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+ - Brazilian voting machines will switch to Linux->

Submitted by doti
doti (966971) writes ""The intention is to facilitate the audit of the operating system from stakeholders on to ensure that all systems are reliable and secure, reduce the costs of acquiring new electronic ballot boxes because of the use of an operating system is free, and have a single operating system to simplify and reduce the cost of developing, testing and approval of the systems of the electronic ballot boxes."

Here's the original story, and the Google translation."

Link to Original Source
GNU is Not Unix

+ - FSF releases third draft of GPLv3 for discussion

Submitted by doti
doti (966971) writes "The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today released the third discussion draft for version 3 of the most widely used free software license, the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

Today's draft incorporates the feedback received from the general public, official discussion committees, and two international conferences held in India and Japan. Many significant changes have been made since the previous draft, released in July 2006. In recognition of this fact, the FSF now plans to publish one additional draft before the final text of GPL version 3."

+ - UK police use handheld device to check fingerprint

Submitted by
doti writes "BBC reports that "a hand-held device being tested by 10 forces in England and Wales is linked to a database of 6.5m prints. Police say they will save time because people will no longer have to go to the station to prove their identity. Officers promise prints will not be kept on file but concerns have been raised about civil liberties." "Officers will scan a vehicle's number plates using a special camera that checks if the car is subject to an offence, like being uninsured." "If a vehicle is stopped, police will be able to identify the driver and passengers. At present about 60% of drivers stopped do not give their true identity.""

Civilization, as we know it, will end sometime this evening. See SYSNOTE tomorrow for more information.