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Comment meanwhile (Score 3, Insightful) 266

The rest of us keep being treated routinely like criminals without the media getting interested, because we aren't the mayor of Stockton.

Why should this guy get special treatment (by the TSA or by the press) just because he's a minor elected politico?

Comment Re:The War On Drugs is a War On Sick People (Score 1) 53

Oh please...

You're talking about cannabis here. I agree with you, cannabis is fairly harmless, and should not be anymore illegal than tobacco is.

But crack cocaine? Ecstasy?... Really?

I don't give a shit that people do crack. The problem is, when crackheads start suffering withdrawal and they're too broke to buy more junk, they become robbers and break into people's homes - something potheads don't do.

You don't really want crack to become legal do you?

Comment Carbon nanotube tether eh? (Score 2) 99

I was reading the blurb, half-thinking that this is cool that this is happening" - you know, after the resounding success of the Rosetta mission, anything to do with a comet seems possible. And then I read "carbon nanotube tether" and I stopped reading, as this is yet another NASA dream that'll never happen, like the space elevator.

Comment Re:The thing I don't understand with the ad busine (Score 2) 519

But it's the same thing: at some point, companies that pay to push ads are bound to notice people get pissed off, their sales aren't increasing as much as they'd like after running advertising campaigns after campaigns, and pushing ads turns out to be counterproductive. Then they'll stop paying to push ads.

Comment The thing I don't understand with the ad business (Score 4, Insightful) 519

It's extremely clear that most everybody hates ads with a passion - else why would so many people install ad blockers eh?

So even if ad blockers were to disappear tomorrow, what makes advertisers feel that forcing ads down the throat of people who hate them increase sales for their customers?

To me, it seems that either people hate ads, block them and won't buy the shit being advertised, or people hate ads, can't block them and won't buy the shit being advertised regardless.

Worse, forcing people to see ads they don't want to see may very well antagonize them. Me, when I see an ad that gets through my ad blockers, I remember the product as something I'll make extra sure I'll never, ever buy.

So what's the business model here? I can't believe enough people actually like ads to make online advertising a viable business proposition...

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