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Comment Re:Agreements must be realistic (Score 1) 38

Agreements can also be for the PR (Public Relations). Many (including me) are cynical about this and believe that this is an insult to the paper that it is written on; however some will take it at face value and believe that their respective leaders are making the world a better place. Not everything that governments do is done with you in mind.

Comment Re:One hopes (Score 4, Insightful) 403

I think that they are caught up in their own bullshit that they have forgotten how ''the man in the street'' thinks. Ie - they don't get out enough. They think that we all forget their 'little lies' and really believe that they are acting in our best interests. They talk mainly to each other, if you don't talk up the reality of the persistent threat to fellow NSA/.... people - then will you be looked on with suspicion or passed over for promotion ? The corporate 'yes' men will always tell their bosses what they think the bosses want to hear - many a large company has gone bankrupt or empire been overrun because of that.

I do believe that many of them are honourable people, but their viewpoint has become so skewed by the corporate culture that they have lost touch with reality; not that much different from those embedded in a religious community who end up thinking that the myths are true.

It is always possible that they are right and I am wrong - but I don't think so.

Comment What is really worrying ... (Score 5, Insightful) 108

is not that they were running Apache as root - although that it a stupid thing to do, it could have been an oversight (just about). What is of major concern is how they try to hide their mistake by abuse of legal system - this abuse is not an oversight and only makes me wonder what else FireEye is hiding -- I would think 3 times before hiring them.

I am also disgusted at the German judge who gave an ex-parte order without having a return date so that the defendant (security researcher) could present his side of the argument. It does happen often in spite of heads of courts saying that it must not happen (in some UK court divisions anyway).

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