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Comment Re: Just don't IoT (Score 1) 59

Imagine for example using your smartphone to heat up food on your commute home

Cooking by remote control? Honestly, doesn't sound too practical. I'd have to have everything set up beforehand and it'd be just a simple to do it when I get there.

using it at the store to see what's low in your fridge so you know what to buy.

I have the latest tech on that. It's called a "grocery list." Only requires a pen and paper and it's abolutely unhackable!

Comment Re:Really hard to stop (Score 1) 256

It'll be jail time - they are impersonating another, it's called identity theft.

Yes, it is. And you won't get jail time until a) you can prove who it is and b) you can make the appropriate authorities care. Neither is simple. If the perpetrator is in another country (as is the case here) it becomes effectively impossible.

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