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Comment Re:Celebrate? Lets mourn our privacy. (Score 1) 153

It is something I have considered, but I believe you would be out of luck. Unless you are an especially talented PI you would end up knowing a lot about my believes and opinions, and how they have changed over years, but nothing about who I am. I think this aspect is important and what differentiates /. from social sites.

I certainly belong to /. but I can happily do so without ever bringing up my real identity into it. I am happy being a dog.

Comment Re:Celebrate? Lets mourn our privacy. (Score 2, Insightful) 153

Facebook gets its content from users. Blame them. This is what the public wants.

Absolutely not. Users didn't sign up for this, they signed up to stay in touch with their friends. Facebook pulled bait and switch. At no point do they actually explain the implications of what their users are doing.

Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 1) 667

Many of these things only exist in the minds of MRAs and incels, people who feel that the world is against them.

Logical fallacy - poisoning the well. Not a good start.

Trigger warnings: Simply asking someone to warn you if they are going to start talking about something that might cause you severe mental anguish doesn't seem unreasonable.

The problem is that they are not asking, this implies that it is possible to reject this request. They are dictating, and using it to censor and enforce groupthink. I think even you would agree that freedom of expression and free exchange of ideas takes precedence. Last but not least, people demanding these trigger warning presume to speak for PTSD people. Why don't we let them decide it for themselves?

I know a guy who was attacked by a dog as a child and it's left him with a fear of them; I wouldn't just go into graphic detail about a dog attack around him.

Would you also demand all dog parks were closed because of this? Because this is how 'trigger warnings' are used in practice.

Safe spaces: Yes, sometimes people want to discuss things in a semi-private setting.

Not quite. People feel entitled to exclude others in a public space. Equal and unrestricted access to public spaces is sacrosanct, the alternative is some flavor of Jim Crow.

Comment Re:Remove the motivator and you'll fix this. (Score 3, Interesting) 667

You correctly pointed out that there is a strong motivator, but I think you missed the mark that it is money via lawsuits. After all, only tiny minority of such cases ever go that far, and it is typically against college administrators overreach and overreaction.

I think real motivator is that victimized is a coveted social status. When group concept of privilege mutated and misapplied to become highly socially disadvantageous label applied to an individual, it is natural that maintaining social standing now demands negation or qualifiers of such label privilege. How you do that? You invent slights, blow trivial offenses out of proportion and proceed to claim to be oppressed by this or that -ism based on these.

I blame Social Sciences for creating this monster. They invented and promoted the idea that in order to have a valid opinion, one must necessary experience things first-hand. If you didn't, then you are privileged, and should just act as you told. Nobody likes doing that, so everyone suddenly jumps on the victimhood bandwagon just to not get silenced at every turn.

Comment Re:He's violated my safe space!!!! (Score 1) 667

"The SJW cancer on the left is starting to worry me more than the corporate oligarchy on the right."

I don't understand why it should be one over or another. I'd be worried equally if I had terminal cancer prognosis and was on a death row for a crime I didn't commit at the same time.

Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 2) 667

I disagree with your comment. There is plenty of evidence, and the only way to overlook all of it is to purposely avoid looking.

Just to list some example from top of my head: rape epidemic moral panic, cultural appropriations moral panic, trigger warnings, prevalence of victimhood culture, campus sexual assault kangaroo courts, media-free safe spaces.

Comment Re:Its called Free Speech. (Score 1) 4

To maintain an illusion of free speech, since Twitter is a private corporation that does not, under existing laws have to provide a platform for anyone. More so, Twitter censored 'lesser celebrities' on multiple occasions clearly demonstrating they are not neutral. So the question is very logical - given Twitter past conduct of political censorship, why have they not censored Trump?

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