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Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 179

are half the reason why people think that diesels are stinky

The other two halves of the reason is because burned Diesel actually does smell. An unhealthy diesel is about the worst thing you can smell on the road (marginally beaten by the smell of an unhealthy LPG engine).

"Rolling coal" isn't really a thing here in Oz but I can still smell a diesel long before I see it (or hear it, but I usually have my music up pretty loud).

Comment Re:Trek is ABOUT Social Justice Warrioring (Score 2) 438

e. It was basically Roddenberry's idealistic version of the USA in space. I mean, come on, the starship was named after one of the most staunchly pro-capitalist concepts ever.

Well, it's set in a post-scarcity communist utopia .The bridge crew was expressly made up of Americans, Russians and Japanese people in an era when fighting the "Japs" was a recent memory and the Russians were the new enemy, in a direct appeal to get over our differences. It featured the first inter-racial kiss as though black people and white people could get along (in spite of the still existent legal segregation). The one guy who was racist was shown as anachronistic.

But yeah, if you ignore everything and focus on the starship name, totally a paean to America!

It appears you know nothing about Communism, or Star trek. The post scarcity thing was not introduced until TNG, there was still an idea of scarcity in TOS.

In TOS, the Federation represented the US with it's democracy and respect of freedom, the Klingons represented the Russians, barbaric and imperialistic. This is why The Undiscovered Country was produced during glasnost and the fall of communism. It was, at the time, quite subtle propaganda (well obvious propaganda to non-Americans like myself).

Also the society in TNG was far from communist. Post scarcity made working for a living no longer necessary, when you no longer need to work it is not communism. Communism would be where all Federation Citizens receive 5 metres of Andorian cotton each year and have to make all their clothes out of that.

Comment Re:10 years was a decent rest (Score 1) 438

Barbie of Borg was there only to rescue the failing ratings. The character added nothing of significant value beyond looking good in a tight jumpsuit.

It was the same with Jolene Blalock in ENT. Why the hell was a logic driven, emotionless Vulcan dressed in impractical tight clothes?

Even Marina Sirtis and Nichelle Nichols fulfilled the role of "eye candy" in their respective series.

The only real exception to this was DS9... or maybe it's just that I didn't find Terry Farrell that attractive.

Comment Re:Similar to VOA/Radio Free Europe? (Score 1) 294

Realistically, I doubt this will have much local effect. It's not 1965 anymore, and there are much more effective ways of distributing propaganda. It just sounds like the Party is trying to cover all their bases and sees an easy way to do so.

This sounds more like old fashioned political posturing. The Chinese government knows that their propaganda (which is designed for the Chinese psyche and attitude) will have no effect what so ever on Americans. Especially Americans in Washington. Its just a message from the Chinese Government saying that Washington is not outside their reach. The US is doing exactly the same thing by sending Destroyers to sail past China's new islands or Russia sending an old bomber to buzz a US aircraft carrier.

Simple political dickwaving.

Comment Re:Full sized candy (Score 1) 151

Seriously. Go down to costco. Buy 10 boxes of full sized candies. It will cost you $200. Much less than a lot of crappy Halloween decorations. I guarantee you, the kids will remember. Often into adulthood. "There was this one house that gave out full sized bars!"

For bonus points, keep your receipts, and return any box you didn't end up opening.

You don't get it.

Halloween isn't about giving candy to children, it's about an aging generation attempting to hold onto the tattered memories of their youth by trying to recreate it.

The decorations are for the decorators who go mad because their life is dull, boring and conformist that a commercialised holiday is the only form of expression they're capable of.

Its the same with Christmas (which is much bigger in Australia than Halloween is), parents here in Australia have spent their Decembers driving kids nuts with insane amounts of decoration. So much so that a lot of Gen X/Y/Z are foregoing Christmas all together. Christmas, like Halloween has long since lost it's religious connection, it's not longer about the Babby Jeezus rather how many hideous plastic, bearded, white geriatrics you can cram in your yard and surround with garish, fire hazard lights.

