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Comment Re:Why not overseas .... (Score 1) 154

Not only do you have tariffs, you also have many sorts of "restrictions", "regulations" and other bullshit that goes against the "free trade" concept.
The US is the nation with the most complaints about import restrictions. They like to shove "free trade agreements" down every other country's throats, yet they keep restricting imports of beef ("due to health concerns"), or keeping an artificially low price of, say, corn (through subsidies). And then they whine when other countries do exactly that...

Comment Re:"Yet another debilitating disease" (Score 5, Informative) 83

I'm from the affected area. North-east Argentina, near Paraguay. There have been hundreds of cases of Dengue Fever in the past week. All of this is happening because of the floodings, caused by excessive rainfall by El Niño. Temperatures have been extremely high too (37C at my city today).

Comment Re:NEC Laser Printer - 21 years and counting (Score 1) 332

HP LaserJet 1100 (apparently considered a "bad", "not built like a tank" printer: the beginning of the end for HP LaserJet printer quality and other horrible things), I had to take it out of service after 14 years because the spindle with the mirror took a lot of time to get up to speed, then one day it just won't spin fast enough anymore (lubrication i'm sure).

I tried to repair it but all the plastic was so brittle it just broke in pieces wherever I pulled.

Comment Re:Underwhelmed by Netflix (Score 2) 75

or people will start abandoning them and going back to the old-fashioned way of streaming movies... illegally or quasi-legally

No, they won't. "People" never streamed anything illegally. "People" never downloaded movies. My dad watches netflix, but he gets AIDS on his computer trying to download a program. If i teach him about torrents he'll probably blow his computer up somehow.
A small fraction of people download illegally. Netflix users are an overwhelming majority. Even with "as easy to use" alternatives like Popcorn Time, which are free and WAY more extensive.

Comment Re:"Early" (Score 1) 172

It is for "The Rest of the World". I live in a city in Argentina. While I was privileged to have Internet as soon as 1996 (1995 was the year "full internet" came to my city, and before that I had an internet email address in early 1995, and even had some experiences with Argentina's ARPAC network in 93 - which had some sort of internet capability), the truth is, back then only a handful of people used the web. Unlike USA, in most other countries telephone service was metered (and expensive). So internet didn't get popular until about 2001 when ADSL service became available. I signed up as soon as it was available here.
But that's only when Internet Cafes exploded. You could find them in every street corner. That lasted well into probably 2008, then they suddenly started disappearing when DSL service became "cheap enough", and mostly, because people "got a taste" of the internet at the Internet Cafe.
So yeah you could say that for "the rest of the world", "Early Internet" is early 2000s.

Comment Re:Sand Storms (Score 1) 386

You forget that the power is free...
ok yes, maintainance and building costs, sure. But the energy is free. There is no fuel.
Also if we expect to power the planet with solar power we'd have to have a worldwide grid to "import" power at night from several timezones away.

Comment Re:VW have fundamental engineering issues (Score 2) 313

My dad's BMW fuel pump died... when he was about to get on a bridge.
Then it died again in his vacation, 700km from home.
Then the oxygen sensor died.
Now an air conditioner gas (!) hose broke and coolant leaked.
The alarm, for some reason, beeps every time he opens the door (he has to leave it unlocked).
Now some ABS light is turning on, though that may be related to driving on a flooded street.

The car is a 1998 model, yes. But it's been a lot of trouble really. Nothing major, but still annoying.

Comment Re:Why is prostitution illegal in the first place? (Score 1) 390

A cop told me once she was tired of the low pay. And she's been around for a while. And if she had to start a business tomorrow, she'd just pimp two girls at a house. Provide them with security (the moment they yell, storm into the room and put a gun to the asshole's face), clean environment, etc, and the girls will gladly work for a pimp.
Female prostitutes often prefer to be pimped instead of going freelance, because they can't get "good corners", due to transvestite/transsexuals beating the shit out of them for a good spot.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 195

Microsoft DOES have a fully working basic driver, but it requires WDDL 2.0 which your chipset doesn't support.

Fun fact: after replacing my 2009 laptop's motherboard with GeForce 8400M that died from overheating, for another model with Intel GMA, not only does it work fine, it also works with windows 10 using the "INF Update" (a small installer that tells the system "This PCI ID will work with your basic driver"). And, alas, the laptop with GMA graphics has a much smoother desktop than the geforce 6150 desktop.

Go figure.

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