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Comment Re:No, we need to ditch this web idiocy completely (Score 1) 61 61

After getting rid of this battery shit, get rid of the goddamn video and audio capabilities that have been added recently.

I dont agree with this.

What we need is a browser that has this capability but does _NOT_ under any circumstances allow it to autoplay. Flashblock used to perform this functionality admirably, but since we all moved to HTML5 and all its magical wonder we've gone back to the point where browsers automatically play anything.

And I warned all of you years ago you'd rue the day you blindly adopted HTML5 as the browser Jesus.

Comment Re:Maybe someday (Score 1) 94 94

If the chips are read only they would not be able to receive security updates (not that manufacturers issue ROM updates most of the time...). It would be a mess the first time a firmware security hole was found that couldn't be patched.

Nor could well liked features be removed so that they could be charged for... Or the code changed to make third party cables incompatible.

I mean think of the lost profits.

Comment Re:Good move Nokia (Score 1) 53 53

Even mighty Apple could not dislodge the king of the hill of the map Google maps.

Apple already has "dislodged" Google Maps on Apple devices....


"At WWDC last week Apple announced that it receives 5 billion requests per week for its mapping services and that Apple Maps is used 3.5 times more frequently than âoethe next leading maps appââ"i.e. Google Maps."

on IOS only.

And lets face it, Apple users are used to being lost. I think between all platforms Google will be receiving more than 5 billion requests per day. 5 billion requests is only 5 requests per Android user.

I tried to use Apple Maps for the first time in 2 years the other day. It still cant find basic landmarks like train stations here in Perth. Not like the state government makes that information free to anyone who wants to contact Landgate for it or anything.

Also, if you could provide an article that isn't a blatant advertisement for Apple, that'd be golden.

Comment Re:Who wants to drink pureed vegans? (Score 1) 308 308

>> Not only are its ingredients vegan

Who the f*** wants to drink pureed vegans?

If I'm going to get my liquid cannibal on, I want the taste of real hamburger-fed 'muricans!

Too fatty. Besides, vegans are grass-fed. Gives better flavor than grain-fed.

Yes but there is very little actual meat on a vegan, most of it has broken down due to lack of protein as well.

OTOH the sedentary lifestyle of the hamburger fed 'murican means that the meat is very tender and the excess fat can be used in the cooking process (for both greasing and cooking fuel).

Comment Re:They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 308 308

I had plenty of tasty food when I was in the UK. It would probably have made a modern nutritionist have an apoplectic fit, but still.

There's a reason why British TV chefs who refuse to eat junk food are still a bit chunky. British comfort food is typically carb or sugar loaded (or both).

But your diet is not meant to consist mainly of comfort foods but occasionally someone eats all the pies.

Comment Re:And it all comes down to greed (Score 1) 541 541

When you bought that foreign car, you voted with your money that auto workers in that country are better than domestic ones.

a lot of fords and chevys are made in mexico, and a lot of foreign brands are made in US. careful when you fling your jingoistic mud.

Yup, the all 'Merican Camaro is an Australian designed car made in Canada?

Comment Re:Sounds great! (Score 1) 161 161

As a highly-taxed driver (gas and registration), I'm getting rather tired of cyclists requesting more and more road upgrades despite them not paying even a small share of the costs for those upgrades.

I know! And what about all those leeching pedestrians? Sidewalks don't just appear! Plus pedestrians slow me down when I'm in a hurry! We should require registration to walk in the city! :-)

So basically you hate pedestrians doing to you just what you do to motorists.

Comment Re:Sounds great! (Score 1) 161 161

But hang on, how many cyclists out there, who are of age to drive, don't also own a car?

Quite a few.

Every regular cyclist I know here in Perth doesn't have a car, in fact the only regular cyclist I know who does have a Class C drivers license makes it a point not to ride on roads as much as possible. I imagine it's worse in somewhere like London where you can live quite well without a car.

Do you have evidence that the majority of cyclists have licenses. If not your anecdotal evidence is only as good as my anecdotal evidence.

Now the only reason I want cyclists to be registered is so they can be identified and have their road using privileges revoked when they do something wrong, just like motorists and motorcyclists are. I've seen too many near accidents from cyclists pulling out into traffic without looking (and somehow motorists are the bad guy here). Of course cyclists are going to oppose being registered and having to wear an identifying number because they know they will have to start obeying the same traffic laws as the rest of us. Cyclists want equal rights on the road, fine, I agree but you must also have equal responsibility.

I'm a member of a race club, we take our driving very seriously and several times before when we've caught a member acting stupidly (especially off the track) we throw him to the wolves. We will report them ourselves then toss them out of the club. Cyclists on the other hand still refuse to admit that a cyclists is even capable of doing anything wrong and worse still, protect those who are endangering themselves and other road users out of some belief that motorists are always the bad guys. I've never seen or even heard of a cyclists dobbing in another.

Comment Re:Stuck signal sets (Score 1) 161 161

Then there's the complete disregard for traffic lights (oh, the light's red? Well I'm a pedestrian now, so screw you and give way as I suddenly pull out of my lane and ride across the crosswalk without warning!)

