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Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 257

I am against every form of government meddling in any form of business and individual lives of people. So I am partially for this deal, I am against the parts of it that strengthen 'intellectual property rights' nonsense. I am for removing government regulations from everything, so I am for this deal whenever any form of government power is reduced.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 0) 231

Trump will not solve the problem but not for a second for the reasons that you believe. The problem with Trump is that he promises easy solutions to everybody and that is pie in the sky.

However there is nothing 'unregulated' about accumulation of wealth and power, unless you consider all the government intervention into the free market economy being 'unregulated'.

The only sane economy is economy based on actual free market capitalism, anarcho capitalism, unregulated (as in no government intervention) free market. We do not have that, we have gigantic, out of control governments, deciding price of everything, taxing every form of income and wealth, licensing every form of business activity, preventing savings from being accrued with extremely high inflation generated by government and pseudo-government structures.

I see both, Trump and Sanders being potential HITLER (here we go) characters. Except that I don't think Trump actually believes the crap that he is espousing, which makes Sanders much more dangerous. Collectivism (socialism, communism, Stalinism, Leninism, Marxism, Nazism) murdered hundreds of millions of free individuals, destroyed countless amounts of wealth. How many more hundreds of millions, how much more of the economic potential has to be destroyed?

Comment Re:Uber is breaking the law, period! (Score 0) 466

AFAIC it is government that is the criminal organization. Government uses guns to extort money from individuals and businesses and it is 'legal' because it is 'the law'. Licensing, taxing, none of it is voluntary, all of it is coerced under the barrel of a government's gun. Uber is breaking that 'law', sure, but it is the law and the government mafia that is criminal.

Comment Re:Amazon Warehouse workers should demand more mon (Score 0) 174

I prefer freedom to anything else. Once you are a target for any kind of Danegeld it does not stop. The slogan "tax the rich" never stops, it doesn't matter what the actual taxation levels are (and the rich are paying disproportionately high taxes), the mob always wants to tax more. It's a never ending cycle, the only way to win is not to play. The rest of society doesn't matter, the only question is can you protect yourself or not and today it is possible to protect yourself much more than at any previous time in history.

Comment Re:Amazon Warehouse workers should demand more mon (Score 0) 174

I think the morality of anybody making as much money as they possibly can in a free market capitalist system is superior to any other morality, especially to the morality of collectivists, the mob who want to steal based on the fact that they see others with more money them themselves.

The reality is that the lower income people suffer more when they are voting in politicians on the promise of this theft, because in the long term it leads to capital flight. The obvious lack of morality of the 51% is what is hurting the 51%.

The morality of the mob is to murder and steal, colour me unimpressed.

Comment Re:Amazon Warehouse workers should demand more mon (Score 1) 174

Actually 0% interest rates make investment capital prohibitively expensive. Almost nobody has any real savings and so borrowing savings at a normal interest rate is impossible. What the Keynesian policy of 0% interest rate is doing, it is killing off real investment capital and only making it possible to gamble with the newly minted (or electronically created) fiat.

No business is expanding in the USA or most of Europe for that matter because it can borrow cheaply. It cannot borrow at all. The only people who have access to the newly minted fiat are entities like governments, borrowing more for social and military spending and gamblers. Gamblers can borrow (banks, fubds) to operate in highly risky environment because the government also insures their losses for them.

Basically there is no normal productive economy, which is why people are losing hobs to automation, outsourcing, plain bankruptcies etc.

The solution is to remove government control over money, interest rates, business, labour. This will happen organically as the economy collapses if it is not allowed to happen in our own terms and volition. I do not expect people to allow it to happen by them understanding the problem and applying the correct solution, so it will happen by itself, on its own, and it will be much worse that way.

Comment Re:Amazon Warehouse workers should demand more mon (Score 0) 174

I see, so instead of eliminating laws, taxes, fiat printing operations ran by central banks to increase new business formation by promoting higher savings rate in meaningful money you propose yet another level of oppression based system.

You know what is funny? The idea by the collectivist democrats (I am talking of people supporting democratic elections who also hold your ideas on the economy) thatyou can have so called 'progressive' income and wealth taxing system and yet you can have a 'one man one vote' voting system.

If you believe it you are naive. In a system where majority oppresses minority economically, (the lower income people mob together to impose higher taxes on the higher income people by using a voting process rigged by design to oppress minority by majority), the people who have the most to lose ( the 1%) will ensure that their position in the election process is at least equal to the overall tax percentage of the total that they are burdened with.

Graduated taxing leads to graduated voting. Your vote means very little in the system where you are in theajority positioned to steal from a minority.

The morality of: 99% votes to take the most from 1% is obvious for what it is - highway robbery. Under such circumstances any methods of fighting against this oppression are justified.

What should we do with the unwashed masses? Remove the chains of the government from their economic plight. Let people build new companies, let existing companies not be punished by government regulations by hiring more people.

The mob kills its own economy with the mob tactics, the mob cannot be allocated the same voting rights as those, who actually employ the vast majority of the mob.


Comment Re:Same gene for asbestos workers or coal miners? (Score 0) 174

I want to find out what genes are responsible for nearsighted stupidity and infinite greed of those, who are moralizing others about compassion while voting for politicians who promise to steal from the fee that have more and to give subsidies to those, who are voting for it?

I want to know what makes somebody so blind to their own violent and greedy while cowardice nature that they are inclined to steal and rob by using the force of the collective and calling the resulting oppression and theft 'compassion'?

Comment Re:Ugly (Score 1) 50

The point of this is not to help to find anybody under debris, the point is to build a spy tool for Putin and his cohorts to seed these things around the world, everywhere where ears and eyes could provide information useful to remain in power and steal more, so this contraption will look like a cockroach or some other insect or animal or object that can move around and spy while not being easily detectable.

How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to hold the giraffe and one to fill the bathtub with brightly colored power tools.