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Comment Re:FTDI is malware (Score 2) 268

this is why all the arduinos (nanos and other shield style boards) are moving away from ftdi and onto ch340, pl2303 (not great) or other usb/serial chips.

ch340 has been fine for me, so far. no driver problems, and so far not caring about fakes vs real ones (if there is such a thing for ch340).

ftdi can go fuck themselves. I think I need to send more notices to my corp (who does arduino stuff; at least in some groups) and we should stop patronizing ftdi.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face. (Score 0, Flamebait) 442

texas is a shithole and anyone living there deserves what they get.

news at 11.

(friends and recruiters keep trying to talk me into moving to tx. I'd rather die first. not kidding; I would never consider living in tx for so many reasons; this is just indicative of how backward the bible belt/south region is. corrupt as can be. if you live there, WHY???)

Comment Re:Say what you will (Score 2) 231

you've just put in simple words, this complex issue.

simple words are what are needed to explain this to joe sixpack, who really does not yet understand what all the fuss is about re: encryption.

this should be the EFF's (etc) message: "if your house had a super strong door that could not be broken into, and if the government was thinking of asking everyone for a copy of their house keys 'just in case' - would you happily give them a copy of your house key?"

it puts things in simple terms, and most americans would not enjoy the idea of some stranger entering their home at their will, without asking your permission (and respecting your wish). and yet, this is exactly what the gov is asking of us. worse, since searching my home can only find what is there; searching my online info (that I chose to keep non-public) could have many times worse of an affect.

imagine the tv ad; a burglar breaks into your house and walks away with some physical things. the government breaks into your system and the screen shows snippets of all aspects of your life being revealed.

I hope that we can have such tv ads so that people are given the other side of the untold story; re: encryption and the power-grab from the various governments and authorities. we really need to inform people what they stand to risk and lose if we just hand over the keys to the kingdom, so to speak.

Comment Re:Security is only as strong as its weakest door (Score 1) 246

I thought of this immediately. france was one of the few modern countries to make encryption illegal for users, for a LONG time.

they dropped that rule.

now they want to go back to the bad old days.

look, france, do we REALLY have to start the old and tired 'france surrenders!' jokes all over again? we're all tired of that old joke, but maybe you citizens need to tell your government that you don't want to go backwards and hide in fear any more.

good luck with that, though; our own people (US) won't do this either and we'll probably follow you down this rathole ;(

sad that terrorists can scare us into giving away all our rights and freedoms. this is exactly what they wanted all along! and our own governments are happily playing right into their hands!!!

Comment Re: People actually *like* Python whitespace? (Score 4, Interesting) 339

also, 100% this.

I could care less what human-A did for his indenting, at least on C code. if the code works and compiles, I can FIX his indentation and not ruin a thing; only make it more readable.

there is no concept of a re-indent or auto-indent (such as found in emacs, for example) for python. you can't do it. because as I posted before about this: there are 2 things and they should never be mixed. one is a cue to the compiler what a block is, and the other is a cue to the HUMAN what a block is. and combining them is what guido fucked up, on.

in C, I can do whatever wild indenting I want and a re-indent can fix it so I can read it again. I got very used to that. code was ROBUST in this way, and humans can mess with the look of it without doing harm. if I move a block from some inline code to a nested routine, it always ALWAYS works. not so in python. in fact, I'm not even sure HOW to move a block from one level of indent to another with perfect safety. its just STUPID!!!! stupid beyond belief to those of us who have been writing code for decades (I'm mid 50's and have been doing software eng work since my teens).

part of me wants to add a feature to the language so I can add braces back again, then preproc the source to remove it as a phase before running the code. I know it won't be accepted by anyone in my company but it would restore sanity to my own python projects, at least.

imagine a source code control system where check-out gets you those braces, you do your edits and each time you save the file to local git or svn (etc) it removes the bad chars and makes it 'real python' again so you can run it. that way you kind of have it both ways and editing, at least, is now more safe.

Comment Re: People actually *like* Python whitespace? (Score 5, Insightful) 339

100% this!

twice in the first few months of my learning python, I saw someone post code on a web forum that was impossible to know what the intent was; because the spacing was messed up (web forums do this all the time) and this, alone, proved to me how stupid this braceless style of space-sensitive indenting was.

there are 2 things and they should NOT be combined! one is for the compiler to define what a block is. the other is documentation for humans, so we know what the block is.

and yes, they do act differently. I can use white space to tell a HUMAN things but white space is quite a stupid way to talk to a computer.

there's a lot I like about python, but guido is just plain wrong, here, and its frustrating that he won't admit it.

Comment Re:Or you know... (Score 1) 556

"we've tried and tried, but we can't find any data in there. its not teletype, its not FAX, its not ebcdic or SIXBIT, its not slow-scan tv, its not any kind of modem signal we have seen before. we -think- it could be a teenager flapping his lips between his finger, making some kind of noise, but we still are not sure."

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 1, Insightful) 174

the reason people care is that we see an endless sucking-away of OUR cash (that should be used to better ALL our lives, not just a few .1%-ers) without any use for society.

lets not forget, without society and US, he would never have gotton where he is. he owes us, as does every fucking rich asshole out there who thinks that 'his' money is 100% his and he owes nothing back to the society that enabled him.

the US infrastructure is in shambles. we have no taxes collected from rich folks or rich companies anymore; ALL the burden is placed on middle and poor folks. nothing can get done this way and nothing IS getting done. sewers are in need of upgrades, water ways, transportation, electricity, waste removal - all the things we need every day - there is no money for it because the republicans continue to allow rich folks to skirt the tax laws.

if no money comes back to 'us', then we all suffer.

I find it hard to believe you truly think that money should just get sucked into a rich person's wallet, never to benefit society again. let me guess which political party you belong go....

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