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Hump Day Quickies 179

Some useful stuff: An anonymous reader noted that AltaVista has opened Raging.Com which is a super fast minimal search engine without all that bloated portal crap. gi_wrighty noted that the winneers of the 5k HTML Contest have Been announced. Impressive minimalism. Soeren Staun-Pedersen noted that a new The Gimp User Group has come along. j1mmy pointed us to pictures of the new Lara Croft Model from E3. Yaruar sent us a story about Lego Filmsets that come with cameras for you do-it-yourselfers. If you don't want to make your own films, how about your own Mars Polar Lander Site? (Thanks Biff Studly). antiwesley sent us interesting insight into a typical geek cube. Speaking of things found in geek Cubes, BenTheDewpendent sent us a page that tracks tons of info on Mountain Dew and bob_jordan found pictures of upcoming Futurama Bender Action Figures (Not as cool as Nate's Picolo tho) Baloo Ursidae sent us a story about electricity generating shoes. Gorphrim sent us some Duron Parodies Finally some Slashdot references: DrFun (one of the original net comics) mentioned us in a recent strip, Someone noted that Geek Culture is selling First Post T-Shirts. QuasEye noted that someone registered and ironically enough, is running Slashcode. And the WashPost ran an article on us which is mostly accurate. And to wrap things up, maxxon showed us the way to Crank Dot Net, which has stuff on all sorts of conspiracy theories and urban myths and other crazy stuffs on the net. Stuff like UFOs, the face on mars, Creationism, Scientology, antigravity, and perpetual motion and more.
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Hump Day Quickies

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  • thats an....interesting thing for her father to be saying, anyone else think so? ----
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday May 10, 2000 @03:36PM (#1080095)
    I went looking for the Lara Croft model, but all I found were rendered stills. They show impressive skill with textures, but the lighting is at best amateur. Check out the specular highlights on the breasts, sheesh.

    So anyone know where that model is? I do hope it's made of splines. Polygonal meshes are so frumpy.
  • I think this part of the Washington Post article says it all:

    ...the robust yeastiness of Slashdot.

    WTF? Yeah, whenever I think of Slashdot, I think of its robust yeastiness. Heh.

  • Searching for my name in both Raging and Google, I get more hits from Raging - including an obscure note that I was a contributor to an mtrek FAQ some time ago.

    I was a google convert for some time, but perhaps I'll switch back to Raging for a while...

  • No, you're right, it's not nearly as good. Google had a booth at the Harvard Square May Fair this past Sunday (in sunny Cambridge MA) and I stopped to chat with them. They asked me what I liked best about their engine, and I replied that whatever I was looking for was usually in the top 4 or 5 results returned. I've done a few searches with Raging, and it doesn't come close to Google's accuracy.

    Sure is blindinly fast, though.

  • The washington post says /. is full of robust yeastiness. I had a g/f with that problem ... I'm not sure of the connection to /., but I'm sure it must mean something ;)
  • too bad she has brown eyes

    Huh? Do we really still live in a society where eye colour make so much difference?

  • It is the greatest site on all the internet. Slashdot will now sucombe to the power of the Troll. Natalie will triumph (petrified by grits of course).
  • If searching for your name in Altavista brought up garbage, then you didn't perform the search properly. Altavista supports phrases so you can search for "first_name last_name", and it will bring up all pages with that phrase. Try doing THAT with google. Alternatively you can search for "first_name near last_name" (without quotes) and it will bring up instances where they are close. Again, try that on google.

    Google is good for people new to the inernet, and for people who want to be trendy and fashionable, but for seasoned internet users doing serious searching, Altavista is by far the best on a technical basis, because it lets you do what it wants and doesn't have stupid AI in the background. Google is only good for doing the simplest most general searches, but for anything serious it is worthless. Of course, this is to be expected since DEC built Altavista.
  • Alta Vista used to be the last serious search engine that didn't throw a bunch of extraneous crap at you. Then they joined the portal bandwagon.

    Thankfully google came along and likely stole a lot of Alta's disillusioned followers. Now they want us back with a 'minimal' search engine that is not as feature rich or effective as google.

