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Comment Re:Repeat after me: Vivaldi, Vivaldi, VIVALDI! (Score 1) 116

What Chinese companies with the government of China's backing is actually doing, is offloading crappy US dollar debt, before the big bang. They'll be buying all sorts of stuff with the US dollars the US government owes them and whole bunch of countries are going to get burdened with what looks to become a pretty vaporous currency, they are basically swapping dollar debt for capital assets (shh, the era of the petro-dollar has come to an end).

Comment Re:Congress is just mad someone is beating them (Score 1) 134

Why bother with all the cost and hassle of fighting off silly local state laws. Just supply the phone without the software and provide an international link to download and install the software like, hmm, I don't know perhaps a link to All you have to do is ensure the store and it's infrastructure is not in that location. Quite simply it makes far more sense to deliver phones in that condition, absolute minimum of software in the package, so that it complies with that locations requirements patents, regulations, what ever and they get the end user to, well, possibly technically infringe by downloading what they want (you only need to keep the host distribution centre up to date with local laws at it's location). Then you can point to your phone as sold and say, encryption nope doesn't do it, swippy stuff doesn't do it, funny faces doesn't do it, decode DVD doesn't do it, in fact the only thing the phone is capable of as sold is downloading software, that the user chooses to install from the internet. So the whole thing is kind of stupid, push comes to shove and it will happen, in point of fact it is actually the most sensible thing to do and they should be doing it by default already ie start off with a bare bones lock screen and the first thing you do is install the latest versions of the software included an upgrade lock screen.

Comment Re:The obvious direction... (Score 2) 287

Most likely a newly minted Linux distribution managed by a government department and an association of Russian universities, quite simply the most logical way for a country to manage it's core operating system. As you pay those Universities to in part manage and develop the operating system (a government department would do the admin and hosting), your fund the professors and incorporate the operating system directly into the students curricula and masters and doctoral students along with professors can make contributions to the operating system and commercially establish their credentials (keeps them on the bleeding edge and in best position to apply their knowledge upon completing the course). This of course should extend to core computer software, the expanded office suite. Word processor, spreadsheet, presentation suite, graphics, animation, database, cad/cam (cad/cam especially because of industrial espionage) and planning software (again because of espionage).

Pretty much any country that wants to be considered independent of foreign corporate dominance (they are foreign to everyone once they become multinationals), should be doing exactly the same thing. When it comes down to global trillion dollar tax fraud and pain and suffering brought about by austerity lies, well, we all know exactly what the honest and just legal response should really be, extended custodial sentences together with confiscation and liquidation of assets (individual and corporate).

Can Russia produce a better OS, why not, they certainly can make a better jet but of course no where near a super profitable as the current US tribute jet (the one countries have to buy or else, nothing more than a blatant tribute demand).

Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 2, Interesting) 471

The establishment backing Clinton in the face of the exact democratic opposite would mean it really should change it's name from the Democrats to Republicans lite (as opposed to Republicans bagger edition). The blatant corruption is on show and it will blow right up in their faces if they keep attempting to force the issue, the corrupt control of politics versus the electorates attempts to recover control of their politics. The corporate controlled DNC "Bent on backing Clinton", 'bent' being a very appropriate word choice. Reality is we win either way.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 653

Let me see, exactly how abusive were wired. I seem to remember that they were that piece of shit rag that betrayed a certain Manning character in order to sell more copy (their greed led to the betrayal of a individual who was then tortured in the most sexually humiliating ways possible and then falsely prosecuted for exposing the global criminal activity of the state, including state sanctioned murder of journalists, this yet to be challenged). I stopped with that piece of shit rag there in and am glad to see it further down the path to it's justful demise. Only web losers kick into subscriptions and there are a whole bunch of web sites far more honourable and worthwhile of everyone's time.

Comment Re:And for what? (Score 1) 277

It would be stunning. Observe a huge chunk of the galaxy and even be able to see planets around other stars. A entire complex of radars and telescopes, awesome stuff. Close to the horizon though, so that earth and solar observations could still be made and streamed live. A planetary effort.

Comment Re:And for what? (Score 1) 277

So it can be done. That is all that counts, so why waste money on a 'temporary' make do solution, when there is something much more worthwhile to achieve. A galactic observatory for scanning to a depth never before achievable and across a broad range of space. A truly effective early warning of impact system, a great planetary observation base and the likely ability to see planets in nearby star systems. It is feasible right now, it just requires the will. Perhaps a little less focus on killing each other in wars and a bit more focus on space will take use much further.

Comment Re:VR will be huge. Contrary opinions will be joke (Score 1) 51

You are completely ignoring psychological comfort. Imagine how long a typical couch potato would be willing to watch an idiot box if they had to stand up to do it or if they had to continually twist and flex their neck or it caused nausea. I write this from a lazy boy rocker recliner with a customised over bed table to hold my desktop, in the lounge with a nice view out the window and a big screen TV. Yeah, comfort counts and VR doesn't really cut it, in those stakes but hell, I don't care either way. You know what, lets run a test, grab some people and make the use VR 8 hours a day for a week and see what they feel like, hmm, OK? (now ramp that up to a month or how about 8 hours at work and 4 hours at home).

Simple immersion 3D video and sound are going to be difficult enough to make comfortable with extended use, without demanding people will never be allowed to rest their heads or even entire body (stresses building up in the neck, affects the persons entire physiology).

Sure likely to be fun with limited use but extended use will be hugely problematic. Simple immersion systems with no motion just cheaply extending the usability of a smart phone, turning the small screen into a very big screen, fairly cheaply with a huge improvement in usability but still likely to have limitations on extended use due to discomfort.

