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by rtb61 (#47971591) Attached to: US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal

Will US insiders quit whining about spending 5 billion dollars to give the Crimea back to Russia for free after a Ukrainian leader of the Soviet Union stole it and attached it to his homeland. Seriously how many Russian died fighting the Nazi's including their Ukrainian Allies over that bit of territory during the second war world, hundreds of thousands, ever seriously think they were just going to let it go. They saw everything the US was plotting and scheming in the Ukraine that Russia wouldn't seek to capitalise on US arrogance and recover what was taken from them and ensure that US meddling ended up in a huge long lasting mess which only Russia could fix. Putin is neither here nor there, the only thing he most definitely beats out Uncle Tom Obama the choom gang coward on, is he most definitely is not a corporate puppet.

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by rtb61 (#47970841) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Life Rule, Have as much fun as possible whilst causing the least amount of harm possible. Likely those who are most fearful of death abuse the hell out of that rule causing a great deal of harm by having fun at everyone else's expense. If you really believe you are alive and there is a real dimension, an energy to life, like all other forms of energy it logically must be in balance. That fear re-balancing seems to be what drives those with the worst life balance to desperately fend of death for as long as possible. For others, whose lives are more positively balanced of course, no more than a hopefully peaceful end and a long rest.

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Mutually Assured Destruction, making sure the psychopaths that own the corporations who make the weapons, the corrupt politicians who buy the weapons and fire the weapons, die as well. That's all they care about, as for the rest of us, we are all cannon fodder and millennia of psychopathic war has shown the will use and kill us without limit or mercy, only our refusal to play their game, puts limits on it. A multi-lingual internet where people communicate from all over the world would likely make that refusal global.

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by rtb61 (#47970727) Attached to: Apple Sells More Than 10 Million New iPhones In First 3 Days

Sold? sold to whom? End users, retailers, wholesalers, importers or exporters. Hell, using that model you can count the same phone 5 times. The infamous sold out marketing scam is getting pretty old and lame, oh my god, buy it now, buy it before it's too late and you can never get one, buy it or be left behind etc.

If you don't wait 30 to 60 days to buy a new product, then you just become a tester for every one else and the manufacturer as the faults come to light.

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Do you realise you are actively spreading a lie, one that I have yet to figure out whether you are doing it purposefully or accidentally. Google most emphatically does not support Nexus devices for 18 months. They only support devices 18 months after initial release. Meaning you can purchase the device brand new 17 months after the initial release and only get one months support. So they provide only depreciating support regardless of purchase date, based upon initial product release date and guess what, you get zero discount for that reduced support.

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So this planning by Russia is a logical move. How to selectively cut off foreign regional areas from local national internet, whilst maintaining local national internet and select international connections. This is something that every country capable of doing so should do so. The internet is an essential part of modern communications infrastructure and method should be established to ensure the local national infrastructure continues to operate regardless of government or corporate machinations in foreign countries. Same with network security functions, there should be a clear distinction in managing security operations between local national operations and foreign operations and inherently foreign operations can never be trusted as proven of course by the US government and the NSA.

Management of essential national infrastructure should always be by a locally elected government and not left to foreign powers whether they be government or even worse corporate. This is just all part of the internet becoming 'essential' infrastructure and not being left to psychopathic corporate interests or foreign manipulations, quite simply all a part of ensuring local national net neutrality.

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Well, no, the theory is military who hooks up nuclear warheads to the internet should be imprisoned for life and those warheads disconnected. The surreal idiotic supposition, that other people can gain control of your nuclear warheads is ludicrous and if they can, well, it is all to late already, is in not?

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Pretty bloody easy to define the difference between hacking and act of war. Any hacking attack you can simply divert by cutting the connection is not an act of war. A major electro magnetic pulse generated by a thermonuclear war head is an act of war.

For the idiots at the NSA, permanent damage versus repaired disruption. They just need to ask the buddies at the CIA when it comes to their idea of torture, permanent harm equals torture non permanent harm according to them, based upon them being a bunch of sick psychopath sadists, does not equal torture.

So if you ain't using explosives on digital infrastructure it ain't war. No matter how badly behaved the NSA has been, their acts have not quite crossed the bounds of an act of war. Somehow I guess this will be another example of American exceptionalism and when the US does it, it is not an act of war and when any other country does it, it is an act of war and the US must spend another billion dollars on the US military industrial complex per incident or so the lobbyists say.

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It's called monopoly activity. Someone gets in early and buys up all control because they believe they will be able to charge more than the rest of market by establishing a monopoly. With regard to copyright this also ties into killing the distribution of independent content by turning broadband into overpriced strangle band to make it too expensive for them to digitally distribute content. Now tie this into corruption of government and corrupt three strikes laws disconnected from the net and threats of criminal penalties for minors infringing copyright. So management by psychopaths and unlimited greed.

So this gives you Foxtel, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch and his dog Tony Abbott and the crippling of Australia's digital future to feed one asshats insane drive for profits and power as well as his corrupt pathetic political minions.

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Point of revenue taxation with full cost and profit declaration at the point of revenue. So don't want the revenue, fine, leave. Who cares where the company is based, who cares where the product is manufactured, with full declaration of costs and profits and all taxes paid at point of revenue it makes no difference. Add in fair trade requirement where imported product is required to compete with locally produced product based upon the application of all costs of local legislation and transport costs will localise production.

It is not about the psychopathic lie of which country provides the best corrupt tax basis, it is all about which soundly based and managed countries produce the best revenue opportunities, the ability to sell product and services.

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It is down to a matter of control. One bullet fired at a particular target versus a continuous beam of laser energy including, potential for reflection, aim vagaries and the threat to civilians, much like using chemical or biological weapons. The preference is to get the enemy army to surrender not to mass main or murder as many soldiers and civilian bystanders as quickly as possible. If that was the case we might as well just let the nukes fly and get it over with. So it is worse because of likely hood of collateral damage. As for law enforcement use, a stern legal reminder needs to be issued to law enforcement that the only legal use of force is the minimum use of force to initiate an arrest. They are blatantly abusing the law when they use chemical, electrical, sonic, percussion or brute force weapons upon citizens with no intent to initiate an arrest.

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We can also let 99.9999% of businesses decide it. That is the reality by far and away the majority of businesses will benefit by net neutrality, from cheaper data transmission, to protected from interception traffic and competitor driven censorship. All tech staff need to get out and produce an advisory to management about the extremely damaging impact to business digital communications with the loss of net neutrality and the requirement for management to instruct lobbyists to ensure an absolute tiny minority of companies in the order of 0.0001% of companies can control, limit, censor and intercept business communications. A loss of net neutrality is a real threat to the future of by far the majority of businesses.

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