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Comment Re:The Source? (Score 1) 122

Oh, no. I blame everyone involved.

from the complacent masses to the corporate shills and everyone in between, including the actors, the writers, the media manufacturers, the game console and television makers, the people who designed HDCP, the people who make sure that I get to suffer through the threats before every film i PAID for, while the actual people who are copying the stuff quite happily remove same... the list is quite well populated.

I benefit directly from media sales, as I own a very successful business in the publishing industry, and I am 100% totally against "copy-protection" of all kinds. But like politics, the masses just won't stand up for themselves, they don't even understand why they should... and so this is what we all end up with. Shite.

Comment Wait - 1970's wasn't that global cooling time? (Score 0) 179

Seems like there would be an opposite effect in the 70's if we're supposed to be worried about heating flooding the earth, shouldn't cooling have the opposite effect? There's quite a few news stories on it and what do you know - they even say the same thing the zealots are saying now! We're going to have to give up our freedom over it!

Comment Re:Education... (Score 1) 179

Agreed. Small disclosure: I'm from this particular bit of the planet. I can say that even 20 years ago, it was growing and doing very well - both academically and otherwise (especially compared with the rest of the state.) Incidentally, Fayetteville (the largest city in the area, just south of Springdale) is the home of the University of Arkansas, which is well regarded in its own right.

As for Healthcare, it is actually top-notch when compared to most of the South, and even most of the US.

The cost of living used to be insanely low, until Californians by the boatload began moving into the region during the 1990s; at the time, I could live very well and own a fairly nice home, all on a salary of roughly $30k/yr.

TFA caught my attention because of the numbers. When I left in 1999, the two counties had maybe 150,000 souls living there... 10k is a pretty significant percentage, no?

Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 245

i agree with you! they should have shut down the Boston marathon (and all other marathons going forward) because of the risk of TERRORISM.

Can you point to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Boston two weeks before the running of the marathon. On top of that, can you point to the credible threats that shut down sporting events, and city centres in nearby countries also both within the last two weeks.

I realize that not being an idiot is difficult sometimes, but you could try harder or perhaps head back to high school.

Comment Re:How Innovative (Score 1) 223

n both places, only about half of those who enter actually graduate, which tells you that many people who enter university shouldn't have gone in the first place.

Is that what that tells you? Do you have some kind of test you can do to know in advance which half a student belongs to? Are you sure that the people who drop out didn't benefit from their time despite not earning a degree?

Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 245

Hecklers veto. If police are concerned about an attack on the protests, they should beef up security around the protests, not block them altogether.

In reality, Paris just wants to suppress dissent. So do you.

And that beefed up police presence worked well for the two nuts who did the boston bombing right? Remember that unlike those of us who live in Canada or the US the laws on the books are fundamentally different in many parts of Europe.

In reality, I'm playing the devils advocate. You're just making an ass out of yourself.

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