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Comment: Re:And why not? (Score 2) 170

by rtb61 (#49367829) Attached to: Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash

Now exactly how fucking long would the list of failed corporations be. How long would the list of corporate prosecutions be. Government fails sometimes, corporations always inevitably fail. I rather take maybe over the certainty. PS governments tend only to fail when they are corruptly controlled by, you guessed it, private interests and cease to represent the majority.


Comment: Re:And what good would it do? (Score 1) 403

by rtb61 (#49367753) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Accurately ascertaining failure allows you to action to prevent similar future failures, doing nothing, does exactly that, nothing. Why not an uninteruptable live stream from all commercial aircraft cockpits of a certain size, that two way communication could allow authorities to dissuade the suicider and remind them of the harm they are causing to others. That data traffic could be routed around the world along with aircraft telemetry, in this day and age it is a tiny amount of data. What you do in your bedroom is yours to keep private, what you do when in control of the lives of hundreds (possibly thousands) of others most certainly is not.

Comment: Re:Oh goody (Score 0) 323

by rtb61 (#49367721) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

You know what is really stupid, pointing to those lying slave keeping genocidal animals as being some one special, ohhh, look the founders with mind you an hugely limited 18th education and truly horrible background as human beings. 'Founding Fathers' is simply meaningless PR marketing bullshit, with their words and writings routinely being distorted, with their ignorance some how put ahead of the knowledge gained in the last 250 years. Americans are fucking idiots to keep pointing at those people from centuries ago as if they still have meaning.

Fuck the founding genocidal slavers, what citizens think to day based upon the knowledge of today and what we will pass to future generations is far more important. Pointing to the thieves who stole the country from the thieves who sent them to steal it, as being holey saints is just so fucking stupid, only in America. The sheer level of marketing bullshit in US politics is staggering, religious nonsense, founding fathers, greed is good, marketing as truth and double speak as the United States main art form. You people are arguing about shit whilst your country collapses about you.

Comment: Re:Complete article (Score 1) 356

by rtb61 (#49367419) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

Until moronic thoughts. Now where were the coastal cities, where were the hundreds of millions of displaced humans who will be screaming for blood (and they will get it). It does not matter the cause, we are forced to attempt to control climate change, regardless. Go back further moron and the earth was a cloud of dust waiting to form into a planet how about it's climate then, huh, what about climate during the early earth (, huh, what about climate when the sun expands (, huh, seriously, piss off with that stupid shit.

We have what we have now and we have to deal with what we have now and we need to protect 'HUMAN' coastal environs and the hundreds of millions of people who live there.

What the experts now fear is the methane surge, quite a major catastrophic climate event. sure averages over the century are going to rise slowly but that methane surge could be seriously catastrophic for a short period within that longer term. Forget 1 degree a huge global surge far higher than forecast, as not only existing methane is released into the atmosphere but more is generated by a broken down ecology rotting in the heat.

The methane will break down and the impact will be short lived (years) and the planet will settle to more expected temperature levels but the damage in the interim will be enormous. It is all kind of funny and sad, it will happen and no amount of lies will stop in from happening, they just prevent efforts being taken to minimise the impact. The consequences for those who participated in the lies will not be pretty, crimes against humanity always ends up with harsh punishments.

Comment: Re: Not everyone (Score 5, Interesting) 131

by rtb61 (#49367355) Attached to: NSA: We Mulled Ending Phone Program Before Edward Snowden Leaks

Who gives a crap about the phone shit. What it revealed was that US government executives routinely lie to the public and attack members of the public with slander and false arrest when members of the public try to expose the criminal activities of above the law government departments.

The US department of State, the CIA, the NSA, the Secret Service and even the FBI at the highest levels all routinely consider themselves above the law. This horrifically extends to the corporations that controls which politicians get elected and who will be selected to take the highest administrative positions in government not as agents of the public but as agents of the corporations who arranged for their appointment.

The US government has become an empty teleprompter reading mouthpiece for those corporations who pay to get their colluding and conspiring pet politicians elected. The Snowden leaks exposed the underlying reality of how far the Public Relations show of the US government differs from corporate controlled reality of government agencies.

