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Comment: Re:George RR Martin should read this paper (Score 1) 115

I think he's been using it to generate the story. After all, even his dead characters have a frequent habit of returning to the storyline, having apparently forgotten they are dead.

If you've only ever seen the TV series, you wouldn't know that. Which is interesting to me, at least.

Comment: Re:Fox News? (Score 3, Insightful) 398

by Austerity Empowers (#48019727) Attached to: Scientists Seen As Competent But Not Trusted By Americans

If we were a nation of rebels we'd have lined our telecom exec's and board members against a wall and shot them, mulched them and prepared the wall for RIAA/MPAA/IP activists, and finally have led violent revolt against pretty much everyone in congress.

Instead we bend over backwards to accomodate dysfunctional, greedy monopolies. Watch idly as 12yo's are prosecuted for "piracy" and vote the same clowns in again.

We haven't been rebels in a real long time.

Comment: Re:Fine! (Score 1) 363

by Austerity Empowers (#47993967) Attached to: Microsoft On US Immigration: It's Our Way Or the Canadian Highway

Let them move jobs overseas and have unemployed engineers and computer scientists become politicians (the greatest welfare program!). It may be that we need to form the same kind of bloc that lawyers and doctors have to stop this kind of bullshit.

There's only one way to hear "Firing 14%"/"Need oversea's labor", and that is "we don't really want to pay salaries, that's totally 1950s".

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I understand your point, but sometimes technology doesn't move in inches, it makes huge changes or none at all. A breakthrough in stem cell research might suddenly give us the ability to live practically forever. Probably not, but we can visualize a scenario. I would hate to make bad, short sighted decisions today that I will regret later. 75 or even 100 may be the end of the line when I get there, but it may not. It seems that no matter what I'll have reasonably fewer problems and be generally healthier on my way to whatever the terminal age will be when my time comes.

Now if I get a terminal disease, or something that otherwise alters my life to the point where I'm not happy with it, that makes me a burden on my family or on society, or that will just involve draining all my money that I could give to my wife or children, then I want to be able to make the decision to end it responsibly, painlessly, and cheaply. I don't see the point in prolonging an unenjoyable life.

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by Austerity Empowers (#47955737) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

Last I checked blackberries don't allow tethering via bluetooth or wifi, and while they do email real well, they didn't do much else all that well. I'm not sure it makes one a "trend-jumper" to desire new features that are useful. Blackberries didn't evolve, and they died, a lesson Apple had best pay attention to.

I couldn't care less what the apple product LOOKS like, I care what it does and how much trouble I'm likely to have with it. I have been a rabid Apple hater my entire life, until perhaps the past 6 years. Right now they are the best products out there. While I'd rather have a high quality hardware device with higher end processing/graphics capabilities that also has high design and mfg quality and not be paying for bullshit like laser etched holes and other ID related nonsense, they are all low quality shit, and having bought several I refuse to do it again. I would rather have reduced specs and a higher price than buy something cheap, fast and a trash can ornament. You have Apple, or you have cheap chinese shitshop, even if it has a Dell/HP logo. Knowing what I know about computer design, something I did for a living for 15 years, I choose Apple, for now. If HP or Dell or company Q wants to step up their game and start making a computer that is not utter shit, the decision may change in the future.

For the same reason I buy Apple, I buy Honda. I've owned a lot of Fords, they were shit, I won't buy another Ford. My Honda's have been going strong for 10 years, and fuck it, they cost 15-20% more up front but the TCO is far less. If Honda burns me I will start looking again, but as long as they make good stuff they have my loyalty.

Comment: Demographic (Score 4, Interesting) 533

4/1 is sufficient for my 2 year old daughter, my dead grandmother, and my cat who mostly just wants to chase the mouse around the screen. Pretty much everyone ELSE in the house wants more than that.

AT&T wants to sell the fantasy that people who want more bwidth really just want UVerse TV, not internet bandwidth. Which is false, anti-competitive and in a more rational world would involve lining them up against a wall and allowing "many americans" to stone them.

"In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current." -- Thomas Jefferson