    I'll stick with the folks from Stanford.
  • Here's a 360 degree view of a cube [] I used to work in, with six halogen lamps all lit up.

    It's actually pretty spartan compared to my current office, but some of the more interesting things (some of them a bit fuzzy, sorry!) are:

    Tick figure & Tick Steel Box.

    Stuffed Duke.

    Various Wallace & Grommit stuffed animals.

    Oracle beanie - "Propel yourself onto the Internet!"

    IR headphones to listen without cords (actually I hate headsets, IR or not) .

    Mandatory Dogbert.

    Roomarang for improving hand-eye coordination.
  • //not set up yet... //not set up yet...

    (all of them run on BSD or Linux btw. Linux is just slightly more common than BSD)

  • Instead of making shoes that generate electricity, why not somehow integrate this technology into a car tire. I am just courious as to how much electricity 4 tires running at 65mph down the interstate would generate if 3-4 watts could be generated by walking. What about an 18 wheeler?

  • Mayhaps my odd sense of humor is ill-appreciated.. or someone started moderating without reading..

  • I thought it was good article. At least it put Katz in the right light. "It's a throwback kind of thing." Yea, a throwback to the campfires of old, where 100,000 hackers and hangers on from around the world, would sit back, relax, and bullshit about the hunt^H^H^H^Hworld. ;-)

    They try and downplay the whole phenom at the end, but that's cause they still don't get it. Heck, they wouldn't even let me contribute my own content. Don't they know that Rob and Jeff got those millions two cents at a time.

    Anyway, there's two more. Congrats guys, the new servers rock......although I have seen a couple things today that kinda scare got the hack []

  • Well, I don't know for a fact, but I'm sure that every girl of age 16 can get breast-implants if the parents agree and the the doctor sees no risk for the girls health.

    Of course, every girl of pretty much any age has a right to *breast-reduction* if she has health-problems due to the weight of her jugs, but I guess that's not the case here, hmm? ;-)

    I certainly support girls getting implants if it makes them happy...

  • so I'm not going to cry if my Karma goes down a bit.

    A bit? Hmm...ask a the poster in sid=moderation whose karma went from 52 to -9 overnight, had his default post level changed to -1, and had all his previous posts changed to -1. Pretty darn unfair if you ask me. CmdrTaco should make this public if he's doing it.

  • Her name is Lucy Clarkson
    She's from England
    Her measurements are 32DD, 25, 36
    Her boyfriend is an avid Tomb Raider player, and is more excited about this than she is.

    You forgot to mention... she is 16 years old.
    No really, she is.
  • out of A4 card stock? :-]

    And please, tell me the "interface" for the Lego moviemaking kit is FireWire!

  • More quickies! Keep 'em coming, they rock!

    Star Trek vs Star Wars. []
  • still going to on and on about Natalie Portman, or are we going to start seeing posts like "i 4M 4 L00cy C14arK W00mb r4id3r"? Only time will tell.
  • Sadly some of us get overriden because our wimpy coworkers absolutely MUST have flourescent lights, and complain to our bosses about it. (I've got two perfectly good halogens right here, but there's no point in using them as long as the damn f.l. is on)

    (Worst Quickies Ever ;)
  • Personally I LIKE it when people don't like the chicks that aren't ultra-skinny... it just leaves more for me!! ;-)
  • I like AltaVista's new Raging Search, but it still uses their same old algorithm. I still made an additional javascript bookmarklet in Navigator 4.73 for javascript query entries to, but I'll continue to use Google, as their results are always much better than anything else I've tried. I'll use raging search for those unique times when I'm searching for something along the lines of "feet to meter conversion" and Google filters out the 'to', though ;)
  • This article [] in the fluffy technology section of the Sydney Morning Herald discusses Intel's future in moving away from the Wintel alliance.

    They say: Intel's first foray into box-building is something totally out of the box - a low-cost Internet access device ... The prototype, codenamed EON ("edge of network" device), runs the free Linux operating system and the Web browser Mozilla, which in turn is based on Netscape's Navigator rather than Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
    and illustrate it with a piccie of said device showing a slashdot page.