Comment: Re:And why not? (Score 2) 170

by rtb61 (#49367327) Attached to: Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash

Their is nothing wrong with nuclear power however there is something wrong with major corporations, they are all broken. Myopic focus on short term profits with a total disregard for consequences. Repeated failure by governments to prosecute corporate executives not some times but by far most of the time to the extent of having failed to prosecute culpable individuals thousands upon thousands of times. Nuclear power but government owned and controlled and publicly audited, definitely not in the hands of deregulate everything now, profits this quarter only and golden parachutes for the top executives for inevitable failures their psychopathic attitudes create.

When a corporate executives decisions kill then they should be facing extended imprisonment and confiscation of assets to pay for damages.

Comment: Re:Need the ISS (Score 1) 147

by rtb61 (#49363021) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

Nah, permanent moon base and yep, free for all mines. You get there first and you stake your 1km by 1km mine and develop it within a decade, then it is yours. Want to stake a hundred, you had better develop them all and get them in production, else you will lose them. Think that is unfair, exactly how easy or hard do you expect it to be to develop a mine on the moon and that mine to start producing the materials for a larger moon base, a real space colony station and then a much larger space ship than people would expect for a trip to Mars, more a mobile space station.

We can either turn inward and become slaves to the greed of the 1% consuming the planet to death or we can reach out to the stars, focus on a sustainable planet and space as the only opportunity for growth.

Comment: Re:Waste is heat! (Score 3, Interesting) 192

Yep, media pans a game console, ohhh, look at the power it consumes when you a playing with a pretend mega yacht but when it comes to the sheer insane waste of an actual mega yacht not just lost resources, a corrupted economy necessary to pay for it but the sheer volume of pollution generated in say one minute consuming the energy of a game in stand by mode for a year and this the quisling shit heads celebrate. Ever hear of main stream media picking on private jets, now how much energy do they waste not only during run time but during operation in year, what something like 10,000 game consoles and TVs to watch the output, again the whine about the energy use of us nobodies but when a somebody consumes at rates 10,000 times the average they through parties and celebrate. Want to see real waste, that is us, letting the 1% exist.

Comment: Re:Prepare to restore from backup often (Score 1) 259

by rtb61 (#49359839) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

When you cut and paste, the length and hence complexity will significantly increase ie a 15 character password can become a 128 character password. Now should that become default, the entered password no longer needs to be characters at all but can be a straight up bit stream of significant length. They then of course need access to your device to break down your password.

Comment: Re:What difference does it make (Score 1) 124

by rtb61 (#49358879) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

Where the point in reality is to readily selectively destroy people's lives if they don't vote right. So, the government can readily check you political allegiances and if you didn't vote right, prevent you from ever gaining government employment. Now, seriously, you don't think all right wing governments will be trolling through meta data to exclude left wing employees to ensure all government departments are stacked with ring wing employee, so even when the left wins their policies purposefully fail. That is why they are keeping meta data, when filtering millions to exclude thousands with out them knowing, to gain and maintain total control. Not only wont you be getting that government job if you don't vote right but you will be excluded from corporate employment, they will economically destroy you. The message, thinking left, see it makes you are failure, think right to succeed. It is as truly evil as it appears to be.

Comment: Re:Running joke (Score 1) 256

by rtb61 (#49358727) Attached to: How Professional Russian Trolls Operate

No that is not true at all. In this case the reality is they get fully funded by the government and their activities are only reviewed annually at budget time. Also they incorporate already full time career, paid staff, with university educations.

That's right radio free Europe is owned by the US government, the worlds staunchest defender of the truth, bwa hah hah hah. You guys so funny, it's like you're not even trying any more. Here read this, I mean seriously, dudes, be a little more artful in your subterfuges. Yes, all US government sources of information have been permanently tainted, well, at least until significant reform in the US electoral process has been seen and that starts to reflect in government administration.

