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Comment: Didn't you Know? (Score 0, Troll) 270

These scientist need to understand that the people writing the checks get to make the priorities. If they don't like it, get elected and change it or find someone with money that agrees with them. Being a "Scientist" does not mean you have some moral superiority over others concerning what tax dollars are spent on.

Comment: Texas! (Score 5, Insightful) 171

by sycodon (#47499645) Attached to: California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory

It makes perfect (business) sense to locate it in a state with reasonable wages not drive up by unreasonable taxes and regulations, huge amounts of available land, common sense zoning restrictions, reasonable environmental regulations, and politicians that are actually interested in your business becoming a success . It's what's made the oil/gas/information services/computer/auto/semiconductor/etc. industry successful so far.

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by sycodon (#47469313) Attached to: ChickTech Brings Hundreds of Young Women To Open Source

I had a business called ComputerChicks. For $500 they'd come to your house, fix up your computer and then fix you up...any way you wanted.

The authorities got really cranky about it.

But I did get meet a lot of really interesting guys over the course of 5 to 10 years with time off for good behavior.

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by sycodon (#47458393) Attached to: White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

Really, it doesn't matter when he or any other President did that.

What really matters is that the ignorant fool of an AC believes that he should be able to do that. It should scare the shit out of everyone that even an AC would think that a President should be able to cast aside state laws with a mere wave of his hand or executive order. That's fucking dictator shit right there.

People have thrown the Dictator charge around and it's been consider kookville, because there has always been some arguable legal construct supporting it. But for anyone to seriously suggest that a President has unilateral discretion over the laws of individual states is scary and should get everyone's attention.

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