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Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 191

Microsoft DOES have a fully working basic driver, but it requires WDDL 2.0 which your chipset doesn't support.

Fun fact: after replacing my 2009 laptop's motherboard with GeForce 8400M that died from overheating, for another model with Intel GMA, not only does it work fine, it also works with windows 10 using the "INF Update" (a small installer that tells the system "This PCI ID will work with your basic driver"). And, alas, the laptop with GMA graphics has a much smoother desktop than the geforce 6150 desktop.

Go figure.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 191

I had this problem yesterday.
You need to remove the driver from Windows 7 and use Windows' basic driver.
Then install win 10, and find an old version of the driver, for windows 8. It will work on windows 10.

Now, we can't blame microsoft on this one: In my case it's a Geforce 6150, a motherboard i bought NINE YEARS ago. It's not Microsoft not supporting it, it's nVidia.

Comment Re:Terrible summary (Score 1) 206

Does all cameras spit out the same raw format?

Oh no. God no. GOD DAMN IT no. Every fucking camera puts out a different RAW file. That's why Adobe Lightroom has a new version every week: to keep up with manufacturers' new camera releases.

Comment Re:Nobody gives a shit. (Score 3, Insightful) 67

It's unbelievably slow, heavy, feature lacking. Useless web ui "whatsapp web" that takes ages to load and still requires you to have whatsapp open on your phone in order for it to work.

You can't refuse to join groups: you're forcefully added and multimedia shit downloaded to your phone without your permission.

Whatsapp also works very hard against "modders" and COMPLETELY REFUSES to let you run multiple phone numbers on a single phone: one person-one phone. Company number AND personal number? Fuck you. Dual sim phone? Fuck you very much. It's like facebook: ONE PERSON, ONE PROFILE. Multiple profiles? HACKER!!!!!! DELINQUENT!!!!

Telegram is far lighter, runs on a lot of platforms and overall feels a lot more well built than this shit. Lose your phone? no problem, telegram is still open on your tablet, computer, or whatever device you want it to run on.

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