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Comment: Re:testing the waters (Score 1) 170

by symbolset (#46816035) Attached to: Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"
We cut out our cable TV subscription years ago and went straight Netflix, Redbox and streaming. We have saved thousands of dollars. More importantly, my youngest children can't stand TV. The very notion that the commercials ruin the show and they can't watch what they want when they want is utterly incomprehensible to them. When I hooked up OTA digital to watch the NFL playoffs they made fun of me for watching so many ads.

Comment: Re:Repeat July 2011 (Score 1) 170

by symbolset (#46815939) Attached to: Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"
We use Redbox. They have a lot of blockbuster movies. I don't see it as a replacement for Netflix, but an enhancement. There is no way Hollywood is going to let Netflix show Gravity any time soon, but I rented the Bluray at Redbox for $1.50. There are a lot of Redbox kiosks in our area and their website knows what is in each one at any given moment, so we have a good selection.

Comment: I was there when TOR was young (Score 1) 155

by symbolset (#46798025) Attached to: New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy
True forward anonymity is a useful thing and it served the myriad dissidents escaping opression which is good. Being involved in it also meant facilitating the use of others involved in slavery, abuse of minors, and so on. On balance I decided that I could not justify facilitating the downside, no matter how important the upside was. There has to be a better way than dancing with the devil. If you dance with the devil, you will pay his fee.

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by symbolset (#46791217) Attached to: How Nest and FitBit Might Spy On You For Cash
Google gives us great products and services, and minds the privacy that we actually care about. With the data they aggregate they provide services that would be possible in no other way. Google is just not creepy. You know what is creepy? The marketing company trying at great expense to sell us the idea that Google is creepy. That is creepy. Who are they?

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by symbolset (#46783177) Attached to: Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft
In addition to the UEFI requiring bootloaders signed by Microsoft, or security features turned off, there is the use of PowerVR graphics from Imagination Technologies (IT). For many years IT did not support the api documentation required to make a good open driver for these Intel devices. As Platforms there were several other parts of the reference platform that were Windows Only. Co-marketing dollars were applied to Windows devices only, and so on. You think we don't know about the myriad games Intel played?

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