    Sadly the web version of the article is missing the illustration.
  • The second place site [] in the 5k contest is my favorite. My only fear, however, is that we may be seeing the newest version of Microsoft Paint.
  • Ooo, are we plugging stuff? Then I'd like to mention my new station at []. It's so new that the wrapper is still on the floor near my feet.

    Oh, and regarding that geek cube - to my mind fluoros are okay as long as you've got natural light, but no geek cube is complete without a Bang & Olufsen phone []. Block mobile interferance too.

  • What page and section was it in? I have relatives in the DC area, and I want to have them read it.

  • You know what I like about this thread? The fact that we're discussing Google and Altavista like there are no other search engines. I wouldn't want to be Yahoo, Excite, Lycos or any of the others because it looks like the /. community doesn't even acknowledge their existance...

    (PS the hidden inference in this post is that both Google and Altavista are perfectly fine. I use both - but no others)

  • A year later it was Eidos Interactive's turn to recognise that the model from Rotherham in Yorkshire had the requisite attitude, looks and - let's face it - physical dimensions to fill the star of the Tomb Raider series' famous boobs.

    Nice freudian slip:)

  • there's a version of slashcode available in php.
  • Huh, I did not know that. I stand corrected again.

    "If I removed everything here that I thought was pointless, there would be like two messages here."

  • Alrightly then - my desk list, in no particular order (but kinda left to right); 2 digital cameras (Ricoh & Kodak), external CD drive for toshiba portable, a bunch of NiMH rechargable batteries, a pile of business cards (ick, paper), Jet direct drivers for NT (outdated), little plasic fan to keep my Ultralight cool, Sony speakers, Bang & Olufsen phone, Sharp Actius 150 Ultralight, Meoweth, USB hub, NiMH charger, mirror to use my TRGpro at different angles when IR-connected to Ultralight, TRGpro (with 128MB CF card!), carry bag for ultralight (won't go into contents), spare cables, spare monitor, assorted hardware and software packaging in various states of being opened, brand spanking new HP Netserver E60, shelves filled with crap (manuals, dead phones, more paper - ick). Pinned to cube walls; Space calendar, a couple of Dilbert cartoons ("The timeline is on this mobius strip"), more assorted crap (including a bochure with a CD-single sized CD). Wasn't that fun...
  • I know that Mountain Dew may be the drink of choice for many of you out there...but I find it a bit lackluster myself. I prefer the cool, sharp effervescence of Vernor's brand Ginger Ale. Vernor's is as close an approximation to piss yellow Listerine as humanly possible, but with the wonderful addition of bubbles.

    Admittedly, it has no caffeine. Certainly you can't hold that against it.
  • The new Lara model is definitely hot, but I couldn't help notice the gun boo-boos here...image 1 and image 3 show Lara with her finger on the trigger. You always, always, always keep the finger off of a trigger unless it's pointed at something you want to shoot.

    Actually, I wasn't paying attention to that part of the picture...

    OK, OK, I know, I'm being nitpicky. But fess up, how many of you nitpicked Hackerswhile you were watching it? :)

    Following the same logic, not when Angelina Jolie was on the screen I didn't...
  • the AltER Vista [] project is a similar hack made by myself, (not sopnsored by altaviata) and still has some important interface improvements...

    There is also an AltER Vista Advanced Search interface and a Babelfish Traduction intereface...

    nice to see they were paying attantion ;-)

    finally, a company who realizes that there are people who want to do something, and do not want to be blasted with a million banner ads and portal bullshit e.commerce weblog buy button whatnot...

    adrien cater []
  • lots of secret messages encoded inside!!
  • by Signal 11 ( 7608 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2000 @03:02PM (#1080131)
    He looks like that comic-book seller in The Simpsons!

    Here's the dead giveaway that he's not a geek: flourescent lighting. Every geek I know who works in an office has poked out the lighting above their cubes (light.. pain.. bad!), myself included. Real Geeks use lava lamps, candlelight, or even the Glow Of the Blessed CRT Monitor.. but flourescent? Man.. no way.

