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Comment Re: Fallacy of Climate Control (Score 1) 148

I want to add if the rains never return to Calif, this will be very serious.

It seems unlikely that the rains will never return. The more serious threat of climate change over the longer term is that drought patterns may be exacerbated.

Those claiming that rains will not only find themselves discredited when the rains return (as they assuredly will), they will have provided more ammunition to those determined to stymie meaningful action on anthropogenic Global Warming. Don't do it!

Comment Re:Not with a console they won't. (Score 1) 88

I'm trying to think of what games people play competitively on consoles, and none come to mind. Keyboard and mouse flat out destroys controllers when it comes to competitive play. Sure you'll have the occasional console player swear how much better they do with a controller, but the fact is they'll get trashed if they try to compete against a legit keyboard/mouse user.

Actually, Halo's been pretty big at the online competition arena - there's at least a couple of tournaments a year for it. (MLG, anyone?). It's not as bright as it used to be, but there's still some hardcore players and teams who compete. I know my Xbox still has highlight reels from the various Halo tournaments that were held.

And while PC or keyboard/mouse can trounce controller any day, things may be more evenly matched if the players all used controllers.

Basically, this is Microsoft getting behind competitive game playing and being a sponsor to promote their Xbone. And it really isn't unusual - Microsoft has done similar things in the past. I think right now there's a Halo tournament online going on in the leadup to Halo 5.

Comment Re:A service to the community: release the text (Score 1) 60

Note the FBI asked for logs and stuff - they were assuming the IP address in question was loaned out - either they were an ISP, or maybe a VPN provider, or some other thing.

Presumably Boing Boing owns enough IP addresses that they can dedicate it just for TOR exit nodes. And nothing else - I mean, if they had a webserver on it, they presumably they would have logs to hand over.

If it was you or I with a leaf connection to our ISP, then most likely things will not be so easy - since they will go after the ISP, who will happily give up your information. Unless of course, you decide you want to give Comcast more money and buy a connection just to run Tor on.

So the trick may work in the limited case where yes, it's a dedicated Tor exit node and not used for anything else. But if there's a chance it was used for personal reason or there were logs for some other service, then maybe things won't be so good.

Comment Re:Peh (Score 1) 354

Once you do, being an asshole has no cost. I already am one. I am white, middle age, have a job, never been on welfare, never sucked another man's dick, never smoked crack, and never went to a hip-hop rave, I am not a fat ghetto hog with more children than rooms in my section 8 apartment.

I am an asshole by what I AM by my very NATURE according to you twats.

Sounds like your problem is a mix of low self esteem/image combined with an inferiority complex. That is what makes you an arsehole, not all the other stuff. Why? Because I'm white, I'm middle class, no children, not gay, I am gainfully employed, dont have a drug habit and prefer 70's to 90's rock and metal and you know what, I'M NOT AN ARSEHOLE.

What you SJWs

And here you're just looking to blame someone else for your own inadequacies.

Personally I cant fathom why "Social Justice Warrior" is bad. Being Social is good, Justice is good and in cultural terms, warriors are associated with good things (I.E. code of honour, strength, defending the weak and the like) so combined I cant really see why it's an insult. It really sounds like the imaginings of a middle aged, constipated angry man who has finally realised that he's said "Political Correctness" so many times that the saying has lost any meaning, so that's what he's invented as a replacement.

Erm, point in short, I cant take anyone who uses SJW seriously.

Comment Re:Peh (Score 1) 354

It's not really old data, it's just that the modern author hasn't considered the practicalities of the situation.

Offices *still* have 40 year old men (and 20 year old ones, and 50 year old ones) in them, it just happens they have a bunch of women too.

So how do we manages this so as not to be a part of the Patriarchy and it's incessant microagressions?

Do we adjust the temperature to suit the one lady in my office who likes it at 80 degrees?

Do we adjust it to another lady who likes it at 68 degrees?


Ignoring the fact that 80 C is enough to kill someone one you will inevitably get this conflict if you allow open access to the thermostat in your office. One lady thinks its too hot, turns up the air con, another lady thinks its too cold and turns it down. They go back and forth all day, leaving passive aggressive notes but never actually confronting each other. Meanwhile other staff are forced to suffer temprature changes 15 times a day.

The battle for thermal constancy in the office becomes so bad that management is forced to send out an email that the temperature is to be set to 23 degrees and left there. However these ladies think they're above the law and keep going until one day the manager replaces the old mechanical thermostat with an electronic control locked in the server room. For shits and giggles he left the old one on the wall... disconnected.

Comment Re:Don't believe the hype (Score 1) 196

I've yet to see a color laser that can print photos as well as even the cheapest color ink jets.

Anyone who cares about photograpic quality isn't using a cheap inkjet. They're using a very expensive printer with a continuous ink system so that argument is completely superfluous to this discussion.

Most people will head down to the nearest department store/office supply store with their camera to print high quality photos.

To the person who prints things infrequently or just wants to print out a full colour web page or Google Maps route for about 10-20 fellow JDM enthusiasts every few months, a cheap colour laser fits the bill far better than any inkjet.

In fact, given how cheap laser printers have become, the last inkjet I saw was an A0 plotter with ink tanks.

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