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Comment And it's a stupid statement (Score 1) 41 41

While the interconnects are certainly a very important part of a supercomptuer, they aren't the hardest part. Building a high performance CPU takes a shit ton of research and infrastructure. The barrier for entry is exceedingly high and takes a long time to spin up. You can see that with China's Longsoon processor which for all the hyped ended up being a license of a MIPS core, built on an old process technology. Building a ton end CPU is just tough stuff.

Of course then there's the other fact that there are plenty of interconnect makers that are not Chinese. The big names in high speed interconnects are Cray (US), IBM (US), and Infiniband (which is made by many companies like Intel and Mellanox). It's not like China has the high speed interconnect market cornered.

Finally there's the silliness of focusing on #1. Yes, they have the #1 computer at the linpack benchmark (which is not good at representing performance in all things). However the US has the #2, 3, 5, 8, and 10. In other words, half of the top 10. The idea that only the top spot matters is very, very silly.

Comment Re:And the purpose of this exercise is? (Score 0) 240 240

You are clearly not taking into account the upfront capital costs and bridge maintenance and repairs and changing political situations. Do that, amortise all those costs (real ones, not fake and improbably low ones) and try to answer the same question. A damaged boat doesn't prevent other boats from moving in the ocean and a boat can be used for other purposes if the political climate shuts down one route.

Comment And the purpose of this exercise is? (Score 0) 240 240

What are you going to move over that bridge that cannot be moved cheaper by a boat and faster by a plane?

Put a train on that maybe? What happens when a multi megaton train filled with oil (what else)? Goes off the rail there? There has to be an economic reason for anything like this, not a political one, because if it is all politics, it will be the most epic bridge to nowhere.

Come up with an economically sound reason first, before coming up with a solution like that.

Comment Re:Casino Noise (Score 1) 120 120

And in any case property tax does end up being a tax on economic activity also, or at least on economic value, which is determined by economic activity.

The Broken Window Fallacy is the classic counterexample. Among other things, it's a means to disengage (and of course, tax) economic activity from the value of property.

I agree that the Broken Window Fallacy is a fallacy. I don't see how it's a counterexample to the claim that property tax is a tax on economic activity. Can you elaborate?

Comment Re:The missing part of this story's coverage (Score 2) 332 332

The telemetry shows that it was too high to be "peeping", and didn't linger over the guy's property before he shot it down. Might be fake of course, but more generally speaking my understanding is that it's something of a grey area just how low aircraft can fly over property before it becomes a legal issue.

If the shooter had thought to take a photo of the drone (there must have been a few smartphones around) he could at least try to press charges, but by shooting first he had left the drone operator with the only evidence.

Comment Re:You guys understand why they're doing this, rig (Score 1) 41 41

I was thinking more of the evolution of the Web browser from document viewer to (in theory) cross-OS/cross-device application platform.

(50? I've wondered about that. I think my posting limit must vary with the phases of the moon or something--seems to change without rhyme or reason.)

Comment Re:Yes, easily (Score 1) 397 397

I stayed on KDE3 for a long time, but 4 finally got to where I could stand to use it. I actually still prefer Konqueror as a FM, but Dolphin became "good enough" (for me, at least) around version 4.7 or so.

I have never liked Gnome very much, more recent versions even less.

I also still have a special place in my heart for Window Maker--it's simple and easy on resources, which is great for older hardware and laggy remote sessions. Also in part because I know one of the original developers.

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