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Comment Re:Go! Government! Go! (Score 4, Insightful) 267

.....for free. Once you charge money for individuals to stay at your home you are in direct violation of zoning laws put in place by the local government voted in place by you and your neighbors. You want to turn your house into a short-term commercial rental, then get the zoning and/or laws changed to allow for that use in a residential zone. Those zoning laws are the same reason why I can't buy the house next to you and on a whim decide to bulldoze it and put up a small factory.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 726

"I mean, should I pay a living wage to the kid down he block to mow my lawn or rake leaves...or baby site my kid, and throw in full blown benefits too?"

I easily pay $25 for the local neighbor kid to cut the lawn which would be considered a living wage for an hour 1/2 worth of work (and cheaper than professional lawn care services). Baby sitters also make good money as well as I recall.

So the answer is yes, you should pay a living wage. No, you don't have to pay for full blown benefits, you're not a company.

Comment Re:Seems Impressive to me (Score 2) 179

While 76,000 vehicles may seem like a lot, compared to other car company assembly lines that's actually quite slow. At full speed with all shifts running an assembly plant can push out more than 1000 vehicles a day. Most of the big car companies usually have upwards of 20 assembly plants around the world. Not all run at that capacity but it gives you some scale. If they can continue to solve some of the supply chain issues and further increase production they should be able to drive the price of the Tesla down or make a bigger profit with some economies of scale.

Comment Re:The truth (Score 1) 168

I agree with you on that is what maintains an individual's investment in the conspiracy theory. I believe also that people are 1st drawn to a conspiracy theory because they are looking for easy answers in a world that is more chaotic than they are comfortable with. It's a belief that an all powerful entity (Illuminati, Government, Aliens, Corporations, etc.) truly is in control of all the bad things in the world and if we just know what they are up to we can solve the evils of the world.

Comment Re:CTE Computer Programming teacher here (Score 1) 152

I'm not an educator and I might be naive here but have you gotten in contact with your local colleges and universities where it comes to computer science? Many of your students will likely end up there and those departments should be interested in helping you on a curriculum and focus that can fill in gaps before they arrive.

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