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Comment: You don't know how money works do you? (Score 1) 157

For a person owning a single workstation power consumptions means little.

Even if you are an intel fanboi, look at the single core performance, in a comparable test.

I don't thing the newer chips will be much faster at multi-core raytracing either.

Comment: Wow! .6 GHz Faster Than 3 Year Old 2600k! (Score 0) 157

I better pry my chip out right after I finish this!

BTW, my 2600k will overclock to 4.2GHz on air, but I don't do it--because that speed difference is so incremental, and so is Intel's progress.

The problem is: many program usually are largely single threaded, such as CAD and meshing operations for many other 3D applications.

Comment: Wish Android Applications Were Better (Score 1) 121

by BrendaEM (#47146349) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

The question is: why make a better Android machine, when the applications are so needlessly weak?

The only word processor on Android that can make facing quotes, isn't even really native: Androoffice.
I am growing tired of seeing blurry text at the bottom of the page form while I surf.

No, I want to use SD cards for storing data. It's not application data, it's mine!!!

With 2GB of memory, you should be able to paint/edit images that are 3x4 feet @300dpi, but with most paint programs and editors, you couldn't edit an image from a $500 Nikon D3200. Most editors are limited to 2048 or 4096 images because the use the GPU for rendering. The only large image editor I have seen is Cloverpaint, and well, it's not quite the user interface I want.

Blah-blah application needs to read your penis or breast size.

Your code should be more efficient!