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Comment Using source from OpenSSH ... (Score 2, Interesting) 285

In which case they will have to release the code that corresponds to binaries - would be useful for checking that there is not some little tweaks to help the NSA -- but if they have already put those into the system DLLs (eg for encryption) we would not really know. Maybe I am too cynical but I am very suspicious of what they did to skype.

Comment Can you trust it ? (Score 0) 371

To make this work you take your open source Firefox and download the Adobe Content Decryption Module (CDM) - a closed source ''black box''. Who knows what is in there, maybe Adobe took some dollars from the NSA and put some spyware in there -- you can't tell because the channel to download the video is encrypted. Maybe they have also taken some rubles and inserted some code from the FSB (KGB successor) and maybe from elsewhere ?

Who knows ? I don't -- it is closed source.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 5, Interesting) 152

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One right that should be absolute is to criticise a politician for their public actions. We elect them and if we don't like what they do we must be able to say so in clear terms. This includes saying that if think they are being stupid or duplicitous.

As regards personal insults: they should have the same protections and rights of redress for ad hominem attacks as the rest of us have - no more, no less.

Comment Verison did not lie ... (Score 1) 170

it was the sales droid who lied - it is him who should be castigated for lieing - presumably to earn a few extra $ commission or bonus. All those who were conned into paying for something that they did not need should be able to seek compensation from the sales droid - the fine NOT to be paid by Verison. The droid's manager and managers all the way up should have to pay in proportion to their take home pay.

Unless there are consequences it will happen again. Not much different from the bankers who caused the rest of us so much pain and, by & large, have escaped personal penalties.

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