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Comment Re:Finally! (Score 2) 123

Except this is retarded either way. Linux on netbooks? It has been done and saw a 400% higher return rate than Windows on the same device

Thank you for the link to that article... from 2008. Of course, nothing has changed in the SEVEN YEARS since that article was written. Well, except for:

1. Those were netbooks, which were Atom-based and crappy, regardless of the installed OS
2. ChromeOS didn't even exist
3. Android was in its infancy
4. We're now talking about ARM machines with VERY capable GPUs
5. The competition is no longer WinXP or 7, but Win8/10.

Comment Re:Tools (Score 1) 889

He didn't say there's no tool chain available for Linux. He said the tools he uses (eg. Keil uVision) have no linux versions available. I'm in the same boat. The rest of the firmware team I work with use uVision. I could use gcc, but then I wouldn't be working with the rest of the team and what they have all chosen.

Incidentally, I have gotten uVision working under WINE, I just can't get the ST-Link (debugging/programming) to work.

Comment Fine (Score 1, Insightful) 663

With the recent *cough* revelations that sodium and dietary fat aren't has harmful as we've heard for the past 40+ years, more research into nutrition is probably a good thing. Granted, this "research" will most likely be heavily biased toward specific conclusions, but maybe (fingers crossed) there's, at least, some new information to be gained. Obviously, nutrition is one area where 20th century "science" failed us.

Comment keypad (Score 2) 698

We talked about this ad naseum back when Chromebooks were about to hit the market. A better question is, why don't keypads (the 10 key-like group of buttons on the right of a PC keyboard) have TAB, SHIFT+TAB and Backspace keys. This would make it much easier to navigate and enter data in web forms and spreadsheets with only one hand. Idunno -- just a thought.

Comment Why are yo not drunk? (Score -1, Offtopic) 114

Serionsly, it's Feiday night! Why are you reading this? It'd time o be drunk right now. If you are reading this article it means you are not having fun. you shold loosen up and have a drink. I know, this makes me sould like a fool , but comeone. You need to just get a lief and have some fun. I don't even know what this story is about. Here's some adviece. Don't RTFA. Just get some vodka, take a few (eg. 7) shots, and get aaway from your omputer. Its funny. it releaves stress.

Comment Re:Salad? (Score 1) 4

Nope. Never worked at a restaurant. But, I've shopped at a grocery store. And, do you know what they have at grocery stores. *cough* fucking bags of salad.

Also, rather than placing the ingredients to a salad in this robot's hoppers, do you know another way you could combine them into a fully assembled and ready to eat salad? Hand them to a THREE YEAR OLD and have him mix them. Or, you could toss them into a bowl and... do nothing, because BINGO! There's a salad.

Yep, you're welcome.

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