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Comment Fast Track (Score 5, Interesting) 278

Of course those morons passed fast track for this TREATY, which it is.

So no matter what nasty surprises are found in it, if anyone actually gets to see it, changing them will next to impossible.

Someone should sue and charge that this is, in fact, a Treaty and subject to the provisions of the Constitution regarding treaties.

Comment Multi-Mode Cars (Score 2) 153

Many sports cars have at least two performance settings...Mustangs with their Black key and Red keys for instance. How stupid would that be if it didn't change the performance of the engine? And when you do that for more power, you are undoubtedly going to get worse mileage and emissions.

So what does the EPA do? Test the cars in "normal" mode and assume that no one will really ever use the "sport" mode? Reality says almost everyone will be in sport mode all of the time.

Comment Re:what difference... (Score 5, Interesting) 348

"Clinton dismissed the notion that she set up the private
account and server to make it more difficult for her government
officials or her political enemies to gather information on her record
as she seeks the White House."

“That’s totally ridiculous, that never crossed my mind,” Clinton said."

OK, now we've crossed over into the Onion Zone. Parody Writers couldn't come up with better stuff if they tried.

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