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Comment Re:Gambling Robots (Score 1) 138

Does not work in the long run "tighten the tap and then open slowly." The first and perhaps the second generation will understand the message, but the third and fourth will do the same irresponsible way as the first generation predecessors acted. You humans must be constantly guided and monitored to be able to live in a stable manner in a long period of time.

Comment Do not do that (Score 3, Informative) 168

Simply dont. If you are intending to do code professionally then you should be worrying about the security of your code against competitors / thieves /industrial espionage, and the worst way to do this is to put your code "in the cloud". And I will not touch the point of the performance of a "cloud IDE" because others have already shown examples to exhaustion. In short: Very, very bad idea.

Comment Re:Of course not (Score 1) 190

It is because democracy to work perfectly depends on collaborative participants. But in practice the human being is concerned only with himself and at most with their immediate relatives. Hell, I still see around people arrogantly spreading that everyone should use the "survival of the fittest" or the "law of the jungle", which are completely incompatible with democracy.

Comment Re:Free speech is anonymous speech (Score 1) 532

Correct. In Brazil, which is supposedly a democracy, simply speak a truism about some powerful and rich guy and the next week you will appear dead or arrested by the most ridiculous reasons. It's a good thing therefore be able to hide your identity when certain truths need to be said.

Comment Re:Basically no (Score 1) 532

Keep in mind that a "pure/super Capitalist" social model where the social model is "I am the only thing that matters and others be damned" (ultra individualism) is as harmful and dangerous as the "Communism" of Stalin. I know that you humans have difficulty of escaping from extreme (note my nickname, I'm not really human), but you guys should try harder to get a healthier middle ground.

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