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Comment Re: Really? (Score 1) 380 380

For reference sake So "28g per cartridge", " 50â"55 yards from the traphouse". So minimum range 50 times 3 equals 150 feet, for more details on cartridges So the claim of the operator seems pretty reasonable after all. Problem is where is the video of the flight or is there a problematic zoom they did not want to show. So very likely both in the wrong. It all seems strange from other countries perspective where rules are much stricter http://www.adelaidecitycouncil.... So typically you can not fly it any where except above your own property or at specifically designated public recreational areas.

Comment Re:Why build one (Score 1) 272 272

A ferry also does not not tend to promote development along it's route. So no ferry stations along the way, no diners, no transport hubs, no manufacturing shifted to gain better access to the route. Looking at it of course, hmm make it all look better by including the US but if they are missing so what, a major transport corridor from Bejing through Russia, France and Germany and on into England. That could really work quite well, shipping would take a huge hit of course and the US could always try a north south transport corridor Argentina to Alaska but the South Americans are not all that impressed with the idea of working to closely with the US because it tends to become very socially and economically disruptive.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 46 46

So China seems to be putting together all of the elements to provide for Government implemented trade sanctions. As many global markets develops and China becomes less dependent upon US trade and can survive upon expanding trade with South America, Africa and Russia, so the threat of trade sanctions applied by China against the US, can start to be considered. Laugh it up fuzz ball but a lot of US corporations can be driven into bankruptcy by the simply action of trade sanctions being applied by China against the US.

What you are seeing is the development of the ability to meaningfully and purposefully target the US with trade sanctions. Keep in mind China would be content to abuse the crap out of the worker class in order to completely disrupt US society, in fact they are doing it right now, ruthlessly exploiting their labour in order to disrupt US society via their growing ranks of unemployed.

So how great a threat is it, basically the longer the Wallmart psychopaths et al run the US government the greater the risk and the greater the likelihood of the application of a full trade sanctions against US in order to completely disrupt US commerce (with growing dependence comes growing threat of very disruptive withdrawals).

Comment Re:Looks promising (Score 1) 19 19

Keep in mind their legs still have a connection to their spinal cord and hence limited reflex actions are still in place. That bundle of nerves in the spinal cord, seeds specific kinds of signals from specific locations, so forget some connections being able to be used for other thing. So like when people suffer spinal damage and lose strength. They loose strength because they are only communicating with some of the muscles fibres in some muscle clusters and they are doing all the work whilst the rest do nothing. They gain strength over time not so much because of nerve cell regrowth but because muscles fibres doing nothing shrink away and muscle fibres doing all the work, a huge amount of work are stimulated to grow, this of course takes quite some time.

Comment Re:Troll (Score 1) 242 242

Do not confuse Stalinism or Maoism with socialism, those first two where strictly police states with the masquerade of what ever political system they were pretending to be. This being no different to Nazism.

So want to see socialism, first the psychopaths have to go, quite simply they will corrupt any ism they are a part of, attempt to turn it into an authoritarian state where they have control and can dominate and exploit the citizens of that society.

Socialism is the system that the majority of people were born into, the family unit, a socialist government is basically about expanding the socialism of the family unit into the greater community to gain the all to obvious outcomes, a caring and sharing society of human beings and the extended family concept.

The 'Free Market' is straight up marketing lie because it is wholly and totally dependent upon nothing in that market ever being Free, everything 'owned' and 'controlled', so that those with the most can control and exploit those with the least. With everything that can be owned being owned, including all of the essentials to life, so that denial of life becomes the tool of exploitation of the not free at all market place of human lives.

Either we shift to socialism or die as a species, that is the choice, suck it up.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score -1, Troll) 280 280

Liar, the upgrade is most definitely not free for life, your data has value M$ is taking and hence you are paying for it. As for permanently blocking updates what do you do about security and the inevitable slew of security bugs. Face it, this is turning out to be an even bigger fuck you from M$ to it's customer than windows 8 was. The very first time you do a security update they can and will hose all your settings, requiring a full check of all settings and some could well have been permanently removed as an option.

Comment Re:RTFA? (Score 1) 421 421

I'll have to call bullshit on this comment because standard M$ practice is to turn stuff back on during upgrades even after you have specifically turned them off. So, compulsory upgrades means any settings you make are not fixed and are only temporary and according to the M$ non-warranty, anyone they want to allow into your computer is allowed in at any time no matter what your settings are, NSA, cough, cough. Basically it seems windows 10 is the NSA spy dream come true, do not install. If you must, pay the extra for the professional version which is exactly why M$ change pretty much a hundred dollars more for it because it knows full well, anyone who wants to at least pretend to secure their computer will be forced to pay that protection racket cost ie pay the hundred dollars or else everyone owns your information, your browsing history, you digital habits and that especially means for you nasty foreigners those who under US law you specifically can never trust (they are legally entitled to lie, cheat, steal and kill with regards to you and yours according to US law, no stinking courts required).

You can expect an EU legal sanction in pretty short order.

