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Comment Re:Lipstick on a pig! (Score 1) 123

so much anger, and over a simple request...
Are you paid per insult or per post and just needed to fill you "angry response" quota for the day? I checked and you have a quite a number of angry posts, are you also an angry driver that uses his horn and tailgates a lot? Does it impress your boyfriend and make him all excited or does it mortify him and he wishes you would stop?
Or is it that you are over due for a session of the needful?
Or worse yet, did you try to write an app and failed? Was it you? Was it the environment?

Comment Re:Try focusing on keeping subscribers (Score 1) 319

And then on top of all this, even though you're paying a huge monthly fee, you still have to watch advertising.

I agree with everything you said, but this is really the kicker isn't it? It really adds insult to injury, more so since with Netflix you don't have that problem.

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 200

I think a chair throwing ballmer is as awesome as a fat out-of-shape over privileged white male throwing a chair is, which is to say, not that awesome. He is a psychopath though as most American CEO's are, because no decent human being could do the things that they do to "their" workforce.

Good joke though, I totally agree. I also think that ballmer led through coercion and intimidation because psychopaths have no fear but know how to create it in others.

Yes, I did lower-case the fat sweaty pig, so?

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 200

And yet, Germany's economy is kicking ass while the US sinks further and further into third-world status. Socialism works, the proof is there. Discuss infrastructure, quality of products, unionization, health care, health care costs vs outcomes, education, education costs, social welfare, incarceration rates, child poverty, child welfare...

Comment Re:Profits are important to allocate resources (Score 1) 93

It isn't that drugs are invented by academics/taxpayers, it is that they carry out the fundamental research that makes possible the "inventions" by the drug companies. The fundamental research is a huge part of the labor and cost and it is being borne by the taxpayer. As the AC below implies, a tremendous amount of the cost incurred by big pharma is in sales, marketing, lobbying and legal, and some with the trials to bring a drug to "market".
So if you would be so kind, address that point as well as the other points regarding drugs being able to be sold by the generics companies for cheaper than the brand namers can even _manufacture_ them. What is wrong with the production process at the brand name companies that they cost so much more to make?

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