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Comment: Re:Gee, isn't Iron Dome supposed to be worthless? (Score 1) 181

oblivious to anything but their point of view, and to be rude little bitches with their fucking ignorance.

be a fucking cunt

brain instead of your ass

worthless twat

You sure are projecting your fears onto others. Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. I can't help but notice the sexist insults as well - what will your friends the feminists think about that? Please be consistent if you're going to be a bigot.

Comment: Wrong way to end (Score 1) 141

Ugh, I always hated those stories in which the Axis powers invade America. They never had any plans to do so. Germany wanted a continental empire going East until the Ural mountains. Japan wanted a resource area for itself, and never really figured out where its final objective was (Australia? India? Hawaii?) before the disaster at Midway happened and all plans went on hold. Italy...Mare Nostrum. They just wanted to dominate the Mediterranean.

None of them had any plans involving the U.S. homeland. Hitler foresaw war with the Americans, but not until the 1980s. The Axis powers meeting at the Mississippi River had zero basis in any kind of historical events.

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by DNS-and-BIND (#47554821) Attached to: OKCupid Experiments on Users Too
There are three professions where being untruthful is the key to success: Lawyers, salespeople, and marketing. All three are hired to portray their client in the most favorable light possible, and the very best ones lie through their teeth. The worst of these three are the marketers because they have legions of psychologists and scientists trying to figure out the best way to lie to people.

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There is a perception among open source advocates that if open source software saves you money, you now owe some of that money to them. If you don't pay, you get called a freeloader. This agrees with the "from each according to his abilities" part of Marx's famous saying.

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by DNS-and-BIND (#47543391) Attached to: Amputee Is German Long Jump Champion

Just like car racing, we need different divisions for athletics. One for stock, unmodified humans like us. No drugs, etc. And the "top fuel" division for prosthetics, hormones, steroids, etc. My interest in several sports (bicycling, weightlifting) has already died because of rampant drug abuse. Heck, if you don't do drugs then you won't even qualify for televised events. It's sort of like F1 racing, it's not really a competition between humans, it's a competition between scientists.

Ever since the Olympics went professional, it's been boring. Of course, once these two divisions have been established, the athletes will still cheat in the stock division. Because there's money involved. Even the Korean Starcraft players cheat for the same reason.

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The article says, "phones feel slower over time as they hold more software". How does this follow? How does the phone get "slower" just because more software is installed? This sounds an awful lot like the cargo cult thinking of "well the hard drive is full so we have to buy a new computer because this one is slow."

I know some software will start agents on boot, but they just sit in the background and do little. top reveals very little CPU time and memory consumed by these.

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Poetry isn't for left-brained types. It is the province of free-thinkers, of artists, it's not really intended for anyone else. The low number of comments on this article is evidence enough nobody cares.

"Poetry is nobody's business except the poet's," wrote Philip Larkin, "and everybody else can fuck off."

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