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Comment Linux Gaming Support (Score 3, Informative) 369

That's it. That's all that we need. If we could somehow figure out a way to get a good gaming experience on Linux then the fabled Year of the Linux Desktop(tm) would manifest in reality.

Windows would be relegated to the office (and even that can change since more and more apps are web based) and we would finally be free.

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 2) 126

Here's the thing about your laptops. They are large, heavy, loud, and hot. While they do have more performance than a Samsung Galaxy S7, it's really not by much, and it won't be noticeable to this products target.

This product will let people perform productivity tasks using a device they're probably carrying around with them anyways, and a keyboard/display/battery combo that will be light, thin, quiet, and cool. Not only that, they won't have to throw it away when they get a new phone, and the performance/features will just keep upgrading as the phones evolve.

I think this is a damn good idea. Why buy a smartphone AND a laptop that you will have to end up upgrading both?

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