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Comment Re:I am sorry (Score 1) 105

Sorry for ruining your bubble but English is like AC said, a sloppy language that is only spoken in most of the internet because it is the language of the country that dominates the world. Right now I'm having trouble expressing this idea to you in English, because my native language is so much more logical and structured, to a point that any conversion is difficult to do without losing most of the meaning.

Comment Re:Goose barnacles? (Score 3, Interesting) 29

The BBC report has an interesting detail: A cook noticed the amount of barnacles stuck in the fragment and asked how much they want for them (90 euros per kilo, I did a quick search). I would research what barnacles liked so much in the rocket frame to join in this quantity and sell for Spanish cuisine :-)

Comment Re:I think it is safe to say that AMD employs monk (Score 1) 50

Take a look at the Windows event log, you should have a section where the driver puts events caused by .NET. Each time I open the CCC (I plan to test the Crimson today) I see dozens and dozens of error warnings suggesting how crap and poorly programmed is the CCC. I do not understand how AMD can not find better developers to do something as important as a device driver.

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