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Submission + - 31 Ways to Know Your Project is Doomed

Esther Schindler writes: We've all been there: The project went horribly wrong. Nobody was happy with the application or product (if it ever did ship). And you're ashamed to let anyone know you had anything to do with it. Especially since, with hindsight, you realize that the Signs Of Doom were there all along, and you missed them. When THIS happened, you should have known....!

This article shares 31 project danger signs you should recognize, so you can decide if it's possible to fix them or bail. But oh, we can be so certain that there are plenty more to add...!

Submission + - Don't be fooled by Opera browser claim of 150% battery life (

richi writes: The Opera Web browser has a new 'power-saving' feature. Opera claims you can get 'up to' 50% more battery life — but is that likely? Uh, NO!

Yes, the actual software tweaks will make a difference, but the tests Opera's quoting are skewed, unscientific, and compare apples to oranges. But what do you expect from a company that's trying to get bought by a Chinese consortium for more than $1.2 billion?

Comment Re:WTH is this? (Score 1) 28

2 30-second preroll ads? Barf. I've always considered 15 seconds -- or "skip ad after 5 seconds" -- the maximum that should be inflicted on readers/viewers. I'll check with our ad and tech people, see what's happening. I know a lot of publishers consider 30 seconds okay, but 2X30 seconds? Not good, but obviously not under the control of anyone who actually works on the site. Sigh.

Comment Re:Why is everyone wearing headphones? (Score 1) 90

So read the transcript and don't watch the video. Some people like them, some don't. You know this site is for sale, right? What if the new owner starts sending goon squads out to force you to watch videos? What will you do THEN, I ask you?

Seriously - if you think of the videos as an easy, low-cost way to produce verbatim text interviews, they make sense for that alone, with the video itself as a free bonus. I have friends, including some very smart people, who are dyslexic enough that it's easier for them to watch someone talk than to read the same thing. At the other extreme, you have speedreaders -- including me -- who process text faster than anyone can talk. So videos + transcripts = the best compromise and way to reach both groups end everybody in between.

And we realize that complaining, valid or not, is a big Slashdot sport, too. :)

Comment Re:Why is everyone wearing headphones? (Score 4, Informative) 90

Some people watch videos, some don't. We mark all videos as videos to keep you from watching them by mistake, and provide transcripts if you want the information in them but would rather read than view.

We *could* transmit videos directly to your brain using our subdural trans-pyschic information refabulizer, but we have decided not to do this. For now.

Comment Re:Video schmideo (Score 1) 41

We understand that running 3 videos/week out of a total of 100+ stories/week is an affront to your dignity, but autoplay? Are you sure? It is NOT supposed to autoplay, and it doesn't autoplay for me in Linux or Windows, Chrome or Firefox. Hmm... I didn't try Explorer. Nope. No autoplay in Explorer, either. Could you please tell us what browser and OS you're running?

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 370

And these are things Liz would surely find obvious, but a whole hell of a lot of male Slashdot readers would not. In fact, you just hit on a writers truism it took me longer than it should have to learn: the topics about which you are most qualified to write about are ones that bore you because you know all about them.

Comment Re: Thank you for the transcript (Score 1) 39

You're welcome. We go to the trouble and expense of providing transcripts of virtually every video so that those who prefer to read can read instead of watching. And there are still people who complain about videos even though there is no squad of SlashGoons we send to people's homes and offices to *make* people watch them...

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 370

Exactly. I used the title (software engineer) her employers use for her on their "our staff" page. If she was Elbert Bennett in the same job, I would have said the same thing. I call this "credentializing," in the sense that we're telling you why the interviewee is worth listening to. This was about being a woman in a mostly-male work environment. If we wanted to talk to someone about being a male in a mostly female work environment, we'd talk to a male nurse (except at the local V.A. clinic, where most of the nurses are male).

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