That red carpet looks like it came out of The Avenging Disco Godfather []
  • Drinking age is 18, but the police etc are not as anal as people in the US appear to be about drinking. Most people have been drinking for a while at age 16. I first drank enough to "call Europe" at age 16 (albeit in a Hungarian hotel room).

    Most people of a young age can get served without being asked for ID, especially out in the country, so it's not that hard to get alcohol. Then again, this might be because it is so hard to get useful photo ID (I'm 20 - my driving license is a useless piece of paper - about the only photoid I have is my passport, and I'm not taking *that* to the pub)
  • It's Sunday people, some of you need to get a sense of humor. Not everything has to be serious all the time. I like the occasional joke. We deal all week with work, bs assignments, and M$ s**t. Chill out people.
  • I think this might be a good time to link to TacoHell []. Just feels like it.

    Ramble on!
    foo = bar/*myPtr;
  • I think some of you are misunderstanding my post. I am not whining. I love Slashdot, and have since before it was Slashdot back when it was Chips and Dip. I have great respect for Rob and the whole Slashdot crew. So when I express my opinions towards a post (which I rarely do, and specifically if I just say I think it would be better of as a quickie) that is not meant to be intended as a 'dis' towards Slashdot.
    And to respond to a another comment. No. This is not robs Homepage. is robs homepage. This is a professional news website owned by Va Linux corp.
  • those images have made me thirsty... argh... eh, anyone got any spare jolt?
  • Is it just me, or don't those kids look a little young to be piss drunk...

    Indeed. []... Birthday: 12/05/83 living in the UK.

    Anyone know the drinking age there?

    This raises an interesting point.
    Im 16, and i've got plenty of pictures of me wasted. Can they be held against me?

    IANAL, so advise away...
  • I know how you feel. Last week, I found a site that gives away pictures of naked chicks, for free! It was so fucking amazing; I was going out of my mind! I thought, "This has to be the most revolutionary idea to ever hit the Web. Surely, Rob Malda will post this story."

    But you know what? He ignored me! So I started sending him these e-mails, saying things like, "Hey, check out this great new site I found!" And there'd be a link. I don't know how he could have missed it; after all, I used a subject of "Free XXX!" so he'd not miss it. But still no reponse, and no post. Dammit, I'll bet someone will send Rob the same link next week, and he'll get credit. :(


  • Nah, the submission queue is overflowing as usual. You can't except a site that has as diverse a topic base as slashdot to always cover the stories that you think are important.
    Don't think of it like this story took the place of a better one, think of it like this story is better than no updates at all. It isn't like they have a set quota of stories, and they can't exceed it. (Is it stuff that matters? Hehe, maybe if you like humor.) But hey, we are the guests here, don't forget that. :)

  • No, that would be Conker's Bad Fur Day [], an upcoming N-64 game by Rare. I kid you not, inebreation and subsequent urination are a gameplay feature.



  • by Anonymous Coward

    Um. If he's the model I have to use, then I'm gonna skip buying this game. And those weapon models, while innovative, need a little work. Where's all the gibs?

    And the dog has issues. All little dogs must die. At least I'll be able to vent frustrations on the little beast. The AI could use a little improvement, too. Seriously, when the bots start turning away from you, you know there's something wrong with the botskill.

    One last Q: What does he do with the pink alien blow-up doll? Er. Nevermind.

  • Yeah, give my VT1300 (~Vaxstation/m38 without disk controller) with 8MB RAM, 90ns CVAX something to do!

    It's a shame to waste ~4330 Dhrystones per seconds and roughly 1 Whetstone MIPS in the idle loop...
  • by Lonesmurf ( 88531 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @07:24AM (#947751) Homepage
    In my experience, it goes something like this (split among myself and two (moderately) willing participants:

    1 liter jolt = Slight jittering, clenched teeth. Balloon animals.

    1 liter jolt, 1 glass of hard liquor each = Twitching of random parts of my body, General euphoria. Videogames upside down (maybe the tv or us, who knows).

    3 liters jolt, 3 glasses hard liquor each = Life is generally good. Definite need of urination (mild to annoying). Break out the spray paint, go find the neighbor's annoying dog that barks at four f_cking thirty in the morning and color his butt.

    4 liters jolt, 6 glasses hard liquor each = Break out the camera, baby! (and generally the bowls dubbed 'Ye vomitoria').


