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Comment Re:Advertising advertising advertising (Score 1) 147

Amazon most accurately defined as a logistics company and as such handling digital services is an extension of that logistics ability. Google is not a marketing company as they do not market products, they provide services for the marketing of those products. So they are a publishing agency and they basically privately publish your private information, to various government and private organisation (making it easy for governments to peep means they get free ride to invade your privacy) and like any other publishers they publish ads and content to draw those people to those ads. The privacy invasiveness is new and should in all honestly be illegal.

Comment Re:The TSA does this every day (Score 1) 66

Nothing funny, legally it is a very bad idea as under law the DHS is allowed to lie to you, so the penetration tests have, under law, zero value. They are far more likely to not declare any holes they have found in case they can use them for investigatory purposes or put holes in place they can use for investigatory purposes. Basically under law you can not trust US investigatory agencies unless any those claims and declarations are made in a court of law, the only place they are legally required to tell the truth. Stupid people routinely write stupid laws and routinely allowing them to lie is as stupid as it gets.

Comment Re: Troubling? (Score 1) 83

That is the balance in law, the government has to be allowed to do something to do it and citizens have to be actually banned from doing something. It the government does not have permission from citizens to do something, than it is pretty illegal to do it and if citizens have not been banned from doing something it is pretty much legal to do it. So citizens have rights and governments do not, they have the set rules they must operated under us democratically defined by it's citizens. So we have agencies all over the globe under the influence of the US government breaking all sorts of rules, basically having pretty much committed hundreds of thousands of crimes and yet not one prosecution of the law breakers but repeated prosecution of whistle blowers. Eventually it will come to an end and it will results in lots of prosecutions and dismissals. Pretty obvious various odious agencies have taken it upon themselves to become politically dominant in their societies against electoral laws and should be rooted out and prosecuted.

Comment Re:This is not in the least surprising (Score 1) 92

The differences in brains genetically will not be that different, the differences in brains developmentally ie how they change over time will be more significantly different. So differences in hormones produces changes in behaviour and thought and this results in different brain development, some bits get exercised more than other bits and hence develop further over time whilst less exercised bit tend to diminish over time. These tendencies will vary with social environmental conditions and hence further distortions in measurable differences will occur, for the same reason, some bits get exercised more than others bits based upon your interactions. That change does occur over one cycle but basically at the speed of thought over many years, so billions upon billions of thought cycles and that developmental difference is balanced between genetics and psychological environmental conditions and physiological condition (you are also in part what you consume, whether intentionally or not ie lead poisoning making you less moral, less caring and less thoughtful and hundreds of millions suffering from that to varying degrees). Of course if you brain is missing a bit, it will never develop ie psychopaths and a conscience, just can't happen and over time poor behaviour grows more pronounced due to lack of development. So it is the hormonal rewards which reinforces behaviours and causes different brain development over time.

Comment Re:"Failed" push for renewables? (Score 1) 354

Multi storey aquaponic production facility, pest and weed control costs zero, delivery costs hugely reduced direct to retailers daily, production year round and full time labour force, you know not what you talk about. (energy is the only disruptive cost, keep in mind building life for this kind of facility fifty years). Land is never free and five or more layers on the same piece of land, hugely reduces land cost and in tax depreciation of capital investment in building https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.... Cheap energy changes everything, make no mistake.

Comment Re:The treaty says no such thing. (Score 1) 211

So the fine point on mining or colonisation is whether it is a territorial claim or a development claim. If you can get up there and colonise or mine, then pretty much you are entitled to claim what you are actually colonising or mining, as a developmental claim. As a territorial claim it should of course be banned, you can not point to the sky and claim to own it all because you have lots of nuclear war heads. It might seem odd compared to claims on earth but in all seriousness it will most likely suffice for the next hundred years or so and we should be doing all we can to promote the space race over stupendously destructive earth bound wars for profits and egos. There is a whole galaxy out there waiting to be explored, experienced and enjoyed.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 5, Insightful) 503

It really is super double twisty speak to claim showing acts of violence being committed somehow incites violence, kind of fucking late you know, violence is already being committed. Reality is, showing those acts of violence being committed is putting enormous pressure on, to stop committing those acts of violence. So, question, is it an act of violence for a occupying force to drive around telling families they are going to gas them to death or not, https://www.youtube.com/watch?... (rather ironic considering the source). Honestly it looks like many of the acts of violence committed by the Government controlling that region, are being done purposefully to incite violence in return, so that an excuse can be fabricated to carry genocidal policies, without ramifications from the rest of the world.

