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by Tranzistors (#47137275) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

The root cause of all abuse is thinking other people are less important than your self, and as such can be treated worse than you.

Antisemitism comes from feeling of oppression (I guess. I really don't understand this one). Child abuse often justified as for their own good. Honour killings come from need to maintain honour. I am quite sure this is not a complete list. Even if the end result you propose would solve everything, how do we get there? Because just believing everyone is just as important as everyone else doesn't solve the abuse I listed above.

So tell me, how does shit-talking on the Internet reduce violence? What particular form of abuse is it efficient at solving?

Profanities won't solve it, nor am I advocating for them. But sometimes people in these sort of debates are so oblivious of the issues, I can understand why every other word a swear word.

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by Tranzistors (#47132119) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

So, your friends respect women, jet make sexist jokes. Oh, if only those women could see past sexism and enjoy the laughs. Just like in school, the poor sod, who is being called gay for not acting manly enough, should just laugh with everybody else, because come on, that is just a joke.

At first I thought I should just go with classical "if X says that Y do Z, it means that enough of Y do Z for it to be a problem", like, if for some woman only 20% (made up number) of male colleges make sexist remarks, it is surely not ALL men, but still it can make life unbearable. When I was in school, I was bullied by about 4 of 33 classmates and, believe me, the fact that it was ONLY about 10% didn't help.
BUT reading your comment further I seriously doubt you would even notice if you were misogynist. First, you just disregard their experience with "didn't see it, you must be making this up" and then say they should shut up about it. Then, to prove the point, you engage in sexist activities (at least passively, by accepting sexism) as a revenge (WTF?). And to top it all, you say women should accept hostile workplace environment, because it is just the way it is, when in fact it is YOU, the tech people, who make the tech environment the way it is.

You are just like those, who say "I don't see racism around me, so it doesn't exist".

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by Tranzistors (#47000761) Attached to: Estonia Urged To Drop Internet Voting Over Security Fears

And electronic voting solve any of these problems?

The article points out that Estionian e-elections increase(!) risk of fraud. You just said, that since there can be fraud with conventional elections, it doesn't matter, how elections are done. It just makes no sense. If there are risks of fraud, they should be minimised, not increased.

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