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Comment Re:TFA is a filthy liberal propaganda ! (Score 4, Informative) 467

DICE should be ashamed to publicize such trashy liberal propaganda !!

The Palestinian government is run by Hamas & Fatah - DICE has nothing to do with it.

The propaganda problem is with Israel: trying to keep the rest of the world ignorant about their oppression of Palestinians.

Comment Re:Wrong incumbent (Score 2) 73

It was just obfuscated enough to get it past the general public without much of a fight.

This was negotiated in secret, the governments deliberately acted to prevent the public from knowing in advance what was going to be imposed on them. Large companies were let in on the negotiations which is why it contains clauses to help the screw the public and small business.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 1) 378

It isn't worth spending that much time in a small metal projectile just to see dead planets in person.

Send the robots first, they can explore and tell us what will be worth visiting. Then we first send more robots to prepare for us: build somewhere to live, maybe terraform a planet. By the time that fragile humans get there they will have something to step into.

It will probably be a century or few before this happens, depending on how far to the planet chosen; even more if we want it terraformed. A century later the colony will be able to send out its own explorers and so on. Dangerous, not a pleasant trip but some will want to do it and the ultimate survival of our species will depend on those people with really itchy feet.

Comment It isn't just Comcast passwords ... (Score 3, Insightful) 43

it is also all the other places where people have used the same password and have used the same email address. Comcast must contact all 590,000 people - not just the 'active' ones; people might not be active comcast customers but many will still be real people who must be told that an old supplier has f**ked up and revealed their password.

It is unacceptable for comcast to say: old customer, not important; they should not have reused their password - so not our fault. I agree that password reuse is stupid, but the world is full of stupid people.

Comment Not much different from VW (Score 1) 622

VW lied about car emissions so that more people would buy their cars.

Comcast et al lied about available data so that more people would buy their broadband/cloud-service/....

VW is paying a price for its lies, there may well be criminal prosecutions; I doubt that anyone at Comcast, Time Warner, Microsoft, ... will pay any price.

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