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Comment Re:Enforce login to post (Score 1) 1828

"Anonymous posting has become a haven of trolls, far from it's original goal of protecting people when discussing work conditions and the like."

Mouser, this is clearly the cleverest of all trolls. I tip my hat to you sir!! would be a medicore troll attempt, but for your low uid, makes it a masterpiece!


"federated from elsewhere"

ooo hit ALL them buttons!

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1828

"You must really hate mobile users"

I did not read the rest of your comment. Do NOT use this as justification for ANY change. Fuck mobile users! We should in NO WAY cater to them. Fuck breaking websites so that people can read them on the toilet better!

Where is apps troll when you need him???

Comment Re:Microsoft's responsibility and WHQL (Score 1) 268

I agree that driver updates shouldn't be trusted and never use them in the home or WSUS. I learned that in windows xp days. Microsoft always release buggy shit drivers that are sometimes years out of date.

But when you say, "test the hardware they are made to support" i don't agree with that. What MS should be doing, is going out to the local electronics shop, or amazon, and ordering the most popular devices that a driver is for. Things should always be tested to the real world standards, not supplied by the manufacturer. Thats how you get the VW emissions scandal and why consumer reports is super popular. This is also why user submitted reviews beat out most other review sites, magazines, etc.

Comment Re:Old cars still have tapedecks. (Score 1) 169

Not really, because unlike today, car stereos in the 80s and especially in the 90s were a standard DIN size (or double din or what have you). ( iso 7736 in fact! )

Now-a-days stereos are built into the dash in whateevr configuration the car maker chooses but they used to be standard and easily replaceable. I had zero knowledge of cars or electricity when i was 17 but stil managed to replace my parents tape deck with a cd player in the 90s.

So its not a real reason to keep dealing with the headaches of audio cassettes. You can drop an mp3 playing stereo in your 80s-90s car for like 50 bucks. People don't even steal them anymore they are so cheap.

Comment Re:Back to the 80's (Score 1) 169

Do you really remember cassette tapes then? I remember them breaking frequently, getting unspooled, or warping so that parts of the tape were slooowwer than others. They were completely lossy with subsequent copies always losing something from the original. They needed to be copied in real time, unless you had one of those fancy stereos that copied tapes quickly. Forget what that was called and it wouldn't apply to recording things off the radio. Transmitting analog radio is a quality loss all by itself!

That and you had to edit out commercials on mix tapes, and do all your cuts just right perfectly or their would be extra sounds that you didnt want. If you erased over teh same area too many times weird things would happen to the sound and the tape would degrade in that spot. Saying that dealing with all that is easier than editing using audacity, and listening using mp3s is laughably nostalgic.

We used audio tapes becuase that was the best medium at the time, it was pretty simple for people to use and cheap. But there were so many downside to the process of using tapes that dwarf any benefit they had over mp3s. There is no benefit actually that I can think of. Name one.

Comment High Praise (Score 1) 95

I remember a similar auction being written about in the new yorker. Was very interesting. This particular dinosaur only is found in mongolia so virtually every one has been smuggled out illegally. The article covers an american collector who swares that he didn't smuggle it out of china, but it ruined or nearly ruined him simply being in possession of it!

Comment Re:So efficiency is all that counts? (Score 1) 149

Wow your always on the wrong side of things.

Your not only supporting thieves but violently supporting them. If you did some contract work and the company or individual did not pay you what they promised, you don't think you'd have the right to complain about that in public?

Is it classy? No, but honestly I dont get into situations where I don't pay my bills, so I don't really empathize with deadbeats. In america, maybe that's harder to do because you don't have state sponsored health care, but this is canada we are talking about.

Comment Re:Depends if you want to support it (Score 1) 325

Unless you bought an optiplex 780 as pretty much every one of those has defective power supplies that fails due to bad caps just after that 3 year warranty is up. Sure you can re do all the caps if you are handy with a soldering iron, but a replacement powersupply is "custom" and you need to buy from dell at $140 for ~400w. Yes they did eventually improve their design on the new ones.

Comment Re:BUILD (Score 1) 325

"And what if a pre-assembled PC is cheaper than your custom built PC by $300-$400 provided certain minor things are inferior to your custom PC? "

Then I would assume that those "minor things" really add up to features worth $300-$400.

One can easily see processor prices, ram prices, to compare. If you pay cheaper assembled for the same components not assembled, they would be losing money!

  You are paying for pre-assembled name and perceived quality, and most importantly turn key convenience, on top of thier profit margins of course. There is no way it would be cheaper. I worked assembling PCs and CPUs are not *that* much cheaper in bulk. Maybe if you are dealing in tens of thousands of CPUs, but why would the company give up all that profit? You are paying for a service, no way its going to be cheaper.

Another way to think of it is like oil changes. Sure you can go down to the local garage and get an oil change for $30 bucks. However you get their cheapest margins filter, cheapest oil, and they get to look and see what problems are under your car and recommend solutions (@ their prices). Your car will probably still work when they are done and run fine. So many people choose this option. Doesn't mean its cheaper for the same components, because its usually not an apples to apples comparison @ their price points.

If you want to get the good oil, good filter, they will charge you more for that. Might as well do it yourself (buy oil, quality oil filters, or computer hardware, when its on sale). If you have the skills and care about quality of components, then its the only way to do things. Plus you get to look over the rest of the machine for other problems or targets of opportunity. As opposed to a technican doing that, who may or may not be correct in their diagnosis. May or may not be honest with you.

Comment ruining songs (Score 2) 249

I can never again hear 'start me up' by the rolling stones without cringing due to windows 95 memories and the many parodies of the song that followed. I have a similar experience with 'come together' which will forever be in my mind as "the nortel networks song".

Marketing sure is sick. i can hear them both, plain as day, 20 years later!

Comment Re:Explain to me like I'm 5 (Score 1) 257

"Even if that observer is us, in the future, moving backwards."

aw fuck dude, i should not have just watched back to the future 2 and smoked a bunch of weed before reading that.

We see the past, so its there. I think so I am, makes it so. Life and the universe is an invented illusion, and that is reality. I cant say i know enough quantum mechanics to all but interpret wildly on what you said though.

Comment Re:No such thing as privacy these days (Score 2) 373

"No smartphone, no facebook, no google, no nothing. Go live in some cabin in the woods without electricity."

Those are a few horrible fads and hardly constitute a regression from civilized society. There was a time when putting your real name on-line would get you laughed off of slashdot. sad.

Comment Re:Moral of the story: (Score 1) 147

Yeah, chrome killing support for napia plugins has made a java remote appliance stop working the same way, a building lighting control system built on silverlight to stop working, and an hvac systems web interface. And thats just the building I work in....

Right now, everyone is hoping microsoft or oracle or whomever will update plugins so that they work again in chrome. IETAB is a work around, however it sucks ass that internal tools firewalled off from the internet also get shafted. Upgrades for these kind of systems aren't cheap either.

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