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Comment Re:Drug trials (Score 1) 232

I too am no doctor, but I have spent time under pain killers after surgery and if your case was anything like mine, the original source of pain became less and less intense. Like, if in the first week you would be on pain level 9 without medication, but after 10 weeks pain level would have dropped to level 5, and the required amount of morphine is the same, then you have developed some tolerance.

I had to use morphine for couple of weeks and didn't even notice any withdrawal, but what I have gathered (anecdotally) from other people who were on pain killers, when you are taken off pain medication, you do feel actual pain, but it is usually written off as a /just another pain episode/, after a while it gets better so who cares.

Comment Re:Drug trials (Score 3, Insightful) 232

> and our Calvinist morality and repressive drug control regime hates this

Oh please! Problem with all current pain killers is that they are NOT EFFECTIVE for chronic pain. Opioids require ever bigger dosage to get the same effect, and your plan to "monitor their therapies" just mean that if the source of the pain is not dealt with, treatment will not be effective. But sure, blame Calvinists.

Comment Re: Everything you need to know about GNOME 3 (Score 1) 46

But why would you hit enter? Since it searches while you type, what other reason is there to hit Enter, unless you are done with it? Edit the line you need and if you need the search box as it was, press ctrl+f again.
There is little use of it just hanging there. If you need to see what contains, it is already highlighted in the text, if you need to type something there, you already have lost the focus and will be forced to click in it or press ctrl+f anyway.

Also, if you don't mind having search dialog up all the time, use search and replace one.

Comment Re:America next? (Score 1) 276

It is easier to spot paid ones because:
1) Often they use copy-paste methods. If you are paid by post count, why not be effective.
2) They work in teams and have recurring patterns (first one says "maybe Putin is bit harsh towards Ukrainians", second says "no, Putin is the best, Ukrainians did bad things", third supplied some illustrative image).

Comment Re:It's very real (Score 1) 276

Be careful, you might be on the course to madness.

When it is freezing, and fingers/ears/what-have-you are hurting, you are still probably fine, but after a while hurt no more. For those inexperienced, this feels great, but it is a sign of a frostbite.

Similar with schizophrenia and hallucinations — at first it gets worse, because you see more and more things that your mind just made up. But after a while it gets better, not because hallucinations are going away, but because hallucinations are perceived as reality.

Same with propaganda. You might feel like with time you have become immune to its effects (maybe it is really so), but it might as well be the case that you have started to internalize it. Perhaps you will rationally discard every fact that Russian media gives you, but it won't matter, if you start to believe that all the facts that anyone reports are just as trustworthy. If after all the brainwashing you believe that state of Russia is evil, but so is every other state, mission accomplished. There is no right and wrong, only them and us. And you how full well, on which side you stand (za nashim).

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 613

History is gender neutral

I don not see any reason why to believe it. History is written by victorious. And those, who could write (if they survived). It would be perfectly reasonable to have separate native American history study, given how much time is spent on studying white immigrant history (I am pulling this out of my ass, since I live in Europe). If any particular subfield in history is poorly studied, it makes perfect sense to study that particular field more carefully, nut just "whole history". Having separate "white studies" would make sense in, say, Japan, which is dominated by Japanese and impact of west could be an interesting subject. What would "white history of USA" even look like? No mention of slaves? Native Americans? How would such studies deepen our understanding on what had happened?

There are beauty pageants specifically for Blacks and for Latinos

My guess is that if beauty pageants were systematically won by Latinos, and someone made a separate pageant for whites only, there would be no outcry. For some reason you seem to be blind to any social inequalities.

Comment Re:Don't be mean to Lennart (Score 1) 177

The main issue with the SJW label (as per definition of Urban Dictionary), is that it requires a lot of information on intent.

A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet [...]

So far so good by UB standarts.

[..]often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way[...]

Judgmental, subjective observation, can be dismissed.

[..]for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation.

This is the key flaw in the definition, that makes it unusable. How do you know the motivation of the 'SJW'? Is there a separate community, where these SJW meet and brag about their achievements?

The examples that follow in the UB have issues as well.

A social justice warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of.

Same problem of having to know the motivation.

They typically repeat points from whoever is the most popular blogger or commenter of the moment

So people reuse argumentation made by others. What else is new?

hoping that they will "get SJ points" and become popular in return.

I have seen this only on slashdot, where there is karma (and karma whoring). Here, JS points are almost currency. Is there any other such community?

They are very sure to adopt stances that are "correct" in their social circle.

More likely that they actually believe their cause and the social circle they live in has the same belief, or they would have left it. Also, slashdot has exactly the same way of thinking. The correct view is that tech sector and open source in particular is meritocracy, that women just don't want to be there and this issue should just be dropped.

Also interesting label is "White knighting", which also is pejorative used to mock those who defend others. On the face of it, defending the abused sounds like a good thing to do, but when you don't like it, call it white knighting, and it suddenly becomes something bad.

Comment Re:How a project is maintained (Score 1) 177

This phenomena is certainly not unique to /.

The worst thing is that the hate radicalizes, it calls to pick a side and the more the fighting continues, the more emotional investment one has in the picked side. Every singe encounter breeds more frustration, which feeds the hate until the only prospect of any reconciliation is when everyone is tired of the fighting.

Comment Re:How a project is maintained (Score 2, Insightful) 177

Hate between software camps is rarely fueled by the developers of the software itself. Forks might be driven by need, frustration or anything else, but once it is done, developers get on with their lives. When Canonical dumped GNOME panels (and Shell) to make unity, there was some bad blood for a month or so, Debian move to systemd was bit more brutal, but it all passed.

This is nothing compared to the hatefest that slashdot harbours. Any news remotely related to GNOME or systemd will quickly summon rabid commenters. Sure, if you agree with the haters, you will see it as a good thing (conformation bias?), but it does mean that comment section of this site is more suitable for gruesome entertainment than gaining additional information.

Case in point, where mildly interesting story about GNOME cash flow spawned comments that ranged form misunderstanding to misinformation to just pure fantasy. I was a bit surprised that someone from GNOME (Sri Ramkrishna) was still on /. and did try to clarify the situation, but it turned out that this was in his job description as a member of board of GNOME. This is how sick the /. community has become.

Comment Re:Xfce 5 should be based on Qt. (Score 1) 91

I was wondering, it GNOME devs were that crazy to break their apps everywhere, and they aren't. On fedora xfce installed gedit 3.14
There are some goofs, like duplication of minimize, maximize and close buttons. The xfce window decoration is there and works. Menu items, that were in the global menu, are now in the window menu (except for "new window", that seems to be gone, but Ctlr+N and tab detaching works just fine).
Can you point to the DE, where gedit is really broken?

Comment Re:Freedom and good and bad currencies (Score 1) 253

What do you mean? If I knew my bitcoin wallet doubled its value every year, I would spend/invest NONE of it. And since everyone else would do the same, the value would grow even further and further, until it wouldn't. Then there is incentive to spend, thus flooding the market with bitcoins, which results in inflation, which forces to spend even more, before value is lost even further. Sounds like solid economical base to me.

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