    Remember that tootsie pop owl? After I proofread this, I just couldn't get him out of my head. :)

    Rami James
    Hard drinkin' guy.
  • The first shot was halfway believable (the thumb reminded me a LOT of the terrible models for Q2 :). But after that it was obvious.
  • just a little less drunk than:

    'Leaked on screenshots'.

    Thank you.

    Rami James
    Troll for a day. :)
  • by hempguy ( 83686 )
    this is not even remotely funny. Did I miss something and is this the 1st of April, nah, it wouldn't even be funny on the 1st of April, it will never be funny 'cuz it is NOT FUNNY!
    imagine getting this kind of spam on your cell phone every day, I'd tell quios to lay off asap.


  • What does my opinion about whether or not the article is funny, have do to with why I think we as a community have a right to express concerns about a community website. If you wish to address my parent post, please address the appropriate thread.
  • Offtopic? Possibly. Informative? Definately.

    I should take this time to point out that if you're fed up with the way slashdot is posting its stories then you should take a proactive stance.

    Kuro5hin [] is a much better website, which allows user moderation of the story submission queue, unlike the closed we-only-post-irrelevant-junk slashdot seems to be turning into these days.

    -- iCEBaLM
  • Why the hell would you want to get rid of anything funny? are you turning into some sort of freak to runs from anything that's not serious?!

    Granted, if /. were a site with a funny article to serious article ratio of 1:1, I would consider that a problem, but come on! Give us a break, and relax.
  • Just like there are two nobs on the radio, there are sufficient controls on your web browsers to avoid being acosted by such offensively stupid websites.
  • Rami James
    Guy with 1.45 BAL

    That's .725 proof blood?

  • I am stuck weighing how drunk one would need to be to take the pics and make a page, versus how drunk one would need to be to post it.

  • Shame on all those that thought it's a waste to put it as a headline. We all needed that to cheer us up and put a little fun in our day! I was one of the suckers that admired the graphics quality on the first 2 pics (although I couldn't quite figure the weapon out). Excellent! I wonder if there will be a cheatcode that will let you enter "student mode" and run around and do twice as much damage?!?!
  • This is the link of the day today on I thought the write up was strange because last I heard iD was working on a Doom III as their next project.

    Of course the rending jaws could do some "real" damage.

  • Oh Yeah say I boy, tell them how it really works, come on it's allowed, this whole subject is just for us the troll's Let's have a break if CmdrTaco [] posts something like this they are allowed TO post whatever we like, come on give me one serious response on this subject that is NOT spam, troll, flamewar, whatever.
    Then prove that allowing anonymity is pointless.
  • took me a little while to realize....lacking of caffene... But i did start to realize something was wrong when i read the "coke" label and on the weapon's name. But dismissed that for some why would they Slashdot it if it werent real typa thing. -DarkSage
  • I suggest you do this, although never to a monty python foot. However, Jon Katz is just asking to be ignored.....
    and now my immitation of John Katz:

    Bla bla bla, geeks are misunderstood intelligencia of our nation. wah wah wah mp3's and napster free the musician bla bla wah fub fub look at me im not i geek but i understand them, they sit in their room and jerk off and its cool wah wah

  • It depends on your area. If you're in a "rich area" where lots of people have cable modems, like me, then between 6 and 9 pm it can slow down to almost a 56k speed. And don't get me started on upload speeds...
  • You're just angry 'cause you didn't think of it first.

    I know I am.
  • by Yardley ( 135408 )
    I thought it was funny!


  • Finally... motion blur []!!!!
  • by handorf ( 29768 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @06:44AM (#947770)
    It took me almost a full 20 seconds to remember that the next id game is DOOM III, not Q-IV.

    Too bad the page is SO graphics heavy. It'll suck if your stuck on a modem (Ha-HA!)

    THUMBNAILS, people, THUMBNAILS... :-)
  • Hey, not everyone in the world has as braindead drinking laws as the US you know (cheap shot, I know).

    Ok, I don't know what the age is for the UK but it's generally 16 in European Countries. Some are verry liberal, like France or Spain, where nobody will ever think of checking your age before selling you alcohol (i.e. if you've got more than 2 hairs under your chin*), whereas I hear some others, like the Scandinavian countries try to discourage it as much as possible trough heavy taxing and probably more strict age checks.

    I guess you just found your next travel destination ;)

    Just don't drive afterwards ok?