  • You use because it's a hell of a lot shorted to type than Better looking, too. That's no. No other reason.

    The Good Reverend
  • Hmmm, tastes like google.
  • Actually, that picture was taken with the lights turned off like they normally are. I've been running the Christmas light motif since Thanksgiving. This was actually my second cubicle, after they moved me into a converted office area. I now spread the lights over 3 cubes, where it used to be my one cube. And there were many things NOT pictured. The computer/monitor is covered with Star Trek Micro Machines, A couple NASCAR Hot Wheels, and a GIANT Gojira. Also on the wall behind them are my signed pictures from people such as Claudia Christian, Caroline John, Wendy Padbury and Gates McFadden. My wall of ISP info is lit by a reading lamp with a BLUE light bulb. What looks like FL is the reflectors from said lighting reflecting the light from the flash bulb. And as to my claim of being a 'geek'... If you've heard of the "Make your own Hostess Ads" web page, that's mine. I didn't say I was a TECHNO geek.. just a geek. Plain and simple. From the Eighth Dimension no less.
  • Oops...i forgot my Sharp MD-MT15 and the stack of memorex minidiscs next to it, along with my copy of The Dilbert Future, and my Structure can that has a bunch of change in it. I've also got a Ty bean animal that looks like the GNU gnu. Also a stack of CDs, floppy discs, a bottle of ReNu contact lens cleaner, a script to a play for school, a copy of The Matrix on DVD, a pair of IDE CD-ROMs, a D-Link 10BaseT hub, and to my right an aging Sharp 20" TV that i got at a yard sale about 2 years ago, whew!

  • (This will teach me to check the homepage before submitting a story. Oops! Sorry guys. Then again, I don't think this should have been in the quickies...)

    Anyway, I wonder how many people are trying to find right about now...?

    As long as CmdrTaco is running the show, I don't have any doubt that /. will remain the "success" it is. Now if he loses editorial control... it's all downhill.

  • I also have to point out on a side note... Number 31: aka "Josh" That is the other famous "Slashdotter" in the building. Josh is better known as "Halkun" aka the Playstation Documentation Project guy. Just an FYI.
  • ... but if you look at Lara Crofts "Vital Statistics" it says she is a 32 DD....and if you look at her pics.... well....thats a lie...unless thats like 32 pixels.... oh well, just thought id share...


  • Very cool. I almost stopped using AltaVista because of the silly banner ads and shopping add-ons and stuff, but this looks like it's just right. Very cool. Google-like interface, but with AltaVista's syntax.
  • If searching for your name in Altavista brought up garbage, then you didn't perform the search properly. Altavista supports phrases so you can search for "first_name last_name", and it will bring up all pages with that phrase.

    Google does support phrase searching. If you search for:
    foo bar
    you get pages with "foo" and "bar". But if you search for:
    "foo bar"
    You'll get pages containing the phrase foo bar.

    As for "near", Google already uses that when ranking things. In the first example, pages with "foo" near "bar" would be ranked higher than ones where they were far apart (all other things being equal).

    Google also lets you use "-" as a logical not. The only thing it's really missing is logical "or", but for that you can do multiple queries. Maybe you should read Google's Search Tips page [].

    I used to use Altavista. When I first found out about Google I started using it when Altavista failed to find what I was searching for. I was impressed by the results, so I started going to Google first, and Altavista afterwards if I couldn't find what I was looking for with Google. After a while I noticed that if Google couldn't find it, Altavista almost never would.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Lookit the simpering fatass, slumped over and sweating pure bacon grease.
  • How could NASA seriously expect a space probe made out of paper to get all the way to Mars and work? They could have at least used cardboard or foamcore or something a bit sturdier.

    Next up, Venus Origami Probe...
  • ...First Post shirt cause I'm sure there wouldn't be much demand for a shirt displaying someone pouring hot grits down their pants...
  • On second look, it does not appear that is running Slashcode, instead using a clever counterfeit written in PHP. Course, I'm not sure why they'd reinvent the wheel like that, but, hey, whatever works for them.

