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Comment: Re:Brain drain (Score 1) 154

by TheGratefulNet (#49171761) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

so few projects are REALLY collaborations, that old horse gets trotted out far too often.

in my 25+ years in software, I don't know of any single time that I've collaborated, NEEDING or even benefiting from an open office with all the noise and distractions it brings.

if we want to brainstorm, we go into a conf room, whiteboard, take notes and then go back and do our brainwork.

if you talk to me, I get annoyed. I'm deep in concentration. each time you bug me, you break my concentration.

what's so hard to GET about this?

anyone who supports OO is looking for a party at work, not doing real work. I'm 100% convinced about that. the reason every HR says that OO is 'great' is that 'new/young employees think it makes the work environment more like a dorm, which they relate to'. yeah, that gives the real reason right there; youngsters want that dorm feel. us old neckbeards just want to work in peace and not be distracted by every stupid thing someone wants to spout up about. socializing is needed, but go do that at the water cooler or break room. leave the work area QUIET, please!

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 0) 240

what is the make-up of the US, these days? and actually, by area of the country, since it varies to much by region.

here in the bay area, whites are not the majority anymore. take a walk down cupertino or santa clara or san jose. its asian and indian, mostly. take a walk thru a silicon valley company; the managers (some) may be white but almost all the workers are from asian countries (counting india in that grouping).

when I would have lunch talks with a group of internationals, both contractors and employees, at the bay area companies - I would often ask them what they think of the mass surveillance that we are now seeing in the US, the fear and FUD from the government about 'terrorism' and they usually have NO PROBLEM with how the government acts, in fact, they want MORE government pressure and involvement 'to keep us all safe'. they have no point of reference of what it was like to grow up here, in schools and societal life, to be brought up with the notion that 'the evil commies' were the ones to ask 'papers please!' and restrict your travel, assume you did bad things unless proven otherwise, where neighbors spied on each other, no one trusted each other and the government was to be feared, not trusted.

what we learned in school, all those decades ago, the foreigners who now work and live here, have no experience with. their own home countries sucked so much worse, they were happy and glad to get a new chance here in the 'land of opportunity' and most still see it that way, even after being here a long time (ie, a decade or less).

and so, if you go by silicon valley populations, the stereotypical 'white guy' almost does not exist anymore. walk the bay area streets and you find mostly asians, and they don't have the same feeling about what made america great compared to someone who was born and raised here.

those born and raised here are pissed off and ready for a revinvation (maybe not revolution but certainly not a warming over of what we already have; we want a re-do!). but those from other lands will not be joining us in any such fight. they are not going to make waves, they are not going to 'bite the hand' and they are ok with how things are. its actually good for them, right now, with all the h1b friendly companies out there.

so, even if mr. white guy is pissed off, there just are not enough of them to even matter, anymore! and it shrinks every year, as more h1b's enter the country.

america, in the bay area at least, has lost a lot of what made it great; the knowledge of what the US was really about. generally you do have to grow up here to know, at the deepest level, what we are about and what we are supposed to be about. but as those who grow up here become the minority, our voice shrinks and we become irrelevant.

note, this is also an unspoken goal of the hi1b-IT-isation of america. sort of like gerrymandering.

Comment: Re:serious question (Score 1) 154

by TheGratefulNet (#49168443) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

not sure about flickr 'going strong'. I joined flickr when it first came out and most of the people I 'knew' back then are no longer active on flickr and their updates have stopped years ago.

each time flickr changes their site, it breaks stuff, features get dropped that were useful and stupid things get added that are of NO value at all.

I did have a paid membership to flickr but I had that just 1 year, flickr started to suck and I let the paid thing lapse. now, I post a few photos a year instead of the dozens per month that I used to post.

(and no, I have not gone to FB or the other sites. I don't have a FB account and never will.) flickr was my only 'social networking' site, if you can call it that, but all my friends have gotton fed up with yahoo and left!

Comment: Re:serious question (Score 1) 154

by TheGratefulNet (#49168431) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

excuse me??? spam filter works on yahoo?


I get nothing BUT 'indian tv' and 'indian flix' and other stupid spam. uhm, I'm not indian and don't speak the language, don't know the people and actually, don't even watch (broadcast) tv anymore. marking them as spam never stops them. clearly its spam but yahoo won't stop them from appearing in my yahoo inbox. I've given up on yahoo mail and only check it a few times a year. (it takes about that long to load those stupid web pages, too, even with adblock!)

Comment: Re:Brain drain (Score 2) 154

by TheGratefulNet (#49168401) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

I worked at both sun and sgi (that you mentioned in your list) and neither one required us to be at our desks. I was telecommuting about 99% of the time (even though my office was about 10mi from where I live, all my co-workers were 'remote' and all our meetings were on the phone, so there was no real reason to 'be' there). I stayed there 5 years and had a great time, did good work and enjoyed being at sun. well, up until oracle bought them and all hell broke loose...

at sgi, same kind of deal; I was allowed to work from home as-needed and sgi was a 'very online' company back in the 90's. before it was trendy, in fact.

so, not sure which bay area you worked at, but I've been here over 25 years and I know what the silicon valley culture is all about. and it used to be pretty open and flexible. it was the 'california way' (I moved from boston, so I knew the east coast 'uptight' way as well as the more relaxed calif way.)