    *: That's only for one half of the population, of course. For the other one, the criteria is wearing a bra ;)

    PS: I live in Switzerland, btw. We're very liberal on that front (and others), too.
  • Here in South Dakota, USA, driving age is (or was, when I got my license) 14. Drinking age is 21.

    And of course, people are usually drinking and driving a good while before that point. Thus, one of the reasons that the minimal age for driving was upped a year, and SD has one of the highest driving accident fatality rate.


  • by ce ( 98666 )
    Check this: wStory.php3?StoryID=539

    best regards

  • Dammit... Its been two months wait for DSL and I'm right across the streen from PacBell! I should just run Ethernet across the streen and plug into an MAU.
  • Damn what have I been smoking?

    Legal age for driving (cars) is 18 anyway...

  • by Phil Wilkins ( 5921 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @02:00PM (#947776)
    Nah, it's actually funnier on a modem, as you get to read all the text before the pictures finally appear...
  • by ansible ( 9585 )

    I admit it, I was suckered by the first two screenshots.

    I thought the first one sorta reminded me of Q3DM12 (err... the one with the rocket launcher in the middle of the green slime pool).

    I thought the 2nd one had a really good texture map of grass.

    It all goes to show that what you think you're seeing has a large effect on what you actually see.

  • For those of us too stupid to see the Funny icon before we went to the page... and too stupid to realize that it pretty much had to be a joke...

    How many of the pictures did you look at before you realized it was a joke for sure? It took me 2 or 3 which to me says that computer graphics are getting too good for our own good. To think that normal photographs could realistically be graphics from a game is pretty extreme.
  • by Fnkmaster ( 89084 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @06:47AM (#947779)
    How much do you think you have to drink before it occurs to you to run around the house with camera and empty soda bottles in hand making "leaked screenshots" of Quake IV?
  • A vax is a mini, not a mainframe. "If you're not playing with 36 bits, you're not playing with a full DEC." -DIGEX


    PS: I'm not quoting the ISP, I'm quoting the guy who started the ISP that he named after himself.

    PPS: Quake sucks. It's as tasteless as Perl.

  • by rjamestaylor ( 117847 ) <> on Sunday July 09, 2000 @07:29AM (#947781) Journal
    Too bad the page is SO graphics heavy. It'll suck if your stuck on a modem (Ha-HA!)

    THUMBNAILS, people, THUMBNAILS... :-)

    No no.

    BROADBAND, people, BROADBAND... :-)
  • 4
    litres of Jolt is very easily consumed with 1 bottle of bourbon. You get super drunk and can stay awake forever.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    see'ing those screen shots just sent shivers down my spine..what magnifcent graphics... will the GeForce 2 GTS be able to handle the graphics? will it be able to full render those weapons in they're fully detailed glory? will you be able to read the alkihol content off the "grenades"?
  • 17 year olds generally don't drink hard liquor *voluntarily*, so there is less need to enforce.

    You know, I've got this nice bridge for sale ;)

  • How much do you think you have to drink before it occurs to you to run around the house with camera and empty soda bottles in hand making "leaked screenshots" of Quake IV?

    The bottle of gin looked empty, if that's a clue...

  • how big is a glass? i hope you're not praying to the porcelain god [i think his name is kohler... =] after just 6 shots... :-)
  • Well I think that its amazing how low /. has fallen, along with the rest of the industry if you're running flacid feces like this purported hunourous piece of jeujune chaff.

    I guess its better than M$ baiting but not by much.

    Of course if it all been generated that would be something else.
  • Come on guys, it wasn't THAT bad. I got a few chuckles out of it. If you're all so funny, why aren't you guys doing stuff more creative? You're all just sitting around... reading slashdot :P

    I guess I did see some problems with that... Terriers aren't really fearsome... Schnouzers.... now there's a fearsome dog...
  • I'm a little gut with a tiny stomache/

    6 Shots; if I'm lucky. :)

    I don't just pray, my brother, I EVANGELISISE!

    Rami James
    Guy with 1.45 BAL
  • I thought that was a Diet Coke along with the Foster's can used as grenades.
  • Ok mister rich a$$ there are some people on the net who live in places where it would cost a fortune to get anything better than dial-up, those same people are patient enough to wait for these kinda of things. On a side note, these same people get really pissed off when someone wastes their time loading pictures of 'leaked' screeshots that aint real!

    'Why don't I give you the finger and you give me my...'
  • drunk enough to take, or drunk enough to post? That is the question.
  • This Very Unfunny, I See Same Thing Many Moons Ago.

