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Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 220

So, you're saying France - the one with a Socialist president - is going to become a dictatorship? WTF is wrong with you people, everything since 9/11 means dictatorship. We're still not there, you'd figure at least ONE Western nation would have fallen by now. But apparently we're still having elections and whatnot. So, when are we going fascist? Tell me because I want to try those snappy uniforms and get in on the cronyism.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 1) 290

I hope you can recognize the role you just played. Defending the powerful! Are you familiar with the phrase, "comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable"? Why the F are you carrying water for the President of the fucking USA? The world's largest oppressor! I really don't get need to be on the side of the people, not the government. Were you were lied to and used to further someone else's agenda? Or at worst you deliberately set out to deceive in order to further your agenda...and how can your agenda be to assist those already in power? None of this makes any sense.

Comment Re:It depends on somebody doing the actual work (Score 1) 747

The problem is, for years now, we have been assured that Open Source was the cure for problems. Just notify someone, and wait, and your problem will be fixed. I had it happen so many times in the old days. Now, developers apparently have stopped caring about this and care only about developing products for themselves. Sad, but what are you going to do? The concepts that made Open Source a big hit are being abandoned. Open Source isn't going away but it is definitely becoming less popular. Good news for commercial software companies that listen to their customers.

Comment Re:Lamenting the end of the shortwave era (Score 0) 63

You're aware that the Soviets themselves regarded their own propaganda as full of lies and considered anyone who listened to them as idiots. You are aware of this fact, right? I love your infantile comment on Ronald Reagan's attitude towards the Soviet Union. Let's compare and contrast it to Obama's modern attitude.

"Here's my strategy for the Cold War: We win. They lose."
-- Ronald Reagan

"I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur."
-- Barack Obama

Note: Hirohito was not present when the surrender was signed aboard the Battleship Missouri.

Comment Sigh (Score 5, Insightful) 592

It makes me sick to see the phrase, "Western-backed rebel forces". These are Islamists. When Russia says they're only going after the terrorists, they aren't lying. See, there aren't two sides in Syria's civil war, there are three (major ones). There is Assad's government, who represent a minority that would get massacred if they ever lose power (Russia is backing them), the Islamist rebels (we're backing them *puke*), and ISIS (against everyone). There aren't any good guys. The Syrians who want Western democracy? Laughable.

It continues to amaze me, year after year, all the journalists who simply do not comprehend that there are three (major) sides in the battle. When Russia bombs the Islamists, this is nothing more than a proxy war. Putin thinks Obama is finished, weak, and America is ready to be swept aside. This is all Obama's own fault, of course, for his miserable failure during the Syrian nerve gas crisis of 2013. His "red line" was shown to be nothing that anyone need be afraid of. Russia saw weakness and swooped in. According to Putin, this was America's "Suez Moment" and without it Russia would today not be in the civil war and NATO wouldn't have just shot down one of their aircraft.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 5, Insightful) 262

Business schools in the last 20 years have really been a disaster. It's the progressive idea that things should always be improving. They teach the role of a businessman isn't to create value, it is to maximize value. A staid old company with the same employees for 30 years and a steady profit? Out the window! This maximizing progressive attitude goes towards everything, all the way down until they finally get around to skimping on toilet paper.

Comment Re: And people on slashdot give a shit, why? (Score 0) 164

The woman thing comes from the changes in male-female power due to the punitive divorce laws in America. Rather than have to give up his money in a divorce, he married his dumpy Asian girlfriend. Isn't there a word for white men who prefer Asian women? Isn't it derogatory?

His Chinese is terrible and sounds like a fourth grader. He's just so, so desperate to show off in front of everyone. In a cringeworthy moment, he actually asked Xi Jinping in front of people if he'd name his child. Xi obviously declined, the question should never have been posed in the first place. But he managed to embarrass himself in Chinese, so cool. Not.

Looking down on other humans isn't cool. Not when you do it, not when Zuckerberg does it.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 1) 137

Socialism means work. Work for the benefit of everyone in society, instead of selfish you keeping it all for yourself. You know all those people who get the free money for doing nothing right now? When socialism happens, they're all going to start working. Otherwise they can starve to death by neglect or intent. Who do you think first came up with the phrase, "useless eaters"? Socialism doesn't mean free money for the people, no no no. It means work, hard work.

Comment That's not what a Pulitzer Prize is for (Score 1) 27

I think people don't understand what the Pulitzer Prize is for these days. Once upon a time, it was given to inspire journalist excellence, but these days it is just a back-patting that says, "we endorse and agree with your leftist views." Just look at the prizes for Investigative Reporting - seven years into Obama's term and not a single Pulitzer has been awarded for investigating corruption and criminal behavior in his administration. Not one. And this from a scandal-ridden Presidency that is ripe for old-fashioned, shoe-leather, crusading journalists to expose to the light of day.

I don't see anything condemning any leftists at all. You have to go back 20 years ago to find a Prize awarded for an investigation of the Nation of Islam's questionable business dealings. Can you imagine this sort of thing going on today? A journalist would never receive a Pulitzer for doing this sort of story, in fact they'd probably be publicly shamed, fired, and rendered unemployable. So, let's all remember what the Pulitzer Prize actually is and what it stands for.

Comment Re:Freedoms (Score 1) 39

I am troubled by the emergence of a media elite which can and does control what we are allowed to see. The powerful have tools to enforce their will - we, the people, do not. I really don't see how you can be on the bad guys' side against us, but I suppose if you agree with their political views, they can be forgiven for much. After all, they're only trying to ensure a "positive outcome".

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 2) 488

Utterly foolish. Foolish to the point of self-deception or outright lying. But don't listen to me, listen to French Muslims:

Worshippers leaving the Grand Mosque of Gay Paree after the midday prayer also worried that Muslims in La Belle France would be blamed for a conflict rooted in the Middle East.

"This story soils Islam and it soils Muslims," said a man named Soufiane. "There are problems over there and they shouldn't be imported here."

Straight from the horses's mouth. The first thing that you do is stop the problem from spreading. Keep it contained. Ask any doctor, "first, do no harm." The question is why are these left-wing voices continually telling us to import hostile foreigners into our countries and our homes? What possible positive outcome could result from this? It certainly ain't gonna be singing Kumbaya in front of the campfire.

Last week, left-wing Germans threw a party welcoming Muslims to their country. How did their new guests respond? By molesting and harassing the women (scroll down for English). And you want to bring that shit into our country? Fuck you.

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