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+ - Facebook to DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles to Nab Criminals

Submitted by (3830033) writes "CNNMoney reports that Facebook has sent a letter to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration demanding that agents stop impersonating users on the social network. "The DEA's deceptive actions... threaten the integrity of our community," Facebook chief security officer Joe Sullivan wrote to DEA head Michele Leonhart. "Using Facebook to impersonate others abuses that trust and makes people feel less safe and secure when using our service." Facebook's letter comes on the heels of reports that the DEA impersonated a young woman on Facebook to communicate with suspected criminals, and the Department of Justice argued that they had the right to do so. Facebook contends that their terms and Community Standards — which the DEA agent had to acknowledge and agree to when registering for a Faceook account — expressly prohibit the creation and use of fake accounts. "Isn't this the definition of identity theft?" says Privacy researcher Runa Sandvik. The DEA has declined to comment and referred all questions to the Justice Department, which has not returned CNNMoney's calls."

Comment: Re:Should we jump to conclusions? (Score 2) 299

by lannocc (#48000809) Attached to: Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography

This does not apply to tourists. This does not apply to someone pulling out their video camera to video the family frolicking through the wilderness.

Not so fast...

You'll also need a permit for commercial filming

Exactly. Here is the definition for "commercial filming", from the same source:

Commercial filming—use of motion picture, videotaping, sound recording, or any other moving image or audio recording equipment on National Forest System lands that involves the advertisement of a product or service, the creation of a product for sale, or the use of models, actors, sets, or props, but not including activities associated with broadcasting breaking news, as defined in FSH 2709.11, chapter 40.

I find this far too encompassing. Sets or props could apply to just about anything. See that tent in the photo you're taking? Looks like a prop to me.

Prop (noun): a stick, rod, pole, beam, or other rigid support.

The terms, they are muddy. This slope is getting slippery.

Comment: MT Radio.Net (Score 1) 35

It's great to see how others utilize open source software. Last year myself and some friends started MT Radio.Net. We are Community Internet Broadcasting, showcasing Montana talent and more. Staying away from FM/AM transmission allows us to operate uncensored with material that is sometimes explicit. Importantly, it has allowed us to begin broadcasting with very little overhead or financial investment. With donated microphones and mixing consoles and many hours programming, our NEW Player (beta) is now up and running!

With this new custom player we rotate band images as their music plays. Next feature to add is chat room for the live shows. However, though I have much help running the station I am the sole developer here, so these things take time. I'm using software such as ICECast, MPD, and Tomcat with custom code all running on Gentoo Linux. JACK is used on the input PC and I use Audacity for editing. WordPress is also used (with integrated automated posting). I wrote a BASH-like "web" shell language called IOVAR that is the foundation for the MT Radio.Net operations dashboard and player.

If any other developers want to help work on any of this stuff let me know (reply here), it'd be great to collaborate!

Comment: Re:Trust (Score 0) 136

by lannocc (#47373685) Attached to: Microsoft Backs Open Source For the Internet of Things
Chill. "M$" is close enough to "MS" that I bet many people don't interpret it in a derogatory fashion. In fact, I think it's a rather cool re-branding. Anyways, I don't whine when people call Linux linux, linus, lennox, GNU/Linux, whatever. Besides, you're the first to be throwing out the term "Microshaft" on this story's forum here; perhaps you're just here to feed the trolls!

Comment: Hurray for CLI improvements! (Score 1) 176

by lannocc (#47342275) Attached to: Meet Carla Shroder's New Favorite GUI-Textmode Hybrid Shell, Xiki

I like what Xiki is shooting for and look forward to trying it out. I have a similar interest in finding new ways to interact with a command shell. One such feature would be a shell and simple commands (in the Unix spirit) that natively work with URI resources rather than simply (local) file handles and sockets. My attempts to achieve this over the past 5 years has resulted in what I call IOVAR (hosted on Google Code and, a BASH-like shell for the web written in Java and currently running in Tomcat on Linux. It supports a mix of shell scripts and single-purpose servlets, among a mix of any other system commands, to easily chain together processes that work with web resources.

IOVAR works, I've been using it to build a new back-end services and front-end player for our community Internet radio station MT Radio.Net. We'll be launching the new system July 4th!

I'm glad to see there are others that are finding really cool ways to improve our interaction with the PC, and this Xiki looks interesting! Now if I could just complete some more documentation and ease the installation for IOVAR, in combination with the working use cases I've now built, it could turn into something. But I really could use the help! The entire stack is open-source and everything I have written is MIT-licensed.

Comment: Give IOVAR a try? (Score 1) 466

by lannocc (#47244017) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Rapid Development Language To Learn Today?
I would like to mention my pet project, IOVAR, hosted on Google Code. One of its goals is to aid in rapid development/prototyping as it bring shell scripting concepts to the web. IOVAR is currently in a usable state but lacks a "getting started" guide so I won't yet call it a beta release. I've licensed it with MIT license and would love some feedback or help!

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