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Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 331 331


india and china have many minor border disputes, but also two major disputes over absolutely huge areas that are indeed mostly mountainous, but i don't know why that magically makes them unimportant

these are very large areas, read up:

and then we can get into the issue of tibetan independence...

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 331 331

russia is a weak, dying, crazy, corrupt cult of personality kleptocrat petrostate

china is a huge, economically powerful, and growing militarily imperialist power

compared to:

the usa has problems with creeping plutocracy

mexico is poor and overrun with narcoterrorism

the point? the usa's problems are tiny compared to russia's

and the neighboring country of china is not in any way like the neighboring country of mexico

russia's far east is vulnerable to swinging away from the decaying power and to the stronger power. yes, if the usa was a failing weak crazy state and mexico was a massive growing power, then yes: texas, california, etc might swing to mexico. but that's not the case is it?

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 331 331

china can sponsor fake independence movements, supply them clandestinely

no actual war has to be declared, so there is no one to nuke. even so, if russia decides to attack china on its own, that's a formal declaration on russia's head and china will be happy to respond in full force. not now. in the near future where russia has decayed further and china has strengthened further, and russia's hold on it's far east is weaker and china's expat community in siberia is yet even more influential and it's economic influences much larger

the new countries carved out of weak dying russia like tuva, irkutsk, yakutia, etc. can be satellite puppets, they don't have to be formally absorbed into china politically, if ever. they can be like texas, independent for awhile after the usa carved up northern mexico

does this tactic sound familiar? it should:

this is the same evil shit russia is pulling on ukraine right now and pulled on georgia with abhakazia

kind of a delectable irony, russia deserves it. beijing is an imperial thug like moscow, stealing islands from weak neighbors, but in outer manchuria and siberia, i'm rooting for china. fuck russia that fucking impotent bully

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 331 331

ukraine is begging to get into NATO. all the new eastern european states begged to get into NATO. fuck what the usa or what the west thinks. fuck what russia thinks

does what the actual fucking countries in question think matter at all to you?

only moscow matters? only washington dc? you utterly dismiss the wishes of poles, slovaks, bulgars, etc? that makes you a patronizing, condescending asshole

if warsaw wants to be in NATO, who gives a flying fuck what moscow thinks. why should what moscow thinks be the ultimate point about what POLES want? why? please, justify that. makes beleive you are talking to a pole. tell the pole why they have to stay under moscow's thumb, in spite of what poles want, nevermind americans or western europeans. please, explain

the US would respond with all kinds of measures to address that threat. Like, say, by orchestrating coups..?

the USA of course has done plenty of vile imperialist things. of course. what does that change?

so two wrongs make a right? the usa does something bad so it's ok that russia does something bad? that's how morality works to you? i knew a guy once who killed someone so it's ok if this other guy kills someone? do you have principles or mindless contrarianism as your motivation?

I'm not Slavic.

the only thing worse than a russian propagandized idiot on this topic who thinks russia is the victim here is some airhead western moron who thinks russia is the victim here. at least the russian has the excuse of nationalism and wall-to-wall propaganda. what is your excuse for being so unprincipled and unintelligent on the topic?

Comment Re:Catfish (Score 1) 134 134


language evolves. deal with it. no one cares about your strange mentally brittle sensitivities. adapt or die



(often as noun catfishing) Back to top
1 [NO OBJECT] Fish for catfish:
with the Mississippi River far below its normal level, the catfishing kept getting better and better
Some friends and I were catfishing the Minnesota River until well past midnight on a cloudy, moonless night.
I hooked a carp that was yellow as a goldfish while I was catfishing.
He'd spent more than a few cheery nights with them as they catfished on the Clinch River.

2 [WITH OBJECT] US informal Lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona:
he was being catfished by a cruel prankster
a victim of catfishing
[Originally with reference to the 2010 documentary film Catfish, which concerns such a relationship]
While there isn't much data at this point, catfishing is becoming more common anecdotally.
His words are instead funneled through Nick, who has been catfishing his best friend.
He said the athletic department catfished several athletes to teach them the dangers of social networking.

Comment Re:This is a crap propaganda post (Score 1) 134 134

prove it

the link goes to

which links to a story by, aka Russia Today


yeah, pretty much, it's propaganda, you're right

How much the state department is paying you?

uh... you mean the Kremlin

although, the idea that Russia Today is actually run by the US State Dept is exactly the sort of low iq paranoid schizophrenic fantasy you sort of crackpots believe, so... carry on my wayward son

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 331 331

"don't antagonize the imperial thug, or what the imperial thug does is your responsibility"

gee, i would think anything vile that the imperial thug did was the imperial thug's fault, perhaps? is that a little beyond your brain wattage?

this is the crap you are trying to sell:

"why did you wear that sexy dress? that guy looked at you. so that means i have to beat you now. and it's your fault i have to beat you because you wore that dress"

that's wife beater logic

"why did you accept states fleeing the soviet union, NATO, forcing me to dismember tiny weak georgia and ukraine in my self-destructive frustration and impotent rage?"

have you been beaten too much dear poor shell shock propagandized wife?

especially since "antagonism" as you define it is: the country's and regions momentarily not under the thug's boot after the fall of the USSR doing their damned best to scramble away and not be victims anymore

but of course, you spin that as evil NATO expanding and tricking poor poland, czech, hungary, romania, lithuania, etc... good soviet member states tricked by the evil west, right?

they all hate and fear russia now, moron!

they run to the west as fast as they fucking can

NATO expansion has nothing to do with what NATO did, but everything to do with how maltreated those states were under the russian thug's boot

ukraine are, *were*, your slavic brothers for centuries. they should be your loyal friends after being on the same side for centuries. but no. they had the gall to say they have the right to decide their own fate. and the impotent rage of putin and his small dick says they have to be mercilessly punished for that "crime"

all slavic comradery completely null and void

pathetic, stupid, the logic of the wife beater and the beaten ignorant propagandized serf wives who swallow and accept that mafia thug shit

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