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Comment Re:Answering calls? (Score 1) 70

Apple had a concept video from the late 80's I think that showed someone interacting with their Mac (a laptop with a foldable screen) that behaved like a secretary...probably about 130-140% of Siri's capability at the moment. This may be it. Youtube is blocked at work so I can't be sure.

It relayed the content of the voice mail much like a secretary would,( "So and so called and said they'd be late for the meeting but they'd have the reports"), adjusted appointments, etc.

Step by Step...

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 0) 151

Clearly he is angry at being associated with the belief in God.


Would you be angry if someone associated you with the belief in Blue Ferries? Or would you simple say, "whatever". Both are irrational in the mind of an Atheist. But only the association with the belief in God evokes anger.

Or, who knows, he may not like Blue Ferries either.

Comment Re: Tiny black holes (Score 0) 151

And yet he felt compelled to to comment on the fact that people were making the comparison.

You know, and I know, that people who immediately trot out some scorn for those "believing" in so far unobserved things like Hawking radiation/black hole evaporation will sometimes equate that willingness to (for now) accept such things as plausible working theories...... with being the same as having faith in anthropomorphic deities.

He is offended that someone would equate his belief in an unobservable phenomenon with the belief in God. But why? If he was an honest atheist, he would ignore it.

If someone said that you believed in Blue Fairies, would you be offended? I suspect not. You would simple dismiss them as a crackpot.

Comment Re: Tiny black holes (Score 0) 151

Interesting thing about Angry Atheists.

Any marriage counselor will tell you that the opposite of Love is not Hate, but Indifference. When you hate someone or something you are acknowledging their/its existence and displaying a ongoing attachment.

As an Angry Atheist, you are not displaying a lack of faith in God or even a non-belief in God, but a hatred that implicitly acknowledges the existence of something you understand to be God. You cannot hate what you don't acknowledge to exist. Therefore you must in some way acknowledge God's existence.

A true and sincere Atheist would have simply ignored the comment.

Comment FORD (Score 5, Interesting) 270

I rented a Ford Focus. It has all these screens, keypads and shit.

There was one very large button labeled Radio. I pressed it and nothing happened. Turns out that you had the press the much smaller button only labeled Vol to turn the radio on. Then there were these button on the center console, right in the middle and above the volume button. Unlabeled. Left to tune down, right to tun up...right? Nope. It control the "feature selection" on a screen on the dash. Tuning buttons were much smaller and in the upper right and only labeled with a left arrow and right arrow.

Then I looked down by the shifter. There, was a placard that said, "Powered by Microsoft".

Comment Personal Expreience (Score 4, Interesting) 54

Complete Adrenalectomy.

Done at 7AM on Monday went home noon on Tuesday afternoon. Nothing but Tylonel, pain free by Wed morning. Dr. said less than a cup of blood was lost.

Now I have 5 cool looking, little holes that I tell people were gunshot wounds.

He used a Da Vinci robot.

Alternative was open surgery, complete with a 6 inch incision and a week in the hospital.

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