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Comment FORD (Score 5, Interesting) 268 268

I rented a Ford Focus. It has all these screens, keypads and shit.

There was one very large button labeled Radio. I pressed it and nothing happened. Turns out that you had the press the much smaller button only labeled Vol to turn the radio on. Then there were these button on the center console, right in the middle and above the volume button. Unlabeled. Left to tune down, right to tun up...right? Nope. It control the "feature selection" on a screen on the dash. Tuning buttons were much smaller and in the upper right and only labeled with a left arrow and right arrow.

Then I looked down by the shifter. There, was a placard that said, "Powered by Microsoft".

Comment Personal Expreience (Score 4, Interesting) 54 54

Complete Adrenalectomy.

Done at 7AM on Monday went home noon on Tuesday afternoon. Nothing but Tylonel, pain free by Wed morning. Dr. said less than a cup of blood was lost.

Now I have 5 cool looking, little holes that I tell people were gunshot wounds.

He used a Da Vinci robot.

Alternative was open surgery, complete with a 6 inch incision and a week in the hospital.

Comment Shooting Guns into the Air in a Populated Area (Score 4, Insightful) 1173 1173

This is a universally a very bad idea.

Discharging any weapon in a populated area except at a proper range or in defense of your life is generally illegal and a very bad idea.

I suspect he would be facing the same charges if he were merely shooting crows in his backyard.

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