    Mea culpa

    "If I removed everything here that I thought was pointless, there would be like two messages here."

  • what was wrong with [] ?


  • Goodbye... no one will miss you.
  • If you don't want to make your own films, how about your own Mars Polar Lander Site?

    Make my own Mars Polar Lander Site? You mean I can have my very own smoking hole in the ground? Instructions:
    1. Take a plain block of styrofoam.
    2. Paint it rusty red.
    3. Set your blowtorch on "crater" and apply to the center of the red landscape. Kids -- get an adult's help!
    Optional: add flakes of almuminum and gold foil.

  • The moment I laid eyes on this, it *screamed* Google.

    The logo looks like it belongs on a soft drink bottle. (Sunkist, anyone? Ooh, wait... Orangina! That's it!)

    Apart from that, though, if I can get Altavista's thorough results without the bloat, count me in!

    "Give him head?" ... "Be a beacon?"

    "One World, one Web, one Program" - Microsoft Ad
  • Raging: Text-only Page
    We're sorry. does not support text-only browsers. For a superior text-only search, please visit AltaVista.

    Why do they need an extra text version for a lightweight search engine, which is ideal for text browsers as it stands, anyway? And besides, this appears only in lynx, it works fine in links and w3m (in case you don't know, cool lynx-like text browsers that can do tables, look them up at freshmeat).
  • Someone needs to teach that woman how to put a finger on a trigger.
    Use the pad of the finger, not the 2nd joint. Much better control.
  • It doesn't say, although the chances are the camera will be a standard video capture card which willprobably have Linux and BeOS drivers.
  • It works fine in the w3m [] text browser, which can do tables properly. I use w3m in an rxvt terminal when I don't have the ram to spare to run the Nutscrape browser, or when I am sharing files with gnapster and want to save bandwidth.
  • According to http://washingtonpos []:

    The boys [/. authors] do have some adult supervision: Robin Miller, managing editor of all Andover sites, makes sure that Slashdot's articles are grammatical and libel-free, and not spelled with the numeric-letter mixture ("D00D!!! LET'S RIP SOME WAREZZZ!") that characterizes much geek typing.

    It's nice to hear that w/o Andover, /. would fast become a warez trading site if Rob had his way ;)

  • Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on Slashdot the code with writing on many files and sealed with tar and gzip. And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, "Who is worthy to break the seals and execute the code?" .... Then one of the elders said to me, "Do not weep! See of the tribe of Trolls, the scourge of Slashdot has triumphed. They have run the code and its many files.

  • > Everyone I've ever known that was a decent programmer hates FL light...

    I thought it was just plain "hates light", regardless of color, creed, etc.

    But most especially that big round super-bright one that goes across the sky while we sleep, and motivates much blanketing of windows and the like. (Perhaps because that one is designed on the heretical notion of roundness, rather than being properly screen-shaped.)

  • Well, get yourself an abuse account and mark yourself up.
  • Gee, this doesn't rip off Google at aaaaaallllllll.
  • It "helpfully" filters common words out of your searches, making it a real bitch to look for some phrases. You can get around this by adding a + to the common words... but if you use one in front of a non-common word, it strips them all out. This alone has got me searching for a new engine: I think I may have found it. I can live with no caches and non-intelligent searches.

  • Every week Futurama has a tongue-in-cheek caption in their title sequence. The best one ever came a few weeks ago (I don't remember what episode it was preceded) It read:

    Coming soon to illegal DVD

    I fell off the sofa laughing when I saw this, assuming it was an allusion to the DeCSS lawsuits, (especially funny since Fox, as a member of the MPAA, is involved in the persecution.

    I can't seem to locate a framegrab of it on the net on the moment so if anyone knows where to find one please post a link.

  • the photos are lame cuz my crack addict neighbors have scarier weapons that that. get some real props.

