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Comment: Re:Whatsisname is...mistaken (Score 1) 235

by rtb61 (#49521451) Attached to: Robot Workers' Real Draw: Reducing Dependence on Human Workers

Humanity has been around for quite some time. Proportionately democracy and rule by elders is the dominant socio-political structure, as a percentage greater than 99%. So egalitarian structures are the norm up until the genetic mutation for psychopathy turned up, bringing about monarchy and homicidal maniacs who brutally killed all those that disagreed. Aristocracy inevitably meets it fate when it becomes unacceptably abusive and keep in mind it's power was stripped away when it was at it's hight and they met various ends, axes, guillotines and firing squads. In various region where autocratic governments have slide into modern autocracies, they pretty uniformly come to a vary gruesome end. So middle class is in fact the norm, and the genetic mutation of psychopathy and it's socio-political form, monarchy, is the rarity and always comes to an end.

Comment: Re:So..... (Score 1) 58

by rtb61 (#49521349) Attached to: Tor Is Building the Next Generation Dark Net With Funding From DARPA

You can not hide anything on a fibre optic network, photons most definitely are not free. You can of course hides all sorts of stuff in other places, the electrical grid, fresh water supply pipework and digital radio transmissions and of course what ever is left over of the copper phone network. Anything that can conduct an electric signal can conduct all sorts of hidden stuff at varying frequencies.

Most likely they want to keep on talking to the stuff they have managed to hide in networks all over the world, as well as criminally insert new stuff. The problem is they still feel they own the whole world and demand full spectrum dominance. In the end, it might be their cables that just end up being cut. Fuck with things enough and simply cutting the cable will be the solution everyone reaches for.

Keep being dicks and the undersea cable will start having accidents all over the place.

Comment: Re:Why not? (Score 1) 627

by rtb61 (#49521111) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

Reverse osmosis desalination plants, the most efficient kind run at about 25% efficiency and as such the waste water simply has a 25% higher salt content and this waste water can be discharged at depth to have less impact. This outfall would simply diffuse into surrounding water in low habitation zones.

Comment: Re:Good for him and the world. (Score 1) 117

Also the electric car has one huge manufacturing advantage. It is very easy to extend the factory to start producing domestic solar power kits, complete versions. The primary part of which is not the solar panel but the battery, inverter and control systems. So the panel can be conventionally outsourced and the rest of the kit assembled and ready for sale and installation. Right now is the right time for a retail complete ready to install kit by skilled trained franchise dealers. Part of that kit of course connector for the car, power incoming and outgoing. The car and the home power supply will work well together to minimise cost of some very expensive parts.

Comment: Re:Well done! (Score 1) 520

by rtb61 (#49516097) Attached to: George Lucas Building Low-Income Housing Next Door To Millionaires

Included in that is the sell value of the property and seven years is the appropriate return period, due to typical contract length. Not to forget of course, starting rent, day 1 year 1, is not finishing rent day 365 year 7. Then there are major tax breaks including asset depreciation, which wipes of total construction investment over the investment life of the property. Added to that likely significant appreciate in subdividing a major parcel of land. Of course he could just be really patient, move in the bogans, wait for the others out, demolish the low cost housing and build a movie studio.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 566

As it is, I am opposed to the whole idea of execution, it seems such a waste. Whilst the individual has lost their rights that have not lost their value. Contained within them is the genetics, the motivations and very likely the information to help prevent crimes by others. Also the potential for a cure, a bit tough as it would be on the experimental side but again there is benefit community wide in find cures and applying before terrible consequences occur. So kept as comfortable as reasonable, in a very good health state and used for appropriate reasonable medical experimentation, with strong emphasis on 'appropriate' and 'reasonable'. As an individual they might well have lost their value as a human being they have not and most definitely never to be spare parts (that is simply way to dangerous, DNA matching and wealthy scum able to manipulate the courts, nobody wants to be set up and framed for their body parts, no thank you). Never forget, we are talking government and lawyers as well, so a chance always remains to repair a legal mistake or a fraudulent prosecution.

Comment: Re:Forensic evidence should not be subjective (Score 1) 173

by rtb61 (#49508223) Attached to: FBI Overstated Forensic Hair Matches In Nearly All Trials Before 2000

A hair versus a fingerprint. On average a person has 100,000 hairs on the head and they loose on average 100 every single day, that is 36,500 hairs over a year (have you any idea how long those hairs can lost and how far they could travel, attached to another persons clothing), for which the US legal system in all of it's rampant stupidity now holds you legally liable. Now add to this shitty testing, so basically a scam to enable easy prosecution and early promotions.

Comment: Re:Kangaroo Court! (Score 1) 113

by rtb61 (#49508187) Attached to: DIA Polygraph Countermeasure Case Files Leaked

Well, actually he was trying to save those government agencies from their own stupdity. If professional criminals can pass the test as readily as psychopaths can, than exactly who are the fools, fooling, except themselves. So what is the court case going to be, a plea from the Fucking Bloody Idiots to help save them from their own stupidity (the lie detector test a way to ensure psychopath CIA agents can readily infiltrate the FBI to obstruct any investigations of criminal activity being conducted by the CIA, cough, cough, Anthrax, cough, cough).

