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Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 428

right...because universities are strictly liberal institutions.....
I have a feeling you haven't been to one yourself recently, if ever.

Organizations like The FIRE and CampusWatch don't exist because it's conservatives lining up and restricting your speech. Or because those evil conservatives are trying to block or protect people to express their opinions in a public place.

Sadly, the piece of paper from UW says otherwise. And the last time I was there, it of course being a STEM university, this shit hadn't started infiltrating it yet. Though if I wonder into York or Toronto, it's everywhere.

and the dude's shirt WAS sexist.
if you don't why here in the 21st century, that's your deficiency.

So you're saying that a women who designed the shirt is sexist because she's an artist, and that's her artistic medium? Maybe the problem is you, and you're wish and desire to be offended at anything that hurts your sensibilities. Why do you believe that women need to be coddled like delicate flowers?

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 428

It was inappropriate and I would never had heard about the "shirt" if it wasn't for MRAs spending so much of their time complaining that they were offended that someone else somewhere else was offended by the shirt.

Too bad it wasn't the MRA's complaining about how they were offended that started it right? It was the rabid feminists, and the rabid feminists in the press that did.

That was a (maybe not-so) tragic lesson for both the guy and the woman who got fired. She made a big deal over nothing, the company fired the one developer because he embarrassed the company and they already wanted to fire him (a sane employer wouldn't fire a good employee over a single minor incident), and the woman got fired for the backlash her actions caused (and rightly so, she deliberately and publicly made a fuss over a private conversation).

Ah so you've go the inside track as to why they fired him? That should be easy for you to provide sources. Oh and a company wouldn't fire someone over something like that? Or did you forget that most places in the US it's "at will employment." Meaning being fired for something that trivial and even less trivial happens a lot more then you'd think.

So I guess what I'm saying is if these are your biggest grievances, you should spend more time thinking about how good things must be for you, because if these pathetic examples of injustice are the biggest problems facing you, you don't have any problems at all.

Oh, but no mention on the no-platform stuff? Or student unions going after students for refusing to follow the group think? Or the press in general spouting off at the hip with the same garbage. Like why air conditioning is sexist, or why if you don't vote for hillary you're a misogynist. Seems to me, you're right on the cusp of figuring out that there's a serious problem with a segment of the left, but you're hoping it'll go away before you have to call it out for being batshit insane.

Comment Advertisement pretending to care about consumers (Score 1, Insightful) 140

Hilarious how this so-called "poster" acts all high+mighty pretending to care about consumers vs. big bad Amazon while simultaneously shilling and name-dropping for a competitor of Amazon.

The righteous indignation of the Pot over the Kettle's blackness is truly breathtaking.

Comment Re: A Porsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 210

This is a silly fallacy. It's a statistical manipulation to hide information by mashing disparate groups together, like saying half the world's population has ovaries.

The most egregious one I've seen was someone trying to explain technology didn't cut down the amount of time we spend collecting food because some 20% of the earth's population are farmers. In developed countries where agriculture uses advanced farm management techniques and powered machinery, we expend under 2% of our labor time producing food, including the cost of all that machinery and the fuel for it; low-development countries with subsistence farming tend to expend 18% or more. Taken as a whole, the statistic of how many farmers are working to feed 100% of the earth's population drastically weakens my argument; examined as developed vs developing, we see the countries using developed technology expend *much* less labor per unit food, which firmly supports my argument.

Your argument paints the world as one socio-economic unit. It's the kind of argument people use for pulling away from China, citing low pay and poor working conditions, while ignoring the low cost-of-living and the bare fact that a loss of jobs means more starving, homeless Chinese people. Treating Burkina Faso as if it's America with some people's rights getting infringed is a grand delusion.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 210

Ridiculously inflated? I've looked at buying myself a Porsche. It's a little more than my standard fare, but nowhere near the nuttery of Ferrari's barely-functional, glass-construction shit boxes. Not only does a Porsche only cost a few tens of thousands instead of a few hundreds of thousands, but you can hit potholes without incurring maintenance costs exceeding the MSRP of a brand new Porsche.

Comment Re:Getting away with it? (Score 3, Informative) 379

It's not a question of ownership. It's a question of warranty. He still owns his (now-bricked) phone.

In this case, the dude dropped his phone, gets it repaired at some no-name shop with dodgy parts, then complains when the security loophole the dodgy parts used got closed. If anything, the fault lies with the shop that did the repair.

Hell, Apple told him they'd do out-of-warranty replacement for it (not sure what that costs, but likely still less than full price), and that's because the problems began when he dropped it (which is not covered under warranty anyway, though some 3rd-party sellers do offer such warranty protection for a nominal fee).

Fair warning: If I bought anything from any other OEM and went through the same rigamarole, I'm certain that I'd get the same (or worse) treatment from the OEM... so this isn't just an Apple thing.

(...and this boys and girls, is why I buy just-behind-bleeding-edge Android stuff, so a total loss of the phone is only like $200, not $600 or more).

Comment Re:Solution! (Score 2, Insightful) 379

Dude in the Balkans could have his phone repaired at an Apple shop when he got home, right?

Not trying to be a dick or anything, but honestly - using a gray-market security-related part *should* get that result. If my device is stolen, I'd want that to happen - if only to prevent some schmuck from plugging in something with hacked firmware to bypass the fingerprint sensor.

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