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Comment: There is a downside (Score 1) 45

by BrendaEM (#49340351) Attached to: Researchers: Smartphone Use Changing Our Brain and Thumb Interaction

The downside is: having a thumb that is good for texting goes completely against the grain of what you want for the use of fine dexterity for other applications.
In most activities that require good dexterity, the thumb provides a steady rest, with only small but strong movements, using control.

Don't believe me?

Grab and apple and peel it.
Grab a pencil and write.
Hold a ratchet, a scalpel, a tweezers, scissors, a soldering iron....

Comment: Received Not the Same as Considered (Score 1) 236

by BrendaEM (#49262113) Attached to: Microsoft Has Received 1 Million Pieces of Feedback For Windows 10

Everyone hears advice, who listens to it?

For instance, I don't think people like square corners over round. The border-less buttons are slower for the eye to see. Drop shadows helped us figure out which window was on top. But the marketing people who are designing operating systems don't seem to care.

Comment: U's Not So Great (Score 1) 161

by BrendaEM (#49209655) Attached to: Ultralight Convertibles Approaching Desktop Performance

Until, this series, my 3-year old 2520m was faster than any U series processor. The current crop just edges out a 3-year old chip. The intel integrated GPU is still a boat anchor, and if anyone thinks that a GPU like that is going to keep up with a good desktop GPU--even like the defamed GTX 570, then they are out of their minds.

Comment: Scrapbook in Firefox (Score 2) 353

by BrendaEM (#49079973) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Useful Browser Extensions?

I have over 3,000 webpages and over 2000 links saved and organized in Scrapbook. Scrapbook can recursively safe entire websites. Searching for good information is tedious with search engines. Webpages come and go. Scrapbook lets you build a library, your own personal knowledgeable over years. You can highlight text and save the results, too. All the webpages can be be organized in a tree-like hierarchal manner.

The only issue with it has to do with synchronization and differential backups. It should be rewritten to save Mozilla Archive Format files MAFF's so that synchronization would be quicker from machine to machine.


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