    2medium.jpg -- okay, never, ever pose her with her legs cocked like that again.

    with better props, and IF she has a a good mixture of script, director and attitude, she can make it. in other words, this will be a failure.
  • Here's an excerpt:
    The boys do have some adult supervision: Robin Miller, managing editor of all Andover sites, makes sure that Slashdot's articles are grammatical and libel-free, and not spelled with the numeric-letter mixture ("D00D!!! LET'S RIP SOME WAREZZZ!") that characterizes much geek typing.

    This is idiotic! The numeric-letter mix that this article refers to is exclusively the use of nitwit Hacker-wannabes.

    Also, what's the deal with Slashdot having 'adult supervision'. Que? Malda and Bates are both 23, not pre-teens. 23 is middle-aged if not nearing retirement in the Internet-Economy.

    This article is obviously written by an artifact of the old media. It's kinda funny, if you think about it, a relic from the old media writing a semi-accurate article about the new media... A question, is the condescending tone part of an unconcious defense mechanism?

  • Not all that nice,
    but huge tits.
  • Looking around my cube:
    Evangelion Unit-01 action figure.

    Buzz Lightyear action figure.

    Cuddly stuffed Ryo-ooki action figure.

    Cuddly stuffed Cthulhu action figure.

    Oh... and some manuals and junk taking up space that could be better spent on action figures.
  • Hmmm... let's see what I've got here:

    • Assortment of O'Reilly manuals
    • Two mostly empty bookcases
    • One 5-drawer filing cabinet with items in only two drawers - computer parts
    • Three monitors (one of them non-functional)
    • Piles of empty computer parts boxes
    • Posters:
      • 2 Cowboy Bebop
      • Card Captor Sakura
    • CDs on desk:
      • Serial Experiments Lain soundtrack
      • Slayers Etc. 2
      • Slayers Next Sound Bible II
      • Slayers Next Sound Bible III
      • Utena soundtrack 1
      • Saber Marionette J soundtrack 1
      • Aya Hisakawa - Wish
      • King Crimson - Red
    • Empty Lipton tea cans
    • Paper with network map on it
    • Linux/Apache web server

    Does any of that count?

  • So where does it say she has implants? 32DD just means she's a slim girl with big boobs. And she does say that she walked off one shoot becase she was told she needed to lose weight. She prefers lingerie and swimwear modelling to fashion as that way she can eat more than 4 vitamin pills a day FFS!
  • Ah but it does matter. She's not really that great looking and to be honest it takes away from the whole atmosphere of the game.
  • Heh,

    That guy is a spitting image of a guy I know. Same body-shape, same hair colour, same mess, same Anime stuff on the wall.

    Only difference is, my friends machine is an Amiga 4000/040!
    Heh... bet he doesn't have that in his little cube!

    "How much truth can advertising buy?" - iNsuRge [] - AK47
  • Sorry for the mix up - although, if I remember correctly, I only said that it appears to be running Slashcode. I forget, though - it's been a couple days and a lot in between.

    "If I removed everything here that I thought was pointless, there would be like two messages here."

  • not support text browsers?!? They're gonna have to change this soon...


  • The new Lara model is definitely hot, but I couldn't help notice the gun boo-boos here...image 1 [] and image 3 [] show Lara with her finger on the trigger. You always, always, always keep the finger off of a trigger unless it's pointed at something you want to shoot. (Fortunately the gun she's holding is a 1911 with the hammer down; 1911s are single-actions and can't possibly fire unless the hammer is in the cocked position. So we can presume we're ok here). Image 4 [] has Lara blowing smoke out of the barrel...also very dangerous, from the look of it she could blow her nose off. Never point a gun at something you're not willing to destroy and always assume it's loaded. And image 5 [] has her pointing the gun right at us....I sure hope the photographer wasn't standing in front of that barrel. I'm all for people experiencing new things, but being shot is not one of them!

    OK, OK, I know, I'm being nitpicky. But fess up, how many of you nitpicked Hackerswhile you were watching it? :)

    The Second Amendment Sisters []

  • While you're making plugs, here, I'd like to mention a site.

