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Comment ruining songs (Score 2) 248

I can never again hear 'start me up' by the rolling stones without cringing due to windows 95 memories and the many parodies of the song that followed. I have a similar experience with 'come together' which will forever be in my mind as "the nortel networks song".

Marketing sure is sick. i can hear them both, plain as day, 20 years later!

Comment Re:Explain to me like I'm 5 (Score 1) 257

"Even if that observer is us, in the future, moving backwards."

aw fuck dude, i should not have just watched back to the future 2 and smoked a bunch of weed before reading that.

We see the past, so its there. I think so I am, makes it so. Life and the universe is an invented illusion, and that is reality. I cant say i know enough quantum mechanics to all but interpret wildly on what you said though.

Comment Re:No such thing as privacy these days (Score 2) 373

"No smartphone, no facebook, no google, no nothing. Go live in some cabin in the woods without electricity."

Those are a few horrible fads and hardly constitute a regression from civilized society. There was a time when putting your real name on-line would get you laughed off of slashdot. sad.

Comment Re:Moral of the story: (Score 1) 147

Yeah, chrome killing support for napia plugins has made a java remote appliance stop working the same way, a building lighting control system built on silverlight to stop working, and an hvac systems web interface. And thats just the building I work in....

Right now, everyone is hoping microsoft or oracle or whomever will update plugins so that they work again in chrome. IETAB is a work around, however it sucks ass that internal tools firewalled off from the internet also get shafted. Upgrades for these kind of systems aren't cheap either.

Comment Didn't winrar have a nag screen? (Score 1) 129

And require a crack to get working properly? Why would anyone still use that crap. As everyone else has said, 7-zip has I thought, been standard for like 5 years, which is eternity in internet time... Do the slashdot editors still use winrar or something because they are stuck in the glory days of yore?

That, or they really are out of tune with the windows software scene.

Comment Say no to forever pages! (Score 1) 131

Seriously, my mousewheel starts smoking whenever one of these new web 3.0 pages come up. Scrolling scrolling scrolling forever. Who the hell likes these things>? Is there something so wrong with embeded images? does every page have to be some downward scrolling adventure? its just supposed to be a god damn article!!!

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 1) 515

Pretty much. Its about applications and for "IT pro's" its probably about what they have to support in the workplace as well. I love linux on the server, (LTS releases ONLY), but on the desktop? Last time i tried it was all about lack of software, and length of configuration time for something I am less familiar with.

With linux there is 1 program that one guy maintains that does what you want in one way. If you want variety, hey just program that shit up! On windows, there are tens to hundreds of programmes that do what you want, no coding required. Some pay, some free, the best ones are open source of course.

So I guess I am not sure what desktop linux users complain about. Android is the most popular phone OS, and OSX is UNIX... So pretty much everywhere is *NIX already in 2015. I can name a dozen popular open source tools that I use every day, so even the linux philosophy has thoroughly permeated many windows users. (windirstat, thunderbird, putty, filezilla, dban, rufus, firefox, notepad++, vnc, media player classic, vlc, xibo... and many more)

The only reason that there are not more desktop linux installs is that MS and office are considered business standard. Business people (including most IT people I have met) like that most of the technology works out of the box and is point and click, thus saving time and headaches. Office workers want the os that they are familiar with from work, at home. You would need to retrain the entire world for that to change, and no ones going to pay for that.

Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 5, Insightful) 224

"You can't steal what is given away, and the law says that if you leave stuff lying around on purpose, that you're in a grey area. Specifically, by leaving it on the side of the road without any sort of permit, you're littering"

And this my friends, is why it survived in canada and europe for months but NOT the usa for more than a few weeks.

You talk so much mr poo, that you give away the real truth with your comment without even realizing it. That is why it was damaged in america in short order, because americans think exactly like this comment.

Comment Re:The answer's simple... (Score 2) 138

"(since games haven't been CPU bound in years)"

You obviously haven't played any system stressing games... Most games are not multiuthreaded, so do not benefit from AMD's main competitive edge. Not to mention AMD chips run hotter and use more power than a comparable intel. Never a good sign of good design .

Then you imply that intel rigged ALL the benchmarks they are in because there is a conspiracy and the US DOJ should get involved....

Like this right, this is rigged by intel?
(The first AMD cpu ranks in at 59th... with double the cores of the nearest i7)

The pendulum switches back and forth all the time, no point in being a fanboy for either franchise. Intel has been dominating since core 2 duo / core 2 quad and they continue to do so. I had dual opterons before that. Brand loyal is stupid, benchmarks cant all lie.

Comment Re:WindowsME 2.0 (Score 1) 277

8.1 is not nerely as stable as windows 7. Do you have any microsoft surface devices? I too have had update related problems, as well as directaccess vpn foobaring itself, graphics bugs, network funnyness such as drives dropping randomly offline and just general instability requiring reboots. We have about 20 machines with win8 compared to 100s with win7 and the win8 machines definitely have more issues, sorry to say.

Its always good to be extremely apprehensive about windows releases. If you remember all the way back to win95, it was garbage till SR2. Then theres windows ME, vista, windows CE (nightmares, cold sweats....). I wouldnt touch ten for at least the first year. Suckers can do what they want. I can ALWAYS upgrade later! no harm to me!

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 0) 277

are you saying XP is better in the enterprise? You are high or in some dinosaur industry. If you haven't moved all your PC's off XP yet you are doomed!

The problems you complain about can be solved by group policy. How many regular users have to swtich Domains they log into... come on.

Who BROWSES a windows network? Not any sort of enterprise. Why would someone do that? The admin sets the drives,. printers, etc you need based on your location and function.

XP is garbage. Its like saying you want to use win98 in these days. If you have modern touch screen devices, you almost have to use windows 8. I find win8 less stable than windows 7 but windows 7 is surely just as stable as windows 2000.

2008-2012 server for WDS imaging is indespensible. Support for solid state drives, native 64 bit being normal. That anyone could prefer XP over windows 7 in this day either needs to retire right now, or at least will be covered over by the blowing sand soon enough!

Comment Re:What is being missed... is the $2 million part. (Score 1) 456

Do you think he also did all the HVAC control work? crawling through the 19 schools ceilings, installing sensors, calibrating equipment?

Or do you think they asked the only kid who knew anything about these new fangled computers to read the manual and "programme" the system.

There are a million assumptions that people are making in the comments. I can control my buildings HVAC and security from my desk. Does that mean it was free to get it to that point? Everyone is focusing on the kid who works with the system. BFD, any facilities maintenance worker can programme an BACnet type system to the degree they wish to learn about it!

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