Bwa hah hah hah (those full timers are spies, not very good ones it seems but yes NSA and/or CIA not sure how well those two play together, each seeking to grab their own power base). No I am not Russian nor am I paid by Russia, not that I would be averse to being paid by Russia, there ain't anything evil in that. The evil is in what you do and the means used always justify the ultimate end (not that short term one you think you win but the real consequences you end up with).

Comment: Re:Cher gouvernement (Score 1) 236

If you are going to have not-gambling (in reality just betting until the odds guarantee you lose), then isn't it better that only the government be allowed to play and that money go to pay for social services, rather than lining some slimy shit head greedy piece of shit arsehole's pockets as well as the lying advertisers who promote losing at those establishment whilst pretending you are winning.

Really it should be law, that all for profit gambling, should actually be an equal odds gamble and both sides should share the exact same chance of losing. When the government does it, should it not be only for tax services, to pay for social services. Allowing the other in full knowledge of the reality of what is actually going on is the epitome of corruption.

The reality of course about website blocking is the thin edge of the wedge to allow, corporations via their control of government to allow full and total censorship of the internet unless you can pay significant sums for access. Every single corporate controlled right wing government continually relentlessly pushes the censorship line and the argument is it must be safe for sheep 'er' children.

Comment: Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 733

by rtb61 (#49358577) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

The flip side of your claim is of course, if you are going to murder someone and make it look like suicide, after doing every thing else right, you make the mistake of shooting them in the head twice.

Problem here seems to be a global of problem of right wing cheapness and stupidity resulting in a collapse of proper mental health services. Perhaps certain roles, police, pilot, teacher, doctor, nurse, politician should undergo regular mental health check ups as well as of course at initial application to make sure they are in the proper mental state to carry out the role. Perhaps there should not be such great stigma associated with mental health and shock horror, government paid temporary payments whilst a person is recovering should be made, because of duration of illness and time to assure reasonably safe access back to work. Perhaps mental health services should be much more accessible and fully covered by universal health.

care. Nah, that's just to damn expensive, cheaper to 'PRETEND' to care how the poor and middle class die and make token efforts that look like they might have affect and then let the suckers die. Just fly private jet with pilots that we do check and dump at the slightest hint of mental illness.

Yep, we are dying all over the place directly because of a right wing cheap ass attitude to mental health services and will continue to do so if we believe stupid things like, lock the cockpit door to keep terrorist out but allow it to be opened from the outside, how about arm the crew yep the whole crew, shoot out in the plane will save everyone. Nah, just stick with PR=B$ to make them believe we are doing something about the problem while actually doing not much at all.

Comment: Re:I wouldn't mind the NSA so much if... (Score 1) 167

by rtb61 (#49351235) Attached to: NJ School District Hit With Ransomware-For-Bitcoins Scheme

The US does not back coups, bwa ha ha, except when they do

Now if was done to an insider corporation or corporate executive, you can bet, they all would go all out to track the criminals down and have it solved in short order.

Comment: Re:Prepare to restore from backup often (Score 2) 259

by rtb61 (#49351145) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

I have a even simpler option. Use a pass phrase that you can easily remember. Now before you use that pass phrase, pass it through an encryption program that will encrypt it in the same manner every time. Then use that encrypted content as the actual password. Now that encryption is done locally on the fly and it never passes across the internet nor is it stored any where, except locally. By the addition of one step it becomes very complex whilst still in reality being easy to remember. When you want to access the password, simply type in your easy to remember phrase, access the encrypted password and preferably cut and paste it in. You could use a separate encrypted password for every site all actually based upon you one preferred password, each encrypted password being different based upon including the site name into the encryption algorithm. You could build all of this into the browser, so you only need a local master password to access many different sites with many different passwords. This could be a core function of web browsers, rather than an add on. So 'easytoremeberpassword' becomes '23d5n039tn310(ME))()@JFjfjfs@#%NFI@' now good luck with that. It works better because password checking programs could double the processing time between each failed password attempt (it doesn't tale make attempts to slow the process way down) and if they have the password, when text recognition programs try to figure out that it is the password and not just another failed encrypted pass, simply fail to recognise when they have the password.

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