If a signal has remained red for five minutes despite my bike's front and rear wheels being directly over the crack in the street that indicates an induction loop sensor, what else am I supposed to do?

First of all, we dont believe that you actually stopped at a red light.

Secondly, do what motorcyclists do and hit the pedestrian cross button. I dont ride a motorcycle either, that's just common knowledge.

Also, you're attempt to make up esoteric scenarios to justify running red lights in peak hour traffic is terribly transparent.

Comment Re:It's coming. Watch for it.. (Score 1) 161 161

Funny thing is, motorists do the exact same things as cyclists. Yet, when a motorist does it, it is a bad driver. When a cyclist does it, it is a generalization that applies to all cyclists.

This is because a very, very small percentage of motorists regularly run red lights. Cyclists do it all the time.

Most motorists at least try to fit into traffic, all cyclists demand that traffic changes to accommodate them.

Even worse, when a purpose built cycle path or cycle lane is made to accommodate the special snowflake cyclists they refuse to use them quoting all kinds of silly reaons like there's dirt on the path they might slip on or they may hit a power pole.

But the thing that gets my goat is, when motorists do bad things the motoring community recognises this and seeks out the individuals breaking laws and making things unsafe. When a cyclists does bad things they cycling community circles the wagons around the perpetrators, denies that any wrong was done, blames the motorists for whatever they can and then claim that cyclists can do no wrong.

Cyclists have earned their bad name.

If you're making a left turn, it is far safer to take the left turning lane to prevent cars from passing you while making the turn

But yet it's perfectly OK for the cyclist to try to pass a turning car on the inside.

In Japan, it is required for a turning driver to pull into the curb precisely to cut off anyone on two wheels. The difference between you and the Japanese is that the Japanese wont make a huge song and dance over it because they know they shouldn't try to pass on the inside.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 2) 494 494

I might add that 50 meters STRAIGHT UP does not equate to a 50 meter horizontal shot. If the shot I'm shooting has a maximum effective range of 50 meters (or yards), I can expect that firing straight up into the air, my shot will only reach about 30 meters (or yards). Maybe 40. No matter how you cut it, shotguns are not long range weapons.

Duck hunters don't take those long shots into the sky for that very reason. They use decoys to bring the ducks down to landing approach height - 20 to 100 feet - then shoot them as they pass overhead. Even extra length, extra high powered "goose guns" can't reach much higher than 150 feet.

Olympic clay pigeon shooting occurs at ranges of 50 metres. Targets are thrown into the air 45-55 meters away from the shooter. Olympic trap targets are set at 76 metres.

A shotgun can easily shoot 50 meters and you dont have to do much damage to a drone to make it crash.

Comment Re:BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctness (Score 5, Interesting) 203 203

Seriously, read what happened. Yeah, BBC has done plenty of bone-headed things in the name of PC. This, however, is not one of those things.

This may not be about PC, in fact I highly doubt it but to say that this isn't politically motivated is bone headed.

Clarkson has been at odds with the BBC's director of TV, Danny Cohen since he became Director of TV. Cohen has been gunning for Clarkson for years but hasn't been able to do anything as Clarkson and Wilman owned a significant part of Top Gear as TG was originally a joint venture between the BBC and Clarksons/Wilmans production company. Months before the "fraccas", BBC acquired Wilmans and Clarksons stake in Top Gear.

However with the loss in revenue the BBC will feel over this and the inevitable failure of the Chris Harris led Top Gear, I suspect that Cohen will be out of a job within a year.

This ended up being about the fact that the same rules need to be applied all through the pay scale.

That's a cop out.

The BBC is not above applying double standards and if this happened at a lower rank, you can bet your arse the person involved would be sent off for "anger management" and that would be the end of it... But as I said, the BBC is not above applying double standards.

if that had happened here in the US, he'd be facing a multi-quintillion-dollar lawsuit already.

Which would be settled for a fraction of a million instead of being the circus that it was in the UK.

Comment Re:Simulated emotions? Big mistake (Score 1) 112 112

The worst mistake we could make is to try to simulate emotions. That's what true psychopaths do -- simulate and fake their emotions.

He's talking about compassion.

Compassion is more about being aware of other people's emotions and changing/compensating with you own actions. The robots that deal with people dont need to understand anger, sadness or joy, but they should know how to react to it.

Comment Re:We're much more progressive in the states (Score 1) 302 302

As an american, Its good to see the brits following in our footsteps. We started shutting off street lights here in places like Stockton California and Detroit Michigan quite some time ago. The impact on reported crime is minimal, as we've also been shutting off funding to most of the police departments. Crash statistics, surprisingly, remain unchanged as well. most cars in these locations dont run, and even if they did there arent any jobs to drive to.

Our next bold experiments are shutting off water in California and shutting off education in Wisconsin.

Might I suggest you next cut off funding to your statistics bureau. After all if no-one makes new statistics, they cant get worse.

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