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Comment: Re:Lies, bullshit, and more lies ... (Score 1) 442

I was also thinking of going to work in Canada (professional with years of experience but living in a shithole country)... You could tell me if it's worth all the trouble of moving? Because by the standards of my country (Brazil) I earn more or less well, but the country is such a mess that I would go away forever and never come back if I can.

Comment: Re: Strong public relations (Score 2) 200

by TheDarkMaster (#49301127) Attached to: NZ Customs Wants Power To Require Passwords
As a citizen of a shithole country, I am concerned about worse things that border guards can do with my password and full access to my phone. Like planting "evidence" of crimes on my phone and then require a bribe to not arrest me. In these cases the options are shoot to kill, or the best one that is not to travel to countries which have such absurd laws.

Comment: I don't get it (Score 1) 184

by TheDarkMaster (#49254291) Attached to: Why Apple Won't Adopt a Wireless Charging Standard
Why all this hype around a technology that involves applying electric fields strong enough to induce electrical currents high enough to recharge an electronic device, which is DANGEROUS to do with electronic equipment (you can fry the device)? Not to mention the serious problem of electromagnetic interference in what is around? It is not much safer simply connect a cable to the device?

Comment: Re:flattened growth?! (Score 1) 271

by TheDarkMaster (#49049023) Attached to: Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End
THIS. Exactly, the original idea of the stock market was distorted. When you buy shares of a company you are becoming her partner, but the assholes from Wall Street decided to make the stock in a casino where no one remembers what is the reality and everyone ignores that is plain impossible to grow forever.

Comment: Re:No more downtime (Score 1) 117

by TheDarkMaster (#49047619) Attached to: Live Patching Now Available For Linux
Well, let me see... Having to restart a desktop computer is not a problem, after all you supposedly are not running a server. And if despite being a desktop you keeps it on 24/7 then you are wasting electricity, because you are not using your computer 24 hours a day non stop right? Then he be occasionally off is not a problem. And when Windows asks to restart it does not require you to do so immediately, you can finish what you was doing and then restart. What's the big problem with doing this?

Comment: Re:Audiophile market (Score 5, Insightful) 418

Well, a company that charges ten thousand US dollars for a network cable may easily pay very good money to have favorable "reviews" and "professional physicists" endorsing the "magical properties" of the product. As a non-American I am surprised as you Americans allow criminals freely sell products that are clearly scams like this.

Comment: Re:Artists often get little (Score 1) 157

by TheDarkMaster (#48978381) Attached to: Major Record Labels Keep 73% of Spotify Payouts
"personally I find it somewhat insulting calling many of them artists. yes without a doubt many have a gifted voice or work hard to produce excellent sounds, but they aren't artists."

The performer is just as important as the composer for a good music, I dont know from which planet you came to think such nonsense.

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