  • The legal age for buying alcohol here in the UK is 18, so yea, those guys are just a little too young to be getting drunk at 17 ;).

    Buying alcohol, yes. Drinking alcohol, no. IIRC, there's no minimum age requirement for actually drinking the stuff in the UK.

    I could be seriously misremembering, though, as I've never paid too much attention to that part of the law :)

  • Agreed. Not worth posting up at all, in fact.
  • Okay, I admit the first screen had me suckered. However, wouldn't it be cool if someone really invented a system where we could go around a REAL house on a shooting frenzy or something? Thinking Quicktime VR combined with Quake 3 engine here. Add monsters of girls who turned you down in HS, your old shop teacher, that professor of that evil core class in college who failed you just because you didn't turn in homework because your mind does not work in that way to be able to do the homework, etc. Add in Barney, a few Teletubbies, and the Bill Gates boss, and you have a blockbuster. Oh, and on top of that, add in the stuff from Duke Nukem 3D where you can step in the carcus of dead monsters and track blood. Ever used an RPG on a monster on the space station when they were in one of those automatic doors? Everytime the door opens, you see this flesh/blood thing stretch. I want to see that in other games as well. Add Netplay, CTF, and Team Fortress, and we have instant hit!
  • Well if Mediaone would get off their asses and upgrade my 10 square mile area (this being the only area in atlanta left to upgrade...) or Bellsouth would remove my load coils or even a CO that isn't 6 miles away, then yeah, i'd get broadband!
  • Seems you fell for them falling for it. Or something like that. It doesn't have to make sense, don't try to figure it out. =)
  • I am just the luckiest guy in the world when it comes to broadband. I just got a house and I can't get a cable modem yet, even though everyone at work has one, and even the next neighborhood down the street has them but I don't. I call up the cable company and they always feed me the "any day now" bullshit. Then bellsouth is even worse...I've been trying to get an answer about dsl for the longest time but they don't even give me a time estimate. ISDN and DirectPC give you too little for too much $$, so I decide to get another modem and do multi link ppp. This is when I discover that I can't connect faster than 28.8 on a 56k modem, even though I connect at 48-49k with my laptop from my parents house. So to put it simple: it takes 2 modems for me to get the connection speed of one.

    I'd pay up to 100 bucks a month for broadband if I could get it but I don't see it happening for a while.

    Sorry for the rant...I had to get that out...again. (my g/f is tired of hearing me bitch about it day in and day out)
  • Bought that new Slim Shady LP eh?

  • I thought it was quite funny actually. For the first 20 secs the first image was loading I was thinking "wow, that lamp and chair look so real."

    BTW, I have leaked screenshots of Descent IV. The cockpit look amazingly like the inside of my Ranger-it even has a tachometer,speedometer, and a set of buttons that resembles a CD player-and the scenery is similar the area where I live. ;)

  • Heh heh. The answer is in the pictures -- they weren't all soda bottles. I especially liked the "bane of London's homeless".

  • I wasn't aware of ID's lates development plans so Quake IV sounded like a reasonable thing to me. I instantly went onto the site with the screenshots and only at the 4th screenshot did i realize that something had to be wrong there.

    At the first image, i thought: "Whoa, what a huge gun. Almost taking the entire screen. Funny colors (almost too colorful)... but hey, as long as it kills the monsters in an efficient way..."

    Then, at the second image i thought: "Wow, this looks damn realistic. The graphics seem to be wonderful. Whatever this green stuff may be, it looks very real!"

    At the third one, i thought: "Hmm, well, ok. The ID guys are probably gonna change the design of the weapon a bit. They will surely remove the "Cola" on it. But damn again, the graphics are awesome. What a great mirror effect. By the way, what is this white light in the mirror? Is the gun doing this? Must be some kind of plasma weapon. Also, the location looks very uncommon for a Quake game. No dungeon or whatsoever.. no, it looks like a normal room. But this idea is actually not bad. Just think of having a bunch of the usual Quake monsters in your house. You'd need to frag them without destroying your computer or TV..."

