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Comment: Re:New proposal. (Score 1) 164

by nickersonm (#45127809) Attached to: Elevated Radiation Claimed At Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues
Since Sieverts are a measure of ionizing radiation, then obviously the background levels I mentioned are ionizing radiation.

Certainly the physical distribution of the radiation sources are important, but I didn't think that was worth mentioning in a simple summary comparison. Sieverts already attempt to correct for biological effects, but yes, if the radiation source is something that can internally bioaccumulate, it will have more complex and serious effects. That is beyond a simple single-measurement comparison, however.

Comment: Re:From Someone Who Works in Boulder (Score 1) 85

by nickersonm (#44846149) Attached to: Boulder's Tech Workers Cope With Historic Flood
I was around on my bicycle yesterday and today; the flooding didn't seem too bad west of Broadway, except for the creek path, but there's more low-lying buildings east of there. Nothing of note on the main CU campus. Although it appears that Boulder Creek was quite a bit higher late last evening than it was when I was there. Very high debris marks and silt all over, including through a lot of the downtown streets. Also a mudslide early this morning at the opening of the canyon.

I have a number of pictures here (somewhat low quality), and several short videos from the same areas.

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