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Comment: Re:Online in England, maybe (Score 1) 213

by rtb61 (#47579919) Attached to: UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity

For the obligatory car analogy. Are you or are you anonymous in a vehicle. They most certainly have the name of the registered owner and access to that is restricted to the police and applicable government authorities. However the name and via search extension address and telephone number of the driver and passengers is not readily accessible.

How many jock strap douche bags offended by a post would visit the home of the commenter and attempt to beat the crap out of any one there. How many drunks would over react with access to name, address and contact details. How many child would came under threat with the name and address published. How many employers would over react at employees posting especially if employees were telling the truth about employers products.

The relationship of employers and employees isn't that always in reality the reason will right wing control freaks seek to end anonymity online, the ability of employers to control the postings of employees and their families online, not only censoring them but forcing them to make positive comments about the employers products.

Comment: Re:Disengenous (Score 1) 282

by rtb61 (#47579251) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math

Don't forget don't read books doesn't equate with not reading. My phone has a bunch of public domain books and I still have hundreds of paper backs and text books that I just can't seem to part with but I am just not buying any more books. The whole idea of books being shipped about the place, stored in warehouses and held on retail shelves seems wrong in today's age. Localised production seems to still have a place, you enter a shop front and they print and bind the book for you while you wait or order it online with local delivery. I don't stop to read books in the dead tree variety more because I don't have the time with other activities consuming all mine spare time and none left to lose myself in a paper back and when it comes to manuals et al I prefer to multi-task access them online.

Comment: Re:Disengenous (Score 1) 282

by rtb61 (#47571305) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math

Sorry, but I have to side with the planet. Dead trees, energy waste and pollution all point to ebooks being preferable to the printed variety. The authors earn less and many would only be able to indulge their hobby part time, whilst working at another career, is just a normal part of social change. I'll have to admit to not having read a book for quite a long time, much preferring the interactivity of the internet and even computer games. Something like slashdot makes for a better read than a passive book and it contains as much non-fiction as any typical paperback ;D.

Comment: Re:Like paying for a Lobbyist (Score 1) 174

A million a month as an extortion payment to keep secret the secrets uncovered whilst commander of the starship anal probe, inserting back entrances all over the places, ain't bad at all, especially when applied to many corporations. As a bonus protection provided for all those political secrets kept off the books. Of course that protection really only works for allied powers, for the opposition of course, the target is just chock-a-block full of secrets and getting a hold of that particular pinata and beating it until it spills would be very desirable for quite a few countries and crime organisations.

Comment: Re:What makes this a gigafactory? (Score 1) 93

by rtb61 (#47562157) Attached to: Tesla and Panasonic Have Reached an Agreement On the Gigafactory

Still a hugely high risk proposition in the continually updating battery field. A major battery break through of substantially different technology will cripple that investment. Global research on battery technology has never been higher, a bit of Government focus via forced patent sharing and fiscal contribution could push it along even faster.

Comment: Re:Great... (Score 1) 571

by rtb61 (#47555469) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Artillery fire from the Ukraine has already killed Russians in Russia, so it is Russia shooting back maybe, hard to tell with anything coming out of the US nowadays apparently a lot of their press announcement are based upon nothing more than social media, this after many announcement of US intelligence and military agencies routinely hacking social media and filling it with propaganda. The US government is just another corporate mass media channel no different to Disney Corporation or Fox not-News.

Comment: Re:Get used to this... (Score 1) 250

No matter how much space you take up with your PR waffle it is still PR waffle. Corporations are owned by shareholders and the shareholders have representation for the business vehicle they own, the corporation and thus taxes should be paid. If corporations do not pay taxes then every rich shit head will shift all their income into a corporation and not pay any tax (their PR=B$ plan). Another tax bracket is required for income in excess of 1 million dollars a 50% tax bracket. All taxes should be charged on local revenue regardless of off shore costs. Those off shore costs should simply be audited and the profits in the taxed as those profits were based upon local revenue. Any country internationally recognised as a tax haven should be economically ostracised and it's currency devalued to zero. All corporate officers should be tested for psychopathy, if tested positive for psychopathy, they should be banned from holding office in public corporations.

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Quite simply because Gaza has a remarkable resemblance to the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II and the solution put forward by Israel for attacks coming from the ghetto are identical to those carried by by the Nazi SS troops. The big difference is the US government participated in the prosecution of those who carried those acts during the 2nd world war and are doing everything possible to hinder prosecution now. All apparently because so many US congressmen have been bought of by campaign contributions from the Israel Mossad very profitable campaign contribution considering how much free stuff Israel gets from the US in return literally millions for billions.

Comment: Re:Great... (Score 0) 571

by rtb61 (#47547595) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Fine, blame the US government. They publicly admitted knowing the separatists had a high altitude missile system from July the 4th on, apparently they were looking for fireworks because they told no one, until the civilian aircraft was shot down by a trained crew of Russian speaking Ukraines whose alliances are still unknown as they have not been made available for harsh interrogation techniques as well as a threat of execution upon prosecution for the crime they committed. Apparently volunteers were available to fire the Ukraine missile system but not volunteers available to stand trial and put the blame upon those who orchestrated this. Keeping in mind only the Ukraine government could have provided clearance for the civilian aircraft and it did so after July the 4th, long after 'losing' the missile system.

As for missile fire from Russia into the Ukraine, US approved retaliation for artillery fire one nation into another has been categorically made clear in Israel's example and there were those Russian deaths in Russia. US approved response includes everything from return fire, through to air attacks and even ground assault or is that only applicable for Israel and Russia is denied that response.

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There is a phrase that covers you "I'm alright jack"!. I can assure you by far the majority of American workers get to negotiate fuck all and are lucky to get reasonable health coverage let alone anything else. So for them moving to any other modern democracy with universal health care, set protective employment conditions etc would make them far better off even when by far the majority of them are to ignorant to realise this. As for the minority, well, "I'm alright jack".

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