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Comment Re: Please help me understand (Score 1) 485

I think you should marry an overweight black single mother in her 40s with a charming personality to set a good example and show the world just how just and not racist you are.

For me, I stay in shape because that is a habit I have been able to forge due to my perseverance and quality of character. When I choose a woman to be with, I will choose a woman who represents similar values, one of which is not being a lazy entitled fat slob who thinks they are entitled to a partner who is not fat, lazy or entitled.

Sure, tolerance for the flaws of others is important in a relationship, but if you're unable to maintain a functional relationship with anyone, then it's probably because you had more tolerance for your own flaws than the flaws of your potential dating partners.

Comment Is this really healthy? (Score 4, Insightful) 485

I'll bet that nobody would kick up much of a fuss if they decided to ban a photo of an anorexic model. Tess Holiday, being morbidly obese, obviously suffers from disordered eating due to a food addiction, yet is paraded around as some kind of paragon of moral virtue, while pictures of women with anorexia would be censored for being harmful to little girls. But seriously, do you think that presenting a morbidly obese woman as a socially acceptable norm sends girls a message about body image that is any less harmful?

Comment Denial is not a river in Egypt (Score 1) 425

So the article does have some valid points that differences in digestion efficiency, individual calorie expenditure or inaccuracies in listed nutrients, etc. could be sources of inaccuracy when planning your diet. However, what the average overweight person will take away from this is: Counting calories is useless, I might as well just give up.

Having been raised by a very obese mother, I know this attitude all too well. I too, was overweight and desired to keep my weight down and also believed that calorie restriction would mess up your metabolism and eventually make you even fatter.

Eventually, I challenged myself to stop eating sugar since I have a family history of diabetes, and luckily found that I was able to break through my previous sticking point. This inspired me to try to add a little more rigor into my routine, which eventually paid off big time. Now I'm lean and muscular and go to the gym regularly. I find that calorie counting with a food scale is VERY effective.

So I tend to find the fatalistic attitude people have regarding weight loss to be very destructive, not only to themselves and others.

Comment Re:More fit, too. (Score 1) 409

Sedentary describes about 90% of the US population over 25. Clearly BMI is not a good measure for many folks, but everyone with a weight problem wants to think they're the exception. You're never going to get them to go get an accurate body fat assessment or get them in the gym, because that would require them to actually acknowledge that there's a problem.

Comment Re:More fit, too. (Score 1) 409

Hey!, I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!

Americans have totally lost perspective on what is considered a healthy weight and a healthy diet. People in general consistently underestimate their own body fat percentage, even in the bodybuilding community where there are six-pack abs abound. I'm pretty sure any doctor that would suggest weight loss to patient with a BMI of 25+ alongside a six-pack, wouldn't keep his license for very long, Yet, somehow countless obese people are so delusional that they think that's what happened to them. Denial ain't a river in Egypt.

I'm sure the folks who do strength training and intense exercise might add something to the statistics, but I'd be very surprised if it skewed the numbers by more than a pound.

Comment Re:Human evolution will become self directed (Score 1) 692

I had assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that by reversing age, that most of these age related ailments would be cured. I'd be willing to bet that would be the case for a large number of them. I'd also be willing to bet that the natural pessimism and inflexibility that is typical in old folks is just a result of fading memory capacity and reduction in plasticity of the brain, which I also bet would also be remedied by reversing aging.

I think we're ready, at least i know I am eager to have the body of a 25 year old for the next 1000 years. On the other hand, if I have to live 900 years in a wheelchair, then maybe death is the better alternative. I might stick it out for another 50 or so just to see if they kinks get ironed out.

Comment Human evolution will become self directed (Score 1) 692

People will probably live on average to be over 1000, maybe 10,000 because people will only die from accidents. Science will advance at a faster rate because we don't have to spend the first 25 years or so of life on primary education. The next problem will be that without new generations, human evolution will be at a standstill. But, perhaps not totally. If we can direct our own evolution using simulation and very limited reproduction, say with the average age of a parent being about 1000 years or more, then perhaps we can still find ways to advance as a species. We might be able to grow new bodies and perhaps even new brains for ourselves. When we want to alter our DNA, we could somehow become chimeras for a period of time until the old DNA is completely replaced by the new upgraded DNA. In this way, our species gets all the evolutionary benefits of death without actually having to die.

Comment Re:Mandarin vs. Spanish (Score 4, Interesting) 150

If you're having trouble with pinyin, and since you already seem to prefer traditional characters, then just use bopomofo/zhuyin fuhao. Once you learn one pronunciation system well, it's trivial to learn the other because the sounds they represent are the same, all you have to do is link them up in your mind. I personally used pinyin for many years, but using an Anki deck, I learned zhuyin fuhao in a matter of days after I moved to Taipei.

Learning Chinese is a loooooooooong road. For the casual language learner, I'd say your best ROI on your time is going to be with Spanish. But then again, it all depends on what you're motivated to learn, because motivation is the worst thing to waste. I will say however, that if your motivation is even remotely to raise your value in the eyes of Chinese girls, don't bother, because of the girls that date westerners, given the choice between fluent Chinese and six pack abs, they'll choose the abs about 90% of the time.

Comment Re:Magic Pill - Self Discipline (Score 5, Insightful) 153

While I agree with most of what you said, the message has a callousness that will likely cause it to fall on deaf ears. Also, to imply that it's easy or simple just to eat less or control your appetite is a bit condescending to those who have a difficult time with this. Most people lack an awareness about their appetite and take a very reactive approach to satisfying their hunger. But the truth of the matter is that sugar and carbohydrates can rule us with the fierceness of a drug or alcohol addiction. I myself have never had a trouble knowing when to stop drinking, but others, due to genetics, can't have just one.

Once I finally started to treat sugar as a drug addiction, I finally started having the success at controlling my weight. I'm currently 60lbs lighter than my peak and have a six pack for the first time in my life at 39. Now that I know how to do it, it's easy, but figuring it out and changing my habits was not.

So while I do sympathize with overweight people who struggle with controlling their appetite, I do find the fatalistic attitude that many overweight people have adopted to be quite annoying, and potentially harmful to others around them.

Comment Re:To speak Chinese is not to know China (Score 1) 217

It's common for foreigners to go on game shows and speak a little Chinese. For some reason, this is very entertaining to some of the locals, but I never opted to do anything like this during my stay in China as I felt it was like being a performing monkey, and somewhat degrading.

However, in this case, I think that in the case of Mark Zuckerberg, it's more than just being a performing monkey. I think this effort might serve to increase awareness of our attempts to show that Americans and other western nations are very willing to expand their horizons and venture into other cultures. His Chinese might be intermediate level at best, but I hope he continues to make progress, as it's a long and arduous path, and given that he's the CEO of Facebook, it's amazing that he's making progress at all.

And one day when his Chinese is truly fluent and Facebook is still blocked in China, then the take of the way at the end of the day from all this effort might simply be that coopreration with mainland Chinese is not worth the effort. China needs to go a long way to prove to the world that it's not a zero-sum culture.

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