    KFSS Studios [] is playing out some of Nobuo Uematsu's best works.. I happen to think they sound incredible... only problem is that the CD won't be released until they can get some more funding... :/

    So, I'm trying to get a little publicity for it so it'll come out sonner =)

    -- Dr. Eldarion --
    It's not what it is, it's something else.
  • Because it's a prototype?

  • ..just isn't complete without at least one mention of the legendary cubicle prank [].

  • Just stick the whole damn thing in quotes. They don't (that I can find) have a good explanation of how it all works, like Altavista does, but they consistently return much better results, which makes it more than worthwhile, unless I have a very specific boolean search to do, in which case it's Altavista all the way.

    I've got an entry for the 5k html contest, BTW. I downloaded the google page, saved it to the HD, and pared it down to the bare essentials. No graphics, one line, consisting of the entry box and the two buttons. It's under 300 bytes, and is completely correct HTML. I could probably strip another 100 off it if I got rid of HTML, BODY, and the javascript to auto-focus the search box (though that's damn convenient). In fact, getting rid of one of the search buttons and other paring, I'll bet I could get it down to less than 100 bytes.

    Well, this post sure wandered, didn't it. Anyway, ignore this part and keep the useful suggestion about using quotes. And bug Google about documenting how their parser works, and we might get some good documentation.
  • How did they manage to make these images so big? 640 x 999 pixels, > 500 kb?!
  • why bother using when altavista have had a text only search available at text [] since like the beginning of time?

    and it's not a new search engine, it's just a new interface as far as I can see. I just did a search on and on, exact same results.

    off topic, but i have to say it:

    this dumba$$ leech at my high
    school made it to MIT, yet today
    on the AP statistics test, the
    question asked him to draw an
    ellipse and he drew a parabola!
    (no, he wasn't doing that for
    fun, he honestly did not know
    what an ellipse was!) WTF? how
    does a dumba$$ like that get
    into MIT and also get the regent
    scholarship from Berkeley while
    I get rejected by both schools?


    Seeking; proceeding by inquiry.

    A specious but fallacious argument; a sophism.
  • !=, at least not here. And since every link seems to want to point to, its somewhat a problem... Anyway, is this search engine better then google or not? It came up with more results for "maruchan ramen", but about the same for "Chad Okere".
  • "This kind of news-by-discussion has emerged before online. But never before with the robust yeastiness of Slashdot."

    Slashdot: Now with robust yeastiness!
  • Raging [] seems to be heavily influenced by Google []. I wonder if there was a deal between the two that fell through, or if AltaVista simply wanted some of the "all we want is a search engine" market....

    Either way, google is just want I need, and all I have on my home page [].
  • Assorted odds and ends which might be of interest...

    Yet more Futurama stuff [] including a clockwork Bender. I want one. :-) [] which has various Flash cartoons, some of which are created (and voiced by) people behind The Simpsons [] and Futurama []. They seem pretty good - and somewhat politically incorrect.

    The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything [], a blatant plug to my utterly crap web site. Do not expect useful content.

    Ford Prefect

  • Are there any pages out there that focus on the Lego product itself, and not just Steven Spielberg's endorcement of it? I'd like to know how the movies are made with Lego actors since Lego minifigs tend to be... well... inanimate. Pictures of still Lego toys would make for a boring movie.

    Some sort of CGI movie making kit would be cool (like a cross between the Lego shape set for POVray and the fictional OOP product in Microserfs), but since the article says the kit comes with a real camera that must not be the case.
  • by Roblimo ( 357 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2000 @07:36PM (#1080233) Homepage Journal
    The "adult supervision" thing is an in-joke. I'm so much older than everybody else who writes for Slashdot (except for Jon "gasbag" Katz) that I might as well be the scoutmaster of Geek Troop #

    Think of the old joke about the difference between the Army and the Boy Scouts: They both wear green and sleep in tents a lot, but -- unlike the Army -- the Boy Scouts have adult supervision.

    John Schwartz, the Post reporter who did the story, is a very nice guy with a wry sense of humor -- and about 700% more tech knowledge than most of the mainstream press people I've met in the DC area. He's even starting to get into Linux.

