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Comment So Far, So Good (Score 1) 3

Topicality and quality of the articles seems to be on the way up.

Clickbait and marketspeak pieces seem way down.

*And* it seems they've figured out how to keep APK from crapflooding.

Videobytes is still there, which is annoying, but it's easy enough to scroll past, and it occurs to me there may be a contract involved and we'll just have to wait until it runs out, maybe. On the plus side, I think they've taken away that Promoted Stories/Outbrain thing.

Still waiting to see what happens with Unicode and metamoderation, but--see $subject.

And FWIW, I think I'm inclined to like this new whipslash character. Seems to be talking fairly straight.

Comment Re: I am not a physicist but... (Score 2) 103

An interesting trend to watch, even if this one doesn't turn out to be verified, is that China is where most of the the significant energy research is happening.

The US will be buying most of its advanced energy tech from China in just a couple decades. A couple decades ago that would have seemed unconscionable.

Say what you want about the relative historical value of the two governments, but one stymies progress with fear-based regulations and denial and the other takes the engineering approach to solving problems. Only one of those can drive prosperity - the leads to despair.

Comment Re:Important Stuff (for the discussion) (Score 1) 33

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