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Comment Re:Finally! (Score 5, Informative) 182

Except this is retarded either way. Linux on netbooks? It has been done and saw a 400% higher return rate than Windows on the same device

Thank you for the link to that article... from 2008. Of course, nothing has changed in the SEVEN YEARS since that article was written. Well, except for:

1. Those were netbooks, which were Atom-based and crappy, regardless of the installed OS
2. ChromeOS didn't even exist
3. Android was in its infancy
4. We're now talking about ARM machines with VERY capable GPUs
5. The competition is no longer WinXP or 7, but Win8/10.

Comment Re:Tools (Score 1) 889

He didn't say there's no tool chain available for Linux. He said the tools he uses (eg. Keil uVision) have no linux versions available. I'm in the same boat. The rest of the firmware team I work with use uVision. I could use gcc, but then I wouldn't be working with the rest of the team and what they have all chosen.

Incidentally, I have gotten uVision working under WINE, I just can't get the ST-Link (debugging/programming) to work.

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