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Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 56

Moreover, my cocktail napkin says that the ore value of a 1000kg chunk of typical nickel-iron meteorite is probably around USD $2000-$3000 at current prices.

So that's worth around $8,002,000 delivered to orbit, based on Falcon 9 launch prices. The point of asteroid mining isn't to deliver to Earth, but to deliver to orbit. Planetary Resources in particular is targeting selling water to NASA at less than launch cost.

Comment Re:New proposal. (Score 1) 164

Since Sieverts are a measure of ionizing radiation, then obviously the background levels I mentioned are ionizing radiation.

Certainly the physical distribution of the radiation sources are important, but I didn't think that was worth mentioning in a simple summary comparison. Sieverts already attempt to correct for biological effects, but yes, if the radiation source is something that can internally bioaccumulate, it will have more complex and serious effects. That is beyond a simple single-measurement comparison, however.

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