    Remember, Schwartz was trying to explain Slashdot to a typical newspaper audience. That's not an easy task. Think: the site's name alone makes most people say "Huh?"

    I think the d00d did about as good a job as could have been done, even though some of his research was a little outdated. I have moved (Whoo!) to a double-wide bouse trailer since I last talked to him.

    - Robin

  • by Pope ( 17780 )
    why the ??&@*@* is Bender's head red?
    That don't make no sense.
    The picture on the site isnt' red.
    I made a wallpaper [] with the signs a while back (800x600) when some of the images weren't bigger.


    Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! Monopolies offer Choice!
  • Ok, I am an avid reader of the Post but I am afraid that they are acting like typical media by finding some pundit who will automatically take the other side of the story.

    If you have not read the article, essentially the writer found some guy to say that he does not think /. will last as a type of new media because it will stop being rebellious when its readership grows too large.


    This sounds like the exact same argument being thrown out about why free software will not succeed (i.e., that developers will stop supporting it because it will stop being revolutionary). If the media would stop attaching a label to things, taking it upon themselves to define a purpose for other people, then maybe there would not be all this incessant talk.

    Who ever said /. is read because it is rebellious? I sure don't read it for that reason. Personally, I would be very happy if other news media would do their own work and stop trying to copy /.'s stories. The only thing that is going to ruin things like /. and free software is the propensity of the world to make everything have its 15 minutes of fame to be a "sensational" story.
  • by konstant ( 63560 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2000 @04:45PM (#1080244)
    I like those power shoes. I might be in better shape if I had to run in order to get refreshes on slashdot.

    Signal11 would be a fucking anorexic.

    Yes! We are all individuals! I'm not!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday May 10, 2000 @03:19PM (#1080249)
    I am astounded that someone has registered the Hotgrits site !!! That is so awesome. I've always wanted to leave my mark and in a sad, demented way, I guess I have ! Well, this calls for a celebration. I'm going to pour a bowl of hot grits down my pants !!!
  • * Two pieces of particle board
    * Halogen lamp
    * Cheap K-Mart chair for guests (makes 'em leave quicker)
    * Cheesy desk fan
    * Battery operated analog clock movement (just hands, no face)
    * SANS poster
    * Three whiteboards
    * Homemade air-current spinny thing (1)
    * Flower made from telephone hookup wire (1)
    * Cactus terarium, with one dead cactus and plastic lizard
    * Spool of 100' of Cat-3
    * A ton of RS/6000 and SunExpert Magazines
    * One big ass peace lily plant
    * Leonardo Da Vinci calendar


    1 - These two items are taped onto my monitor.

    Of course, this is in my office - not my cubicle (though I actually miss my cube)...

    Maybe I am just messy, and not geeky...hmm...
  • by lgas ( 143053 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2000 @03:22PM (#1080255) Homepage
    I guess the fact that the under 5k HTML site is getting slashdotted and running dog ass slow just goes to show that HTML size is not the only thing that makes a site slow.
  • This kind of news-by-discussion has emerged before online. But never before with the robust yeastiness of Slashdot.

    mmmm, robust yeastiness. Hey, I smell beer, have some of you been drinking?
  • I know what you mean. In my current office, I have undone the flourescent lights in the ceiling and work either by indirect light during the day, or the monitor + christmas tree lights that burn eternally in my office (well, eternally since Christmas, at any rate!)

    At my old office, I used to collect company disbursed halogen lamps (it was an office in Boulder, and thus much enlightned) from departing co-workers, and at one point had seven halogen lamps in a cube that I could activate at once to blot out any sunlight that made it my way, and also to provide a fine heat source.

    I have a 360 degree picture from that cube, it was a lot more impressive than the one shown! If only I had it on the web somewhere...
  • ... about the new Lara Croft model.

    • Her name is Lucy Clarkson
    • She's from England
    • Her measurements are 32DD, 25, 36
    • Her boyfriend is an avid Tomb Raider player, and is more excited about this than she is.

  • too bad she has brown eyes

    You could spend some time with the GIMP. [sorry]

"An open mind has but one disadvantage: it collects dirt." -- a saying at RPI