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Comment Re:Seems Impressive to me (Score 2) 179

While 76,000 vehicles may seem like a lot, compared to other car company assembly lines that's actually quite slow. At full speed with all shifts running an assembly plant can push out more than 1000 vehicles a day. Most of the big car companies usually have upwards of 20 assembly plants around the world. Not all run at that capacity but it gives you some scale. If they can continue to solve some of the supply chain issues and further increase production they should be able to drive the price of the Tesla down or make a bigger profit with some economies of scale.

Comment Re:The truth (Score 1) 168

I agree with you on that is what maintains an individual's investment in the conspiracy theory. I believe also that people are 1st drawn to a conspiracy theory because they are looking for easy answers in a world that is more chaotic than they are comfortable with. It's a belief that an all powerful entity (Illuminati, Government, Aliens, Corporations, etc.) truly is in control of all the bad things in the world and if we just know what they are up to we can solve the evils of the world.

Comment Re:CTE Computer Programming teacher here (Score 1) 152

I'm not an educator and I might be naive here but have you gotten in contact with your local colleges and universities where it comes to computer science? Many of your students will likely end up there and those departments should be interested in helping you on a curriculum and focus that can fill in gaps before they arrive.

Comment We could tell you... (Score 2) 479

but clearly you are not a member of the Freetechnicians, a fraternal organization that traces its origins to secret academic groups in the early days of computer science. Only when you acquire the rank of Master Tech can you receive the mystical codeword that reveals your inner self and acquire the truth you seek. If you wish to become a member you must be invited by the Grand Poobah and acquire the necessary degrees to ascend to Master Tech.

May the Random Number Generator Smile Upon You!

Comment Re:The author went to college in the 80's (Score 3, Insightful) 1032 add to this, the guy is making money AS A WRITER!!!!! He has published 5 books and has written for other top publications and has a family living in New Jersey. Who knows how much he makes as a writer but he should be trying to pay forth something to his loans in good faith as opposed to just saying screw it. Sociopathic asshole is exactly right.

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