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Comment truth is... (Score 5, Interesting) 86

truth is... you don't need a board to "get your feet wet".

You only need a simulator. A deep understanding of combinatorial and sequential logic, an idea, and a plan. Simulate, simulate and simulate. After a few hundred cycles of simulation, if you didn't get bored, you can go ahead and get the FPGA and start fiddling with the electrical part.

Thats why the Spartan-3 Starter Kit I bought 10 years ago is in its box.

Comment Re:Taxis = artificial barriers to competition (Score 1) 204

Gee, one would guess that a person driving a car 8+ hours a day in the city is MORE LIKELY to have an accident than a person driving 1hour a day to/from work in the highway, and because if this he has to PAY MORE.

Just like MOST PEOPLE don't use their internet connection 24/7 so residential connections are often oversubscribed (and cheaper) than dedicated connections.

But this is liber-retard slashdot, anti-tax, anti-regulation, cubicle revolutionaries who expect the "free market" to take care of everything.

Comment updates, updates, ... (Score 3, Interesting) 126

Does anyone remember the time when software just WORKED? When you didn't have an update of something every single day? What is it with phone users? I know everyone seems to want the latest and greatest. But DOZENS of app updates a week is just boring. And when the phone is updating you can barely use it.
I thought the future was going to be full of ads. It seems the future, actually, is just full of updates...

Comment Re:Zoneminder HCL (Score 1) 134

what are you talking about? These $200 kits are plug and play. They're configured to record 24/7 even. You just need to plug the cameras in, and you're done.
Zoneminder needs a beefy PC for more than a few cameras. It's extremely inefficient.
Ubiquiti's AirVision software was based on that, and people were known to run 8-core xeons to manage 10-20 cameras. They rolled their own solution and now you can handle 10x as many cameras with the same hardware.

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