Sorry for the rant... I'm not a Christmas person in case you haven't guessed. I've had Halloween in 3 countries, Australia, the US and Colombia. Colombia was by far and away the best experience because it wasn't commercial, it was just a big party in the streets and parks where everyone had fun. No need to hand out candy or anything like that. Australia is the worst because Halloween is an American holiday. No offence intended but traditionally it's never been done here in Oz and I don't think we should in the same vein as I wouldn't expect Americans to be comfortable celebrating Australian holidays like ANZAC day or the Queens Birthday (which has nothing to do with Her Majesty's actual birthday or the Queen in general for that matter).

Comment Re:The old talent doesn't understand the new stuff (Score 1) 229

...old talent doesn't understand the new stuff."

I have never understood that. Some people seem to reach a point in their professional lives where they stop bothering to learn new stuff and just expect to allowed to vegetate away in their jobs for the last 15-20 years until retirement. I've been coding since around the time than many of the younger developers I work with were still a twinkle in their father's eyes and I still manage to keep up with new developments.

I know it's an old cliche, but you'll understand why as you get older.

As you age, learning new things becomes harder and harder, even if you're highly motivated you still find you're not learning as fast in your 30's as you did in your 20's. A lot of your pathways and habits are set.

Also as others have pointed out, you have more responsibilities. Not just work, but mortgages, kids and other family commitments. You'll find your parents are getting on a bit and you actualy have to spend time helping them.

Software development is particularly bad as they seem to change the development flavour of the week more often than their underpants.

Comment Re:We've already got TWO (Score 1) 237

The problem with the B52 is that it's incredibly easy to shoot down, this makes it pretty useless as a strategic bomber unless you try going back to WWII tactics where you use massive wings and lose 1 in every 3 bombers.

The last time the B52 was used to fight an enemy that could possibly fight back was Vietnam and even while the Russians wouldn't give the North Vietnamese guided missiles they could still shoot down B52's.

The B52 sounds great on paper but it's more of a symbol than an effective weapon, its only practical use is on countries that have no air force or anti-air defences. In this sense, it's not very cost effective at all because you need to pay for all the F22/35 and ground forces to clear out defences before you can send the bombers in.

The requirement is for a strategic bomber that can penetrate protected territory. Here they need stealth and a bit of speed. An upscaled F35 with an internal bomb bay or maybe a long range drone carrier (I.E. a B777/A330 class aircraft that could launch short/medium range drones at extreme ranges, outside the range of enemy air defences. Drone recover can be optional, 4 or 5 could do the same damage as 10-20 bombers with minimal risk to air crews... Wait, strike that, too forward thinking for the Chair Force).

Comment Re:they serve a purpose (Score 1) 439

if chevy sells a car to a dealer for $16000 and the dealer after haggling and whatnot sell the car to me for $17600 then the dealer made their 10% profit.

If they buy a car for $16,000 and sell it for $17,600 they dont make 10% profit because they have overheads, in fact having run my own business I'd bet they'd barely be making 1% profit off of that with rents, utilities, wages and what not... then you've got to pay tax on that 1%.

Cut out the dealer and buy from the manufacturer and they will just sell me the car direct for $17600. It is foolish to think anything else would happen.


First off, products are not priced to be the lowest they can be, they are priced at what the market will bear.

Secondly, selling direct to the public has a great deal of overheads that you don't get when you're just wholesale. Not just in showrooms and staff, but after sales service as well. Not only are they unwilling to lower the price, but they also wont be able to lower it by much.

I've seen this many times before, particularly with taxes. A government cuts a tax on something as a vote winning tactic and all that happens is the companies adsorb the difference into their profit margin.

