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Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 0) 271

Frederick's letter claims that another employee set up the Google account and made Williams an administrator, but not the controlling administrator. It says the school locked itself out of the admin account through too many failed password attempts.

Sorry, but that account doesn't belong to the school, it belongs to Williams. If the school got themselves locked out of their own account that's their fault.

Comment Re:When do we switch to OpenBSD? (Score 1) 141

The issue is not the technology, it's humanity. No matter how many warnings you give people, no matter how many times you tell them "THIS IS REALLY BAD, DO NOT ALLOW THIS!" they will just click OK, and in most cases after not even reading the warning.

The problem is software has been crying wolf with inconsequential security warnings: Yeah, I get it, the SSL cert I'm using is self signed. User Account Control, and the MacOS password prompt, pops up for every little OS change, I really do trust the RDP/SSH computer I'm connecting to. No, my computer doesn't have a virus you shitty clickbait ad.

Users have become desensitized to security warnings, and ransomware is just the next evolution of this.

Comment Re:No, Aumented Reality is the next big thing. (Score 1) 114

Once you put your VR glasses on, you're disconnected from the world and immersed in a virtual application. That's all it has. It's a glorified 360Ã screen

Yeah, all VR is is a way to fool your senses into making you feel like you're in another world. A world that can be literally anything. That's all. Who needs that?

Have you tried a Vive with room scale? It seems to me like you haven't, and I would highly recommend you do, because room scale is the evolution of gaming.

Comment Re:Was anybody actually using the software? (Score 1) 170

I have no idea of the terms of the license given to the Navy which may have granted to them the ability to copy the software to any computer they wanted, however, this is not theoretical.

Absent any additional rights transfer, whether or not a copyrighted work is used or not doesn't matter, all that is required for a violation to occur is for a copy to be made.

Comment Re:Annoying wires (Score 1) 29

Not going to happen anytime soon. Resolution (pixel density mostly) is the biggest improvement that needs to be made at this point, and to increase pixels while still keeping framerates high is going to require even more powerful machines than we have now.

Sure, you can get a PSVR, and it'll be fun, but the graphical fidelity is just not there.

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