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"These propaganda sessions for Putin" is a false are decidedly pre-staged propaganda comment typical of mass media PR=B$, sounds like it means something until you stop to think about it, something that propagandists never want you to do.

Let's look at the reality. Ask yourself should you be given the opportunity to publicly question Putin publicly live on TV would you say yes or no, obviously a person of Snowden's courage is not going to say no to that challenge. Now Putin knows full well that being challenged by Snowden publicly will work well for him, if Putin is capable of articulating himself well against the challenge, for a political representative it demonstrates confidence, skill and self control to the electorate, all vote winners.

So the interview occurs, the reality only an election show piece if the politicians is not an empty talking suit reading off a Teleprompter. Now how many US politicians would be willing to stand up to potential detractors on live TV, would Uncle Tom Obama the choom gang coward puppet of the corporations stand up to Snowden, nope, reality Snowden is permanently barred from returning to the US under the threat of sexual humiliation, torture, extended imprisonment and murder, they are that afraid of him.

The biggest tools in the shed have always been politicians owned by outside interests and what makes Putin more interesting is that he is definitely not owned by outside interests and is not just a puppet reading off a teleprompter like so, so, many US politicians (remember puppets will always have difficulty taking on public challenges because it give no opportunity for their masters PR agents to provide the answers).

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by rtb61 (#46776843) Attached to: Google Looked Into Space Elevator, Hoverboards, and Teleportation

Air-conditioning is a design all upon it's own. The real problem is engineers love big units which generally fail, the modern solution http://www.mitsubishielectric.... (as an example) have no problem and even generate benefits of shifting heat from areas that don't need it too areas that do. Whilst capital expensive, pumping around refrigerant and high pressure fresh air is far more efficient than ducting around large volumes of air attempting to use control vanes to adjust fro air delivered at uncomfortable conditions. Another big change of course is big screen 4K displays versus a window and how that impacts altered design characteristics. Even hotel design can now undergo major revision with internal rooms with a 65" 4K display in lieu of a window with a view or a sub-standard view.

So design heading into technology limits alters as those technology limits alters, the more technology evolves the more design evolves with it except for old locked in designs for yesterday designers,hmm, how comfy is that cave after all ;D.

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They turned into ghettos because the flats were substandard, compact, very little amenity, poor sound rating, poorly air-conditioned and were targeted at a particular client base, not counting those sold to slum landlords who ran them down, so basically bullshit when it comes to comparing it to sound modern design. Turns out that no knowledge crap is no knowledge crap and bears no relationship to exceedingly high priced modern condominiums.

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by rtb61 (#46776537) Attached to: First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands

There are actually statistics which show a fall in crime rate with greater illumination in built up areas. The greater the illumination the greater the fall in crime, with a limit beyond which additional lighting provides no additional affect, so actual statistics along with defined light levels for particular circumstance, including street lighting, off street parking, retail and industrial.

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Once thing they should look at is a city within a single mega-structure. A old idea seemingly long since abandoned but one that incorporates many research oppurtunities and even the possibility of near future development. It allows investigation into waste removal incorporating energy generation, acceptable internal living space design, fire control, sound control, effective heat utilisation and management, network communications, delivery systems, internalised productions, internal transport systems, air control systems, energy management and recovery etc. This kind of major development research project provides great returns because of the large varied range of individual research projects that are incorporated with it.

Logically crafting an MMO simulation of it allowing in depth investigating of the personal interactions as well as prompting public input into the various research components would be a major part of the modern developmental exercise.

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Specifically bugs are shallow means, once found they can be readily fixed by any person or group with the ability. Bugs are deep in closed source proprietary code because they are buried and hidden and can not be fixed by the market. Of course with FOSS if you are not happy with the implementation of any security fix or method you are free to change it for one you prefer.

All FOSS packages are simply library locations, you choose which library to pick your software from, based upon how it is secured, how it adds changes to the software, how accessible the software is and how well documented that particular library is. So no, it is not for any one to decide how particularity FOSS Libraries are controlled, except for those who are directly involved in it and contribute to it. PS bugs in closed course proprietary software are only kept secret from customers, the suckers and not the exploiters and that is just for marketing purposes.

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Tune into, just like any other idiot box channel be it,,,,, suck up the corporate cool aide and be informed, of what you are meant to know, and about how you are meant to think and whom you have to vote for. All the channels with the same corporate message, all the talking heads reading off the same Teleprompter feed. The US no longer has a president, it just has another puppet, saying what it is told to say, pretending it thinks for itself, and working ever so hard at dumbing down the airwaves. Of course the rest of the world is looking at the office of the President of the United States and realising just how a empty suit really occupies that position.

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Tell him that M$ have done the same old, same old, attempted to correct their failures in the cheapest way possible by shoving the cost back on consumers. Can't get the upgrade to work, suck it up, format, re-install, repatch, re-upgrade and repatch and the restore you back up data, don't have backups, M$ answer to you, well, that's your fault for trusting their software.