Comment Re:they serve a purpose (Score 1) 439

You are *always* getting screwed on your trade-in, *always*.
Advice: never bring a car to trade it. But then it's a colossal PITA to do a private party car sale ... so YMMV.

You could always auction. Less effort but you wont get as much as a private sale.

But dealers don't make money in new car sales any more. They barely even make money in used car sales as most dealers auction off their trades or have a separate dealer network who deals in used cars. Dealers make money on finance, services and a little on options. This is why dealers try to rope you into servicing with them using dubious terms in the warranty (in Australia it's illegal for a dealer or manufacturer to force you to service with them, using any accredited mechanic will not void the warranty). Services are where all the fat is, they pay peanuts to monkeys to change your oil.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 310

Anyone who has taken a product sans pseudoephedrine already knows they don't work.

This, I always avoid phenylephrine products because they simply don't work. Fortunately here in Australia all you need to do to get pseudoephedrine over the counter is show your drivers license. That is enough to stop the meth cooks from buying enough to make a kitchen viable. Its the same with Codeine, fantastic stuff for those of us who use it properly (I.E. rarely) but many of the same countries who banned OTC pseudoephidrine have also banned OTC codeine. This is why when I travel I usually buy a box of pain killers in Australia.

Comment Re:This isn't news (Score 1) 310

Instead of getting snarky, why don't you do a bit of research? Google is your friend.

Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger and stock manipulator. President Roosevelt appointed him chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission to crack down on stock cheats because Kennedy knew all about cheating.

Now look at the context in which GP's post appears - former gang members becoming accountants? Sure, it worked for Kennedy.

He is still right, although has a very bad analogy.

Prohibition demonstrated that fact.

If Marijuana is made legal, cartels wont be shipping it over the border from Mexico any more because everyone will be able to get a legal, legitimately grown and transported product grown elsewhere. The huge logistics of running a private military to sell drugs will become a cost that a legitimate farmer in America doesn't have to deal with. They simply wont be able to offer the product at the same price.

Same with Cocaine, even if Colombia cant do anything about the revolutionaries (both FARC and AUC use drugs to fund their activities), decriminalisation will allow it's neighbours to capitalise on production which will squeeze the revolutionaries out of the market.

Whilst I don't agree with flat out legalisation, a lot of the problems with drugs will be solved if we (and by this, I mean the US) would stop spending so much time and money trying to fight them.

Comment Re:Note if we can stop.. (Score 1) 428

Try buying actual "food" at the grocery store rather than prepackaged boxes of chemicals.

Vegetables have shockingly low amounts of sugar. Similarly with flour, eggs, rice, beans, meat, etc.

Whilst I'm a fan of buying fresh (I.E. I go to a greengrocer and a butcher rather than a supermarket for foods) I generally prefer not sounding like a crazy hippy when pointing it out.

But I digress

Flour is basically all carbohydrates. Sugar is basically a complex carbohydrate.

That isn't to say it's inherently bad for you per se, but modern diets tend to contain far too much carbohydrates and we generally should cut down on carbs in favour of meats, fruits and vegetables.

Back to the bit where I don't want to sound like a batshit insane hippy... maaaaaan, but people tend to go to extremes when %AUTHORITY% says %FOOD THING% is bad. People tend to try to cut it out completely rather than just cut down to normal levels with it. Salt is a good example as many western nations are now having widespread iodine deficiencies because they've cut out their main source of iodine, which was iodised (table) salt. The thing is, our bodies do require and benefit from a small quantity of these "bad" foods, we need a little sugar, a little salt and a few carbs. We just don't need them in the quantities we currently take them in.

Healthy eating advice hasn't changed much in the last few decades, things like soda, crisps, chips, fries et al. are in the eat less category. Lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes et al. are in the eat more categories. The only things that are in the eat never category are things like drain cleaner and candy you find on the ground. So to say maybe you should drink water instead of a soda doesn't mean you can never have a soda, rather it means you probably shouldn't have that second soda.

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