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Comment: You can have it (Score 1) 440

by BrendaEM (#46621329) Attached to: Million Jars of Peanut Butter Dumped In New Mexico Landfill

Go ahead, it's right in the landfill. Just dig it up and make some yummy sandwiches. We'll be here, waiting, and watching for results. It's probably expired by now anyway, and peanut butter can be a tricky thing to make without letting bacteria, but don't let that scare you. Maybe you can get a good deal on those puffy cans at the supermarket, too.

Some people think seems a waste, but me, I don't much like throwing up. Remember: salmonella, you come out of one end; E. coli you come out of both ends. Bring something for electrolytes like Gatorade or Pedialyte.

Comment: Prevention and Protection over Punishment (Score 3, Insightful) 914

I do not believe in punishment. I feel that punishment is the victim's mantra. I feel that a government's first job is the prevention of crime.

One theory is that harsh punishment will prevent crime, as if some jealous person will consider that when they find their spouse in bed with someone else, or some poor staving person or meth-addicted person will consider that before robbing a store, or after the police still won't do anything about the neighbors they will just think of the punishment before they just let bygones be bygones.

Instead we ask our police officers, our lawyers, our scientists, and intimately, we ask our lawmakers to be our agents for revenge.

Comment: Bad Legislation With Darker Possibilities (Score 1) 158

This is a piece of legislation dangerous to our freedom. During peaceful demonstrations cellphones could be id'ed can be gathered and be deactivated at will.
If we are ever in a war in the mainland, an invading army could deactivate our cellphones, thereby compromising our infrastructure.

A better piece of legislation would be to require a 3-day delay and used cellphones to be checked against a national database to check for theft.

Comment: Mixture of Paid, Free, and Open (Score 2) 531

by BrendaEM (#46381649) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

For all, most platforms: Libreoffice, Speedcrunch (Calculator), 7Zip, Firefox with Scrapbook, and Thunderbird

Windows Utility: FreeFileSync, Nvidia Inspector, PSpad, and Speedfan.
Windows Multimedia: SMplayer, Virtualdub, Avidemux, CDex, Audacity, Winff (Ffmepeg front end),
Windows Games: Thief 2, Guildwars 2,
Graphics and Design: Rhino3D, Photoshop, Inkscape (Going downhill. Pixels is the only unit that makes not sense for vector, WTF), Irfanview (But and looking elsewhere)

Geekie: Arduino, Processing,
Very Geekie Gucs (Circuit Simulator)
Very Very Geekie, Salome (Science Pre/post-processing), Paraview/Volvire (Visualization), Code Aster (FEM)

Linux: Most covered elsewhere.

Android: Colornote (Postits), Papyrus (Vectror Notes), Osman (Maps), Quickpic, Androoffice, Realcalc, FBreader.
Android Music: DaTuner, Simple Metronome, GuitarTabviewer
Need for Android, but not made: Librioffice, Taskcoach

Comment: Thief's 1/2 Magic Ingredients were.... (Score 3, Insightful) 110

by BrendaEM (#46346657) Attached to: <em>Thief</em> Debuts To Mediocre Reviews

I have played Thief 1/2/3 and over a hundred Thief 1/2 add on missions. Thief's 1/2 Magic Ingredients were....

There was sophisticated programing for Thief 1/2. Light and sound mattered to the AI. There were locks, puzzles, contraptions, levers. Garret could use the rope arrow on any wood. Garrett could swim.

Thief 1/2 were made in New England, where Thief 1/2 was made, has a marked Autumn season. Notice how many leaves are strewn about in Thief 1. As someone from New England who now lives in Northern California, I will state that it's hard to imagine how creepy it is to be in a graveyard at night around Halloween, when you are a child. In Thief 1, that graveyard, is in the middle of a haunted town that you will have to make it back through, and yes, but you still have to go under it.

There were quite a few women working at Looking Glass Studio on Thief 1/2. It wasn't made in an all-male cloistered monoculture. Women make add-on missions. Women even cos-play Garret. If you want women to buy video games, hire women.

The biggest problem with the Thief reboot is the console game culture, where games cannot require skill to play. Ref: You cannot move like a "Master Thief" unless you can control a character.

Sadly, Looking Glass Studio failed. Thief 1/2's (as well as SS2) biggest problem was it's graphics were very polygonal even for their time. Thief was never a breathtaking game visually, but once you got over that it didn't need to be, and that is why there will be many more missions for Thief than there will be for most newer games.

I might check out the new Thief, but for missions, I'm not expecting a mission as excellent as Ominous Bequest, or The Seven Sisters, or a story as good as Saturio Returns Home or The Bathory Campaign. I'm not expecting the care and devotion shown in Thief 2x or The Dark Mod.

Still, I hope there is enough in the reboot Thief, to go admit their faults and go on to get everything right.

Comment: What diffence would cores make if they cripple? (Score 1) 110

by BrendaEM (#46283149) Attached to: NVIDIA Launches GTX 750 Ti With New Maxwell Architecture

As an owner of several nVidia produts, I appalled what nVidia does to the non-Quadro cards!

So you can choose a crippled gaming cards that can't do math well, or choose a workstation card that can't cool itself, and doesn't really know what to shaders.

Tell your marketing department, a loyal customer will seriously give AMD/ATI a close look the next time around.

Comment: NSA Clearly Violated Contitution (Score 1) 698

by BrendaEM (#45714257) Attached to: NSA Says It Foiled Plot To Destroy US Economy Through Malware

The NSA clearly searched without probable cause. This is what happens when create an organization without checks and balances. If we have any justice in this country arrests will be made.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

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