Comment: Re:Brain drain (Score 2) 154

by TheGratefulNet (#49168337) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

I'm not seeing much choice, anymore. the last few years of interviews (off and on) have shown me that the bay area is swallowing the 'open office' idea, hook line and sinker.

my last gig was at cisco and they are converting (slowly but surely) to an all OO environment. and again, no one I talked to, there, was a tiny bit happy about it. they all talked about working from home (cisco still allows that) or just plain leaving.

make no mistake, companies do this to save money, save space and they don't care at all about your happiness! they at least acted like they did, years ago, but they don't even try that anymore. they know we all know what their plan is.

being a tech worker is really starting to suck. its becoming like factory work, many decades ago. churn and burn.

Comment: Re:Brain drain (Score 5, Interesting) 154

by TheGratefulNet (#49168241) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

yes, silicon valley culture USED to be about the employees. I worked at SGI and I remember them allowing dogs into the offices, so that single folks who don't have anyone to watch over their pups can avoid having to kennel them during the day. we had hardwall offices, with doors (!) while managers had 'cubes'. it was the opposite of how most of the rest of the valley was, and it helped make sgi one of the best places to work at.

I also worked at sun. also had a hardwall office.

I was at fore systems (west coast) and many of us had offices with walls and doors.

now, the bad news. the last 10 or so years, I've seen a move to 'open offices' and so, you don't even get a cube anymore! ;( really really bad move, HR morans.

every place that had an open office, sucked. everyone felt that way but HR, who would never admit they made a mistake (like politicians, never admit you were wrong, sigh).

if someone gets sick, YOU get sick, too. isn't THAT nice??

plus, the new trend is to not hire f/t but only hire contractors. guess what: contractors don't get sick time off, so they HAVE to report in and make everyone else sick.

I have never been at yahoo, but it sounds like I would hate it there if I went.

as for their products, their email is the worst/slowest and loads the most CRAP when you give it permission. its also the most unfriendly html/js code to filter on (on purpose, no doubt). adblock has a harder time with yahoo content since they intentionally make every fucking variable name unique! ;( really unfriendly, which I'm sure they could care less about. obscurring the 'content' that gets downloaded via yahoo pages is part of what makes yahoo, well, 'a yahoo'.

taking away telecommuting - all the while, SHE has a private room next to her office for her little ones - that would be the most insulting thing to me if I was working there.

the sooner yahoo fails, the better. the whole internet would be better off without them, at this point.

Comment: Re:Default Government Stance (Score 3, Interesting) 177

by TheGratefulNet (#49166611) Attached to: Feds Admit Stingray Can Disrupt Bystanders' Communications

and also, where is the notion of a mass dragnet ALLOWED by the constitution?

its not. never was allowed. any dragnets were always illegal (not to mention immoral).

they over-reach with this mass surveillance stuff. they know they are on borrowed time and that, eventually, we the people will not tolerate it. it may take years to get the laws fixed; meanwhile, they enjoy the fruits of the poison tree and enjoy their little spy-fest.

Comment: Re:Default Government Stance (Score 0) 177

by TheGratefulNet (#49166579) Attached to: Feds Admit Stingray Can Disrupt Bystanders' Communications

careful there - next time there is an R running the country, expect the same exact 'treatment'.

I know you are trolling, but for some reason, you got marked insightful and there's nothing at all insightful about your post. it would come straight from faux news - and that's hardly anything 'insightful'.

btw, what does obama have to do with local state police? you think he's in control of everything in the US?

'insightful', my ass!

Comment: Re:A new judicial system? (Score 3, Insightful) 135

by TheGratefulNet (#49155949) Attached to: Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega

interesting point.

banks are not voted on, not representative, no checks and balances (lol) and they are not answerable to the population on anything they do.

so WHY are we leaving matters of legality to banks? they are not legal institutions and should not have 'boycott' power!!

you know, I wish the joker (in the movie) did slice lehey's throat. its a bad thing to say, but since he's not a very nice person, I don't feel bad about wishing harm on him.

damn. the american system of 'justice' is such a laughing stock. we now seem to be the world's most powerful banana republic...

Comment: Re:this is one more reason (Score 5, Insightful) 135

by TheGratefulNet (#49155929) Attached to: Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega

why do banks get to pick and choose who to do business with?

sounds like we need to SCRAP the banking system and start all over, if this is truly the case. too much depends on the ability to move money around, in this world, and banks can basically kill you (pretty much literally, over time, of course) if they want to.

this is NOT RIGHT. its unamerican, its anti-freedom, its unacceptable.

keep fueling the revolution, boys. sooner or later, y'all will be up against the wall.

"Nature is very un-American. Nature never hurries." -- William George Jordan