Comment: Re:Help me out here a little... (Score 3, Interesting) 509

by rtb61 (#49508151) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

The properly handle the problem Tesla Motors needs to start producing home batteries and not just batteries for cars. This will help them and help us. It would be logical for Tesla Motors to come up with a complete kit ready to be installed, panels,batteries, inverters and obviously a direct socket to plug in a electric vehicle for power in either direction.

Comment: Re:Render farm? (Score 1) 150

Rule of games, the better the graphics the worse the game play, the better the graphics the buggier the product upon release, cut scenes are often claimed to be part of the game. So the game engine produces the cut scenes at maximum capability on a very high powered machine over with minutes of processing to create seconds of imaging ie really, really shitty frame rates. The empty hype of modern corporate marketing. I'll wait until a year after release and let everyone else deal with B$.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 566

The two problems with the method, which is incidentally why it was not brought up, it is a very accessible means of suicide and that state is now promoting it and of course an effective murder method, again which the state is now advertising. Quite the blunder, just so it can keep killing people.

Comment: Re:The third factor (Score 1) 383

by rtb61 (#49502937) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?

First up and most importantly of all, the measure of success of the ignorant and the measure of success of the intelligent are worlds apart. So yeah, I have a bunch of Bananas or I have more Bananas than everyone else, might work for monkeys but it does not work for intelligent people, nor does striving to achieve marketed definitions of success when you can see through the marketing (ignorance is bliss right up until they shut the gas chamber door and start pumping in you final breath). Now having a very broad sense of humour about all of that crap and that tied into the certainty of the 'LACK' of immortality of the vehicle of you temporary entrapment, it's demands must be met, else you do suffer in many ways, will provide many opportunities for humour and happiness not that you will often bother to share that with others, they will often take offence at the reason for your humour.

There is deeper meaning to. Have as much fun as possible, whilst causing the least amount of harm possible. Added to Annoy those that break the first rule, apparently it's necessary but don't forget to have fun whilst doing it. And of course Care and share in the wonders and joy of life. Winning at life, is most definitely not winning at greed not matter what the psychopaths say (they can never be happy as they lack that emotional ability regardless of the lies they express about it).

Happiness in more intelligent people, a measure of their sense of humour as balanced against the level of destructive deceit the can see and understand in the society of which they are a part. If you believe the sewer you are wallowing in is paradise, you'll likely be happy, however if you see the sewer for what it is, unless to have a sufficiently wry sense of humour, you likely will be unhappy. There are of course a range of intoxicating agents to re-introduce you to the world of bliss in ignorance of your youth, even if only temporarily so and fuck all those ignorant annoying ass hats who would deny that escape from them and their offensive nasty attitudes and behaviours. Greed the only measure of success, well, fuck that, I mean how persistent do you really need to be, to be able to light up a joint ;D.

Comment: Re:Questionable engineering decisions. (Score 1) 74

by rtb61 (#49502743) Attached to: Rocket Lab Unveils "Electric" Rocket Engine

You missed the bit where you can also feed the exhaust from the gas driven pump into the rocket engine exhaust and recover some of that energy and mass as thrust. The energy from an electric motor being completely lost. I though rocket patents are really tricky as most countries incorporate legislation to override patent laws and treaties when subject to national interests (patents with regard to military applications are purely voluntary and can be readily over ridden).

Comment: Re:privacy? (Score 1) 262

by rtb61 (#49502657) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Features Would You Like In a Search Engine?

Seek government funding as an independent service to the community to ensure equal access to all business by all the people. Attempt to create a level playing field, obviously the corporate greed driven solution is not working quite that well. Many companies, in fact likely the majority would be better off setting up an organisation to fund independent equal search with a fixed set of rules to set ranking results, likely in partnership with government.

Designing a search engine. The two obvious things are optional categories (too many categories can be problematic and difficult to use) and regional search with various levels of region, country, state, city, suburb. Next up registered users with, the user being able to block sites they have no interest in, from showing up in their results (and hopefully this information collated to push those places to page one hundred thousand and one of search results).

The flip side of having fully tracked and monitored search is better individual control of search but that needs to be a choice of the user. In that regard also a thumbs up for a good search result, to promote those sites, taking into account the search query and category and region (as well as of course negative responses). Taking on board properly registered volunteer users willing to contribute some time to the community at large by helping to evaluate search results and being one of the quality control methods to ensure fair and good search results. Some level of randomness in search output where, the other factors are equal to ensure more players get a shot at the first three pages and their location on those pages.

The search rules publicly defined and seek community support in establishing and protecting those rules from interference, at a civil suit an criminal prosecution level ie is corrupt SEO interfering with a persons computer network access by purposefully misdirecting their search results?

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