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Comment: Re:Dear Lord, what has happened to Slashdot?! (Score 1) 34

Well, some comments are funny and welcome. The problem lies in the fact that now is so easy to use a computer that the the football captains and the cheerleaders are appearing on Slashdot to comment (why, I really do not know), but without the necessary capacity and cultural baggage to comment something useful or interesting.

But that said, it is important that you (and I, others, etc.) be tolerant, because though some are obviously stupid comments (like those involving bodily functions) others may not be stupid, being only slightly below what you (and me) think is good.

Comment: Re:No more "Cloud", please (Score 1) 60

Nothing is stopping people writing desktop applications. Are you just annoyed that people are choosing cloud services out of convenience?

No. My fear is that they end up trying to implement the "cloud" in anything and everything just because it's "cool", no matter the consequences. Just imagine: Windows depending on the cloud to work, Linux too, Eclipse refusing to work unless you have a connection all the time with a cloud, Photoshop or GIMP refusing to save your images in any other place than a cloud, Word or LibreOffice refusing to save your files because you are offline. Everyone embarking on the cloud hype without worrying about what happens when you lost your connection.

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