Seriously knuckle head, you can't seriously expect anyone could possibly believe people would accept TV if they had to wear a face mask to watch it and not be lounging about with their family, in the lounge room munching, oh yeah forget that bit huh, drinks and munchies, oh my, what will you do (hmm grope around making a mess or stop every time you had a thirst or hunger, oh yeah, that will go down well with the typical gamer). Let alone getting stoned whilst drinking and playing VR, more than the screen will be technicolor

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 550

Don't worry this change has nothing what so ever to do with climate. This is all about "science that can be easily commercialized". So basically they have stuck a typical right wing dick head fuck wit in at the top and if doesn't produce commercialised profit ie government pays for the research, corporation buy the patent on the cheap and then sell rights to that patent for maximum profits, it won't get researched.

So take vermin control. No research on natural programs that control the problem with limited expenditure by Australians and 100% research of chemical agents that can be patented and the patents sold to foreign corporations who will then charge Australians top dollar for it. No fucking way can you invest in research only to effectively give it away for free, that is crazy, just ask any right wing idiot. They hired a right wing fuck wit and it is down to business, forget about Australians saving money, it is all about making the maximum possible corporate profit out of Australians, fuck curing any problems, lets just focus on treating the symptoms for ever, profit first, profit last and everything in between profit (yeah, I have a pretty low 'opinion' of what is going on and those involved).

So the new CSIRO is not about preventing climate change but all about how to profit out of everyone's suffering, sick, sick, sick.

Comment Re:Gridlock (Score 1, Informative) 185

Nope, works like this. When you stop spending money on maintenance to taking stupid short right wing cuts you end up poisoning 90,000 citizens with lead. Across the board the US has failed to spend money on maintenance of infrastructure as a result of a crazy idiotic shift to the right (factually brought about by lead poisoning, seriously) and now has to spend trillions of dollars to catch up on infrastructure maintenance or face infrastructure collapse across the board.

So yeah, they have to build up tech agencies from the ground up because of all the failed idiotic contracting and outsourcing that went on (all right wing, profits first, profits last and profits everything in between, any provision of service is purely by accident and the board will be firing those responsible because it likely cost money and short changed profit). Austerity produces nothing but guess what austerity across the board except of course for the insane psychopaths at the top.

Comment Re:This is a bad idea. (Score 1) 203

Face it Twitter is the kindergarten play ground of public forums. They basically want to control it by gagging the children and chaining them to a stake in the ground so they can't pester each other. Any idiot can scream anything, at one point you just have to give up and walk away from Twitter, from the start most said it would simply fail for this exact reason and Twitter are desperate to keep it going because of the quite silly pretend worth of Twitter and the total bullshit level of advertising and PR=B$ et al on there.

If they do find it amusing to sit in a tree and tweet angrily at the other 'hmmm' twits so be it, don't like doing that, well, I am afraid they will just have to give up 'twit' roost and walk away from twitter. It is it's very nature, never went on there for that exact reason and I really just do not get it. It really has to be quite the most empty narcissist activity imaginable.

Don't like the mess that twitter is, simply erase the account and never go back.

Comment Re:Dear FBI (Score 1) 166

Cough, cough, how about this
If you really wanted to interrogate them that much, then maybe you should not have shot them to bits.
Surely you don't want the evidence to prosecute dead people?
Maybe, might be fishing expedition are no excuse (no bullshit with 6 degrees of separation means you can investigate everyone on the planet).

They have got the individuals and every weapon and ammo and residence, a field mine of DNA to track down and you will get far more from the DNA than you will the phone. You know both of them recently where in Saudi Arabia for an extended period and these two went off exactly like you would imagine brain washed sleeper agents being accidentally trigger and going for the wrong target. Want to know what really happened stick a roto-rooter up the collective backsides of the House of Saud, they seem to be getting rid of a bunch more brain washed sleeper agents at this time (try questioning them away from Saudia Arabia before they are silenced for ever or just ask NATO they know exactly what is going on in Saudi Arabia).

So what does a backdoor in phones have to do with that glaring missing backdoor into the corrupt activities of NATO (technically there should be one for the FBI and other NATO countries police investigatory agencies) and Saudi Arabia (which is where NATO has a near complete electronic backdoor and to which the FBI should be demanding access, shit bucket ton more evidence than that mobile phone).

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 354

Factually an 'acceptable' level and form of advertising does exist, and friend, that is for you to decide for yourself, just as it is for everyone else to decide for themselves. It is up to adblock plus to identify ads for the end user and let the end user decide which advertising companies get through, which advertising agencies are allowed through and which web sites (quite often people stumble through to them by chance) get through and which combination of the above, that you choose for yourself and everyone else chooses for themselves. Adblock should have gone to the end users and not the advertisers. A user managed database managed by individuals users or managed by groups of users ie political progressive group acceptable ads or environmentalists group acceptable ads, as examples, as each individual chooses.

Comment Re:Yeah, right... (Score 1) 144

Problem is, not simply the policy, it is flaws in the policy that allow, say psychopathic individuals in those agencies to exploit those flaws. This demands plenty of checks, balancers and hurdles, to slow up those individuals and trap them, when they seek to exploit those flaws for their own criminal advantage. This includes exploiting those flaws for promotional advantage. Until the US justice system heals itself, it can no longer be trusted. Failure to properly prosecute torture, prison abuses, abusive charging practices, purposefully extended trials incorporating confinement (extending out beyond any realistic penalty). Quite simply until the US takes on the proper mantle of justice and integrity it should be excluded from the international justice system except where any claim made by the US government is proven in court in the targeted citizens country. Want to play bullshitting wolf boy, then be treated as bullshitting wolf boy, until you have proven different.

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