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Comment Re:Donate to At Home Projects (Score 4, Insightful) 302

Not to burst your bubble on this, but the chances that you'll even come close to breaking even are highly unlikely.

First off, even if you're only running 500watts in servers, which is not more than 2 decent ones under moderate load, you are paying about $450/yr to keep them on 24/7. Assuming you're lucky enough to get power as cheap as $0.10/kWhr.

Unless you have some source of customers, i.e. you are a web-developer, or have lot of friends who want a sub-par web host, you'll need to advertise. The hosting market is incredibly saturated and Adwords on hosting keywords is very expensive. Expect to spend a few thousand per month for a few months to recruit your initial 100 users.

Once you've got 100, you can probably turn it down to a few hundred per month to keep to user count flat to make up for those you lose in turn over.

This also assumes that with that advertising you are actually able to sucker some users to pay $10/mo for static hosting on your cable modem, while they can get it for free from a number of providers like Google, or pay what amounts to a few bucks a month for hosting with an SLA, a real support staff and some level of redundancy and backup. There are a lot of suckers in the world, so we'll assume this is possible.

Now, after you factor in the time you spend answering inane support e-mails from your customers, you'll see it's probably more profitable to get a second job at McDonald's. If only flipping burgers was as much fun as playing with servers. ;)

Comment Re:Wind? (Score 1) 1108

Just because something is not found in plants doesn't make it a non-viable energy source... or do you really mean to tell me that because nature never found a way to burn petroleum or coal for energy that they aren't effective? Heck, almost nothing except for humans even uses FIRE for energy, and that one's dead obvious.

Not to rain on your parade here, because I agree with your sentiment; But 'FIRE', being the combustion of a fuel with oxygen, is used to power every creature that has lungs or gills and many that have neither. Nearly all of the fuels we use to burn can be consumed directly by some organism. So I'd say that nature has that angle pretty well covered.


Dead Goldfish Offered The Vote In Illinois 216

Election officials in northern Chicago want to know why voter registration material was sent to Princess, a dead goldfish. "I am just stunned at the level of people compromising the integrity of the voting process," said Lake County Clerk Willard Helander, a Republican, who said she has spotted problems with nearly 1,000 voter registrations this year. Beth Nudelman, who owned Princess, said the fish may have got on a mailing list because the family once filled in her name when they got a second phone line for a computer. When will we recognize a goldfish's right to vote?

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