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Comment Re:I want to go first party. What should I read? (Score 1) 654

What rate to charge: What seems reasonable to you? Ask for that. If you get no takers, you're asking too much. That's how prices are set in a free market economy.

How to get advertisers to find the contact page: The target market for the advertisers are your readers. Some of your readers will also be advertisers or know others who will be. That's where the old-style "Your Ad Here! Call 555-1212 for information" boxes come in.

There you go. Best of luck to you.

Comment Re: For fuck's sake. (Score 1) 151

I spent several years looking for an alternative to GTK for C programming (not C++) and eventually found the xforms toolkit:

I do most all of my programming in C and mostly use ncurses but now for the occasions that I really want a gui I use the xforms toolkit.

It's similar to ncurses in that it hasn't changed significantly in many years, isn't likely to, and isn't going anywhere. It has an old-school X11/CDE look, but that suits me fine since I'm an old-school programmer.

I can recompile something that I wrote five or ten or twenty years ago with ncurses and it still works fine. Can't say the same for gtk, but now I can do that with xforms. So I'm very happy with xforms.

If you want long term stability in a gui widget toolkit, there's your answer.

Submission + - Happy Birthday song is public domain (

innocent_white_lamb writes: A judge has ruled that the 120-year-old Happy Birthday song is public domain and Warner Music has never held a valid copyright on it.

Warner has apparently been collecting about $2 million a year in royalties which may now need to be refunded to those who paid them.

From the article, "Mark C. Rifkin, one of Nelson's attorneys, said the plaintiffs will pursue Warner for royalties paid since "at least" 1988, and could also ask the company to repay royalties that have been collected all the way back to 1935. It's not clear how much money that could entail."

Comment Windows uses a unix file hierarchy (Score 3, Informative) 54

I never realized that Windows uses a unix-like file hierarchy.

According to the article, drive C: is actually a symbolic link to \Device\HarddiskVolume4, COM3 is \Device\Serial0 and so on.

I'm surprised, frankly. My exposure to Windows is pretty much nil (and I like it that way) but I always assumed that the the C: drive and COM: stuff was a completely different way of accessing the devices and whatnot than what Unix uses. Apparently, it's actually quite similar once you get under the hood.

Learn something new every day....

Comment Re:Music Score (Score 1) 177

Yer damn tootin', toots!

I have an Android tablet that I got as a "refurb" from Staples (Hipstreet brand, actually) for the sole purpose of reading sheet music pdf's on. It's ok for some quick lets-try-this-out stuff, but for anything that I'm going to do any in-depth study with, I still print the score on paper.

I don't give a rat's rear about cameras and whatnot -- give me a big screen that I can display a full size pdf sheet on and I'm interested.

Comment Script Supervisor (on movies) (Score 3, Informative) 95

Movies have a Script Supervisor whose job is to keep track of things like that. Since most movies are not shot in chronological order, in many locations and over the course of several weeks or months or sometimes even years, this is a bigger challenge than it appears at first glance.

The invention of the digital still camera was a godsend for these folks; they used to go through ungodly quantities of Polaroid film. Now they can keep it all on their computer.

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