Comment Re:"Failed" push for renewables? (Score 1) 354

The simple matter is renewables will never ever produce enough because energy is different to other resources. The more energy you have and he cheaper it is, the more you can conserve and recycle other resources. So buckets of energy means you can live lakes and rivers to run free to create a healthy environment and desalinate salt water instead. In agriculture, cheap plentiful energy means growing under lights in a multi storey structure very close to demand and allowing farm lands to return to bio diverse forest, that people can enjoy and will create a healthier planet for us. When it comes to recycling cheap energy means land fills can instead be high tech recycling centres to break down waste in required raw materials that can be delivered back to manufacturers (one off capital cost to build but does need very cheap energy to keep going).

Ample energy also means a little more fairness in the world, I set in a fully air-conditioned home and do feel a sense of guilt for those who do not, cheaper and cheaper and cheaper energy all make that all the more accessible to many more. The cheaper and more plentiful energy is, the much better the quality of life will be for the bottom 50% and they don't have much of nothing at the moment.

Comment Re: so, open season on American civilians now? (Score 1) 74

Keep in mind you analogy of the school bully and the bar drunk. So if you are at war with a school bully, the accepted US tactic blow up the school and adjoining properties are guilty by association. If you are a war with a bar drunk, target the bar with drone missiles and if it is a chain target all the rest of the chain because the drunk might be in one of them instead. Lets be clear on the reality of the terror wars, the fantasy Global War on Terror versus the real Global Terror War (where little or nor focus is given on separating the guilty from the innocent and hellfire missiles at $58,000 a pop are fired off like fireworks at Christmas because the investors at Lockheed and Boeing want a new yacht for Christmas).

Comment Re:Build one (Score 3, Insightful) 322

Option three is of course missing, the option I tend to lean to now and have done so in the past. Get to know your local store, and have one assembled out of the parts they stock eg http://www.itwarehouse.com.au/ (local to me, find a similar styled store near you).

This gets you a reasonable set of parts, generally at a reasonable price (stocked items discounted rather than ordered in full price) and if you have any problems, well you can annoy the people who actually put you box together. I always prefer buying locally sourced, any problems and customer service a support is one easy short drive away, rather than a call to a foreign service centre there to fob you off, rather than provide a service.

Comment Re:If you're American (Score 0) 203

Don't forget they have spent the last four decades trying to steal back everything they can and damn the future. Note they had to stick in world wars to try to make the claim we are better off. It takes the fucking insanity world wars to try to make fucking unbridled capitalism look good, seriously what the fuck, a world war where millions die, to make unbridled capitalism look good in comparison. I suppose a bunch of small wars and the Global War on Terror (that's PR speak), The Global Terror War (the real war being waged against US by the insanely rich, emphasis on insane).

The real message, 'go back to sleep sheep', baa baa.

Comment Re:well (Score 1) 66

Technically it is possible to create a system for perfect judgement calls. This law is based around the concept of, 'what the general public feels reasonable', as such to be in affect perfect, it needs to be put to the general public for their opinion. So every right to be forgotten claim, should be put to the public to vote on and when sufficient votes are accrued to remove it, it disappears, this would also take into account contrary votes from members of the public who feel it should remain being deducted from that total. So a reasonably representative number as a percentage of the population, can view the content and the relevant search and vote. Done and finished ;D.

Comment Re:If it's really a policy (Score 1) 317

Sure ban some ads but don't ban others, the ad seemed pretty reasonable and should have been tested upon it's own merits ie a broad range of people of many nationalities with a very broad demographic sharing faith. Jedi was on my census form and will continue to be so for as long as I live (although the appropriateness of the question being questionable and a government official threatening to penalise people if they wrote it it, might have had considerable bearing on that response).

Comment Re:Don't pirate software (Score 2) 95

No matter what is in the video, what makes you think the foolish judge has not turned him into an instant internet hero and made the pigopolists look even worse. Especially to all those views from people who can not speak Czech and just viewed the content to 'argh' support the pirate 239,002 when I added my support. So to be fair what are the latest penalties for abusing DMCA takedown, still fuck all?

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