Comment Re:Interesting argument (Score 1) 115 115

Look it up http://www.thefreedictionary.c..., English spelling as in how it is spelt in England the home of the English language. Not stupid American spelling because special spelling was required for them because it seems they are a bit thick

So yes it does apply to the magazine when it is sent electronically. No it does not apply to the magazine when it is printed and sent via a truck and then van and then motorbike. I mean exactly how thick can you be, I thought I could not be clearer. Look the people who are paying you, well, they should simply get someone better, you are quite simply not good enough and just make their arguments look worse. Keep pulling boners like this and you'll be out of work but PR=B$ is far worse than no PR=B$.

Comment Re:Interesting argument (Score 4, Insightful) 115 115

The communication is between humans and humans. A human at one end craft content and store in on a computer in a accessible format. The end user then crafts a request for that information and sends it via the internet and the stored communication from the content creator is then delivered to the end user.

The ISP claim is a stupid as is possibly imaginable, easy proof, their claim basically is that an answer machine hooked into a phone service means that it is no longer a telecommunications service, or that a phone text message in not communications or that email is not communications or that forum posting in not communications or that chat is not communications or that instant messaging is not communications or a live video stream is not communications or that video chat is not communications. Their claim is so laughably stupid that the court should penalise them for making it.

Comment Re:Crooks are afraid of the dark, too (Score 1) 294 294

Did you miss the bit about a 20% increase in car accidents, you are arguing the ability of old people to walk in the dark, seriously, really honestly seriously. Like who gives a fuck about that 20% increase car accidents and all the associated injuries and death 'er' 'um' old people can buy a torch, oh I get it sarcasm (somehow I don't think you know how to use it properly).

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 870 870

I don't like to rent and to be clear it is factually a depreciating capital investment. So yes a car is a valid investment, investments do not need to gain value as much as provide value. So the depreciating value is meant to align with the value received in it's use, if the depreciation exceeds the value of it's use, then it is a bad investment, if the depreciating value remains higher than the value obtained via it's use, then it is a good investment (think of it like claiming money has now capital value because it is under a mattress vs in a bank vs in the hands of corrupt pension funds soon to disappear or in car terms a vehicle driven once on week to church on Sundays vs a taxi). Problem is as a depreciating asset, that depreciation will wildly exceed any value obtained from use, causing major problems in new car sales, unless manufacturer supplied conversion systems become available. So when talking about investments talk about investments do not make specious arguments. Yep, there are investment geeks out there who actually understand all the economist crap, some of it logical and accurate and some sheer utter crap with the full intent of deceiving people (to hear the good stuff you needs to listen to smart business people privately talking to other smart business people and not the crap spewed to ignorant punters, especially by politicians and main stream media).

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 236 236

Yep that windows 10 marketing hype and B$ reviews are certainly getting more than a little over the top. That don't seem to be doing that well though and they are running into a real problem. As they push more the windows 10 hype is starting to becoming more annoying and putting people off, so they try harder to promote hype and instead of winning converts they are just becoming more annoying. I think their key market is baulking and looks to be waiting more than a quarter for the B$ to die down so that reality can start to leak through prior to wasting the effort and frustration on yet another unwanted upgrade.

DC makes sense with your own battery capacity and only using minimal AC from the mains as emergency charge up, if you solar capacity or battery capacity was too small. So likely houses will go all DC as it is much safer and reduces capital cost (all appliances without transformers), with AC only going to the battery outside. Mains power could of course become hugely expensive with so little current flowing to pay for that infrastructure. Interesting problem though of medium and high density dwellings with insufficient area for power generation, not to bad if they are all together but really bad when they are scattered amongst low density dwellings with sufficient area to generate their own electricity.

Comment Re:Crooks are afraid of the dark, too (Score 1) 294 294

Well, but according to the grandparent article reffered to in this article, this article is bullshit "Research suggests that road accidents have risen by 20 per cent in areas where street lights were switched off." So a twenty percent increase in car accidents, so shit for brain austerity fuck wit has simply shifted the cost from the rich back to poorer tax payers driving back home from work in the dark or driving to work in the dark. Hey, 20% increase in car accidents, death, dismemberment and permanent disability, so the fuck what, as long as the rich pay less tax and he sleeps better. How well are those 20 percenters sleeping after their car accidents, how many as sleeping permanently. How much would sane countries spend to reduce car accidents by 20%?

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 2) 870 870

Investment value is the real gnarly problem here. What do you think will be the future value of high priced exclusive infernal combustion vehicles, in the second hand market when gas stations start shutting down. How are new ones going to be sold, with a limited life span and perhaps no future second hand value. In fact those companies that start afresh without the burden of an infernal combustion past or capital loss in equipment, engineering, now empty patents, will have a huge advantage.

As countries try to dump fossil fuels on a shrinking market, so the price will temporarily drop until economies of scale collapse and regulations ban the pollution. The switch from infernal combustion to electric will be a whole lot messier than most people think unless cheap conversions become possible.

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