    Heh, and then i saw the 4th screenshot. At first i thought that someone had put a wrong set of screenshots among the Quake IV photos but then i "quickly" realized that the whole thing wasn't for real. ;-)

  • It's sad to think that the inevitable result of /. growth is a decline in quality. I don't know.
    E-mail me for my essay on why /. got popular. However, lack of user feedback incorporation isn't very open source. K5 [] is a /. refugee camp, and might replace /. -- already has, to many former Slashdotter. Might want to visit it. Not quite 'forking' in the classic CatB sense, but kinda.
  • no no, raped and murded is NOT FUNNY DAMN IT

    now murdered then raped that IS funny

  • Ssshh dashghgg.. ached dah sheeet mahn. Hognest Alche holics gona ripsh som sheit uppp...
  • >>...but how about a humor slashbox that this can go in so those of us who don't want to see dumb humor don't have to

    >That feature has been implemented for months now.

    No, what I want is a slashbox that will only skip the unfunny funnies. I like the funny funnies. Why can't Slashdot get it right?

  • Funny, cable access (here) is just about as cheap as dialup, and much cheaper than unlimited dedicated dialup. But, I don't really care, 'cause I'm on a T1 at the moment. =)

    script-fu: hash bang slash bin bash
  • I wasnt' paying any attention to what was going around with ID, so i loaded it all up... and found..... a scottish terrier? wait... am i just really tired (somebody kept ringin me up in the middle of my sleep) or is that a dog? hmm... I better get back in bed before people think im crazy... they would never believe i saw a dog in a quake screen... -Moldy
  • I feel stupid. I even noticed the icon when I was reading this story and wondered, "Why is this a humor story." And then it took me until the 3rd or 4th picture to figure out that the "weapon" was a generic 2 liter diet cola bottle. Ah, the wonderful power of suggestion.

  • I didn't think this was one.

    Personally, (And if you thought otherwise...sorry) I thought this was lame and I was particularly unimpressed for the fact that it made it as a headline on one of the only news websites I check out.

    I am just waiting for all the "Slashdot sucks" and "Rob is so dumb he thought this was real" comments...but how about a humor slashbox that this can go in so those of us who don't want to see dumb humor don't have to.
  • I'm looking forward to new features like the hamburger launcher or quad ketchup.
  • by CMU_Nort ( 73700 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @07:05AM (#947813) Homepage

    At least this guy wasn't drunk enough to take picture of himself urinating as one of the "enhanced" weapons.

  • by John Jorsett ( 171560 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @07:07AM (#947814)
    You know, in the present climate I bet Id has already launched a passel of 'remove this infringing material from your site' letters to geocities. Not to mention Coke, Foster's, Gordon's Gin, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Mothers Against Yorkshire Terriers, etc.
  • not your site, not your decision

    and you lept upon it, didn't you ?

    don't like it ? don't read the page. sheesh. don't tell people who run a website not to do with it, as they please.
  • I think each of my mailboxes got this piece of spam, as it is going around the forward happy mailing lists one of our net friend's has always graciously put us on. Now even my slashdot news is being spammed. Can't you just put up one of those napster/mp3 stories instead?

    English: Fry's 30 day money back guarentee
  • by diakka ( 2281 )
    These screenshots are so life like you'd think they're photographs! Man, I can't wait for this game! ;-)
  • Nice to see that "too dumb to figure out 'user preferences'" now counts as "insightful".

    Insults aside, I thought their kill*.jpg scene was very well done. With a bit of imagination, it looks eerily similar to firing a weapon in Quake.
  • Should have known something was up when the top of the page mentioned someone hacked ID's "mainframe", hehe.. Nice joke, guys.
  • Although he may be getting a fuckload of money for running it, this is still Rob's homepage. If you don't like it -- go make your own.

  • by quonsar ( 61695 ) on Sunday July 09, 2000 @09:04AM (#947821) Homepage

    How much do you think you have to drink before it occurs to you to run around the house with camera and empty soda bottles in hand making "leaked screenshots" of Quake IV?

    About as drunk as Taco had to be to post this as a story instead of saving it for the next batch of Quickies?

    "I will gladly pay you today, sir, and eat up

  • but what about us people who live in the sticks who don't even get cable tv?

    that sucks pretty bad.

    no cable modems, no dsl. no fun for us.
  • ...but how about a humor slashbox that this can go in so those of us who don't want to see dumb humor don't have to

    That feature has been implemented for months now.

    Note the big Monty Python foot next to the headline. That denotes that this story is in the "It's funny. Laugh." category. Now, click on that little "Preferences" link along the sidebar and scroll down a bit. See the big "Exclude Stories" section? Good. Now click on the little checkbox next to "It's funny. Laugh." and you will no longer be harassed by humourous stories.

    Hope this was edumacational.

    - Adam

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