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Comment: Re:What part of "Consent" Don't You Understand? (Score 1) 309

by emj (#49135221) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

Who is to define what is and isn't art and speech? You? Me?

This is humiliation. This is malice. This is revenge. This is greed. This is crime. Revenge porn

Then call it these things. Stop trying to make it something it isn't, and admit you consider stopping these to be much more important than freedom of speech.

Should I be allowed to market stuff with an image of you attach to it? Immaterial rights isn't fun but it does extend quite a lot. Lots of countries have freedom of speech without freedom to sue.

Comment: The worst part is the polished turd that is Uber (Score 2) 193

by emj (#49135121) Attached to: Uber Offers Free Rides To Koreans, Hopes They Won't Report Illegal Drivers

From that site, one of the most important claim is "using unlicensed drivers with some of its services", sometimes getting an unlicensed veichle + driver when you order a Uber drive isn't very good, and I do think the comapny should pay dearly for that. Now there are people who only care about getting cheap services, but in the case of Uber you pay the same amount for a licensed and an unlicensed driver.

The amount of unlicensed Uber drivers seems to be rather small here, but they do exist sadly, and I find it strange that Uber doesn't try harder to fix this problem.

Comment: They are just trolls with lots of money (Score 5, Interesting) 418

by emj (#49024345) Attached to: $10K Ethernet Cable Claims Audio Fidelity, If You're Stupid Enough To Buy It

You think they are crazy, but as along time audiophile I can till you we are just trolls who are spending or claiming to spend lots of money only to get attention. This conspiracy has been going on for to many decades now, but it's getting old so I'm exposing it here.

I'm just going listen to Simon and Garfunkel on my built in 386 era PC-speaker now.

Comment: Re:"The payment was already done" (Score 1) 157

by emj (#48977829) Attached to: Major Record Labels Keep 73% of Spotify Payouts

"they already got paid for their work" [..] That's what pirates always say, right?

More and more artist starting from 2004-2010 have produced their own content with little investment from music companies and might not have gotten paid at all by the record company. Many times they get an small advance that is paid of by the royalties, until that advance is paid off they receive no further money. That's going to take a long time if all artists on streaming services have to split 68 cents per month and user.

Comment: Re:Spelling Bees! (Score 1) 700

by emj (#48977409) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?

They do well in [compared to] public or private schools-- cost,

The cost of putting kids in school is very low some thing like ~$14000 per year, and that is in a country with very high costs. So if you are unemployed and home schooling is considered to be usefull in the workplace when you have done it for 9-years then there might be a cost benefit, even for society.

So the cost of homeschooling is extreme, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't homeschool our kids when they get home from publich school...

Comment: Re:As a parent, which requires no testing or licen (Score 0) 700

by emj (#48977353) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?

I made management after a couple of years and was afforded more schedule-leeway... bam, right into the public system they went.

Sounds like your company sucks.. :-) What if you tried to make the company a bit more parent friendly place to work in, now that you are in management and have more schedule-leeway. A happy worker is a good worker..

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