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by rtb61 (#46745481) Attached to: Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed

However the NSA's job is not criminal negligence. The NSA's, primary job is adherence to the constitution. When it finds a security flaw in systems which will affect it's fellow citizens it is required by law to either correct the flaw or make the public aware of that flaw so that they can correct it, it is criminally negilgent of them to find flaws and keep them secret so that they and any 'other' criminal agency both foreign and domestic may exploit them. Especially damning if they have evidence of the flaw being exploited and still fail to notify or protect it's victims. Basically the US government and all of it's agencies are now suspect and should not be involved in any security conferences, round tables et al as their contributions can no longer be trusted.

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by rtb61 (#46745415) Attached to: First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands

Meh, I driven down thousands of kilometres of unlighted roadway, even unpaved roads, dodging roos and wombats like most Europeans would dodge rabbits. Simply adjust road speed to conditions. Road side illumination should be generally restricted to built up areas and be more about restricting nefarious activities rather than traffic safety.

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Lets be realistic, the nature of the collapse will drive everything that follows. So astronomical impacts similar to prior mass extinction events, well, random chance and how close to the point of impact will most drive those who survive and those that don't. Something slower and still of the astronomical variety passage through a dust cloud severely curtailing sunlight for a short period and then with a longer follow up period of diminished sunlight. In this case the biggest driver will not be individual skills but the core reality of humanity the ability of the society of which you are a part to care and share versus societies driven by selfishness and greed which will chew themselves apart like an ignorant school of piranha snapping chunks out of each other as their pond dries up in a drought.

So by far the most important skill, they ability to work cooperatively and empathetically share the survival experience and thus continue the society of which you are a part. No matter your skills, in collapse you are exposed to all the vagaries of existence, exposure to extreme weather events with no warning, bushfires, disease, a simple slip or trip leading to broken bones, venomous insects and reptiles and of course othe reptile brained survivors, with random circumstance of the encounter defining who lives and who dies.

What drives the ability of a society to survive, the ability to teach and learn. It is not your individual skills but the skills of the society as a whole and of which you are a part.

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It will be a fine balancing act to ensure transport routes sea and air are cut off to prevent transmission of Ebola before it reaches out from less populated regions to major cities where direct contact between persons becomes possible, keeping in mind sneezing, transfer of perspiration from person to person in public transport systems and other transitory methods of transfer that can extend physical contact be actual direct physical contact.

So major cities throughout the world are under direct threat and likely acting early rather than latter in cutting off sources of infection would be far safer. Especially as under worsening circumstances, those who would risk everyone to save themselves become harder to contain, forcing extreme containment measures, as a result of attempting to apply containment during crisis rather than prior to crisis before chaos ensues.

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by rtb61 (#46738227) Attached to: Can Web-Based Protests Be a Force for Change?

Occupy wall street left a lasting image of two things resistance and oppression. A reminder that we can resist and solid evidence that public expression of political dissent is being emphatically and violently being suppressed. Evil in the current US Federal administration as well as in State administrations was exposed for what it is, Uncle Tom Obama the choom gang coward could no longer hide behind the propaganda charade of the Fox not-News Empire and was exposed for who he really was, a corporate puppet that appointed the worst of the worst of corporate stooges to run corporate administration.

Consider Assange, Manning and Snowden as extensions of web based protest and you see the core of web based protest is the exposure of secrets and lies and the dissemination of that information to as wide a base as possible. The next step is to convert members of the public one by one, so that not matter how much money is spent on main stream marketing propaganda is has only minimal impact and no more idiot box victories.

So web based protests can win because they can and do strengthen democratic principles, they can and do support the truth and expose the lies and they do what protests (not riots) intend to do at there core, inform the wider public of a problem and it's cause.

When they fail due to autocratic suppression, they direct actions need to be taken to disrupt business as usual ie ignoring the will of the public, the majority, chiefly by the public, the majority refusing to support the minority by the elimination of the provision of services either directly or indirectly.

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A more simple explanation. Life forces stability out of chaos, so that out of chaos 'everything, everywhere, every when', you get 'something, somewhere, some when' because, you can never have nothing, nowhere, no when. Of course that could mean that chaos 'everything, everywhere, every when', is just a dimension away and there is a whole universe of life keeping it that way, both expressed and unexpressed.

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You left out a bit, if the company hires a CEO of a specific racial/social profile that is publicly opposed to all other people not of the same racial/social profile and actively funds political campaigns political to deny rights to those people who not of the same racial/social profile, should that CEO step down when this becomes public knowledge. So not just the CEO race/social profile but the CEO racism/prejudice against those who do not share it, to the point of denial of rights to those who the CEO opposes. So no, not quite the same.

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