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Comment: Re: Might cause a re-thinking of the F-35 (Score 1) 275

by rickb928 (#47635479) Attached to: Long-Wave Radar Can Take the Stealth From Stealth Technology

What would be a third role for a 1-2 seat Jet aircraft without a cargo bay? Oh, bomber, if you don't need much capacity.

I don't think of the A-6 as a fighter. Not does the F-104 seem to be much of a ground attack craft. It may not be difficult, but true air superiority fighters are nor automatically also serviceable ground attack craft, and some were never multi role

I'm not sure the F-117 is a fighter.

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by rickb928 (#47632933) Attached to: Long-Wave Radar Can Take the Stealth From Stealth Technology

That is exactly how to fight a theater air superiority battle.

Bring in low-observable aircraft and elicit a missle launch.
ECM/maneuvers to survive, hopefully.
Loitering anti-radar aircraft target the missle site and hopefully the control site(s).
Ground probes monitor and report on communications traffic and identify transmitters.
More anti-radiation missles on the way.
Enemy loses its ability to command SAMs.
Ground assaults now only deal with handheld or small arms/AAA.
Most likely the modern battlefield, be it air or ground, will see C&C denial the key to victory. Jamming, countermeasures, selective obfuscation, usurpation, spoofing.

The Islamofacists will not trust tech enough to be defeated by this. They will, however, learn to fight the cyber battle against their enemies. Us first-world combatants will keep trying to out-tech them, and end up using overwhelming force. And raising another generation of fascists with a more convenient excuse for murder than just hating everyone else.

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"I agree that it's your device and you should be able to do anything with it,"

Has anyone considered reading the licensing and/or EULA? Claiming it's 'your device' is all well and good, but legally licensing decides this.

I'm not taking sides, just pointing out the legalities. YMMV.

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