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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 86

macs at sun? when was that?

I was at sun right before oracle killed them and in engineering, it was all tower sun workstations. sunblade this and netra that (for those doing netra work).

and at sgi, we had o2's and octanes.

at DEC, we had decstations and vaxstations.

I liked it when there was computer diversity like that. I really do miss using real unix boxes instead of (sigh) windows windows windows! in the corp world, you only get to pick win or apple, now.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 86

I was at cisco during the last year and, yes, it was amazing how many silver aluminum laptops I saw 'walking around'. 100:1 or 50:1 to pc's.

while there, I took some employee training and one class was almost entirely international exchange students (there for a whole year at a time, I'm told). 99% of them had apple laptops.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 4, Insightful) 740

its the other way around. we used to have small, simple programs that did not take whole systems to build and gigs of mem to run in. things were easier to understand and concepts were not overdone a hundred times, just because 'reasons'.

now, we have software that can't be debugged well, people who are current software eng's have no attention span to fix bugs or do proper design, older guys who DO remember 'why' are no longer being hired and we can't seem to stand on our giants' shoulders anymore. again, because 'reasons'.

Comment Re:At pools (Score 1) 258

anyone old enough to remember the iOpener? (I have one still in a box, anyone want it? it has been modded to run linux; 2.0 iirc).


keyboard had a pizza key on it. not much else memorable about that failed marketing experiment.

(and that's a $100 that I'll never see again. oh well. it was a different world back then)

Comment Re:buh, bye (Score 3, Interesting) 494

no one would believe you if you went back in time and said that reagan and bush-2 would be president.

"an actor? president? you're making that up!"

(what movie was that from? doesn't matter.)

point is, with the true choice of leaders NOT being in the hands of the voters, anything's possible. if the hidden unseen rulers choose idiot-A or idiot-B, that's what we get. what: you thought we had a SAY in things? oh, how cute.

Comment Re:Slavery 2.0 Rocks!!! (Score 5, Insightful) 396

you are wrong.

speaking as someone who is out of work, savings near 0 (been out a long time) and there is essentially no social support. I can't meet my expenses on unemployment, not even close. and when unemployed, you cannot find a new place to live; they all insist you are currently employed! catch 22.

I know what I'm talking about. I'm in that role. you are simply ASSUMING and you are, quite frankly, wrong and talking out of your ass.

america will crush you and you can't expect the US to support its people when they are down and out. why the fuck do you think there ARE homeless people!!! dammit.

Comment Re:Party loyalty is a huge problem ... (Score 1) 676

people are loyal to parties BECAUSE the polticians are TOO MUCH struck against party lines.

I can't find a single republican that believes in normal thinking-person things. I won't list it, you can imagine what the R's dislike and how they are so out of touch with modern times.

they keep doubling-down on the derp, as is said in the parlance of our times (dude!).

even though the D's have some pretty bad people, I could not bring myself to vote for an R simply because the R's are even more brain damaged and simply refuse to break rank with the orders of the party.

if we could get our 'leaders' to break rank, we'd really have a chance at a return to prosperity and good times. that's not going to happen because human power-drives simply won't allow them to admit they were wrong and that Change Is Good(tm), from time to time.

people that I know that vote for D are not voting FOR a D. they are simply saying 'I cannot tolerate the batshit-crazy Rs and there's no way I want any of those fuckwads in office, if I can help it.'

I have not met anyone who is happy to vote for either party. now, they pretty much are voting for whoever is NOT on the side they hate the most.

Comment Re:Making bad news out of anything (Score 1) 293

right smack dab in the middle of silicon valley. you would think that its not impossible to get employment here if you have any experience and can code. I have tons of experience and yes, I can code. I can do a lot more than coding, but I'm happy to continue coding.

I'm not proud and I'll take nearly any job that I can physically or mentally do. I'll do a job several levels 'below' me. I don't care! if I'm helping and being productive and keeping myself indoors (ie, not homeless) I'm happy to do qa work or - fuck - even data entry. yeah, 30 or so years of software and hardware and I can't even get the most basic zoomer entry level job. of course: they see my 3 pages of resume and they won't offer me jobs 'below me'. I don't use that term; work is honorable and I'd be happy to go back to work in any way I can! but try to tell that to employers. 'you will get bored, you will leave, you wont be happy, etc. well, let me be the judge of that, ok? maybe I would be happy. and you'll get a guy who realizes what its like to be without work and who will do all he can to STAY employed, as long as the employer lets him.

I don't know what the issue is; and I don't think its one single thing. but being american born and raised and over 40 really does limit your engineering growth in the bay area. if you are from an h1b country, hey, come on in! we'll find SOME job for you. but me? no. no job for you.

sorry to vent. but people need to hear this. they should hear it so that they don't live under the false illusion that life is great and if you have a good education, good experience and good work ethic, you'll be able to stay employed. NO! its a fucking lie.

Comment Re:Those making more than new minimum salary (Score 2) 480

more bullshit.

they don't unionize because they've been brainwashed by the 'extreme right' that soshalizm is baaaad! jesus would cry if we went socialist, even a little bit.

they are afraid of losing their jobs and big corp USA keeps putting fear into union folks by the same old tactics they used about 100 years ago. same shit, different day.

the workers are not smarter or dumber; they are manipulated and scared into working against their own best interests.

ie, the republicans continue to fuck us all. unions, baaaad! soshalizm, baaaad! more money for ceo's, goooood!

Comment Re:Ha! (Score -1) 480

how cute. someone who still thinks that capitalism WORKS.

hint: we're melting down in the US, the middle class is being attacked and destroyed, the upper classes accumulate more and more of the world's wealth and most of us will NEVER be able to retire.

so, telll me again how greed makes things all sunshine and rainbows?

(btw, you sound like a CEO. probably a white, christian, conservative ceo, at that)

My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income. -- Errol Flynn Any man who has $10,000 left when he dies is a failure. -- Errol Flynn