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Comment Re:What if I don't want to own a car? (Score 1) 286

Perhaps what you really want is a "taxi," which as a trained, professional driver, who knowingly accepts that responsibility (and control) for himself.

Perhaps what I really want is a "taxi" that only costs one-tenth as much, since presently taxis are far too expensive to use on a regular basis. That will require the taxi driver to be replaced by automation.

Comment Re:Democrats, not the "Electoral System" (Score 1) 227

The UK has a first-past-the-post system had had a coalition government between 2010-2015.

The current situation is not stable, and will not last. The UK has had a two-party system for some two hundred years now, going from Tory/Whig, to Conservative/Whig, to Conservative/Liberal, to Conservative/Labour. In all that time, the late coalition government was only the second coalition government ever formed (there were also two National Unity governments in the 1930s).

Comment Re:Democrats, not the "Electoral System" (Score 1) 227

He'd get farther by using the cash to start blowing holes in the notion that the US must only have two parties.

Unfortunately, the notion that the US must only have two parties is built into the system. When all elections are single-position first-past-the-post affairs, having only two parties becomes the only viable configuration. The US has had changes in what two parties were viable, but since George Washington, it's always had two parties. There's a reason for that.

Comment Re:Heavy handed approach? (Score 3, Informative) 64

So instead of localized news, you get no news, *at all*?

Yes. Because in this case, "localized news" means "doing the Chinese government's censorship for them." That's a principled stance--not the most principled stance, but Apple does need to show a profit.

Why even put the app there? Furthermore, why would someone not in China want the extra code to perform this check on their phone? What purpose would it serve in this case?

It shows the Chinese user what he's missing--although this may or may not have been part of Apple's intention. The main thing is this isn't about the phone, it's about where the phone is. When you take it into China, this happens. When you take it out of China, it stops happening. So all phones have the code since any phone might be taken into China (if I'm reading this correctly, it isn't code in the phone performing the check, it's Apple's News servers doing it when the phone asks for News).

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