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Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 43 43

, NFC hasn't been used much, but I see that changing

It's a catch 22, if people don't want to use it and make noise for it, it won't be on phones. If it's not on phones vendors aren't going to justify replacing their POS equipment, or losing all the private information they're stealing from customer CC's, and will keep the status quo.

I really want NFC, Apple Pay works great in the 3 places I visit that accept it. But not enough people are complaining in the right places (i.e. publically, loudly) and so we're having to wait while competing chains try to agree on a standard to suitably steal private information from their customers, for another 10 years.

Comment Re:Crapdroid? No thanks. (Score 1) 43 43

Android runs fine IFF you get a Google Nexus phone, AND don't go through Verizon or AT&T and have their malware installed. I wouldn't buy anything else if they paid ME money, it's gotten that bad. But if you can get over the stickershock and buy a nexus and add a plan, then it's pretty good.

Comment Re:Not surprising at all (Score 2) 64 64

The delusion amongst many academics, that students enroll in programs for any reason but to cash out and make money, continues unabated. We are still subjecting people who are paying an awful lot of money to general ed requirements, when advanced and focused trade schools would probably be the right solution for the the majority of applicants. Academia is a calling, one that requires either extreme dedication or a trust fund to hear.

Comment The only people who follow laws... (Score 1) 269 269

...are people who aren't likely to be the ones who trigger some form of global genocide.

Does anyone really expect governments will obey these laws? Would there be a way for more than a handful of tightly controlled people to even know until its too late? The pieces are very separable, they can be assembled by a relatively small number of people. It's not at all like a nuclear bomb, which always will look like a nuclear bomb, and quite a few people have to know they're designing and testing a device capable of nuclear explosions.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 455 455

Who cares? Are that many geeks worn down by the brutal requirement to wear something slightly more formal than gym clothes?

I'd call having to pay for dry cleaning a pay cut. Dress codes help only the fashion industry, otherwise i's the cheapest thing that covers the naughty bits.

Comment Re:Don't bother (Score 1) 85 85

Unless the API is very low level, and a lot of black box between API and end user application needs to be filled in by the community. And perhaps that black box might be more than one black box, for various industries. It sounds like they don't want to write those black boxes (maybe don't even understand them) and what customers to write open source implementations around their API. OpenGL is a nice API that's apparently way too low level for say, many game development companies to directly target, and most of them seem to use Unity/UE etc. and are just fine fitting within those frameworks.

Of course, if a community sees the need there, they're not going to be entirely pleased with building around a single, low level API that they have minimal control over and which may be used to extort them years later after investing a lot of work. I personally have very little trust about corporate stewardship of anything at all.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 154 154

Football, basketball, soccer, hockey... all those are games. The day professional basketball/soccer players stop bouncing/kicking balls and get "real jobs", that day you can ask the same from professional videogame players.

I hope this day comes. All of these "sports", while individually fun to play in to some degree, stop being fun when there's money and spectators involved. I don't know how anyone can watch so-and-so pratfall to draw a yellow card, or billy joe step in front of a ball to get on a base, etc. etc. just to "win". This same gamesmanship has turned video games of almost every variety into a circus show.

The only way to kill it all dead is not to watch, buy the merchandise or otherwise pay money into the system.

Comment Re:I work in this field. (Score 0) 423 423

If she were of a stronger moral character she would not be running for president, nor would she be capable of winning should she have tried. If she were not running for president, this issue would have dropped years ago. She's too powerful to prosecute, the best they can do is try to drag her through the mud like they did her hubby.

Comment Re:Redirecting (Score 1) 188 188

You wouldn't believe the amount of porn I find on Don't they know kids use the internet? What if some kid went there and saw, and I quote directly "Belt-sanders and Geese, Teen, Facial, Fetish"? Google really needs to lock this down.

Comment Re:A story of how women were (Score 4, Insightful) 191 191

...distracting that critical thinking with irrelevant asides...

That's a flat-out idiotic comment.

First made first my by history professor in freshman year in college. She was a woman. She predicted Scotland would try for independence one day in my lifetime (and we laughed), and that Russia would once again become a talked about threat, in addition to a number of other things. This was 20 years ago. She seemed pretty smart, but she wasn't the type to suffer idiocy.

Talking about two housewives in a company that failed before it started is a feel-good story at best, a lame attempt at social justice at worst.

The company was highly successful at the time, went public, and years later failed after the IBM/DOS combination came to dominate. Yet because the company was founded by two "housewives", you deny its success and importance.

Or, because housewives was the headline term, and the subject of the article, thus it was brought in to the discussion by the author. If this was about how influential Vector Graphics was, the title might have read "Vector Graphic - The Influential PC Vendor You Never Heard Of" or something along those lines. Clearly however, this article is about two housewives and their failed start-up.

Absolutely nothing in the article substantiates your claim that Vector Graphics was at all relevant to the PC industry other than an ability to get headlines and make itself known. It failed in every way that marked the success of the PC, was defeated in the PC market by Apple and was eliminated entirely by the IBM PC. It's one of many, many companies that had a brief moment in the sun and disappeared. This article isn't about that, it's about the two housewives who ran it and the ensuing drama of the 70s tech biz. It's entire value is "hey look what these women almost did", you could say the same about countless people in countless businesses, the only thing unusual is that it's two women, particularly two housewives. That doesn't make it newsworthy for most people, particularly if you see no reason why housewives couldn't be successful. It's more useful to people who somehow think they can't.

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