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Comment Re:Launch on bootup (Score 1) 59

Possible answer to your question. From the article;

"Once installed, the main Project Sauron modules start working as 'sleeper cells,' displaying no activity of their own and waiting for 'wake-up' commands in the incoming network traffic," Kaspersky researchers wrote in a separate blog post. "This method of operation ensures Project Sauron’s extended persistence on the servers of targeted organizations."

So, how does it continuously poll network traffic looking for 'wake-up' commands? Is that not activity?

Comment Re:It's only metadata (Score 1) 167

No we're not "permanently" recording your full conversations, we're only temporarily transmitting a copy to our servers where robots listen and take detailed notes and then we use those notes about what you talked about for commercial purposes

Well, in that case they are soon going to have a lot of notes about the weeping, pustulent sores on Zuckerburg's cock. Monetize that, you fucks.

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