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Comment Make no mistake (Score 3, Insightful) 351

Nuclear energy's effective demise was not of its own making.

Incessant Alamist and hyperbolic activism by extremeist turn public opinion, spurred frivolous lawsuits, and prompted overzealous regulations.

The irony is that Nuclear is the best hope to fight their new boogieman, Climate Change.

Environmentalists are looking for a foot doctor to take care of the hole the shot into it.

Comment Exactly (Score 3, Interesting) 594


We have an opportunity to forge an alliance between former enemies. The only reason the USSR and America were adversaries was the conflict over economic systems. that conflict no longer exists. Russia us just as capitalistic as the West, albeit a but more crude about it. But the point is that we have no reason to automatically line up against then anymore.

We have an opportunity to create a partnership that exceeds Nato and present a united front against Islamic Radicalism. This means not only immolating ISIS terrorists, but also, diplomatically confronting the bigger players in the Mideast that are the ones actually fueling his kind of crap with their fundamentalist nonsense. We could force them all to clean up their act, and reform Islam.

Of course, the US will need to stop supporting "moderates", mostly because there is no such thing.

Comment Re:Mars isn't going anywhere. (Score 1) 173

I imagine Rei standing next to the Wright brothers and claiming that not only will their idea not work, but that it's stupid because we have trains and ships. And besides, no engines exist that can power a plane big enough to carry more than one or two people and who would want to sit exposed to the wind, and jet engines? Fantasy, and, and.

We should do something like this because we should/would want to DO something in space, not just take pretty pictures and heat up a few handfuls of dirt. Exploiting the asteroids, diverting objects that might hit the earth, etc.

And EM Drives? When you stand in the same room as the several PhDs that are investigating and tell them to their face that they are stupid dolts for even trying and they sheepishly agree, then I'll listen to you. Until then, I'll wait for the process to complete and the conclusions of the people who know what the are doing.

Comment Mars isn't going anywhere. (Score 5, Insightful) 173

We should not be in such a hurry that we are sending people in fragile tin cans reliant on chemical rockets. Instead we should be working on building an actual Ship in orbit.

What is a "Ship"? First, it is a vessel with ample power: some kind of reactor that can run all the ship's systems, plus a magnetic shield. The other systems a reactor would power is the engines...Ion or those EM drives (should they pan out. I expect the truth should be sorted out by the time they get around to building something like this). Sure...they are low thrust, but you can have a lot of them. And they have some pretty powerful ones in development.

Another thing it would have to be is big. Room for rotating sections for artificial gravity, hydroponics, a workshop (because AAA doesn't serve Space yet). Storage for fuel, water, a lander of some sort, etc.

Sure, it sounds all futuristic, but we have the essential technologies or they are on the drawing boards, or can be with just a bit of political will. It's time we took the next step in Space Travel...the step where it's actual travel and not just joy rides to lower orbit. We can put off Mars for a decade or and instead focus on building something that is safe, reliable and not a one and done soda pop can.

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